Jenna’s New Piercing

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Golden sunlight streamed in through the large picture window across the room from the bed in which Jenna and Alexis lay. Alexis slowly opened her eyes and glanced at the clock on the table next to the bed–10:36. She rolled over and smiled down at Jenna, who was still asleep. Alexis gently brushed Jenna’s long dark hair off her face and kissed her cheek. Jenna stirred sleepily.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Alexis whispered.

“Goo morg,” Jenna replied groggily.

Alexis laughed at Jenna’s early-morning mangling of the English language. Jenna stretched, her long legs reaching over the foot of the bed. She gazed fuzzily at Alexis. “Wha ti’s it?”

Assuming Jenna meant to ask what time it was, Alexis grinned and responded, “It’s 10:36.”

Jenna groaned loudly and stretched again. She slowly sat up and shook her head, trying to clear it. This time when she spoke, her voice was still thick with sleep, but she was able to form her words correctly. “What are we doing today?”

“Didn’t we say last night that we were going shopping?” Alexis asked.

“I think so,” Jenna rasped.

The two girls rolled out of bed unhurriedly and began getting dressed. Jenna pulled on a pair of black pants and a red halter top, which she hoped made her curvaceous body look a little slimmer. “Alexis?”

“What, sweetie?”

“Will you tell me if my tits pop out of this shirt?”

Alexis chuckled in surprise. “Yes, honey, I’ll tell you.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

Alexis brushed out her long blond hair and looked at herself in the mirror. She straightened her pale pink tank top and turned to look at Jenna. “Do I look okay?”

“You look great, honey. I love those little baby blue capris. God, I wish I was small enough to fit into them,” Jenna answered.

Alexis had known Jenna long enough to realize the pointlessness of arguing with her about her weight, so she let the comment pass. She knew that Jenna would look silly if she were model-thin, but nothing she could say could convince Jenna of that little fact.

After the two girls finished getting ready, Jenna leaned in and gave Alexis a tender kiss. “Ready to go, beautiful?” Jenna asked.

“I’m ready when you are.”

Alexis and Jenna hurried outside to Jenna’s car. Jenna slid into the driver’s seat; Alexis, into the passenger’s seat. As Jenna backed the car out into the road, Alexis snuggled up next to her and began nibbling on her collarbone, a move that was guaranteed to make Jenna unbelievably horny.

“Bad girl!” Jenna admonished.

“Are you complaining?” Alexis asked.

“Nope,” Jenna replied with a smirk.

Alexis kept nibbling.

By the time Jenna and Alexis had gone seven miles down the road, Jenna was having a hard time concentrating on anything but the increasingly rough bites Alexis was bestowing on her collarbone. Alexis’ hot, wet tongue swirled over the sensitive flesh, soothing the bite marks her tongue was leaving. Jenna’s vision was rapidly becoming blurry. Somewhere in her mental haze, Jenna heard Alexis’ voice.

“Hey, there’s a body piercing place. Weren’t you wanting to get these pierced?” Alexis asked as she reached down to gently pinch Jenna’s nipples.

Jenna slapped Alexis’ hands away. Escort Göztepe “VERY bad girl!”

“Well, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” Jenna grinned slyly.

“Let’s stop then.”

Jenna pulled the car into the empty parking lot. “Are they even open yet, silly girl?”

“I think so. I see lights inside.”

Alexis and Jenna stepped out of the car and walked inside the shop. The only person inside was an attractive girl with straight shoulder-length red hair. She was taller than Alexis but shorter than Jenna.

“Good morning. My name is Katia. Can I help you?”

“Yes,” Jenna replied, “My name is Jenna, and I was hoping to get my nipples pierced today.”

“Okay, I’ll be glad to do it for you,” Katia made a “follow me” gesture with her left hand. “Let’s go to the back room.”

Jenna and Alexis followed Katia into a large white room. It resembled a room in a dentist’s office with its reclining chair and various utensils on the counters that ran around the walls. The room had a sterile, hospital-like smell. Katia turned to look at Alexis, who had not spoken yet, because she was a bit shy around strangers.

“What’s your name?” Katia asked in a friendly manner.


“Are you Jenna’s girlfriend?”

“Yes. I am.” Alexis’ voice was soft.

“I sort of thought so. Would you mind helping me a little?” Katia’s smile seemed a little more interested than before.

“Sure, I’ll help.”

“Okay, what I want you to do is to help Jenna out of her shirt and bra and maybe massage her breasts a little to relax her while I get everything ready.”

“No problem,” Alexis said.

Katia turned to the sink to wash her hands and instruments. Jenna untied her halter top and tugged it over her head. Alexis unhooked Jenna’s black strapless bra that she wore underneath the shirt. Both articles of clothing ended up on the floor, and Alexis began to massage Jenna’s substantial breasts. Jenna, who was already horny from the little display in the car, moaned softly. Alexis continued her massage, her soft hands stroking the even softer flesh. Jenna’s nipples hardened, and she moaned more loudly this time.

Katia finished preparing the necessary implements and turned back to Alexis and Jenna. Alexis rolled Jenna’s nipples between her fingers, and Jenna involuntarily spread her long legs. Katia smiled, becoming a little aroused by the scene herself.

“All right, girls, I’m ready,” Katia announced. Alexis stopped fondling Jenna’s breasts.

“Alexis, you don’t have to stop entirely. Just play with one nipple while I pierce the other one,” Katia explained.

“Is this going to hurt?” Jenna asked shakily.

“Yes, it will,” Katia’s answer was frank, “but it won’t be unbearable. Alexis can continue doing whatever she pleases to keep your mind off the pain.”

Katia swabbed alcohol onto Jenna’s left nipple, and the combined coolness of the liquid and the room made Jenna gasp in surprise. “Cold?” Katia asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Jenna laughed weakly.

“Ready?” Katia inquired.

“I think.”

Alexis leaned over to suck on Jenna’s right nipple as Katia pushed the needle through the other, then threaded a small silver hoop through it. Jenna Caddebostan escort unconsciously jumped in pain and tears filled her eyes.

“Aww, honey, I’m sorry it hurts,” Alexis whispered as she and Katia swapped sides.

As she swabbed alcohol onto Jenna’s un-pierced nipple, Katia looked up at Alexis. “Since you can’t do much with that nipple I just pierced, you might want to play with her pussy a little bit.”

Jenna always got very turned on by hearing what people were going to do to her, so she whimpered her approval. Alexis unbuttoned Jenna’s pants and slipped her hand down them. Alexis quickly found that Jenna was dripping. She caressed Jenna’s wet folds, avoiding her clit, and easily thrust two fingers in her bare pussy. Jenna’s moan reverberated through the large room. Katia pushed the needle through her other nipple and worked the ring through the new hole. This time Jenna hardly noticed the pain; she was too wrapped up in Alexis’ gentle ministrations.

Katia gazed at her handiwork, then looked back up at Alexis. “I’m finished with her piercings, but I doubt you really want to leave her that horny. Go ahead and make her cum while I clean up.”

Alexis tugged Jenna’s remaining clothes off her and dove down to bury her tongue in Jenna’s pussy. Alexis gently swirled her tongue around Jenna’s previously neglected clit, making her girlfriend moan and beg for more. She rammed a third finger deep inside Jenna’s pussy and tugged lightly at the brunette’s clit with her teeth. As Jenna’s moans became longer and louder, Katia became enthralled. She set down her piercing instruments and turned to watch the two sexy girls on the reclining chair.

Noticing that Alexis now had four fingers in Jenna’s pussy, Katia was unable to stop herself from asking, “Have you ever fisted her before?”

“No,” Alexis replied, “I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it. I can get the fingers in there, but I can’t bend them over to make a fist.”

Katia took a deep breath. “Let me try.”

Alexis was a little surprised, but she recovered quickly. “Okay.”

“You just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll just tell you what to do,” Katia suggested. When Alexis nodded, Katia continued. “Lick her clit and rub her g-spot with your fingers, but whatever you do, don’t let her cum yet.”

Alexis lapped more roughly at Jenna’s clit and increased the pressure of her fingers on her girlfriend’s g-spot, eliciting a scream from Jenna.

“Try to work your fingers around in a circle,” Katia instructed breathlessly.

Jenna squirmed, trying to intensify the feeling of Alexis’ fingers. Katia’s instructions were making her incredibly horny; the fact that Alexis was carrying them out perfectly only added to the feeling.

Both Katia and Alexis were growing more and more aroused by Jenna’s moans and screams, so Katia summoned up her nerve again. She hurried over to where Alexis was standing and slowly began to fondle the blond’s pussy through her capri pants. Katia was rewarded by a moan from Alexis. Emboldened, she quickly unzipped Alexis’ pants and tugged them off. Alexis whimpered as Katia stroked her shaven pussy. Slowly, but not reluctantly, Alexis moved her hand behind her to Katia’s bare Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan pussy.

Between moans, Katia whispered, “Bite Jenna’s clit and see if you can bend the first joint of your fingers over, but don’t let her cum.”

Jenna’s screams grew louder and higher-pitched as Alexis dug her teeth into the brunette’s clit. She carefully tried to bend her fingers; they slowly slid down the wet walls of Jenna’s pussy. With her other hand, she tried to take Katia’s pants off her. Katia, seeing Alexis was not able to do what she was trying to do, helpfully unbuttoned her own pants, and soon they, too, were lying on the floor. Katia thrust a finger into Alexis’ pussy, and Alexis moved her hips back to push it deeper inside her.

Before lowering between Alexis’ legs, Katia murmured, “See if you can ease your thumb into Jenna’s hot little pussy.”

Alexis pushed her hand, thumb included, deeper inside Jenna and was rewarded by the touch of Katia’s tongue on her clit. With her right hand, Alexis pinched at Katia’s throbbing clit, spurred on by the scent of sex emanating from all three girls.

Katia let loose a shrill moan and sucked gently at Alexis’ clit. “Alexis, I’ll reward you if you can make a fist inside Jenna’s pussy now.” Alexis, on the brink of cumming, squeezed her hand into a fist and forced her hand in Jenna’s pussy all the way up to her wrist, then out, then in again.

Katia bit down cruelly on Alexis’ clit and rammed her fingers inside the blond’s pussy. Alexis screamed and came hard. She looked back at Katia.

“Sit on Jenna’s face, and we’ll finish you off together,” Alexis whispered breathlessly to the beautiful redhead.

Katia obliged and held her pussy tantalizingly above Jenna’s pink mouth. Jenna slurped hungrily at Katia’s pussy, flicking her tongue rapidly over the redhead’s clit, while Alexis continued fingering her. Katia gave a deep, throaty moan and came all over Jenna’s face.

The combined pleasures of the sharp pain in her nipples, Katia’s delicious, dripping pussy, and Alexis’ fist moving forcefully in and out of her pussy, made Jenna throw her head back and scream one last time before she came harder than she ever had before. Wave upon wave of orgasm rushed over her body.

Katia was the first of the three girls to return to her senses. “Now that was fun, wasn’t it, girls?”

Alexis and Jenna both nodded their approval.

Katia quickly pulled her clothes back on and said, “I’ll leave you two to change.” She exited the room through the door she had led the two girls through earlier.

Reluctantly, Alexis moved away from Jenna and started dressing. “That was hot, wasn’t it, beautiful?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Jenna chuckled breathlessly.

“You know something?” Alexis asked.


“I love you.”

“And I love you, too,” Jenna smiled and kissed her girlfriend gently.

When the two girls finished dressing, they walked back out to the front room where Katia was standing behind the cash register.

“How much will that be?” Jenna asked the redhead.

“Let’s just say it’s on me.” Katia winked at the two girls and handed Alexis a small piece of paper. “Here’s your receipt.”

Alexis and Jenna left the small shop and retreated to Jenna’s car. Alexis looked down at the receipt and laughed.

“What is it, honey?” Jenna asked.

“Look at this receipt,” Alexis instructed, holding it up for Jenna to see.

The “receipt” read “Katia Morgan, 555-3697–call me soon, girls.”

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