Long Weekend Ch. 03

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David stared into the face of his beautiful 21-year-old stepdaughter, Daisy from the closet in her room. A sliding door with thin slats stood between them. Her face was covered in her lover’s cum. Her lover had asked her to get on all fours and when she did, she was suddenly at eye level with her stepfather.

Ryan, her lover, got behind her. He had just cum all over Daisy and was spent, but he wasn’t done. He moved his bearded face between her legs. David watched as Daisy smiled at Ryan’s touch.

“Yeah, Ryan. Lick my pussy. Just like that.” Daisy said, the whole time not taking her eyes off of David. Daisy moaned loudly as David slipped a finger into her hot wet pussy.

“Quiet,” Ryan said, “You don’t want to wake your Dad, do you?”

Daisy kept looking at her stepfather hiding in the closet and smiled as she said, “I don’t think he’ll mind. I bet if he heard us he’d just start jerking off.”

“Really?” Ryan said as he started pushing his finger slowly in and out of her cunt.

“Yeah. It wouldn’t surprise me even a little.”

David stroked his hard cock as his little girl talked escort bayan şişli about him.

“But he’s your father.” Ryan said.


“Do you think he wants to fuck you?”

David’s eyes got wide. Daisy giggled. She moved off the bed as Ryan’s finger slipped out of her. She and Ryan stood facing each other. Daisy grabbed David’s cock. It was becoming erect again and still sticky from coming in her mouth. She stroked it a couple times, making it harder then pushed him on to the bed.

She climbed on top of Ryan positioning herself so that her pussy lips were just barely touching the tip of his cock. She regained eye-contact with David as she straddled Ryan. David couldn’t believe his eyes. His little girl was just a few feet away from him about to get fucked by a nine inch cock. Even from his vantage point, he could see how wet her pussy was.

Ryan’s cock was hard again and slid part way into her pussy. Daisy’s eyes got wide. David stroked his cock harder and faster.

“It’s so big.” Daisy said. “I don’t know if I can get the whole sarıyer escort thing-” Daisy stopped talking as Ryan shoved his cock deep inside her.

“Your pussy feels so damn good around my cock.” Ryan said.

“Don’t cum yet.” Daisy said seemingly to both David and Ryan. David was close. He’d almost blown his load earlier watching his step daughter suck Ryan’s cock. Now, watching Daisy get fucked knowing she knew he was watching, it was all he could do to contain himself.

He watched as she rode Ryan, her tits bouncing as she fucked him. His little girl had grown up. He watched her jet black hair as it got in her face. He stared into her brown eyes and noticed they got wider with each thrust from Ryan. David was getting close to coming.

David stroked his cock slower hoping to contain himself but he couldn’t. He kept eye contact with his Daisy as he started cumming. He realized almost too late he was still holding her panties with his other hand. He quickly used them to clean himself up.

He stared back at Daisy rode Ryan harder and harder. She started moaning and rhythmically çapa escort repeating, “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” Ryan grabbed her hips pulling her harder onto his cock.

David watched as Ryan came in his stepdaughter. She leaned over Ryan and kissed him as he squeezed her tits. After a few moments, Daisy pulled herself off of Ryan and laid next to him. After a few moments she said, “Ryan, can you get me a glass of water from the kitchen? It’s down the stairs and to your left.”

“Sure.” Ryan got up. David couldn’t help but look at Ryan’s still semi-hard cock covered in cum and his stepdaughter’s juices.

As soon as Ryan left the room, Daisy opened the closet. She smiled at her stepfather standing there in her closet with her cum soaked panties in his hand.

“Those are mine.” She said taking them from him. She then took his hand and pushed it inside her pussy covering his hand in Ryan’s cum. Daisy then took his hand and put it in his mouth. David hesitantly tasted his first creampie from his daughter.

“I hope you like it, Daddy.” Daisy said innocently. She brushed her hand by his balls, then gave his cock a couple of quick strokes before saying, “Now go to your room.” She smirked as David quickly left.

David ran his tongue around his mouth still tasting his daughter. This one only the first night. It was going to be a long weekend.

Chapter 4 Coming Soon.

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