Losing the House but Winning Mom 13

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Jennifer agrees to go to the mall to flash while her son, Michael, watches.

Ready and eager to flash unsuspecting truckers her tits, she pulled her blouse down lower, reached her hand inside of her blouse and bra, and pulled out her C cup breasts. She raised her short, skirt high enough to expose her shapely thighs and panties too. With her having flashed truckers her tits and panties many times before, flashing truckers her breasts always put her in the mood to flash more of her sexy, shapely body, especially when at the mall. Giving men a down blouse view of her breasts and an up skirt peek of her panty not only made her horny but also their stares encouraged her to flash more of her body and to flash more men.

A good way for her to remain anonymous, flash and drive away, she liked flashing truckers her tits and her panties. Flashing truckers was exciting. Flashing truckers was fun. Flashing truckers her naked breasts and panties made her feel powerful and as if she was the one in control. With the heated stares they gave her, flashing truckers her breasts and her panties made her feel wanted and desired.

Sometimes, after seeing her flashing, they’d blow their horns and/or flash their headlights in appreciation to her flashing them her tits and panties. Tempted to buy a CB radio for her car, she always wondered what they said about her. She knew they enjoyed the impromptu flashing show, but she was curious about what they said. She wondered if they called ahead to warn other truckers that she was flashing herself and for them to be on the lookout for her car so that they could see her flashing them too.

* * * * *

As soon as Jennifer pulled her tits out of her blouse and bra, seemingly unable to control himself, Michael reached his horny hand over to fondle his mother’s big breasts while fingering her hard nipples. He loved his mother’s tits. She had beautiful, natural breasts, so firm and so shapely. He couldn’t get enough of seeing them, touching them, feeling them, fondling them, and sucking them.

If he wasn’t driving, he’d be sucking her tits. If he wasn’t driving, he’d be parked somewhere and making out with his mother while feeling her through her clothes. Yet, something new and so sexually arousing, he was excited to watch her flash unsuspecting men at the mall. Aside from her ready to flash truckers her naked breasts and white, bikini panties on the highway, he couldn’t wait to watch her flash men her panties, her bra, and her cleavage at the mall.

Once her nipples were hard and erect enough, and once they were approaching a truck or a truck was overtaking them from behind, Michael pulled his hand away from his mother’s breasts. When the cab of the truck was parallel with her passenger side window, Jennifer looked up at the trucker while cupping her breasts in her hands as if offering him a feel of her big, naked, natural breasts. Teasing truckers by flashing them her tits and panties, they drove like that all the way to the mall with his mother’s breasts and panties exposed while flashing herself to any man high enough in a truck to see her.

With some men breast men and other men leg men, adding to her flashing her breasts, she exposed her shapely thighs and her white, bikini panties too. She hiked up her already too short skirt past her crotch to expose her panty clad pussy to those truckers going by them and looking down at her. Then, by placing her ankles on the dashboard and lifting her legs higher and spreading her knees wider, giving the truckers a better view of her panty clad pussy, she wanted to make sure they could see what lay between her legs too. When approaching a tollbooth, not wanting to be stopped by a state police car, she covered her breasts by folding her arms across them. Too much of a risk to take, with the tollbooths having video surveillance, nonetheless leaving her short skirt hiked to her waist but removing her feet from the dashboard, she flashed the tollbooth attendant her panties but not her naked breasts.

With bored truckers always looking at whatever they could see, truck after truck slowed to peer in the passenger side window at Jennifer’s exposed panties and her naked breasts, her areolas, and her nipples. With flashing truckers on the highway a double edged sword, they had to hurry off the highway because even though most truckers enjoyed the view of seeing his mother’s exposed panties and naked breasts, some truckers called the state police. Perhaps those who reported her thought that she was a distraction and a danger by having her take the truckers’ eyes off the road to ogle her naked breasts and panty clad pussy.

Human nature perhaps, of course, but it was strange that some truckers would enjoy the sexy view of her, stare at her breasts and at her panties, but then report her for exposing herself to them. With some truckers holy rollers and seemingly offended by nudity, other truckers were female and seemingly didn’t enjoy the view she was giving men. It takes all types to make the world şişli escort bayan go around but most truckers enjoyed what she was showing them and all that they were seeing of her.

Giving him a good, long look with a big smile, the tollbooth attended dropped the fee while staring at an in between her legs view at Jennifer’s exposed panties. Already in the mood for some flashing fun, if the car ride there was a prelude to the sexy, good time they’d have, it was going to be a fun day flashing his mother’s hot, MILF of a body at the mall. With her seemingly the expert at flashing, instead of coercing her and pressuring her to flash as her father did before him, Michael decided to remain a silent observer to allow his mother to do her own flashing without his unneeded input. Bowing to her exhibitionism expertise, rather having her lead while he followed, he decided to leave the flashing to his mother.

* * * * *

As soon as they parked and got out of the car, as if it was meant to be and was a sign from the Devil, the wind picked up to lift up Jennifer’s flared, short skirt to the middle of her back. Acting as is she didn’t know her skirt was waving up in the air, she walked with her panties completely exposed to the eyes of surprised, admiring, and horny men. She walked from her car purposely parked at the far end of the parking lot to the mall. As if she was a prima ballerina twirling around onstage, the wind constantly and continually blew up her short skirt as high as if she was wearing a tutu.

As if her short skirt was a beautiful, red kite that was uplifted by a windy gust of air, the wind played with the lightweight material of her skirt. As if the hem of her skirt was a leaf that fell from a tree and floated aimlessly upon the breeze, her skirt fluttered up higher and higher. As if the pleats of her skirt were red snakes charmed by a snake charmer from India, her skirt raised higher with every blow of the wind. The wind played with the hem of her skirt as if there was a wind machine in the parking lot that was positioned beneath her skirt.

Had the wind not interceded, she was unable to plan her flashing show of her panties any better than what Mother Nature was doing now. The wind raised her skirt as high and as long as if she was standing on a street level mass transit grate and a subway train was speeding by beneath her while pushing up air. As if she was standing on the deck of a cruise ship on a windy day, she was giving all passengers onboard a view of her panty clad ass. As if she was standing within the downdraft of helicopter blades, she stood still while allowing the wind to flutter and sail her short skirt up to her waist. As if she was imitating Marilyn Monroe in the filming of The Seven Year Itch, with her panties so exposed, indeed, she was a sexy sight to behold.

In the way that Jennifer wasn’t embarrassed and showed no shame in flashing her panties, Mother Nature showed Jennifer no mercy nor modesty by continuing to expose her panties to any man looking. Lifting her short, flared skirt higher, sometimes all the way up to nearly the back of her shoulders, the wind danced with the hem of her skirt as if there was someone standing behind her and holding up her skirt. The wind acted as her flashing accomplice in helping her to expose her panties to admiring men. As if she was the bride at her wedding, the wind acted as if there was someone standing behind her and holding up the train of her wedding gown while inadvertently exposing her panties to all. The wind helped to enable Jennifer to flash her panties and round, panty clad ass cheeks to those horny men in the mall parking lot who continued staring and ogling her panty clad ass.

Not even in the mall yet and Michael’s mother was already flashing her panties to unsuspecting men in the mall, parking lot. Not even in the mall yet and his mother had already flashed her tits and panties to truckers, her panties to the tollbooth attendant, and now was flashing her panties again to men in the mall parking lot. With her not embarrassed and with her not having any shame, not even in the mall yet and they were already having some sexy, flashing fun. In the way they walked holding hands through the mall parking lot, no one would suspect they were mother and son.

Paying no attention to the wind exposing her panties, she showed more of her long, sexy, shapely legs, while holding her son’s hand with one hand and her pocketbook in her other hand. Jennifer didn’t even bother reaching behind her to try and capture her short, flared skirt, reign it in to pull it down and hold it in place with her hand. Instead, as if she wasn’t even aware that her short skirt was completely up in the air behind her and she was so exposed, she continued walking while flashing her panties to men. Instead, as if her short, flared, red skirt was a red flag waving at a herd of horny bulls, she allowed her skirt to wave at men staring at her exposed, panty clad ass.

Not embarrassed to show strange men her panties, she wasn’t ashamed that men could see what she was wearing escort mecidiyeköy beneath her short skirt. If she was anything, she was sexually excited that she was so exposed. If she was anything, she was ready to expose more of her sexy body to men while shopping at the mall. If she was anything, she was suddenly invigorated to do even more flashing. If she was anything, seemingly she was happy to be having flashing fun with her son, instead of with her ex-husband.

Where Jennifer’s ex-husband would be possessively jealous and angry if she dared flash men in the way she had already flashed men with her son’s help today, Michael was titillated that his mother was an exhibitionist. He was having sexy fun watching his mother flashing her tits and her panties to unsuspecting and surprised men. He couldn’t wait to watch her flash more of her sexy, shapely body when shopping in the mall. After they made love and had some hot sex tonight, he couldn’t wait to have some hot pillow talk while she told him how she felt flashing her panties, her tits, and/or naked body.

* * * * *

Let the flashing show begin. Already she had given men a public prelude to her flashing. After having already flashed truckers on the highway, the tollbooth attendant, men in the parking lot, and now flashing those men walking behind them in the mall, this had all of the earmarks to being a memorable day of flashing. With Michael enlisted as his mother’s flashing foil, as instructed by her as they walked through the mall, he placed his hand at the very top of her ass while holding a handful of her already short skirt. He only needed to lift her red, flared skirt a little to show her panty clad ass cheeks to whomever was walking behind her.

One of her favorite places to flash, she headed for the shoe store while Michael lagged behind to watch his mother through the storefront window flashing the shoe store salesman her panties. She loves flashing her panties at the shoe store because the shoe salesman was her captive audience. Moreover, never suspecting her of deliberately flashing him, it was easy for make her flashes appear unintentional.

Jennifer browsed the store looking for a pair of boots to try on and to ultimately buy. Purposely finding a boot one size too small, she took a seat while waiting for the salesman to finish with a customer. With her having to lift her leg higher and spread her knees wider, boots were the perfect flashing shoe. Unable to just slip her foot inside of a boot in the way she can do with a shoe, a boot required her parting her knees wide enough to lift her leg for the shoe salesman to fit her foot.

“Hi,” said the salesman, immediately glancing down his mother’s open top when she leaned forward to remove her high heel shoe. With Jennifer giving him quite the down blouse view, he stared at her cleavage, her bra, her areolas, her nipples, and even most of the shape of her big breasts. “How may I help you?”

Michael stood outside while watching the young salesman through the shoe store window. He knew his mother was giving him a good, down-blouse view of not only her cleavage and her bra but also her areolas and her nipples too. Judging by the bulge that was already making an appearance in his pants, no doubt, the salesman was seeing nearly all of her big, natual tits.

In the way he felt the first time he saw his mother’s big, naked breasts, erect nipples, and areolas, he knew that salesman was feeling similar sexual excitement now. His sexual fantasy come true, there was no comparison to what Michael felt, of course, when seeing his mother’s naked breasts for the first time. After lusting over his mother for years and compounding his sexual excitement with the incestuous lust he felt for his mother, there was no way that this young salesman was feeling more sexual excitement than Michael felt that night at the motel.

* * * * *

He’d never forget that night at the motel. As if it happened last night, instead of two months ago, he’d remember that night at the motel for the rest of his life. As if she was in a daze after losing their house to foreclosure, he remembered her sitting on the bed and mindlessly unbuttoning her blouse. His mother was unbuttoning her blouse. He couldn’t believe his mother was unbuttoning her blouse. Something she had never done before, his mother was undressing in front of him now.

‘Oh, my God,’ he remembered saying to himself.

He couldn’t believe she was unbuttoning her blouse in front of him while staring up at the ceiling as if the ceiling held all of the answers. A deep thinker, his mother was always lost in thought. Watching her unbutton one slow button at a time, she was showing him more of her long, line of cleavage and more of her sexy bra than he had ever seen before.

Was she really going to undress herself in front of him or would she stop at her blouse and put her nightgown over her head before removing her jeans? Yet, for sure, he thought she would have gone in the bathroom to remove her blouse without exposing her bra clad breasts to him. merter escort Then, when she removed her blouse and stood to remove her tight jeans, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

‘No way. Fuck me. I can’t believe she’s undressing in front of me,’ he thought to himself.

He watched her wiggle, shimmy, and shake her shapely ass out of her skin tight jeans. He watched as her panties moved down with her jeans to expose the top of her ass crack and the top of her brown pubic hair. He saw his mother’s ass crack and her pubic hair. More than he’s ever seen of her sexy, shapely body, he couldn’t believe he saw his mother’s ass crack and pubic hair.

‘Holy shit,’ he thought without verbalizing his thought.

He watched her sit on the bed to remove her jeans. Then, standing and turning to face him, he couldn’t believe his mother stood before him in her underwear. He couldn’t count the number of times he had masturbated while imagining what his mother looked like in her bra and panty. Longing to see what she looked like in her sexy underwear, he no longer had to wonder now. She was standing before him in her panty and bra now. He couldn’t believe his modestly, moral mother was exposing her bra and panty clad body to him. She stood before him as if she was his lover, his girlfriend, or his wife instead of his mother.

‘Damn, she looks hot in her underwear,’ he thought.

Then, if seeing his MILF of a mother in her underwear wasn’t enough, when she reached around behind herself to unhook her bra, he stopped breathing. If he was going to have a heart attack, he’d have one now. Yet, it was a good thing that he was only 22-years-old and in good physical condition for his body to withstand the shock of seeing his mother’s big tits, her areolas, and her nipples. Unable to take a breath for fear that she’d realize he was in the room with her, change her mind, and not remove her bra in front of him, he couldn’t believe it when his mother removed her bra.

‘Oh, my God! Fuck me,’ he thought.

His mother removed her bra. His mother was topless. His mother’s naked tits were right there in front of his horny, incestuous eyes. After sexually and incestuously fantasizing about them, he was finally seeing his mother’s big, shapely breasts. Then, when she turned more to face him, he couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother’s tits.

Now standing before him in just her sheer, bikini panties, he stared at his mother’s shapely breasts, her areolas, and her nipples. His mother was topless. He couldn’t believe his mother was topless. He couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother’s tits. He couldn’t believe she was willingly exposing her naked breasts to him. Making sure that he memorized the image of them for later that night when masturbating over seeing his mother’s big breasts, he stared at every mold and every freckle on her beautiful breasts.

For sure and without a doubt, he’d be masturbating over his mother’s sexy, striptease show for the rest of his life. As if he was a prepubescent teen instead of a 22-year-old man, without even having to touch himself or stroke himself, he had an erection already. He’d love nothing more than to touch, feel, fondle, and suck his mother’s naked tits while she stroked his cock and sucked his cock before fucking his cock. Only, she was his mother and not some slut or some whore that he picked up at a bar for sex. It was one thing for him to have incestuous thoughts for his mother but it was something even more forbidden to act upon his thoughts and to have incestuous sex with his mother.

Then, if stripping down to her bra and panty and removing her bra in front of him wasn’t enough, he watched her tuck her fingers in the top of her panties and push them down and off. His mother removed her panties. He couldn’t believe his mother removed her panties. His mother was naked. He couldn’t believe his mother was naked. He couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother’s naked body. He couldn’t believe that not only had she exposed her naked breasts to him but also she had exposed her naked pussy and her naked ass to him.

‘The worst day of my life after losing the house to foreclosure, after seeing my mother naked, this is the best day of my life. I don’t believe this,’ he thought.

In the way that he had stared at her naked breasts, he stared at her naked, dark brown, trimmed, pubic hair. In the way that he imagined touching, feeling, fondling, and sucking his mother’s naked breasts, he imagined cupping his mother’s pussy. He imagined sliding a slow finger along her pussy slit before exerting enough pressure to rub her clit while fingering her cunt. He couldn’t believe she was showing him her cunt and he was seeing his mother’s cunt.

In the way he’d love to finger her pussy, he’d love to kiss her, French kiss her while fingering her pussy with one hand and fingering her nipples with his other hand. Then, he imagined reaching his horny hand behind her to feel her round, firm ass before pushing her back on the bed. He imagined eating his mother’s pussy while fingering his mother’s pussy. He imagined licking her and licking her while finger fucking her. He imagined giving her an orgasm with his fingers and with his mouth. He imagined making love to his mother before fucking his mother, really pounding her pussy and giving her a second orgasm with his cock.

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