Love Em, or Lose Em.

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Having the overtime cancel was upsetting enough, but finding a stretch limo parked in my drive way pissed me off. It was bad enough that I have to put up with the wife and kid; But having to park in the street…. When I found that my front door was open I got hotter

Just the idea of Robin and Sean being home caused me to shake. I Pushing the door open and began to raise hell about the limo. A chorus of laughs cascaded out; A booming baratonic voice inviting me into my own home!

“Kenny! It’s about time you got home; Come in, come in we have allot to talk about.”

When I finally got the light on, I could see it was Brian, from the gym; And he had several others with him.

“ Sit down, take a load off.”

“ What the fuck are you doing in my house!?”

“ Ohh…just picking up my property.”

“ What property?!”

That’s when one of his guy’s pushed me onto the couch, and Brian pointed the remote at the TV. He pressed a button and the VCR started; An image snowed into focus. A hardly clothed woman leaning in a window sill, in an alley. It was clear what was happening; A street whore was getting banged in the alley.

“ So…a whore.”

“ Look closer my dear Kenny.”

I squinted at the slut; Her leg’s spread wide apart. The big African his pant’s down around his ankles, slamming his hips deep into her; The huge tits bouncing with each slam. Slowly the scene zoomed into a close up on the face. I gradually began to hear my heart beat throb in my ears. Through the gaudy make up, and orgasming leer, I saw my wife!

“ She has become one of my most sought after whore’s Kenny. So sought after I had to take them off the street, and use them exclusively at my club.”

“ Robin….”

“ No Kenny; Not Robin any longer. She’s Ravana now, Quite a fitting name for such a talented girl, don’t you think?”

“ You bastard! You…you drugged her.”

“ Well…Sort of Kenny. You see I have quite a lucrative business; Both the gym, and as you see, my club in Philadelphia.”

As the tape cut into different scenes, my mind imploded; I watched in horror as my wife went from man to man, and woman to woman. From alley to car to hotel; Brian’s words filling the sound to the film.

“ You see Kenny…My health clubs are quite unique. Certain Suburban men and women thinking they are getting into shape for a healthy life. Through gradual subliminal messages, and the use of certain drugs…It’s easy. Think about it Kenny…Where else can one find such an environment? Men and women hardly dressed. The casual touching and encouragement; The open showers. Constant reinforcement into this world.”

“ Hypnosis!” I stuttered; “ You drugged them…Hypnotized them….”

“ Kenny, of course I did those things! But hypnosis does not work unless a subject wants to change.”

Brian got up and walked to the bar laughing; Then pours himself a drink.

“ You see my boy; Hypnosis cannot implant anything a person doesn’t want to do. Unless a person really wants to change, nothing can be done. Hypnosis only creates an atmosphere that diminishes the inhibitions Kenny. With the new technology, the computer screens on the equipment; The piped in sound. And the encouragement from my ‘trained’ staff; It was only a matter of guidance to release what a person truly is. So as you see, I only released Ravana’ true nature.”

“ My son!”

“ Oh…you no longer have a son Kenny; Just as Ravana he; She, is also one of my whores.”

Brian motioned again to the TV screen as he fast forward’, and stops on a wooded scene. Through the hazy focus a young woman, a teen, wearing only a leather strap around her waist and another holding in her large tits comes into frame. sisli escort

They kiss, as the whore is pushed against a large rock. The man pulls up the leather swath and then starts to lick the whores cunt. Somehow the man’s pants come down and again I’m looking at a long legged woman spread apart. Slowly he implants his erection into her as the frame again zooms onto the face. My body went numb as I saw the features. Even though feminized and with the gaudy make up I recognized who it was.

“ Shaun…” I moaned.

“ No Kenny; No longer Shaun, but Shaune`.”

Brian sat back down in my chair, the ice rattling off the glass;

“ It was quite interesting Ken; I have transformed many people, but Ravana and Shaune` are my first family success.”

I watched numbly as my son wrapped his leg’s around the man; Pulling him in deeper. The man grinding his hips into him.

“ Where are they! I’ll talk them…I’ll get them….”

“ You’ll get them what?!” “ They don’t want to come back!” He bellowed out laughing.

“ You turned them against me…The police! I’ll get them after you…”

“ You pathetic moron! They’ve been on the street for three month’s now. They where arrest twice already for prostitution. What does that tell you!?”

He snapped his finger and one of the men went upstairs; Shortly he came back with Robin and Sean. Both wearing only micro tube dresses. Their augmented breasts jiggled with every step, as they sauntered down the stairs, and into the room. They marched to Brian and sat on each side of him cuddling close. Brian put his arms around them and slowly rubbed their tits.

“ Robin…Sean…”

“ Those people are dead Kenny.” Robin cooed back, a luchivious leer across her face; Arching her back into the chair, spreading her legs wide showing her bald slit; “ This is what I am now; What I always was, and will be. I like what I am Kenny, and I am never coming back!”

Robin began to finger herself as one of the men that was with Brian took off his clothes; His huge black dick stiffly out in front of him. He walked to her and she bent over; Her eye’s glancing at me as he began to lick him. Her gaze slowly becoming ever more sadistic. A soft groan came from him; As if on Que., Robin knelt on the floor and again leaned back and spread her legs wide. The huge man slowly pushed his thick flesh into her, and then slowly pumped his hips into her.

Robin began to moan as the whole scene progressed in front of me; The huge dark fleshed hands rubbing and pinching her now huge breasts. Brian again spoke as Robins moans grew steadier.

“ Kenny. Ravana was a quick learner; As well as Shaune`. Come man…You saw the changes! The mood and manners changing from prim and proper wife to open slut. Remember when she started; All that flannel sweat pants and shirts. Then to those reveling shorts and bikini work out gear. How Shaune` here began to…’fill out’. How the two began to become more and more inseparable.”

Brian casually looked over the chair at Robin, then back to me.

“ As usual it was hard for them to understand what was happening. Ravana was almost at a break down; She couldn’t stop fingering herself. And stayed later for…more personal, training. Jason here was the first to notice her changes; The way she reacted to his touches.” Brian looked at the huge muscled black man; A sadistic smile wide across his face.

“ Shaune` here; Her attitude became even more womanly. I’m told that one time he actually ran out of the showers crying. He wanted so bad to suck the dick’s in there! Finally; The time presented itself. One day after closing, they where still there. I took them into my office and told them everything; Who I am, escort istanbul and what I did”

The bastard was sipping my whisky, in my own home, and bragging about what he did. I wanted to kill him.

“ Ravana broke down; In relief! I offered to take her in. And told her very bluntly that she was going to be property and a whore! Kenny….She begged me! She was so eager to spread her legs for me; So willing to accept this life. Shaune` here…she cried as she watched her mom and me. I thought she was upset of what her mom really was. But when she told me…I was floored! She wanted me inside her so badly; To be taken and used like her mom. She wanted to be a woman Kenny! A WOMAN! When I explained that she can be as her mom…she was on her knees begging. I gave her, her first estrogen shot then and there.”

Robins moans grew, and the guys grunts grew deeper, Something forced me to look at Brian. I watched as Shaun was cuddling closer, squirming in to him. The sting of something in my neck, and the burn that followed brought my mind back. The room began to spin and a kaleidoscope of color’s filled my sight. A warm feeling of euphoria slowly pushed my reeling mind into a sublime darkness.

Brian’s words began to fade into a dull echo as he continued the story; “ You remember Kenny; The two week’s they went to Mexico? It was the week after Shaune` received her first shot. There are certain clinics down there that do magnificent transformation work; Don’t tell my you didn’t notice the changes Kenny? How Shaune` here began to where tighter clothes; Like her mom. The…bulges that grew? Oh well…I didn’t think so; After all didn’t you tell some of your friends at work; ‘ The bitch and brat are out of your hair for awhile.’ “

I grew cold as the drug slowly grew influence in me. Shaun stood up and sauntered to me. Seductively rubbing his form; The leer in his eye’s, the gaudy make up.

He straddled me and then began to rub my chest, his voice so seductive, so slutty;

“ Is daddy upset?” He cooed; His long painted nails following my chest, slowly and seductively moving downward. “ Doesn’t daddy like his new daughter? I like what I am, daddy. Maybe…maybe if I please daddy he’ll like me; Hmmm?”

Shaun found my waist after teasingly caressing me. Slowly a childish frown creased across his gaudily made up face. The cool air flowed across my dick as he opened my pants and pulled down them and my underwear down to my knees. His head dropped down, out of my vision; And a cold wetness grew around my dick. “ Oh god! He’s sucking my dick!”

Soon his face again was in my vision, as he stood up and hefted the dress up to his waist; From the top of his…slit… and around his navel a tattoo. He gyrated and touched himself as a slut stripper would. I wanted to leave get up and kill this bastard for what he did to me and my family; But the drug was too strong.

Sean again straddled me and pushed his, his… cunt into my face. Then he settled onto me; The drug and his seductiveness caused me get a hard on. I tried to fight it, but couldn’t. I felt his slit separate and devour my erection.

“ Oh…daddy so thin! . Maybe that’s why he couldn’t be a father to me?”

The words hit like a baseball bat; “ Is this why daddy like his work better then his family?”

Shaun began to bounce and the orgasm grew inside me; He moaned in joy as Robin screamed out in climax. As the pressure grew inside me, Robin’ smiling face joined that of Shaun’. She reached around and began to rub Shaun’ tits; I erupted inside him. The hot thick cum flowing out, and into him!

Shaun’ scream of climax ran through me; As he tiredly fell limply into Robins arms. Through half closed şişli escort eye’s I saw Robin and Shaun kissing; Their tongues probing deep in their mouths.

Robin helped him off me and onto the floor; Their look’s where so wanton. Shaun was on the floor and Robin straddled him; Slowly she lowered her cunt on his face as she pulled his waist to her mouth. Robin shuddered with joy as Shaun began to lick deeper into her. Robin then planed her lips directly over Shaun’s new slit. They both squirmed and writhed into each other as another moan of wanton lust grew out of them

Brian’s words again started; “ As you see their much more then daughter, mother now. During their transition they began to become…more…intimate. More then just maternal, child relationship. Sleeping together, bathing together, keeping each other very clean. But then you where too busy upping your pension weren’t you Kenny. Tell me, how many more years do you have until that day? Twenty five…thirty more years?

Shaun came back and his childish behavior changed; “ So, is daddy happy now?”

Robin’s giggles as those of the others filled my veins with ice; “ Now daddy can have his life; And we have ours. Good by daddy!”

Brian stood up and put his arm’s around their waist’s, a sadistic satisfied grin across his face. “ As you see Kenny; Their mine now, and forever more.”

They turned around, giggling and swaying as they walked out of my view. They walked naked out the door! I could barely see him, but he turned around, that wide toothy grin. “ A little something to remember this moment.”

A girl came out of the darkness holding a cam corridor. She took out a tape from a box on her side and put it on the table by the door.

“ You can now have the evidence of what you helped create Kenny. Have a good life. And oh by the way.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out a thick wad of papers stapled to a blue cardboard; “ Just sign at your signature. The divorce is very amicable; Ravana want’s nothing from you but the end of the marriage. You keep everything, and she relinquishes her right to your home, bank accounts, and pension. Everything is yours Kenny.” And he walked out of the house.

“ That is ‘fascinating’ Kenny. Did you report this to the police?”

“ They wouldn’t listen…They…They thought I was some…some…”

“Kenny.” The dark skinned woman called out; Looking out into the office in deep thought; “ Could it be that your still in denial?”


“ Yes…DENIAL!” Calmly the therapist stands and casually walks to her desk; Sitting down she surreptitiously pushes a button under the battered wood; “Kenny your wife and son left you because you would rather spend time at work then with them. You yourself have told me that you thought being married was mistake….”

“ I WAS….WAS…WORKING TO UP MY PENSION! I was…doing it for them….”

“ Kenny your angry that they left you. That they wouldn’t…obey your authority so they left to fulfill their lives.”

Two large white coated men arrive and Kenny shrinks back into his chair; Fear in his eye’s.

“ Now Kenny…The orderlies will take you back to the ward; We’ll talk again tomorrow. Just…try to understand that we’re here to help you back to the world.”

The now timid man warily stands and shuffles past the orderlies; The therapist smiles at the now closing door, and begins to scribble into a patient folder, as the telephone rings. Picking it up she smiles wryly at the voice;

“ Yes Brian…It won’t be difficult at all. We’re going to use his belief in his supremacy , his past actions, and prefered l to be away from them….Hmmm…that won’t be a problem at all; We already proven that he’s in denial, and with a little more time…No matter what he say’s won’t be relevant to any one….Thank you Brian, I’ll be there; Will Shaune` and Ravan be there? Good…I can’t wait to make them squeal like the little pigs they are. Bye until then.”

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