Loving My Mom Pt. 03

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Chapter 9.

Lucille laid there completely relaxed, feeling suffused with a langourous feeling so pleasant she couldn’t have moved if she heard someone yelling the house was on fire.

She felt her son’s hot sweaty body pressing down on her with her legs still wrapped loosely around his waist, although they’d slipped down some, and now rested on the back of his warm naked bottom. Her arms were still encircled about him, and she gave him a loving squeeze, chuckling low in her throat with happiness when she heard him groaned with pleasure.

“Well now, we, sure did it didn’t we? I never thought anything like this could ever happen, not even in my wildest dreams! I hope you’re not too disappointed? Not let down in any way. Are you Honey?” Lucille was afraid they’d never have a mother son relationship again, and she didn’t want to lose her boy forever. Not for anything in the world.

Johnny groaned deliciously with feeling, and gave his Mom a long, deep French kiss, hugging her tightly to him. “Oh Mom! I love you even more than ever, if thats humanly possible! I’ll always love you Mom. More than anything in the world! Your the most beautiful, loveliest, desirable and gorgeous woman in the whole world! You’ll always be right for me, Mom. I truly truly do love you, with all my heart and soul.”

Johnny sealed this declaration of his love with another deep, long French kiss, exploring her delicious wet, warm and sweet mouth with his searching tongue, slurping her saliva out and swallowing its delicious taste.

When Johnny finally withdrew his mouth from hers, his Mom gasped for breath, and chuckled with instant relief. She loved what he’d said, and it made her feel much better about what they’d gotten themselves into.

“Oh Honey. I’m so, so glad! I’m really glad we did what we did, even if it was wrong!” Lucille chuckled again as she continued with her train of thought. “I sure didn’t know you felt this way about me, or as strong about it as you do. It makes me feel so wonderful, and happy.” She gave him a fierce hug, and he hugged her back.

Johnny’s cock was beginning to grow a little stiff again, and he wanted his Mom to want some more sex, so he slid down on her and began licking and sucking on her erect nipples. They’d seemed to have sprung up like nail heads while they were talking.

Lucille moaned as she felt the heat building up low in her groin area again. “Oh Johnny. You Angel you! Are you going to do me again? You’re unsatiable!” She began grinding her hips in wild anticipation of better things to come.

Johnny felt his Mom’s pussy warming up and getting wetter by the minute as he felt his Mom’s grinding action rub against his own pelvis. It about made his mind crazy. He quickly slid back up on her and began kissing her wildly, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth and sucking on hers whenever he could catch it.

Johnny moved just a little higher and moaned with delight, as he felt his reawakened cock slide once more into her love hole.

“Oh Mom!” Johnny gasped with pleasure. “You’re perfect! So gloriously perfect! I love you Mom! I love you!”

He began moving his hips slowly, sliding his hot cock in and out, thrilling to the magnificent feeling he was having springing straight from his hard cock to his feverish lusting brain.

Johnny began to really concentrate on fucking his Mom, wishing in his heart he could keep it up forever.

Lucille was beside herself with joy. Her boy was a satyr. He was unsatiable! He was fucking her again, and she felt it building up a wonderful feeling inside her tingling pussy that would surely overwhelm her mind if she wasn’t really careful. She felt her orgasm about to begin. His hard hot cock rubbing against her sex had her moaning with wild anticipation of her expectant multiple orgasms.

Lucille felt them coming, and loved Johnny for doing it for her. “Oh , Honey! Oh Baby! Oo, oo, fuck me Baby! Oh, yes God! Fuck fuck fuck me, yes! Fuck mee!”

Lucille was off and running. She’d slipped over the edge, and was sliding into a continuous and glorious multitle orgasmic spasm, making her body jump and jerk as her brain, her fevered brain, exploded with repeated flashes of bright lights bursting as each climax threatened to out do the previous one. “Oh! Oh, Baby! Oh Baby! Oh! Fuck me Baby! Please, please fuck me! Hard! Fuck me good! Oo, aiee aiee!”

Lucille couldn’t keep up with her son! Johnny was about to fuck her brains out, and she was letting him do it. Not only letting him, but actualy encouraging him. God yes! She hoped he’d fuck her til she lost her mind! It felt so, so, good.

Johnny was really thrusting his cock into his Mom! He was giving her all he could, and after fastening his mouth to her lovely panting mouth, he gave her as good a tongue-fucking in her mouth. He only wished he had another 5 inches of cock and tongue too. He wanted to run them both deep inside every hole she had.

“Yes Mom! Oh, yes, yes yes! I’m cum, cumming! Fucking cumming sisli escort cumming cumming! Oh God! Fuck your hot wet, burning pussy Mom! I’m fucking your sweet, hot pussy, Mom, oh yes! Oo, God! Oo, fuck fuck fuck!”

Johnny felt his cock exploding into burst after squirting burst, flooding the inside of his Mom’s overheated pussy with spurt after spurt of his hot splashing cum, marveling that he was shooting it deep inside her warm moist belly, maybe clean to her womb. He hoped so. Johnny wished he could climb right inside where his cock was, and lick and suck her delicious creamy wetness from the inside out. If he had his way, he’d swallow Mom’s Heavenly nectar for the rest of his life.

“Oh Mom!” Johnny gasped, “Oh Glorious Mom! Oo, I love you Mom! I love you, more than, anything in, the world, Mom!” Johnny collapsed on his Mom’s hot and sweaty body, completely spent from the best fuck he’d had yet. It had lasted much longer than before, and he’d enjoyed the extra time.

He laid there and gasped, his mouth still pressed to hers and sharing her gasping breaths, an occasionally lickking between her parted lips, probing each others gasping mouths.

Lucille felt so deliciously weak, she thought she just might lay exactly where she was for the rest of her life! “At least the rest of the night anyways,” She smiled to herself. She loved to feel her son’s cock shooting his hot cum inside her pussy. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever felt in her life. She loved it, she loved it, she loved it!

“Oh, Baby! Oh, sweet Jesus yes! Baby! Oh, my, but you’re so, so, good!” Lucille was gasping with joy, “Thank you, sweet Jesus Baby, thank you!”

She felt just like she’d worked all day and all night without a moments rest. She was so, so tired.

Johnny was worn out. He’d never been so tired before in his whole life. He also knew he’d never been so happy either. He wasn’t going to leave his Mom tonight, not if he could help it that is.

Johnny rolled onto his side and snuggled close to his Mom, then pulled her gently over to lay on her side facing him, pulling her close.

Johnny held her tight and whispered with all the love he could manage traight from his heart. “Oh Mom, I love you Mom, I need to hold you close, do you care? Can I Mom? Can I hold you as we sleep? Please Mom? Oh please?”

Lucille chuckled with delight! Her son was so humble, and beautiful. She loved him so, so, much it almost broke her heart! “Yes Baby! I’d like you to hold me. It would make me happy too! I love you too Honey!” She gave him a long probing kiss, and whispered, “Lets try and get some rest now alright? I’m still awfully sore, and,” she had to chuckle again as she continued, “I somehow get the feeling that this therapy wasn’t exactly the best therapy I could have had, but I loved it just the same! Good night Baby.”

Johnny gave his Mom a hug and long kiss, keeping his arms wrapped around her and holding her to him. “Good-night Mom! I love you!”

Chapter 10.

Johnny laid there with his eyes closed. He felt Mom’s warm body pressing up against him, and slowly opening his eyes, he saw his Mom sleeping with his arms around her.

He gasped from the pleasure he felt along the full length of his body. She felt so nice, so good, so smooth and warm, and wonderful! He felt His cock spring to immediate attention and pressed itself between her legs, nestling in her silky warm soft pubic hair.

Johnny slowly pulled his hips back, and slid down in the bed til his face and mouth were on a line with one of his Mom’s round and firm naked breasts. They were so pretty, and looked so inviting, he just had to open his mouth and suck one in, and suckle it.

Johnny had to moaned from pure delight from his Mom’s wonderful tasting nipple. He slowly moved his hand down her spine, and ran his hand all over her luscious round naked bottom, stroking its silky smoothness, and squeezing her plump ass cheeks, with gentleness, so he wouldn’t wake her up. After all, his Mom had had a bad evening last night, before she’d gotten home, and he’d did his best to help her feel better, and just maybe, he had! At least he hoped so.

It almost seemed like a dream to him, except here he was, sucking her perfectly formed tasting breast, and his hand was stroking, and caressing the most perfectly formed naked bottom he’d ever seen in his entire life.

Johnny slid his fingers inside his mom’s warm crack, and ran them from the small of her back downward to between her legs, stroking inside her velvety crack so softly, it was like touching Heaven itself. She felt so good to him, he couldn’t hardly wait for her to wake up! He wanted to do everything he did the night before, especially with his mouth. He had a hunger for his Mom that couldn’t be denied.

Lucille was having a wonderful erotic dream. She was having sex that felt so special, she was moaning in her sleep from the exotic pleasure, then, ever so slowly, she began waking up. The first thing she felt şişli esc was someone sucking on her breast, and he was doing a good job too! It was feeling so delicious to her, she just laid there with her eyes closed, and enjoyed the wondrous tingling sensation!

When Lucille felt a hand slide down her backbone and begin caressing her naked bottom, and felt the fingers of that exploring and stroking hand slip inside her crack and start sliding down, her eyes finally popped wide open. When she saw her son Johnny, everything came back to her in a delightful rush.

Lucille felt a little strange at first, just laying there naked while her son was doing the things he was doing to her, but it felt, oh, so, so good! She intended to enjoy every second of her pleasure!

“Hi there big boy. What ya doing?” She grinned at his startled expression. “Sure feels good Honey! Do some more, okay?”

Johnny pulled his mouth away from his Mom’s succulent breast long enough to answer with, “Oh yes! You bet I will Mom. I will. I’ll do anything you want Mom!” He looked at her smiling face adoringly, as he refastened his lips to her scrumptious breast and began really working her nipple over real good.

Lucille began moaning in delight, her breast felt so good, and Johnny was doing such a good, good, job.

“Yes, oh yes Baby! Suck it hard! It feels so, so, nice, so, wonderful!” She eased very slowly onto her back and Johnny stayed attached to her nipple, not even slowing down with his sucking and licking. Just moving enough on her to keep her sensitive tingling nipple in his mouth.

Lucille loved it! She loved what Johnny was doing! It felt, oh so, fucking marvelous! She knew the morning was going to be special all the Way. Lucille sighed with true happiness, as she closed her eyes and let her senses take over her mind.

Johnny was beginning to get into the swing of some real good sexual forplay with his Mom! He was already half way on and off her, so when he began trailing his hot wet quivering tongue down her belly to her delectible belly-button, he slid one leg between hers and spread her legs open enough to slide over between them. He loved feeling his Mom’s naked and silky smooth legs rubbing against his naked skin.

Johnny got to her succulant belly button, and shoved his tongue inside, giving it the best licking he could, really plunging his tongue in and out, and giving it a thorough washing. He licked all her beautiful and smooth warm belly, thrilling to his Mom’s delicious taste, and wishing he could taste her loveliness forever. Her skin tasted so good.

Lucille felt each thing Johnny was doing. She felt him use his leg to spread her legs open and move between them. She felt him begin licking down her front toward her belly.

Lucille moaned as he began licking and plunging his tongue inside her belly button. “Oh Johnny! Oo, you, feel so, so, wonderful! Oo, oo, Honey! Lick me, good Baby, lick me forever!” She felt herself growing wet between her legs. Her pussy was tingling, and getting warmer by the minute.

When Johnny began licking all over her belly, sucking little pieces inside his mouth and licking her skin, it was so erotic Lucille began creaming inside her pussy even more. She was loving the warm stickiness growing there, because she knew her son would soon be there with his hot mouth, and searching tongue. She knew he’d soon be lapping and slurping all her wetness up, and this thought made her juice-machine produce that much more! She was actually getting sopping wet.

Lucille thought to herself with satisfaction. “That boy’s got a real treat waiting for him!” She began panting and grinding her hips from her growing pleasure.

“do it Johnny! Get, what you, want! That is!” She was feeling little sparks of joy, as electricity begin sparking down low inside her belly and groin area.

Johnny was feeling like he was in Heaven. He licked lower, and lower on his Mom’s heaving belly, til finally, his tongue brushed the top edge of her luxuriant pubic hair. “Oo, Mom, you smell so, so, delicious! So, scrumptious! I wanna just, eat you up! Every tiny bit of you!”

Johnny was breathing loud, but not so loud he couldn’t hear his Mom’s gasps of pleasure, and it made him so horny! He was almost delirious with happiness over pleasing his Mom, making her pussy grow so wet he could smell its delicious scent! He couldn’t wait to begin licking and sucking her scrumptious pussy. He knew she was getting wet there, and he wanted to slurp up and drink all her juice he could get! Chapter 11.

Johnny got positioned right where he wanted between her legs, and holding her legs right behind her knees, raised her legs up and spread them open. This made her wet pussy gap a little more. He used his twitching fingers to pull it open completely.

He gazed in awed wonder at the beautiful and delicious sight before him. “Oh Mom! Your so, so yummy looking! You look so pretty inside there it hurts my heart! You look just like cotton escort sisli candy inside there! Oo Mom, I love the way you look, and taste!”

Johnny put his face right into his Mom’s open wet pussy, and began slurping all her slick wetness into his mouth and swallowing with such joy and happiness, he groaned continuously as he slurped and swallowed. He moved his tongue real slow, taking in each wet moist spot of Mom’s taste, and savoring it like it was pure natural honey.

When Johnny moved to her clit and began licking and sucking the delicious tasting beautiful piece of meat, he heard Mom moan, and they joined together in a kind of harmony of desire, duetting their excitement and deep sexual pleasure raise their excitement to new heights!

Lucille was tingling all over! Her son’s words of love made her flesh crawl with erotic goose bumps, and she felt her mind rapturize with pure joy.

“Oo, Johnny! You say, the most wonderful things! Oh yes, you feel so good in there Honey! Lick me good Honey, Hard, harder please Baby!” As Lucille felt Johnny nuzzling into her hot and tingling wet pussy, she began crooning unconsciously, flushed with wondrous pleasure as she felt him begin licking and sucking her suddenly inflamed clit. It almost made her lose her mind from the excitement and erotic pleasure she was feeling. When he moved down to her dripping pussy’s hole, all she could get out between her gasps of puffing breath was, “Oo! Oo! Boy oh boy! oo, oo! Oh, God! Baby! Eat me Johnny! Eat me, eat me, Oh God yes eat me, aiee, aiee aiee!”

Lucille’s hips began bucking wildly, thrusting her hot pussy hard against her son’s hot breath, lips and moving tongue. She was pleading For him to do more, and more, and more!

Johnny moved down to her steaming pussy-hole, fastening his mouth to its wet opening. He moved his quivering tongue in and out like a cat lapping milk, but the milk he was slurping was Mom’s delicious cum, and he was swallowing, gulping her delicious creamy taste down with every breath.

“God!” Johnny was moaning with joy, as he sucked and slurped all Mom’s delectible tasting cum into his mouth. He gasped “I can’t get enough! Your cum is so good, so delicious, I could live for the rest of my life on your wonderful taste alone!”

Johnny kept grunting and groaning with complete pleasure, and happiness deep inside his Mom’s pussy, as he slurped her warm delicious nectar inside his mouth and swallowed. He sucked, licked and slurped til he began having trouble finding any more of Mom’s delicious stuff.

Johnny slid his naked body slowly onto her warm and moist belly, til he could attach his hungry mouth, lips and tongue to her puffy sweet lips and explore it completely with his own. Then he slid his hard and twitching feverishly hot and hard cock inside her hot pussy. He gave his Mom the best fucking he was capable of giving. He humped into her slick and tight hot pussy, thrusting in and out as hard and fast as he could, almost losing his mind from her gasps and grunts of pleasure, and moans of ecstacy.

“Oh Mom!” Johnny gasped as he slammed his cock inside, time and time again. “Oh Mom, I’m, fucking you! Oh God yes! Oh, oh! I’m, gonna, fill you up Mom! I’m gonna fuck, and fuck, and fuck you forever! Forever, and ever, and ever!”

Lucille heard her son’s gasping words and they made her higher, and higher, til she was exploding with fantastic orgasms over, and over, luxuriating in the wondrous warmth of exhileration of each glorious climax following the next.

“Oh, oh, oh! Fuck me Johnny, fuck fuck fuck! Oo, fuck me, oo, aiee!” Lucille’s mind was cracking up. It was going to explode. It was going to make her head burst wide open, she felt so, so, good, she could only roll her head weakly, and gasp with pleasure, as her son took her over one hurdle after another, making her cum, and cum, and cum!

“Oh Baby!” Lucille was barely gasping, “Oh, oh, oh! Oo, Johnny! You’re killing me Johnny! I can’t, take any, more! Oo, stop Baby, please? Oh God, stop Baby, please?” Her mind threatened to shut down from the overload of pleasure bursting inside her brain!

Johnny felt hi from his own spasming cock’s twitching bursts of cum. When Mom began exploding with repeated orgasms, it had pushed him into his own spurting climax, making him cry out with the shock of his own glorious feelings going from his throbbing cock straight to his feverish mind!

“Oh, Jesus Mom oh! Mom! I’m cumming! Mom, I’m cumming! I’m cumming in, inside you Mom! I’m gonna, fill you up Mom! I’m gonna fuck, and fuck, and fuck you, til I fill you, all up!” He had his arms wrapped tight around his Mom, holding her as tightly to him as he could, and he felt his cock exploding in one joyous burst after another, spraying his hot cum deep inside Mom’s smooth steaming love hole, trying its best to fill her Heavenly place up, trying to run it over with his hot, creamy cum.

Lucille laid there completely drained and saturated with the wonderful pleasure she’d been so recently experiencing. She felt so satisfied and langourous, all she could do was lay there and marvel at her son’s naked and hot body resting on her, his heart tripping so fast and hard, she could feel its beat against her own.

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