Lust Overrides Jealousy

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“What are you guys up to tonight?” queried Ben towards the end of a very busy and hectic night at the restaurant.

“Well, I don’t think that we have any plans just yet. If you want us to come over, I’m sure that would be cool with Julie,” I said. It seemed my girlfriend Julie and I were at our friend Ben and his wife Laura’s house nearly every night after work. Even though on a night like this, the majority of the wait staff found their way downtown to one of the bars for a night of expensive drinking, the four of us usually crashed at their house, bought a bottle of wine and some other drinks and pissed the night away until 4 am.

“Awesome,” quipped Ben, “just come on over whenever you guys get off.”

After about a half an hour after Ben left, Julie and I headed off to their house in my car. “Oh, what an awful night,” moaned Julie as she slumped into the passenger seat.

“Tell me about it,” I said, “I had this one table of Hoosiers who rang up a $150 bill and left me $1.50. That’s freaking one percent!” Julie just laughed at me and rested her arm on my leg as we drove away. We’d been dating for over two years but I still never got used to the feeling of her hand on my leg, it still gives me the chills in a good way.

“I did something for you today while I was in the shower,” she said as sexily as she could. Despite the implied ambiguity, I knew exactly what she meant by this. She had shaved her bikini region in anticipation of sex later on in the night. I was surprised, however, because our sex life had been lacking a little bit lately. We were both busy with work and school and hadn’t had the time or the energy very often.

When we got to Laura and Ben’s, Ben was already in his favorite chair sipping on a glass of wine. “David there’s a bottle of Merlot that I would be glad to share with you right here. Julie, I’m sure Laura has some fru fru girly drinks in the kitchen,” he said as he laughed. He liked teasing the girls like that, even though he had some unmanly habits himself.

“Ben!” exclaimed his wife from behind the wall. Laura emerged carrying a Margarita in each hand. Both were in Martini glasses, with salt, limes and everything. She had obviously spent some time planning and making them for Julie and herself, and her expression showed that she was hurt by her husband’s comment.

“I’m just playin'” said Ben, quickly trying to defend himself. I’m sure Ben wanted to stay in Laura’s good graces if he wanted any chance of getting laid tonight. Not that I blame him at all, as Laura is hot as hell, and I understand how hard it can be to stay on a woman’s good side in order to get sex. Laura set the drinks down on the coffee table and walked over to Ben and gave him a playful punch on the arm, showing him that everything was forgiven.

Laura had just quit the restaurant the three of us still work at to become a grade school teacher. So while the rest of us were dressed in jeans and an undershirt, she still had on her dressy clothes from school earlier in the day. She wore a cotton skirt that wasn’t very short for obvious reasons but still showed off her nice tanned legs. She also wore a matching vest left open to reveal a very tight plain white undershirt that held tight her breasts that were huge for her skinny frame.

The night continued on like most of our other nights did. Ben and I drank wine, the girls drank Margaritas. We finished the first bottle of wine fairly quickly, and began drinking a bottle of Shiraz that Ben took from work after it had been open for too long to serve to the customers. Julie and Laura each drank three Margaritas, then began taking shots of tequila when they got too lazy and drunk to make more.

“You guys should just stay here tonight,” offered Ben to Julie and me. I sounded like a good idea, as a thirty-minute drive home seemed like a very stupid idea now. “I’ll get out the air mattress later for you guys to sleep on.”

“Whatever gaziantep escortlar Ben, you can sleep on the air mattress and David will sleep upstairs with me and Julie,” joked Laura. She couldn’t stop herself from laughing after she said that. She was always teasing Ben, and he was always giving it back to her. That may be one of the reasons why they’ve been together for so long. Laura was laughing so hard now that she fell over to her left, where I happened to be sitting on the couch. Her head went right into my lap. Even drunk I was aware of what was going on and became very exited about her head on my crotch. Thankfully I had changed clothes from earlier, and had borrowed a pair of shorts from Ben. This allowed me to feel the outline of her face against my suddenly growing member much better than if I still had stiff jeans on.

I expected Laura to sit up quickly after she fell into my lap, but she instead nestled her head like I was a pillow pretending to go to sleep. When she moved her face around I felt butterflies in my stomach similar to the ones I got when Julie first explored my crotch two years ago. I tried to concentrate on not tightening my penis muscles that would turn my growing member into a throbbing erection. I looked over to Ben to make sure he wasn’t watching us and would be angry at either Laura or me. When I did, I saw him taking a good long look down Julie’s shorts, which were hanging down as she sat on the floor talking up to Ben in the chair. I remembered what Julie said earlier about shaving her pussy, and guessed that Ben noticed he could get a free show.

Since one of my best friends was now staring at my girlfriend’s pussy, I suddenly felt less guilty about enjoying his wife’s head in my crotch. I couldn’t take it anymore; I tightened my penis muscles and now had an unflagging erection. Laura readjusted and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that she noticed my erection and got grossed out, but she just nestled back into my crotch again, slowly rubbing her gorgeous cheek bones along my cock.

Laura was obviously comfortable snuggling with me, so I decided I could reciprocate a little bit. I had kept my arm behind me on top of the couch the whole time she had her head in my crotch. Now, however, I brought that arm down and lightly patted Laura’s head. I ran my fingers through her somewhat short blonde hair letting my middle finger ride along the outside of her ear. I caressed her jaw and slid my hand down her shoulder. I opened my hand completely when I reached her right breast so she wouldn’t think I was trying to be sexual, just friendly cuddling. I still got a good feel of her firm and round breast however. I continued to run my hand down her side and paused just for a split second when I reached her pubic bone. My hand finally came to rest on her right cheek.

About twenty minutes went by and Laura and I barely said a word. Ben and Julie, however, chatted and flirted the whole time. Ben’s eyes continued to switch between Julie’s eyes and her crotch. At some point in the night, Julie had scooted much closer to Ben, and was practically right between his legs on the floor. Whenever Ben said something funny, she laughed reached up and touched his right leg.

The chatting and flirting was finally broken up by an enormous yawn from Julie, “I’m getting really sleepy,” she said.

“Well, Laura is pretty zonked out, and she’s impossible to move when she gets like that. And if she’s not moving that also means that David’s not going anywhere now,” reasoned Ben. I saw where he was going with this. “We’re all adults and have been friends for years. Why doesn’t Julie sleep upstairs with me in our bed and you and Laura can just pass out on the couch there?” Part of me grew insanely jealous at the prospect of my girlfriend sleeping with another man, but another part got a little turned on at the idea of them fooling around. To be honest, all of me was exited about the idea of sharing a sleeping space with a drunken Laura.

“It’s alright with me if it’s alright with you honey,” asked Julie. This brought back the twinge of jealousy and made it pretty obvious that she wanted to do more than just sleep with Ben.

“Yeah, it’s cool with me,” I said, letting my lust for Laura take complete control of me. Julie walked over to me, leaned over and gave me a passionate open mouth kiss. I hungrily kissed her back, noticing the tequila on her breath. She broke our kiss and gave me a wink. Both the kiss and the wink were very comforting, letting me know that whatever happens tonight with the four of us, that her and I would still be ok. She looked down at Laura, then back at me and raised her eyebrows twice to let me know that she knew her best friend since fourth grade was a hot piece of ass, and she expected me to take advantage of that tonight. Julie grabbed a blanket out of the closet and set it on top of the couch, just in case we needed it. Then she and Ben walked upstairs.

When they moved upstairs, I tried to listen very closely. I heard their muffled voices in a conversation, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then I heard the door lightly close. If they were just going to sleep, there would be no reason to close the door.

Meanwhile, Laura wasn’t as out of it as Ben assumed. Every couple of minutes she moved her head around in a circular motion in my crotch. I could just tell the difference between someone who was passed out, and someone who was pretending. “I drank too much,” said Laura. It was the first words she said in over an hour, but it let me know that she knew what was going on.

It was now completely dark in the living room as Ben had turned all the lights off in the house before he and Julie went to bed. This let me be a little more brave with my hands. My right hand, which was resting on her hip, slid down her cheek and caressed her ass slowly. I moved from one cheek to the other and let my middle finger slide along the outline of her crack. “mmmmm…,” moaned Laura very lightly. Laura sat up from my crotch for the first time in hours. “If we’re going to sleep here, I need to take some of this off, will you help me?” Laura held out her arms. My eyes had adjusted to the dark by now, and there was some moonlight shining through the blinds, so I could see better than I could at first. I helped Laura slip off her vest. Then she surprised me when she turned to face me.

“Help me with this too,” she said as she tugged on the bottom of her undershirt. I put my hands on her hips and slowly slid them upwards, enjoying the feel of Laura’s tight, sexy midsection. I pulled the shirt over her head, unveiling a pink silk bra. As soon as I pulled her shirt off, Laura wrapped her arms around me, pulled herself close and kissed me on the mouth. Laura’s aggression surprised me. I still had my mouth closed, but she was lightly licking and sucking on my lip. She pulled away.

“Was that too much?” she asked.

“No,” I replied forcefully, and leaned over and returned the kiss. This time both of our mouths were open. For a while, we just let our tongues explore the others. I put my hand on her shoulder and slid it down to her left breast. This time, I was going to get more than a quick feel. I squeezed her breast through her pink bra. Laura rubbed her hands all over my upper body. I got even more daring and unhooked her skirt. We broke our make out session, she stood up and removed her skirt. All that remained between me and the promise land now was a thong that matched her bra.

Laura knelt down in front of me now. She clumsily grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled her husband’s shorts and my boxers off in one motion. My cock sprung to life mere inches away from her face. She took my cock in her hand, giving me more chills than her face hours earlier. She ran her finger along the underside of my shaft and lightly pulled and tugged. As she did, she began to lick my balls. It was so much, I almost couldn’t handle it.

A sound from upstairs suddenly distracted me. I heard the sound of a squeaking bed muffled by the sound of the ceiling. It was the unmistakable rhythmic sound of fucking. The thought of Julie fucking somebody else turned me on so much in this moment of lust. I wanted so bad now to return the favor and fuck her best friend since her childhood.

Laura now took my cock in her mouth. First she gently licked around my head, then she took my entire cock in her mouth. I leaned forward and unhooked her bra from the back. She stopped sucking, stood up and let the bra fall. Laura had a pair of the nicest tits anyone could ever have. The hung tight at her chest, about a C cup, with dark red pert nipples. She crawled on top of me and I went to work. I kneaded her breasts with my hands and squeezed her nipples with my thumb and fore finger. I licked a circle around each of her nipples, teasing her, and finally licking and sucking on her nipple.

In one motion, I picked Laura up in my arms and laid her down on the couch, with me on top of her. I kissed down her chest and stomach. I licked the crotch of her panties and breathed heavily over her now very wet pussy. I licked the inside of her thighs and slid her underwear off her legs. I caught a whiff of her pussy, which turned my lust into an animal rage. I hungrily licked her outer pussy lips tasting her, and getting her juices all over my face. I teased her for a couple of minutes and then lightly licked her clit. I spread her open with one hand and slid one finger into her pussy with the other. Laura moaned and bucked her hips back at me. With the pinky of my hand that was inside her pussy, I lightly brushed up against her asshole, which was wet from Laura’s pussy juices leaking down. As I did this, Laura moaned even louder, and bucked her hips harder. I played around for a while before I pushed it in. Laura started squealing as I continued the assault on her clit while I filled both of her holes. Her orgasm forced even more juices out of her pussy and onto my face. When she went limp I stopped licking and withdrew my fingers from her holes. I crawled on top of her and kissed her again, allowing her to taste herself. She very happily licked my tongue, lips, and jaw, trying to clean up all of her juices off my face.

While Laura cleaned me up, I positioned my cock over her pussy, and spread her legs apart. With one motion, I slid my cock inside of her and began fucking. Laura was so wet from our foreplay and so tight from her orgasm, that her pussy felt so heavenly wrapped around my cock. Laura bit her lower lip to muffle her moaning as I thrust into her. She scratched her nails down my back hard, leaving a trail of red marks and drawing blood. The pain turned me on even more and I fucked her harder. “I’m going to cum!” I yelled, no longer caring if Julie and Ben heard us. I actually hoped they would, as I started spurting my load into Laura. Having been turned on for hours, my orgasm lasted longer than usual, and I came more as well.

An instant feeling of guilt came flooding back after I came, as I heard Ben and Julie wrap up their fucking with a furious bead squeaking sound and Julie squealing in a high pitched voice. Laura must have noticed the concern on my face, “Don’t worry, this won’t change anything,” she said, while I was still inside her. “Julie still loves you, I still love Ben, and we’ll still be great friends. Ben wanted to fuck Julie since they were in high school, and when you came around we shared fantasies of swapping. I had a great time fucking you and would love to do it again. Maybe next time we don’t have to be so sneaky about it.”

“I wanted to fuck you ever since I first saw you too,” I confessed, “I just kind of gave up the notion though since I didn’t think that either you or Julie would go for it.”

“Trust me,” she said calmly, “this will make all of us grow closer together.” She was right. That night was the start of a whole new chapter in our friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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