Maria the Wood Nymph

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Big Tits

There was slight mist in the air, as I walked through the woods. I had been camping for several days, but I was not prepared for what I just noticed a few yards ahead of me. I motioned for Mary to come closer to me, as we were hidden by the trees.

She came up next to me, and I pointed to what had surprised me. There in the clearing, on the edge of a rippling stream, was a beautiful woman. She was laying, stretched out on a rock, soaking up the warm sunshine. Mary whispered in my ear, “She’s very pretty.”

I nodded in agreement and whispered into her ear, “I can’t believe we stumbled on a naked woman all alone, out here in the middle of nowhere.” The sounds of the stream covered our whispering, and she could not see us behind the trees.

Her body was very sensual. Her medium length auburn hair glistened in the sunlight. She had full breasts, pancaked on her stomach, indicating that they were real. She was not slim, but she was not fat either. She was what used to called Rubenesque. She was very sexy as far as we were concerned.

We watched her breasts rising up and down with each breath she took. She was lightly caressing one of her beautiful breasts, paying attention to the nipple. Her other hand had disappeared between her legs, one of which was lifted slightly, yet she was not really playing with herself. She just seemed to be just touching her body, and getting aroused.

I said that we should leave her alone, and head back to our camp site, but Mary began to move forward. She unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it at me, as she stepped from behind the tree. She slowly walked downstream a bit, then began walking up towards the woman.

She began singing a little tune as she splashed her way up the stream, which caused the woman to lift her head. Seeing that it was another female and that she was topless, she raised up to see who it might be.

“Hello,” she said. “Who are you?”

“My name is Mary,” my wife said, with a smile. “I was just walking up the stream here, and trying to get a little sun on my boobs.”

“The sun is so warm here, I just had to get naked and soak it up,” said the woman, as she sat upright. “By the way, my name is Maria.”

“Nice to meet you Maria,” said Mary. “Do you mind if I join you on that rock? It looks big enough for two.”

“Of course you can,” she replied. “Be my guest. I’d love to have some company, especially a woman as pretty as you are.”

Mary began to crawl up onto the rock, but Maria stopped her. “You have to take off the rest of your clothes. I’m naked, so you should be as well.”

Mary smiled lowering her shorts and panties, as Maria’s expression widened into a broad smile. “You have a beautiful body, Mary,” she said. “Your breasts are very nice and you have such a nice butt, too.”

My wife does have a hot body, and she is also very Rubenesque. She has a set of full C cup breasts, a very round butt, and a bald pussy. Her eyes are green and she has very long reddish hair, which cascades half way down her back.

Mary blushed, and thanked her. “You have a pretty hot body yourself, Maria. Those breasts are so inviting…”

“Help yourself,” Maria said with a laugh, causing her breasts to jiggle.

Maria cupped a breast,as if she were serving it to Mary. She sat next to Maria and lowered her head to the breast being offered to her. Her tongue swirled around the areola and then she flicked the nipple with it.

“Mmm, very tasty,” Mary said. “You taste a little salty, from sweating in the sun.” She continued to lick Maria’s breast and then moved to her other one. She sucked her nipple into her mouth and suckled it with abandon.

Maria’s head rolled back, and low moans escaped from her throat. Her hands began to caress Mary’s hair, cradling her head. When she changed breasts again, Maria began to caress my wife’s breasts. She paid attention to Mary’s nipples and began to tweek them, hard.

Maria’s breathing grew heavier and her legs widened slightly. Maria ran her hand down her new friend’s body, beginning to explore the area between her legs. When her fingers found Mary’s clit, a loud moan escaped from Mary’s lips. “You like that, huh?” Maria asked.

“Oh yes,” replied Mary, and she laid back gaziantep escortlar on to the rock. “More please.”

Maria moved over Mary and lowered her head, between her legs. Her fingers traced the lines of Mary’s outer lips, causing loud moans from her. Maria blew lightly over her engorged clit, causing her to shudder. Her tongue began to lightly lick the nub, first up and down, then round and round.

Mary’s hands were stretched out, holding Maria’s head in place, but she did not need any help staying there. Maria’s tongue licked up and down her wide open pussy lips, stopping now and then on the clit, flicking it back and forth. My wife began to writhe uncontrollably while Maria began to use two fingers, which she had inserted into Mary’s wet pussy.

Maria’s fingers began to fly in and out of Mary’s fully wet pussy. She finally coaxed her to orgasm. “Oh God,” she cried out. “That feels wonderful.”

After a minute to recover, Mary rolled Maria over and stared with her breasts. She licked and sucked her way down to her pussy. Mary used her fingers to spread open the sweet smelling pussy in front of her. She lowered her head and began to lick the hardest clit she had ever tasted.

“Oh, Mary,” moaned Maria. “That’s the spot. Keep doing that.”

Mary lifted her head and smiled. “I had no intention of stopping.”

She lowered her head again and filled her hands with Maria’s full butt. She raised it up, and began running her tongue all around Maria’s pussy. Up and down, in and out, her tongue went wild with lust.

Maria was tugging on her own breasts and nipples, twisting them out of shape. Her breathing was rapid, as unintelligible noises escaped from her lips. Her chest was rising and falling in tempo with the sensations being caused by my wife’s tongue.

“OOOOH,” cried out Maria. “Here I cum. Here I cum…”

Mary kept slashing her tongue across Maria’s clit, making her explode in a wild orgasm. My wife lifted her face up and was covered in Maria’s love juices. She looked towards me, while Maria’s eyes were closed, and winked at me. Silently she mouthed the words, “Go back to the camp. I will bring her with me.”

I was rock hard, but I knew I would get some action later. I smiled and gave a little wave, then silently made my escape. The two girls cuddled for a little while, too exhausted to say anything. Finally, Mary said, “I am camping just up the way a bit, with my husband. I would love it if you would join us.”

“I don’t know,” replied Maria.

“Please, Maria,” implored Mary. “We’ve just started to have fun, and I can’t wait for you and I to play again.”


“My husband loves to be with two women,” My wife said with a sly grin. “He loves to service them, instead of them doing just him…”

“Mmm, that does sound nice..”

“He is very good at that…and he is pretty well endowed.”

“All right,” said Maria with a giggle. “You sold me.” The girls got up and dressed, although Mary did not have a shirt. Maria had a shirt that she tied just under her breasts, exposing her ample cleavage and tummy. Arm in arm the started out and walked towards the campsite.

We had picked a place with the usual picnic table, but we selected one that was very secluded from the rest of the campground. We had set up our large tent, which sleeps six. We also had our camper, just in case of bad weather, and there was plenty of room there, as well. With a stove and refrigerator in the camper, we had room to spread out chairs and lounges.

I had already beaten them back, and had plopped into one of the folding chairs, pretending to be dozing off. I still had a raging hard on and had to put a book over that.

“This is a nice spot,” said Maria, as they got close to the campsite. “You’re situated very nicely here.”

“We like to find fairly secluded spots,” replied Mary. We like to go nude now and then, as well as make love, in the open. We can’t do that if there are people around.”

“I understand.”

“Honey…,” said Mary. “This is Maria. I met her while on my hike up the creek.”

“Hi, Maria,” I said, putting out my hand. “Nice to meet you,” she smiled as she shook my hand.

“Your wife has invited me to hang out with you two for a while,” she said as she looked around for a seat. “I drove up here this morning, but I don’t have a campsite.”

Mary showed her to a seat, then drug her chair next to Maria’s. She asked me to get some cokes for them and I wandered into the camper to do it.

“You were right, Mary,” whispered Maria in her ear. “He is good looking and has a nice bulge in those shorts.”

“Do you want to see that ‘bulge’,” replied Mary? “He never passes up a chance to bring it out”

“Well, maybe in a little while. I want to get to know you two better, then I will be ready for some more fun,” she said with a giggle.

They were both giggling when I brought out cokes. I handed them to each of them, then placed my chair so that I was facing them both. I could see that their feet were brushing against each other, kind of playing “footisie” with each other. They were trying very hard not to let me see them doing it, too. I was enjoying the show, and their boobs as they giggled.

We spent time just talking about many things, trying to get to know each other better. The time flew by and before too long we noticed that the air was getting cooler due to the sun dipping behind the trees. Goose bumps were growing on their flesh.

I got up and tossed some tree branches into the fire pit, and lit them. “I love campfires,” said Mary. “They are so warm and sensual.”

“I love them too,” Maria said. “I love to get naked in the firelight. I love the way the light and shadows flicker across a naked body.”

I smiled widely, as I stoked the fire. “You are more than welcome to get naked, if you wish, Maria.” Mary smiled at me and removed her shirt, to encourage Maria. “We love going nude as well. We find that it’s very arousing, too,” I said to Maria.

Maria stood up and removed her shirt. She looked towards me, while Mary was sliding her shorts off. “Well, are you going to make us undress you?”

“That might be fun, Maria,” giggled Mary. “Lets do it.”

The girls walked over to the fire pit. Both were naked, except for sandals. Maria reached out and pulled my shirt up and over my head. Mary’s hands were busy undoing the belt on my shorts. Maria, ran her hands over my chest and commented, “nice chest, Bill.”

“You have a beautiful one as well, Maria,” I replied. “Your breasts look lovely in the firelight.”

They were beautiful in deed. In fact, all of her was. Standing in front of me, I could clearly see her large breasts, with dark silver dollar sized areolas. Her nipples were thick and hard, in the cool air. Her tummy was a bit large, but as I gazed downward, I saw her bare pussy and smiled. I ran my hands over her nipples and she shuddered. “Your nipples are very hard, too.”

They get that way when I am cold, or excited. Right now I am very excited.”

“Look at this, Maria,” said Mary. She had already slid my shorts off and down to my feet. My cock was out and very hard. “Didn’t I tell you he was big?”

“Yes you did, but I did not think he would be that big. He’s very thick and very hard.”

She asked if she could touch me and I nodded yes. Her fingers glided down my chest, and reached my cock. She ran her fingers along the shaft and around my balls. “You have a nice looking cock, Bill.”

“Feel free to do whatever you want with it,” said Mary.

Maria knelt down on her knees still holding my cock in her hand. She petted it and ran her thumb across the head. Clear fluid oozed out the tip, and she slid her fingers in it.

“Let me taste that, Maria,” said Mary. “I love his taste.”

Maria held her finger out my wife and her tongue licked off the fluid. Her other hand began to move up and down my shaft, making me weak in the knees. Her tongue escaped her mouth as it touched the tip of my cock. It slid around the tip around the ridge.

“Do you like that Bill,” she asked? Her mouth felt warm as she inserted my cock into it.

I just moaned in reply, unable to voice what I was feeling. Her head began to move back and forth, engulfing my cock, and then releasing it, over and over. Marie was fondling Maria’s boobs, causing her to utter noises of pleasure. I was close to cuming and told Maria so. She took her mouth off of my cock and said that she wanted that in a better place.

Mary turned her around and kissed her on the lips, while her boobs were being mauled by Maria. I said that we should go to the tent or at least drag a blanket out and lie down. The girls nodded yes, and we moved into the tent.

They pushed me down onto the sleeping bags and lay next to me. I pulled Maria close to me and began kissing her lips. Mary started stroking my cock, then lowered her mouth to it. Maria broke our kiss and moved to join my wife.

I was harder than I had ever been before, because I had two warm tongues licking up and down on my cock. Maria licked down to my balls and covered them in her saliva. Mary’s head was bobbing up and down on the shaft. They switched positions and Maria took me deep into her mouth. My moaning was very loud, as they kept bringing me to the brink, then backing off.

“Go down on me, Bill,” moaned Maria. We switched positions and I worked my way down her body. My lips lapped a nipple and I sucked on it greedily causing her to moan loudly. I changed nipples and while sucking that one, I tweeked the other one, very hard.

“Ohh,” moaned Maria, loudly. “Gwad that felt good.”

I finally reached down with my fingers and slid them along her pussy lips. Her lips opened up easily and my fingers explored her warm hole. One finger slid in easily and garnered another loud moan from Maria.

Maria moaned for Mary to sit on her face, and she lowered her self over her mouth. Maria’s tongue lashed out at my wife’s pussy lips. Her tongue split the lips and entered the warm flesh that invited her in.

My head was between Maria’s legs and my tongue was gliding along the tasty flesh. I lapped up the juice that was escaping her body. I slashed my tongue across Maria’s clit, then sucked it into my mouth.

“Oh Bill,” she cried out. “More, more…”

I covered her pussy with my mouth and explored the delicious tastes that it found. She was bouncing up and down with lust and passion, while I alternated licking her clit, and using my fingers inside her.

“I need you in me, Bill,” she began to pant. “I need to feel your hard cock inside me.”

I moved up and positioned my cock at her entrance. I rubbed the head along her clit, causing her to explode. She bucked and bounced, continuing to eat Mary with a fierce lust.

“Stop teasing me with that big thing,” she growled.

Once again I slid it across her clit, and caused her to moan loudly. Then I split her lips and slowly eased my way into her. She was so warm, wet and tight. She felt wonderful, and I pushed into her as far as I could to. I withdrew and shoved it back in forcefully.

In and out, I went. I raised her legs to gain deeper entry, and then thrust hard and fast. Maria was beginning to lose all control and that was causing Mary to crawl off of her. She moved to suck on her boobs instead.

I was ready to cum and told them so. Maria said she wanted to feel me cum inside her, if Mary was all right with that. She said it was ok with her since I could not get her pregnant.

I began to work toward my climax. I was moving in and out as fast as I could. Maria was telling me how good it was making her feel. I felt my cock get as hard as it ever did, and my balls tighten. Sweat was dripping off my forehead and with one last push, I let myself cum.

Wave after wave of my love shot out of my cock and filled Maria’s tunnel. I kept moving, as my cock continued to pulsate. The hot liquid continued to fill her totally. Spent, I finally laid onto Maria’s chest, kissing her lips and telling her how wonderful that felt to me.

She wrapped her arms around me and told me she loved what we had done and wanted to do it again. I said I was done for a while, but Mary was still hanging.

Maria smiled, and rolled Mary onto her back. She dove between her legs and lapped at her hot, throbbing pussy. She was out of control and so was Marie. All of sudden, my wife let go and squirted all over Maria. “OOOOH, God,” cried out Mary. “That was wonderful.”

I pulled the girls to my sides and we all cuddled for a short time, trying to catch our breaths. It had been an amazing session and as it turned out, the first of many. Maria decided to move in with us shortly after that weekend, and we have been happy ever since.

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