Master J’s Wet Orchid

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I kneel here beside my marital bed, with my laptop sitting on the bed cover. Almost as if I am trying to cover the wet patch which has just been made by my husband and myself. He has left for work, and I can not believe when I look down to see my knees open wide and my sexual aroma rising up to meet my nostrils, that the moisture seeping from my petals is not your own. You have me so wet just typing an email! I love it!

Christened ‘Wet Orchid’ by you, I am truly living up to my name. Ignoring my husbands deposit, the wetness of my own excitement is almost flowing out of my intimate petals, and the smell is intoxicating. I close my eyes and imagine it is my sister-in-law that I can smell. I picture watching her masturbate herself on my marital bed, for my viewing only, on the wet sheets which are in front of my face. In my dream, my hands are folded behind my back, wrists secured to opposite forearms using Velcro straps, completely immobilising my upper body. My hair has been tied back into a tight ponytail, Bayan Escort Gaziantep and a further strap has secured my hair to my folded arms. My knees have been tied tight to the foot posts of the bed using her discarded clothing, causing my legs to splay as open as they can go. I am stuck here, watching my sister-in-law gently tease and caress herself in front of me, torturing my eyes with her beauty and self-pleasure.

My moisture runs down my inner thighs as I watch her fingers blur against her sensitive nether lips, glistening in her self-induced excitement. The wet slurping noise is driving me wild, and I wish I could simply touch myself, or even move closer, but this is impossible for me. You have ordered me just to observe, and I obey. Her fingers circle her sensitive clit, and she moans out my name ‘Wet Orchid’, begging me to join her on the bed, knowing fine well that I am securely tied. She nips her clit, and pulls her lips apart, showing me her most intimate area up close. She kneels up at the bottom of the bed where I am secured, and wipes her wet fingers under my nose, smearing her gorgeous scent under my nose so that I can smell her as she goes for her sexual goal. She grabs my two breasts with her hands, and scrunches them tightly into her fists, causing me to moan loudly ‘Thank you Master’ I say proudly as per your instructions. She lets go, and says ‘Thank me too, my little pet. Your Master has given me your body for tonight. You are mine’. ‘Thank you Mistress’, I grunt as she squeezes tighter than before, causing my inner muscles between my trembling thighs to spasm. She teasingly runs her nails down my stomach, but just as she reaches my wetness, she laughs and falls back on to the bed.

She lies back down, close to me, with her legs on the outside of my own. Open and exposed, she is so close that I can see everything, and smell her heat rise up with my own scents to meet me. She violently rubs herself, harder, and harder. Faster and faster. Her fingers become a blurry vision as she stares up at me and lets out an evil grin. ‘Poor little Wet Orchid.’

Her moans increase in tempo and volume, and I know she is near her goal. Then, just as she is about to explode into ecstasy, she grabs my pillow and smears her orgasmic wetness all over it. Buckling and spasming, grunting and groaning, coating my soft pillow in her juices. She spasmed on my bed for 10 or 15 seconds, bucking against my pillow until the waves faded. She opens her eyes, grins at me with an evil smile, then gets up and changes into my discarded clothing, before leaving me tied like a slut to my marital bed in dire need for sexual release.

It is then that I wake back up in the real world, and note that I have imagined this all in my nasty head. My own wetness has trickled down my kneeling thighs, and has reached the floor.

I refuse to touch myself, as I know my refrain will please you greatly.

I will let my own excitement build over a number of episodes, before knowing you will allow me my release. For this I thank you Master.

I look forward to all my future tasks in 2010.

Your nasty, kinky submissive pet,

Wet Orchid xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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