Maybe I am That Way Pt. 02

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Please have read the first chapter before delving into this one. You will make better sense of it.

Cindy insisted that Michael move in with us but he had other plans. “I’m on the circuit folks. In order to make money I have to move from town to town where the bookings are. I have a weekend gig in Milwaukee coming up next week.”

That was 6 months ago. We talked Michael into staying with us and allowing me to furnish him with spending money. He graciously accepted but with two stipulations. The first was that he demanded that Cindy and I remain faithful to him and not entertain other men. The second was that he, Michael would continue to recruit other couples as he wished. In order to attract others into his sphere, Michael wanted to continue his dancing when the Hanger Club had an open spot.

While it may have sounded like a negotiation, it wasn’t that at all. So enamored with Michael were Cindy and I that we fell deep under his spell. His deep, rich baritone voice was almost hypnotic when he would explain to us what he expected from us. Mostly he demanded devotion.

We were more than happy to give that.

I took Michael down to see the property manager and introduce him to the doormen. I told them they were to treat him as they treat my wife and I as he was now one of the family. He was given a key-card that would allow him to enter the building should a doorman be called away. Since I own the penthouse apartment, there was no opposition.

Cindy was having the kind of sex a woman like her deserved. She was getting Michael’s big black cock regularly and was happy. So happy was she that her shopping sprees became few and far between.

As for me, Michael was teaching me things about myself. I discovered a new sexuality that I hadn’t known until this lovely man came into my life. I learned that sucking his cock didn’t actually make me that way. Rimming his sweet ass didn’t make me that way either.

As Michael explained it, there are all types of people in this world. I was different than most and, according to Michael, that didn’t make me that way. It made me special. “What homosexual would eat pussy like you do johnnie?”

And that’s why I loved him. He knew things. He taught me things. Michael allowed me to explore my sexuality without criticism.

One day soon after our first evening together Michael pulled me onto his lap. He very patiently schooled me about guys like me. “Your little dick has no place in a pussy johnnie. None. I want you to stop all that foolishness about trying to fuck your wife. That’s my job now. See?”

“But what am I supposed to do for sex sir?”

“Leave that to me baby boy. I’m your Daddy now johnnie. And as your Daddy, it is my job to look after your needs as well as those of your wife.”

I listened carefully as Michael explained that when I sucked his cock, it wasn’t because I was that way. Not at all. Michael said that my craving for his cock was instinctual. “Your little dick and balls are the reason you seek out and Alpha man johnnie, a real man to whom you have a need to subjugate yourself.”

“You see baby, deep within you, you have a desire, a need to gain the approval of real men, men like me. It’s similar to the need a woman like your wife has for a big cock. Not the same but similar. She needs my big cock to fulfill her need to mate with the Alpha. You have a need to serve that same Alpha man too, to please him, to humble yourself in his presence so he knows you’re no threat to steal his bitch. See?”

And there it was. Michael laid it all out for me. I now understood what father never could get through his homophobic head. I wasn’t that way at all. Nature had instilled in me a special need to please real men and that doesn’t make me that way. Michael explained that I was attracted to his manliness because I was not a man at all.

I was, as he explained a male in every sense but even though I was an adult male, I was not nor could I ever be regarded as a real man. He held me close to him as he shone a light on my purpose in life. As he was talking to me, Michael used his large thumb and index finger to manipulate my little dick until I came in his hand. Without saying a word to me, he let me squeal out my orgasm with my face buried in his neck.

When he brought his hand to my mouth, I knew instinctively what was expected of me and licked his soiled hand clean.

Cindy though, she was another story. She sat quietly listening to Michael when he was telling me all this and only giggled when I was cleaning his hand.

Regardless of what Cindy thought, I felt much better about myself. Worried as I had been about being that way, I now knew I wasn’t and was free to give myself fully to Michael.

Little by little Michael groomed me, taught me, trained me to be a good beta male. It was he who thought it would make a difference in my attitude by ridding myself of those things masculine.

Michael and Cindy took me shopping one evening after I returned from work. His arms around us both, he led Fikirtepe escort bayan us into a Vicky’s Secret store and selected my first panties. “Boxers and tightie whites do you a disservice johnnie. These,” he said holding a pair of red bikini panties to my waist, ” are more appropriate for a special one such you. Wearing panties will help you rid yourself of any notion that you are a man. Doesn’t mean you’re that way. Panties will make you more serene, more at peace with what you are, who you are.”

We left the store with 15 pairs of sexy panties for me.

When we got home it was like a confirmation of sorts. First Michael had me take all of my ill-suited men’s underwear to the trash shoot and dump them. Then, with the apartment well lit, Michael sat on the sofa as Cindy knelt at my feet holding my panty open so I could step into the leg openings. Michael applauded me as Cindy pulled the garment up and over my round bottom.

Michael was right. They felt good, natural, and I was happy he was showing me how to behave as a special male. It was only a few days after I received my panties that Michael decided he would let me wear them all the time while at home. Cindy would remain naked in his presence. Michael, being the Alpha man he is, told me he wished not to see my pathetic dick unless specifically instructed to take my panties off.

I was over joyed to comply with my man’s wishes. Wearing panties and knowing I wasn’t that way was an ego boost for me.

I gained self-respect. I gained confidence in myself. When I began to strut my stuff. Michael took me in hand and over his knees and spanked my plump round fanny until I learned to be more humble in his presence. He is after all, my Alpha.

Cindy and I would go see Michael dance whenever there was an opening at the Club. Loud thumping music, screaming women, and some husbands like me, betas. it was always just like the first time. His long swinging cock never failed to mesmerize me.

Michael would join us after each set at first but after a couple months he started working the room. “They tip better when I visit them,” he explained.

And most nights Michael would escort us out past the jealous women all of whom wanted to leave with him themselves.

Then one evening Michael worked the room after a set. When his night was over, he came to us as usual. But this time it was not to escort us out and home. “I’ve got a couple over there,” Michael said pointing to a sexy woman and her nerdy husband. “Like you johnnie, he needs some guidance from me. You understand.”

It was not a question. We watched as Michael left with the couple as he did with us. His big arms over the shoulders of both husband and wife.

It saddened us to have him leave us with our not knowing if he’d ever return.

We needn’t have fretted. Michael returned home to us the next afternoon. “They’re just like you two,” he said explaining why he felt his services were needed. “He’s a little dicked beta boi like you johnnie. I don’t have him in panties yet. For that, I’ll need your help.”

“My help? Why? How can I help him?”

Not him mini dude. Help me. Help me get him to understand his role in society just like you have.”

“Um, okay sir. I’ll do what I can.”

“No dipshit, you’ll do what I tell you to do.”

His command of me always made my little dick hard. “Roger that Michael.”

“Now come on and help me fuck your wife.”

I was permitted the honor to lie under Cindy and place Michael’s big cock into her pussy. Then he let me lap his scrotum while he took his pleasure from her.

Let me say that seeing a real man take what is his is exciting enough. But watching that big black cock plunge deep inside my wife’s pussy was like nothing else. Her inner lips clung to it when he pulled back. Clung as thought their lives depended on it. I couldn’t stop from licking when they were joined. The feel of his balls sliding across my forehead and nose as I serviced the fucking pair was eroticism as its best.

When Michaels balls tightened, I knew he was cumming. I took both nuts in my mouth and held them as they emptied their potent seed in my wife.

We were laying together on the bed one night two weeks later. Michael has been seeing that other couple off and on for that time. “I think tonight would be a good time for the five of us to get together,” he announced.

I was curled up against Michael, his large hand cradling my panty cover bottom. Cindy lay on his left side and they’d kiss once in a while and then Michael would turn his head and we’d kiss. It was a pleasant way for us to be together. Now he wanted us to meet his “other family”.

The phone rang and I went to answer it. The doorman said we had company. “Mrs. and Mr. Williams to see you sir.”

“Send them up please.”

“Your guests are coming up Michael,” I pouted.

“Our guests baby boi. You make sure to welcome them just as you are.”

“Wait, what? Just like I’m dressed?”

“God damn it johnnie, Escort Sancaktepe you’re testing me.”

“Like I’m dressed. Yes sir,” I said wanting to avoid being punished in front of strangers.

Normally I enjoyed his strong hand on my bottom. Michael provided me with discipline which he said I required on a regular basis. “Special bois like you are in need of corporal punishment. Soon you’ll yearn for it. It’s one of the things you beta bois want from your man.”

I sheepishly opened the door at the first knock. “Welcome to our home Ma’am and sir.”

Mrs. Williams looked at my attire and stifled her laughter with a hand over her mouth. Mr. Williams said nothing, He was looking down.

I escorted them to the bedroom where Michael and Cindy were. May I fix you a drink, some refreshments?”

“That would be nice johnnie,” Mrs. Williams said surprising me by knowing my name. “White wine for me, nothing for bobbi. She doesn’t hold her liquor well.”

“Yes Ma’am. I understand. Michael says I don’t do well with alcohol myself. He’s forbidden me to drink it.”

By the time I returned with her wine she was already naked in bed on my side of Michael. I fumed inside as I placed her glass on my nightstand.

Michael lay between his bitches as he called them and instructed bobbi to undress. bobbi had still not spoken a word but immediately began to remove his clothing as instructed.

“Take his hand johnnie. Hold his hand and take bobbi to the living room. We will join you two in a while. Talk to him. Tell him about your self-discovery. Help him understand what his is and how he should behave.”

“Yes sir Michael,” I said as I took bobbi’s hand in mine.

bobbi was naked and like me, his bottom was wider than his shoulders. Like me, his dick was tiny. Unlike me though, bobbi had dark hair. He had a full head of dark brown hair which he wore long. I noticed that he had no hair on the rest of his body. That was like me. Michael had me use hair remover to rid myself of the peach fuzz on my groin, legs, arms, and chest.

We sat across from each other. Two special bois, who aren’t that way as our wives pleased and took pleasure from Michael. I could tell bobbi was nervous and tried to strike up a conversation. “So you and Mrs. Williams know Michael too. Did you meet him at the Hanger Club like we did?”

bobbi nodded.

“Have you had the pleasure of his cock bobbi?”

It was obvious bobbi was struggling with something. He wailed out a yes and began sobbing uncontrollably into his hands.

It suddenly occurred to me what was wrong, what was bothering him. I went to him and knelt in front of him. Trying to console him, I took his hands in mine. “bobbi,” I said quietly. “It’s okay. You’re not that way. You’re like me. We’re special.

He looked into my eyes with hope. I saw a cute male, his youth, his build, his pretty eyelashes, gave him a cherubic appearance.

bobbi took a deep breath and sobbed, Michael made me a cock sucker. I’m a queer. Don’t you understand? We’re not special. We’re queers.”

“No baby. We’re not queer. We’re special.”

“Special? Us special? What the fuck are you talking about johnnie?”

“Come bobbi. Join me on the sofa while I try to explain it to you.”

I took his hand and he followed me reluctantly.

I sat in the left corner with him beside me. I slowly and carefully explained everything to him as Michael did me. When I asked if he too got hard seeing Michael dance with his cock freely swinging, he didn’t have to answer me. His dick grew. “Yes,” he admitted nearly breaking down again.

“Shhh,” I quieted him. “It’s okay bobbi. Michael says it’s normal for guys like you and me to have that reaction to real men.”

He looked at me, hope once again in his eyes. “He said that?”

“Yes baby. I’m not that way either. I reacted like you because betas like us respond that way to men with big cocks. It natural for us to be drawn to them for their strength, their masculinity. We trust them to train us, discipline us, teach how to please their cocks, their balls, their sexy ass.”

“We need them the same as our wives need those big cocks. Special bois like us lack cocks and big balls bobbi. We seek out Alpha men to show them our appreciation of their masculinity and to try our best to please them.”

bobbi was now sporting a nice little erection as was I though he couldn’t see mine through my panties. “You still like eating pussy don’t you,?” I asked.

“Sniff, I do enjoy it when Sheila allows me to clean her after being with Michael.”

“See there? You aren’t that way after all. How could you be if you still like pussy?”

A light came on in bobbi’s eyes. “Really?”


He hugged me in his relief. I hugged him back. Our cheeks were touching when he turned his face and press his lips against mine. I was surprised but I let him keep his soft lips on mine.

His hands slipped down my back until he felt my panties.

I felt him take üsküdar escort a deep breath through his nose and his tongue found mine. We Frenched for a minute before taking a break. “These feel nice on you johnnie. Why do you wear panties?”

“Thank you bobbi. They feel nice to me too. Michael says he wants me to wear them all the time every day. When I’m home he wants me to wear them so he doesn’t have to see my sorry excuse for a dick.”

His hand moved between us and he found my little boner in my panties. “It feels nice johnnie.”

“Please bobbi. You must stop. I really like you touching me but Michael says I can’t cum unless he says I can.”

“He said that to me too. It’s like, um, he wants to be my Daddy or something.”

Not something bobbi. Michael is your Daddy now, just like he’s my Daddy. Let me ask you this. Is your wife happier now that she has access to a real cock? The cock of a real man?”

“Yes. She’s never been happier.”

“Just like my Cindy. Michael is so manly, so masterful. I love seeing them fuck. I love helping them by licking his balls and cleaning them when they’ve finished. Do you?”

“Oh God yes johnnie. I do love it so. Being close to his crotch makes me so excited.”

“You’re just like me bobbi,” I said as I gently took his little stiff dick in my hand and jacked him slowly.

We met in an embrace again and once again we began to make out. For some reason neither of us felt we were that way because of what we were doing.

I felt my passion growing for this cute young male and moaned through our kissing. Our hands traveled over each other’s bodies. exploring, caressing. One of his hands found the back of my head and he held me to his face as I did the same to him.

“See Gloria, I told you johnnie would help bobbi understand his role.”

We parted and saw that Michael had brought the women with him. “Don’t let us stop you two,” Gloria Williams smiled.

Both women looked freshly fucked. Both had that glow that only Michael’s cock could give.

“bobbi baby, take johnnie’s panties off and try them on. You’re about the same size,” Michael instructed.

Both women giggled.

I stood and bobbi knelt. Looking up at me, he smiled and pulled my red bikini panties down my legs. I stepped out of them and we switched places. I knelt at bobbi’s feet and held the panty open, allowing him to step into them. He now smiled down at me as I returned his smile and pulled the garment up his legs and over his soft round bottom.

“There you are bobbi. All sung as a bug in a rug.”

“Let me see honey,” Mrs. Williams said. “Turn around for me baby.”

bobbi modeled his new panties and I was proud to have been able to help him understand just how special he is. “Mrs. Williams,” I said with pride. “bobbi is not that way, you know what I mean. bobbi is special like me.”

“johnnie, why don’t you and bobbi refill our drinks and then you bois can show us how special you two are.”

“Yes sir Michael.” I took bobbi’s hand and led him to the bar. We filled wine glasses and a snifter for Michael’s Hennessy. bobbi served Michael while the ladies and I watched. “Here you are sir. Thank you for allowing johnnie to teach me that I’m not queer or anything that way. I promise to be good for you and my wife and will try to make you both happy with me.”

Michael patted bobbi on his head. “Good boi bobbi. I knew once you and johnnie found each other you two would get along and learn from each other. Now be a good boi and join johnnie and return to what you special bois were doing before we interrupted.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

I joined bobbi in the middle of the room and we embraced again and began kissing once more. This time there was no hesitation in either of us. We knelt still holding and kissing our tongues dancing, searching.

I felt his bottom in his panties and rubbed my dick against his. I heard him groan in appreciation.

I pushed him on his back and pulled his panties off. Kneeling between his open legs, I smiled down at him as I lowered my face to his crotch.

“Oh my God,” I heard Mrs. Williams exclaim. “Look at those fags.”

“Bitch,” Michael spat. “They’re not fags. They are not gay. They are not that way. They are special bois and are allowed to enjoy each other as only special bois can. I hear you call him a fag again, I’ll wear your fine ass out with my belt. Now apologize to both bois.”

Clearly shaken, Mrs. Williams apologized profusely, vowing to never call either of us that name again. “You’re not that way. You’re special bois. Please forgive me.”

I pushed my face into bobbi’s groin and took both his little balls into my mouth. “Let me do you johnnie. Let me suck you too,” he begged.”

We performed a sixty nine for the women and Michael. It didn’t last long. Neither bobbi nor I had manly stamina. And neither of was capable of cumming a lot.

We sat up and kissed then looked at Michael for his approval. Both women were kneeling between his legs and sharing his beautiful cock.

“Great job baby bois. I’m proud of my young special bois. I want to reward you both. Move out the way ladies.”

They left disappointed I’m sure and we crawled over to our man. Michael stood and took his huge black cock in hand as we watched waiting.

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