Modelling Shoot

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When Mary approached me about doing a photoshoot with her and Kim, I was surprised. Being my ex, Mary knew I was good at shooting shall we say… glamour shots. When we were together she would sometimes dress up sexy and we would do a photo/video shoot and we often had some of our best sex while looking at the results.

But since we had been split up for a long time now, I had not been expecting the call, especially not including Kim. Kim once worked with Mary, she was a bit older and married, very prim and proper looking but also came across as though she was wild in the sack. At Mary’s work Christmas party one year, Kim had sat next to me and, apparently subconsciously, run her hand up and down the inside of my leg. Then when she lifted up one leg to rub her foot I got a good view up the short black dress she was wearing. She seemed to have forgotten to put underwear on, and I got a good long look at her shaven pussy before she put her foot back down. Nothing had ever come of it, although when I told Mary about it we speculated about her and Andy being swingers. That night while fucking Mary I had been thinking about the view up Kim’s dress

Apart from some mild flirting on our occasional visits, that was the end of it. At least until now. I decided to be a total professional while on the shoot, although no doubt I would be stroking my cock to the pictures afterwards.

Mary had let me known in advance roughly what would clothes would be worn, and what sort of set they wanted, so I had converted my second bedroom into an impromptu photo set. There was a desk with a potted plant on the corner, and my big leather office chair was behind it.

The girls arrived, both dressed in their regular jeans and T-shirt, and dragging a small suitcase. They each greeted me with a hug and I directed them to the bathroom to get changed and do their makeup. I went into the “studio” and did some final checks on the cameras and flash units. I tried not to think about the two gorgeous girls getting changed in my bathroom.

Perhaps I should describe the two of them: Mary is about 5’3″ and fairly petite with light brown hair, she has a small frame, but she has meat on her in some places, most especially her perky bubble butt on which she has the cutest tattoo. I loved grabbing those firm cheeks as she rode my cock when we were together. She used to start off riding me with her legs either side of me and then, once she was into it, she would slip her legs inside of mine and grind away on me. Although this position offers very limited movement, the slightest move results in delicious clitoral stimulation, and soon her tight pussy would be spasming on my cock while my hand palmed those gorgeous cheeks of hers, occasionally giving one a light spank. Mary has nice B cup tits, a perfect handful, with very responsive nipples. Another thing about Mary: Her pussy is ALWAYS wet.

Kim is even smaller, not much over 5′ and very slender, almost skinny. Although a fair bit older than Mary and the mother of two kids, she had the body of a 20 year old. She had a tight little ass and A cup tits. Sometimes when we visited it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were always stiff. Her natural way of standing seemed to be with her back arched and her ass stuck proudly out and the way she walked…

My mind snapped back to the present as the door to the bathroom creaked open. I realised that I was already hard and I hadn’t even started yet. Oh yeah, this was going to go well, way to be professional! When they walked into the room my cock twitched in my trousers. They were doing an office scene and were both in business suits, both wearing shirts, Kim a white one and Mary a blue, tight black mini skirts, and “fuck me” heels, Kim’s a little higher than Mary’s.

I cleared my throat, which was suddenly really dry, and directed them into position. The premise for this scene was Kim’s character seducing Mary’s for whatever reason, perhaps to get a raise? Mary seated herself in my chair, and a sudden series of images flashed through my head as I remembered how we had sex in that chair several times, me sitting while she sat on my cock and I reached around and played with her clit while we watched our latest photo shoot.

Kim tottered into the view of the cameras, carrying a small tray with 2 drinks. The video camera was merrily whirring away, capturing the scene directly to my laptop for editing later, while I used the still camera to take high quality shots. I got some great pictures of Kim’s arse as she leaned over Mary’s desk to look at the report they were “working” on. The split in the back of her skirt allowed me to get a couple of good shots of her slender muscular thighs and sculpted calves. Once I had taken a few pictures we moved on. Kim “accidentally” knocked Mary’s drink down the front of her shirt. Although it looked like black coffee it was only flat Coke, but Mary reacted well. Kim helped her out of her shirt, revealing Mary’s lacy black half cup gaziantep escortlar bra, which barely covered her nipples. Then Kim made a show of looking around for a cloth before removing her own shirt to use to dry Mary off, showing that she was wearing a simple white bra. She used her shirt to gently pat Mary dry, spend longer than necessary drying the tops of her breasts. Their eyes met and Kim leaned in and kissed her full on the lips, her hand cupping the back of Mary’s head as her shirt dropped to the floor from her other hand.

Kim went off camera to pretend to lock the door and then crawled onto and over Mary’s desk, rucking up her skirt far enough so that the gussett of her white knickers was clearly visible through the slit in her skirt. She leaned over and kissed Mary again, Mary moaning into her mouth as Kim right hand went to her breast. After kissing in this position for a little while, making sure I got enough shots and footage, Kim slinked off the desk and stood in front of Mary, who nervously looked up at her. Kim reached down her back and unfastened her bra, freeing Mary’s perky little tits, which Kim cupped for a few seconds. Next Kim leaned in for another lengthy tongue wrestling kiss while she removed her own bra to reveal her own A cups.

Next she stood and guided Mary’s mouth to her right nipple. Tentatively at first but with increasing assurance as Kim purred her enjoyment, Mary started to suck and nibble at it. After a few minutes of this Kim got Mary to stand and unzipped and slid down her skirt revealing a tiny black thong. That’s when I got the best shot of this portion of the shoot, Kim dragging her nails across the globes of Mary’s perfect ass, with her head next to Mary’s ass while looking up at the camera past her left cheek with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

For the last part of this portion Mary laid back across the desk, and Kim sat in the chair. Mary spread her legs and Kim pretended to be tonguing her through the fabric of her knickers. As Kim ran her hands up and down Mary’s body, caressing her tits, Mary made little mewling noises and her hands went down to the back of Kim’s head, pushing the older woman’s face against her crotch. I think she was close to orgasm before she released Kim’s head.

When she came down she closed her legs and rolled to the side, looking very embarrassed while giving the cameras another view of that amazing backside, still split by her thong and showing off her tattoo

Both Kim and I totally ignored what had just happened, I announced that it was time for a costume change. Once they had left the room I started rearranging furniture, turning the desk so it was closer to the wall and looked like a table and putting some chairs around, also putting out some side tables with plants on.

Even though I knew what was coming next my heart nearly stopped when the girls got back. They were both dressed in French maid’s outfits, Mary still wearing the heels she had been wearing, Kim having changed to some of the sort with a ribbon at the ankle. In addition to the normal outfit, Kim was wearing a choker, emphasizing her long elegant neck. Both of them had a feather duster, and there was a vacuum cleaner in the room ready. They commenced to start cleaning, making sure to bend over a lot and flash the frilly white knickers they were wearing under the too-short skirts of the uniforms. Mary’s butt jiggling under her knickers as she pushed the vacuum around was particularly sexy, and her raised eyebrows at the fact that I hadn’t moved the desk to vacuum made me grin.

Mary playfully fluttered her feather duster across the top of Kim’s thighs, which Kim responded to with a grunt of annoyance and a flick of her wrist. Mary giggled and did it again, which Kim again flicked away and gave her a finger-wagging warning not to repeat it. When Mary did with a giggle a few minutes later, Kim go down off the step ladder she had been standing on do do her dusting, reversed her duster and sharply smacked Mary across the top of her thighs with it. The dull crack as the wooden handle landed surprised me as I realised that had been no pretend caning. Mary’s mouth worked in shock at the impact, not hurt but clearly surprised.

Her surprise deepened as Kim sank to her knees to kiss it better. Less than an inch from her no doubt soaking pussy Kim slowly kissed her way across the red line that was slowly forming there. Then she stood and once again I was treat to the site of the two beauties kissing each other deeply as their hand roamed each other’s bodies. Kim’s hand roughly pulled down the top of Mary’s uniform and she kiss each breast, nibbling and tonguing the nipples to hardness. As Kim moved her head Mary muttered “Please, I need…” Her voice petered out, she was unable to say what she wanted, she was too shy.

Next I instructed them to stand with Mary’s arse pointing toward me as she arched her back very slightly. Kim hugged her, reaching between Mary’s legs so that her finger could clearly be seen on top of Mary’s box. Then I moved around to the side and instructed Kim to slide her hand into Mary’s knickers and pretend to be fingering her. Mary’s deep shuddering breath as Kim slid her hand down the front of her body told me that Kim had run her finger past Mary’s clit.

Again Mary said “Please…” into Kim’s ear, followed by some muttering about being dirty .I told Kim to pretend to finger Mary, and for Mary to react. Kim seemed unsure what I meant and after some confusion apparently decided to take things into her own hands. A sharp intake of breath from Mary as both her hands went around Kim’s neck and she started humping herself against Kim’s hand suggested that Kim had stopped pretending and just slipped a couple of fingers into Mary’s tight box.

In just a few seconds Mary orgasmed spectacularly, her body spasmed and twitched and she was holding onto Kim to stop herself from falling. She sat herself down in one of the chairs again looking pretty embarrassed. Kim sauntered over in my direction. She stood between Mary and me as she asked if they should go and get into their last costumes. As she spoke one of her hands stroke my bulge through my trousers, and two fingers from her other hand slipped into my mouth. I tasted the once familiar tang of Mary’s pussy, and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was looking into the desperate face of Mary, still sitting and watching us. It was only when I saw that look I realised I was going to fuck both of these gorgeous girls today. Mary probably hadn’t known, but Kim seemed to be the mastermind of this set up. I could tell by Mary’s face that she would do anything we wanted now, she was that horny.

They shuffled off to the bathroom and I reorganized the room, the plants went and another smaller desk was brought out, a chair placed behind it. The bigger desk was put back in it’s place from the first set up. Lastly I put up a fairly large black board.

By the time I finished my hard on had subsided and I was wondering where they had got to. They did eventually come through, looking a bit flush and I wondered what they had been up to, if only briefly. The reason I only wondered briefly was because these new outfits pretty much stopped my brain from working. My flagging erection made a spectacular recovery when I saw Kim, wearing pretty much the same thing she had been in the first section of the shoot, except the high heels were replaced with knee high boots, she had left a few extra buttons undone on her shirt and she was wearing fishnets. Unless I was mistaken she had also declined to wear a bra. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through her shirt. She was wearing black framed glasses, excellent for staring over the top of.

But she was just the appetizer. Mary was in a full blown and extremely slutty school girl outfit. A little pleated navy skirt barely covered the bottom of her arse. Her little pink knickers could be seen as soon as she moved even slightly. The self concious way she kept trying to pull the back of her skirt down to preserve some modesty only made me hornier and her sexier. She was wearing white knee high socks and little school sandals. Her hair was up in high pigtails and she was wearing a white blouse through which the matching pink bra could clearly be seen. She was carrying a couple of files and a pencil case, and basically looked like a naive seventeen year old who had no idea what was going through the minds of the guys around her when she bent over to pick up a pen.

Mary sat down at the smaller desk and Kim pretended to be coming into class and went to the front and did a good semblance of teaching. Kim came over to Mary’s desk and leaned over it, helping Mary with a problem. Her shirt dipped rather too low and one of her erect nipples was clearly visible. Kim telling Mary to concentrate when she caught her staring made a deep blush spread over Mary’s face and neck.

Kim went back to her desk and sat down while Mary worked. After a few minutes Kim asked Mary if she had done her homework. When Mary confessed that she had in fact not, she was summoned to the front of the class.

As soon as Kim saw the length of Mary’s skirt she told her off thoroughly. She asked her if she wanted everyone to think she was a slut, to which Mary responded that her mum dressed her this way and she didn’t want to be a slut. I suppressed a giggle at how the old slapper would view this pretty true-to-life interpretation.

Kim ordered her to write out lines, which Mary duly did. For my part I couldn’t decide which looked better, her standing on her tiptoes to write out the first lines at the top, (tensing her legs made them look great, and the bottom of her ass cheeks were visible) or when she was bending over to write on the bottom of the board (her skirt rode up obscenely, revealing most of her backside). All I knew for sure is that my cock had been iron-hard for most of an hour now.

After filling up the whole board with lines of “I will not dress like a slut” Kim told Mary that her punishment wasn’t finished yet. Asking her to come around behind her desk, Mary was made to kneel on Kim’s chair. Kim flipped her skirt up over her waist and told her to arch her back. The sight of Mary’s gorgeous arse stuck out in the little school uniform she was wearing, with her arms together holding the top of the chair, was almost too much for me. Two things stopped me from whipping out my cock and beating it right there. One, I was likely going to fuck one or both of them, and two, if I stopped taking pictures I wouldn’t have them for future “alone sessions”.

Kim’s hand came down smartly on Mary’s ass. Instead of trying to get away, Mary humped back obscenely. After one spank, Kim pulled the bottom of the little pink knickers up and to the side. “Goodness Mary is this a tattoo?” she asked, idly running her nails across the cheek of the younger girl’s ass. “Yes miss” panted Mary, her hips still slowly gyrating.

Kim pulled Mary’s knickers across further, revealing her shiny, soaking wet pussy. She was so wet I could clearly see it from where I stood with the camera, and I realised that this was the first time I had seen either of their naked vaginas, today at least.

“Mary!” exclaimed Kim in shock”you are aroused, you are not supposed to be enjoying your punishment. What is the meaning of this.” Mary mumbled something and was ordered to speak up. Mary finally overcame her embarrassment and said “I’m a slut, OK? I need to cum, please let me cum.” Kim grinned at me, but to Mary she said, “Well we’ll need to punish you further then, obviously these panties are giving you too much protection.”

She hooked her finger into the gusset of Mary’s knickers , briefly touch her wet pussy with her knuckle and eliciting a low groan from Mary, then pulled her knickers down to her knees. She then got Mary to spread her knees as far as the knickers and the chair would allow and to arch her back again.

I took a few pictures of Mary in this position, making sure to get some zoomed in pictures of her knickers, showing the soppy wet patch that had formed there, as well as a couple of shot of her absolutely soaking and swollen pussy.

Now Kim started spanking her, making sure to get both cheeks, some hard enough to leave a handprint. Sometimes she stopped and rubbed her hand gently across Mary’s reddening cheeks, occasionally grazing her hand across her pussy lips peeking out between her legs. By now some of Mary’s juices were running down the inside of her thighs.

Kim stopped peppering Mary’s arse with smacks and told her to turn around on the chair but stay on her knees. With much wobbling and struggling Mary managed this, her shoes stuck out through the arms of the chair. Kim then turned around and unzipped and shimmied out of her skirt, pulling it past her boots and discarding it. She crawled onto the desk in front of Mary. On all fours she presented herself for our inspection, her thong-clad backside very close to Mary’s face and told her to pull her thong to the side. Mary steadied herself with one hand and then used the other to pull Kim’s thong across her ass and away from her pussy.

Although I’d seen Kim’s pussy before, it had always been briefly, while pretending not to be looking. Now I was being encouraged to look as closely as I wanted, and I liked what I saw. She was clean shaven as far as I could see, and drenched. Kim spoke up, “Can you see what you’ve done slut? I’m extremely turned on. You coming in here showing of you tight little body, and then getting so wet when I’m trying to punish you has done this to me. There’s only one thing worse than a slut, and that’s a tease, now eat me!”

Mary now leaned forward and, grasping each of Kim’s butt cheeks in one of her hands, with Kim’s thong hooked around one thumb spread her ass. Kim’s pussy peeled open, showing her damp pinkness. Mary leaned forward and gingerly ran her tongue up the length of Kim’s slit. I knew Mary had indulged in some lesbian activity in her younger years, so I was a little surprised at how shy she was being about all this. Kim groaned deep in her throat, and Mary started to lap a bit more eagerly. She then tilted her head and briefly sucked on Kim’s clitoris. Kim bucked her hips and shouted “Oh fuck yeah, suck my clit!” I was loving how vocal Kim was being. I moved in front of Kim and bent down, trying to get an angled picture where I could see Mary tongue on her. I wasn’t very successful, but as I stood, Kim grabbed my bulge again and winked at me. Then she tore her shirt open, buttons landing every where, exposing her perky little tits. Then she leaned back forward. Mary changed her tactics, and stopped sucking Kim’s clit, instead she speared Kim’s pussy with her tongue. Now Mary has a long tongue, she’s one of those girls who can easily lick the tip of her nose, and although it was sexy I always thought it was a feature wasted on a straight guy. Kim obviously agreed as she began to fuck herself back onto Mary’s face. Mary’s long tongue in her must have felt like a small cock, because her breathing went ragged.

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