Mom Meets Darrell Ch. 01

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Finishing college in upstate New York, I found an apartment near my parent’s apartment in Flushing, New York and landed a job in the City. A few years later my father passed away and I gave up my apartment to move in with mom, Maggie. I found it a workable solution as it saved me money and hopefully I could buy a house soon. Secondly, mom had arthritis really bad and I was able to help her cope with the loss of her husband – my father – and life in general.

I am now nearing 30 and still have not saved up enough money to purchase a home. Things came up and money was spent. I now had a steady girlfriend now and there was money to be spent nurturing the relationship. Mom is now 52 and having to use a walker to get around. Needless to say, should I get married my wife would have to understand that my mother was going to live with us.

The apartment I had grown up in is a small two-bedroom, up 21 stairs. My bedroom was at the back of the apartment and I had to walk through the kitchen to get to the living room and bathroom. I often wondered how old the apartment building was, certainly before the modern codes came into effect. My mother’s bedroom was off to the side of the living room. Her bed was rather high to facilitate getting and out with her stiff and aching joints.

It was common practice for mom to be on the phone at all hours of the evening and night talking to one of her friends while she watched TV. Though the apartment was small such sounds rarely reached my bedroom. I often caused by mother to jump with surprise whenever I would have to go to the bathroom, as she would not hear me coming. I suppose I surprised her, as I very rarely had to pee after going to bed.

One such evening, I was feeling humorous and intentionally peeked around the door as I reached the living room. I know my eyebrows must have lifted in shock seeing my mother whispering into the phone with her nightgown hiked up and her right hand down the front of her panties.

“Fuck me, Darrell! You fuck me so good!” I heard her whisper.

Her eyes were closed and the flicker of the TV screen made for quite an erotic and intoxicating scene.

‘Whom in hell could she be talking to?’ I thought, not able to withdraw or take my eyes off of the scene in front of me.

Her left leg, which was up against the sofa, was bent at the knee with her foot flat on the sofa. Her right leg was mostly straight with her knee slightly bent and cocked to one side. I could see her hand moving beneath her panties and I consciously felt my briefs stretch as my erection grew.

I was fascinated and awed by the thought of my straight-laced mother having phone sex and masturbating. Eyeing the wall clock, I saw it was 2:30 AM and she must’ve surely thought she was safe in her sexual escapade. As I slowly inched my way to the foot of the sofa, my intention was to show her she had been discovered. I was indeed feeling quite humorous.

I stood at the foot of the sofa for a good 12 or 15 minutes watching my mother please herself and mutter her sexual banter. I heard the name “Darrell”, so undoubtedly it was a male at the other end of the line, presumably stroking his cock. Another erotic scene flashed in my mind.

“Pushed it deep! Stick that big black cock deep into my belly!” She whispered with labored breath. “Oh God! It’s good! I bet your black cock is begging for my white pussy!

Her words made my cock pulse with the thought that my mother had thoughts of a black man fucking her. It was totally unbelievable!

I watched her hand move. She was undoubtedly finger-fucking herself, causing me to ponder what her pussy must look like. It was undoubtedly wet with pussy juice!

“I’m close, baby!” I heard her say. “Are you ready! Give it to me! Give me your cum!”

I was rubbing my stiff cock through my briefs as her body stilled, then quaked as the orgasm seized her, her ass flexing, thrusting back at an imaginary cock. As the orgasm subsided her eyes opened.

“SEAN! WHAT THE HELL!!” She shouted. “I’ve got to go!”

Mom, in one swift motion, dropped the phone into the its cradle, withdrew her hand from her panties, pushed her knee length nightgown back into place and made the visibly painful effort to swing her feet to the floor as she sat up. Her long red hair draped over both shoulders as she removed her large tortoiseshell glasses and dropped her head and gaze the floor. Her head shook back-and-forth slowly as she tried to catch her breath. I knew she was in pain from the quick movements.

“You have nothing to say for yourself!” She finally stated without looking up.

“I was only watching.” I retorted. “You seemed to be having fun. Should I have interrupted you?”

She looked up at me glaringly. Then, her eyes dropped to the bulge in my briefs. She replaced her glasses, I suppose, to assure herself of her observation.

“You have screwed Nancy countless times in your bedroom! I have spied on you?” She exclaimed.

“Mom! I had to pee!” I explained.

“You could not just go pee mobil porno and go back to bed?” She quizzed. “You had to stand here at the foot of the couch watching me?”

“I guess I could have – should have – I suppose!” I replied. “I had no idea that you did this sort of thing. And you’re a woman for crying-out-loud! If a gun was to my head……………”

Mom seemed to relax a bit and slumped back on the sofa pillows.

“Who is Darrell?” I inquired. “And how long have you been-doing this?”

“None of your damn business!” She exclaimed. “Now get your ass back to bed!”

Mom being mom, I did as I was told. But the next morning at breakfast I could not help but seek an answer to mom’s mysterious phone sex partner. I hoped she would be more responsive.

“Are you going to tell me who Darrell is?” I asked, as I took a sip of my coffee.

“Just some guy.” She began after a brief hesitation. “Started out as a wrong number. We talked a minute about who he was looking for and then he asked me “would you like an obscene phone call tonight”. I thought it was someone I knew when I was working. Maybe one of my dumb ass friends had put him up to it. The more we talked the more comfortable I got with him. I was curious, and then aroused, the rest is history, I suppose.”

“You have been talking to him long enough to call it history?” I queried.

“About six months now.” She answered. “About two – sometimes three — times a week.”

“That is absolutely fascinating!” I said. “Did you and dad have an active sex life?”

“Aren’t you inquisitive one!” She answered. “Not really. It’s been painful for me for years. We came up with the idea of the higher bed to take his weight off of me and then discovered his heart medicine made his dick limp.”

“You apparently like sex?” I queried.

“You think!” She sarcastically remarked.

“Well, let me know when you and Darrell are going to hook up and I’ll try to stay out of your way.” I said, finishing by breakfast and standing to leave for the drive to the City.

“I’m probably going to tell him we can’t talk anymore.” She said.

“Why? Because I know about it? Let’s be grown-ups about this mom. Don’t be embarrassed and mess up a good thing.” I encouraged. “Your secret is out and I don’t care.

“He’s been pushing me to meet him.” She explained. “He seems to be a good guy but he’s married and I don’t think he’s much older than you are.”

“It doesn’t seem like he’s getting a lot of sex either.” I said. “You’re helping each other. Don’t mess it up, mom. You don’t ever have to meet him, you know.”

I gave mom a kiss on the forehead and headed out the door.

She informed me shortly after the fact that she had to tell Darrell, due to me catching her and her quick disconnect, that she had a son living with her and he had been the one that caught her masturbating – having phone sex. She assured him that all was well and that her son had actually encouraged her to continue.

The weeks soon amounted to months and mom, as I had hoped, let me know when she was going to call Darrell.

During everyday conversations, one or the other of us would shift the conversation to sex. I had found out that mom had never given Darrell her phone number, but would be out in his garage at a certain time any scheduled night they agreed on. If she did not call, he would be there until she did. Apparently, their phone conversations lasted hours with only a brief interlude into phone sex- at the beginning — middle – or end, according to the need. They both knew quite a bit about each other.

Surprisingly me to no end, mom’s sexual life was related to me like a sexually steamy paperback. I learned she could not have children after my birth. She had had two brief affairs with single men and had used some bizarre methods to satisfy herself. I reciprocated telling her about sex with Nancy, my current steady girlfriend, and the other four women I had been with. One, I embellished making her much older than she actually was.

“Why don’t you hide in the closet one evening and watch me fuck Nancy?” I said one day teasingly. “Then we would be even.”

“As I told you times before, that is it inappropriate word.” She chided. “That’s an interesting proposal. I’ll give it some thought.” One morning about 3:00 AM I had to pee. After hitting the bathroom, I wondered across the living room and looked out of one of the large windows onto the street below. The usually busy street showed very little movement.

“Sean? Are you up?” I heard mom asked.

She rarely slept with her door closed and I wandered into her room and to her one large window, pulling down the blind to continue my viewing of the street.

“I thought I heard something.” I answered with a small white lie. “Can’t you sleep?”

“No. I’ve just been laying here. My legs hurt something awful!” She answered.

“Maybe if I rubbed them a few minutes it might help.” I said, not really asking as I moved to her bed and began rubbing her legs between alman porno her knee and foot.

I had never given mom any type of massage and I could feel the tenseness in her legs, but after a few minutes she seemed to relax and I alternated between the legs, lifting each to reach the back section, keeping my hands below her knees. I soon moved to her feet and spend some time massaging them before going back to her legs.

“Is it helping a bit?” I asked.

“Yes. I think so. You’re not going to stop are you?” She inquired.

“No. Of course not.” I replied. “Have you talked to Darrell recently?”

“Not this week.” She answered. “He’s on vacation. He’ll be gone for another two weeks.”

“That’s unfortunate. You two have been pretty regular.” I said. “You must be missing him?”

During this brief little course of words, I had extended my massage about 6 inches above her knees. Mom did not tense as I reached behind her legs to squeeze lightly.

“You never please yourself without him?” I quizzed.

“Never quite the same.” She answered. “I feel very fortunate to have received his phone call that night. He seems to be as happy with our arrangement as I am. He still pushes to meet but drops the subject quickly. We talk about things we – or I – would never do in real life. We can get quite nasty sometimes.”

“Well, one thing for certain, I stopped thinking of you as straight-laced a long time ago.”

My hands were well up onto her thighs now as I alternated from one leg to the other. The moment I began to massage her legs my intent was less than honorable. I well knew she had not talked to Darrell in a week, as she had not told me to stay clear. I had been right in hoping that she had not masturbated alone. I intended to push the envelope should mom let me.

“I find it funny that you thought I was straight-laced. That would indicate that you thought of me – that way.” She said more than asked.

“I didn’t think I ever did.” I replied. “But after that night, I suppose, I did.”

“Thinking of me “that way”, I kind of made it sound vague, I suppose. Would you be more specific for me?” She asked.

“Well, you’re a lot more sexual than I ever thought you were.” I began. “Now that I know you are, it opens up the door for more questions – questions that would be embarrassing for a son and mother to discuss.”

I was now rubbing my mother’s legs in an area that would most certainly be called inappropriate. She had not called a halt to my progress. She had, in fact, spread her legs slightly, evidently due to her thick thighs touching, to allow me to reach inside and under to massage them.

“After all the conversations we’ve had? Well, give a shot.” She said. “I’ll tell you if it’s appropriate.”

“I heard you use very explicit and sexually arousing talk with Darrell. Did you talk like that when dad was fucking you?” I quizzed.

“Well, for starters that word is inappropriate as I’ve told you many times. At least until one is in a heightened state of arousal.” She said. “But to answer the question – hell no. When your dad was screwing me, I did very little more than lie there. He shot off so quickly he rarely got me aroused or considered my needs. When I was young I pleased myself two to three times a day so I did not bother me in the least. Then, I developed this god awful arthritis and it became difficult.”

“Now!” She continued. “I think your pure intentions went south the moment your hands went above my knees. Which only shows that if you give a man enough rope he’ll hang himself. What you’re doing with your right hand could have been deemed inappropriate, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. But now, your left hand could have crossed the line. In truth, I now wonder if the pure intentions wherever there.”

She was right. My left hand had moved to her mound as my right hand continued to massage her thighs two inches from her treasure. My left hand was lightly squeezing her abundantly meaty mound.

“The word — could.” I vocally theorized, not removing my hand from her mound. “That’s a bit vague. Could you be a bit more specific about that word “could”?”

“First, a question you might not think to ask, I’ll answer. When you get to my age with my sexual urges that were never satisfied until recently you can become a bit deviant. You can get yourself aroused with all of the incestuous thoughts you want but there is no way in hell you’re going to screw me. To screw me, you would first have to give me aroused the point of not carrying. My pussy and nipples are off-limits to your wandering hands – but have at it. My definition of “could ” is very liberal.”

I took her at her word and a whole new world, called mom, was opened up to me. My hands roamed over the front of my mother’s body. My hands went under the paper light nightgown as I continued my massage and exploration. I found her breast heavy as they sagged to the side. Taking care to avoid her nipples, I cupped, squeezed and firmly massaged her alexis texas porno ample breasts. I asked and was granted removal of her nightgown. I asked and she rolled over to her belly, though she appeared pained in doing both.

As I began to massage her shoulders and back, I peppered her with light kisses, which in my heart contained affection. Her arms, even her hands, received my attention. Vocally she praised me for the loving massage.

I rubbed and kissed my way down to her buttocks. I tenderly and delicately began to remove her panties. She did not resist and assisted as best she could with their removal. Amazingly, my mother now lay completely nude in a less than darkened room, as the streetlights gave the room a filtered eerie glow. I proceeded to lavish kisses and massage my mother’s ass, which was also heavy and meaty. A woman’s ass is like candy to me and mom’s ass was exquisite.

“Mom, may I look at it?” I queried.

“Look at what?” She inquired.

“Your pussy.” I answered.

“You want to look at my pussy?” She queried back. “Do you really want to see the hole you came out of? Because I’m inclined to allow it!”

“Yes. I want to see it very much.” I replied.

Again , with pain effort and my help, she rolled to her back. With the help of her hands she positioned her knees, her feet flat on the bed and spread her legs.

“I’ll be right back.” I said, rushing to the kitchen to retrieve it flashlight.

Returning with a flashlight, I lay partially on the bed at the foot and illuminated my mother’s pussy.

“You behave yourself!” She said. “Look but don’t touch.”

I was happy to do as she advised. Her pudgy belly jelly-rolled to the top of her meaty mound. She still had a rather lavish bush the strawberry red mixed with gray. Like a trailing plant, it wove down on either side of her labia, the lips being quite thick. Her puffy crack obscured anything within and was a good 6 to 7 inches long. Without any request, she pulled her labia wide. Her clit was pleasing and light pink. The whole of her vagina darkened to light brown as it dropped down the crack. The area appeared moist and glistened.

Many minutes pasted as I studied my mother’s pussy – her treasure.

“Take your brief off, Sean.” She said. “Leave the flashlight to eliminate my pussy. I want you to stroke your cock for me while you look at my pussy. And hand me my glasses there on my dresser “

I did as directed. I kneed myself onto the bed and sat back on my legs, pumping my cock quite happily while gazing down at my mother’s pussy, illuminated brightly by the flashlight.

“You have a good cock, Sean!” Mom appraised. “I hope Nancy appreciates that long thick tool you’ve got. Does she suck it for you?”

“Sometimes.” I answered. “You suck Darrell’s cock sometimes don’t you? You ever suck dad’s?”

“He wished.” She scoffed. “He never made me sexually happy enough to want to suck his cock.”

“How about Darrell’s black cock?” I quizzed. “If he was a good fuck in real life, would you suck his cock?”

“Darrell makes me happy.” She answered. “I’d consider that.”

“OHHhhhhhh FUCK!!” I groaned.

As my cum shot out, the first glob fell just short of my mother’s pussy. The second dropped over the rim of the flashlight and down its lens. My come shot out in three eruptions each one dropping ever further from her pussy, stringing up to the head of my cock. I continued to stroke it – milking it.

“That was beautiful, boy!!” She exclaimed. “That had to feel good! I bet you were wishing it would hit by pussy. A shame really! I would have been pleased if it had.”

It took a moment to regain my composure.

“Have you ever had your pussy kissed, mom?” I queried. “I won’t touch it with my hands. Let me lavish a few kisses on it. Please!”

I took note that her nipples were standing straight, erect and firm. She had to be somewhat aroused and I hoped she would give in.

“No, I have never had my pussy kissed.” She answered. “Darrell promised to do it if I would let him meet me in person. Before you do it, hand me the flashlight so I can watch you better.”

I wiped the cum off the flashlight on the sheets and handed it to her. I then lowered my torso onto the bed and maneuvered between her legs.

“I’m going to push my hands up under your ass, okay?” I conveyed.


When she told me that she was comfortable, I began to kiss her pussy with abundant kisses. I then pushed my tongue into her crack, search a bit, then, centered my tongue on her clit. Her body tensed and groaned with pain. I withdrew.

“I’m okay!” She assured me. “I was just surprised. I have to concentrate on relaxing. Go back to what you are doing!”

I had to keep my eyes closed in the bright beam of the flashlight, but one must make sacrifices, I suppose. Mother became wet beyond what I had ever experienced when giving a woman oral satisfaction. I was continuously expelling her juices from my mouth. It rolled down my chin and dripped onto the bed saturating the sheets. Her moans were loud and infectious, causing my cock to become stiff again. But, I knew climbing atop her was out of the question.

“I’ve never felt anything so good!” She exclaimed with labored breath. “Do you like my pussy, Sean?”

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