Mom , Son Discuss Masturbation Ch. 01

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Mary catches her son masturbating and wants to return the favor.

Part One: Alone with his bad self, Jason moves back home with his mother.

It was a warm summer night and thirty-one-year-old Jason was in his bedroom with his door closed. He was angry. He was lonely. He was horny. He was sexually frustrated. After spending time with his mother talking, playing Scrabble, watching a movie, and then having supper, spending more time with his 54-year-old mother than any son his age should, he needed some alone time.

With him sitting across from her, he was horny from seeing down blouse flashes of his mother’s long line of cleavage and her low cut bra that showed the tops of her meaty breasts every time she leaned forward to make a Scrabble word. She had nice, firm, natural tits, a C cup rack, and tits that didn’t jiggle. With him sitting on the floor and with the Scrabble game perched on the hassock, and with his mother sitting on the couch, he had a great, unobscured view up her short skirt. Horny from seeing up skirt flashes of her bright white, cotton panties, he needed to masturbate over all that she was flashing him and over all that he saw of his mother. As if a non-stop looping video, the image of her cleavage, bra, and panties played through his mind endlessly. With her reminding him of that song by Sammy Kershaw, She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful, not looking her age, his mother was a MILF and she didn’t even know it.

Wondering how she couldn’t know that she was flashing him, he wondered if she was deliberately flashing him. Even though he knew that she wasn’t deliberately flashing him, it sexually excited him to think that she was. Wondering how she couldn’t know that he was looking, staring, and leering, he wondered if she knew he was looking. He wondered if she’d be masturbating in her room over all that she was showing him in the way that he’d soon be masturbating in his room over all that he was seeing of her. Only, he didn’t believe that his mother masturbated over him in the way that he masturbated over her. Moreover, he couldn’t even imagine his mother being horny enough to masturbate.

Donning his headphones, his headset quieted the hum of the air conditioner so that he could listen to his music without unduly disturbing his mother while masturbating himself. An understatement, while trying to make the best of a bad situation, masturbation was his personal, beloved escape from his dire reality. After all these years, still masturbating over the thoughts of her naked and of him having sex with her, he couldn’t believe he was still sexually lusting over his mother. Admittedly, without him finding some sexual satisfaction in pleasuring himself, without his hand around his cock stroking himself, it was going to be a long, hot, lonely summer.

With him being not very hard to read, he was as sad as he was angry that he had to move back home after he lost his job, his wife, his house, and his life. Living back in his own, old room, totally depressed, he felt like such a loser. Normally during the summer he’d be inviting his friends over for barbeques and impromptu pool parties. Now, alone with his bad self and his troubled mind, he was miserable. Who wouldn’t be unhappy living back home with their mother?

With his mother and father separated for the most part, now he was just as depressed as his mother obviously was. Never thinking about it before, he thought about it now and wondered if depression ran in his family. Now with time to think about such things, he wondered if his failed marriage was more his fault than he realized and admitted. Yet, still young and with the promise of a fresh start and a new day tomorrow, he was starting his life over now that his bitch of a wife was off of his back and finally out of his life. Good riddance to her.

“Bye bitch, bye!”

Yet, a big change living back home with his mother, he was glad that he had little to do with his father. Even when his father was there visiting, staying for a meal, or picking up something from the cellar or the garage, ignoring his mother as much as his father ignored him, his dad wasn’t part of the family anymore, not that he ever was. Always detached and aloof even when he was living there with them, his father lost interest in life and changed when he developed Diabetes and lost the ability to have an erection and make love to his wife. Just as he hoped that depression wasn’t hereditary, Jason hope Diabetes wasn’t heredity because he didn’t know what he’d do if he could no longer masturbate.

Not that his father having sex with his mother was a frequent thing, as he was always cheating on his mother before his erectile dysfunction. Yet, now, he was more of a miserable bastard that he could no longer be a man. With his Dad not able to get it up anymore, it wouldn’t surprise him if his father was into some perverse fetishes that his sweet and innocent mother would never contemplate doing. He always knew his father was a pig and was always chasing after younger women, hookers, whores, and strippers. What Porno 64

he did with them now that he couldn’t get and maintain an erection was anyone’s guess. Maybe he just liked to watch.

Now barely just going through the motions of being a husband and a father, he’s not the same man that he was before. Content to hang around with his drinking buddies more than he interacted with his family, his father did his own thing and his mother took care of everything else. Besides, with his father always viewing Jason as a loser, even though he wasn’t, it didn’t help the image that his father had of him with him moving back home. Better that his father was seldom home and bunking with a friend, it was better than Jason had little to do with his father and more to do with his mother.

Suffice to say that he never got along with his father as well as he did with his mother, an understatement. His mother was the light of his life, a real saint, and his best friend. In his eyes, she could do no wrong. He wished he could find a woman who looked just like his mother, busty, shapely, and wicked pretty. He wished he could find a woman who acted, just like his mom, kind, loving, and caring. He wished he could have sex with his mother.

As it’s always been then and as it still is now, it was just him and his mother from day one. She was always there for him. Moreover, with her big tits, shapely body, pretty face, and with her looking ten years younger than her age, his mother was his personal definition of a MILF. Yet, sometimes embarrassed by his sexual attraction to his mother, his mother was his personal fodder for his daily masturbation sessions. His sounding board and his voice of reason, he could always talk to her about anything and, as it so happened and as he was about to discover, he could even talk to her about masturbation.

* * * * *

Part Two: With Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland singing in the background, Mother Mary catches her son, Jason, masturbating in time to watch him cum.

Not looking forward to spending a summer and possibly longer living back home, hoping his stay was only temporary, he needed to relax. He turned his stereo higher, readjusted his headphones, and closed his eyes. Making it known to all of his friends, he loved country music, especially when sung by a hot, female singer, such as Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. If only by her singing and if only by all of the posters of her that he had still hanging in his room from nearly ten years ago, when he was living at home, he still had a crush on Jennifer Nettles, who wouldn’t? She was gorgeously sexy and giftedly talented. When he wasn’t jerking off over Jennifer Nettles, he was jerking off over his mother. Sometimes he even imagined his mother looking like an older version of Jennifer Nettles.

No doubt, if judging him by his erection, an observer could say that he was imagining Jennifer singing to him in his bedroom. With his fingers unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down his zipper, if only in the way that he was staring up at her poster, obviously he imagined Jennifer’s fingers unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down his zipper. He slid his pants and underwear down to the top of his knees and fondled his cock while listening to her twanging voice sing her songs as if she was singing only to him.

“Sing it baby. I love you Jennifer. I’d love to kiss you,” he said stroking his cock. I’d love to make out with you. I’d love to make love to you before fucking you,” he said stroking his cock faster. “I wish you were here with me right now to suck my cock while I played with your tits,” he said out loud and for no one to hear.

Damn, she’s sexy. Damn she’s so hot. God, he’d love to do her is what he told all of his friends about Jennifer Nettles, especially when he was drinking. Being that he told his friends at the bar the same things when full of beer as he did when sober, he’d loved to meet a woman who looked like Jennifer Nettles, the complete opposite of Angela, his short, bitchy ex-wife. Without doubt, his next woman will look more like Jennifer Nettles and be more like his blonde, green-eyed, busty mother than like his short, chubby, busty, bitch of an ex-wife.

“I wish I had a hot girlfriend to parade in front of my ex-wife and her damn boyfriend,” he finally admitted to his friends after having one too many beers and before being driven home last night. “I wish I had a woman who looked like Jennifer Nettles to take to the beach. I’ve love to swim in the ocean with her while kissing her and feeling her everywhere.”

Water under the bridge, once he made his decision to leave his wife and his old life to start a new one, it wasn’t like him to talk about the past or about his ex-wife. Yet, any time he was drinking, he always talked about the past and about his ex-wife cheating on him with a guy she met from work.

“Bitch, dirty, nasty, whore of a bitch,” he said stroking himself harder.

The last straw was when she took off to go to the beach with her boyfriend right in Konulu Porno front of him and with him still there in the house. Not wanting to spend his summer in jail for hitting her and beating her boyfriend, she always had a way of emasculating him. It was humiliating to watch his wife driving away with another dude to go to the beach. Granted, he was glad to see her go but it hurt him for her to so disrespect him by carrying on with another man in front of him while they were still married and only separated while living in the same house.

Obviously by her actions going unchecked and with his love blinders now removed, he finally saw her for who she really was. She was such a bitch. She was such a slut. She was such a whore. Willing to flash her big tits at the bar to anyone who’d buy her a drink and not slapping away the hands of any man groping her, she was the sexy siren for any man but for him. Now, alone with his bad self while living back at home, sadly depressed, here he was in his old room masturbating again. What else is new?

It’s just so strange how life sometimes goes in a circle. God must be in Heaven laughing at him. Yet, hard to break old habits, from the time he discovered that it felt good to rub and stroke his penis, he’s been masturbating every day, multiple times a day, ever since. Back to where he was more than ten years ago, all that he has is his mother and masturbation. Is it any wonder why his mother was his sexual fodder for his masturbation? A time when he had nothing else, is it any wonder that he was lusting over having sex with his mother again?

“Sing to me Jennifer. Sing me a song,” he said fondling his cock before slowly stroking his cock and singing out of tune with the music. “I wish you were here with me right now to give me a hand job,” he said stroking his cock faster. “I wish you were here with me right now to suck my cock. I wish I could kiss you while making love to you. I wish I could fuck you,” he said with his eyes still closed while sexually fantasizing about doing Jennifer Nettles of Sugar Land.

Obviously having a good time with himself and by himself, getting ready to cum, he stroked himself faster and harder. Knowing he was ready to cum and about to cross that bridge of no return where he couldn’t stop himself from ejaculating no matter how hard he tried, it wasn’t very long before he felt the familiar feeling of sexual excitement. Only, taking it slower, not wanting to cum yet, he stroked himself slower but to no avail. Almost past the point of no return, he was going to cum and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Turning his body to face his bedroom door, he reached for a couple of tissues on his nightstand in preparation of cumming. As soon as he turned, his bedroom door opened and his mother stood there in his doorway with his laundry while staring at his totally exposed and totally engorged prick.

“Mom,” he uttered as if he was dreaming her staring at him and his exposed prick. “Oh, my God.”

He could only imagine what his friends at the bar would say if ever he told them that his mother caught him masturbating, which he never would tell them. As if they were deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, they froze while staring at one another. Jason stared at his mother while she never removed her eyes from his exposed penis. He couldn’t believe his mother saw him masturbating himself. If he didn’t feel like a loser before, he certainly felt like a loser now.

Then, as if planned and as if he was a porn star doing the money shot or a CFNM stripper giving his mother a private X-rated, personal show, something unexpected happened. In the way of a cinder cone volcano erupting, unable to stop it from happening, Jason ejaculated a huge volume of cum that shot up in the air and landed with a splat on his chest and stomach. Even while it was happening, he couldn’t believe it was happening. As if happening in slow motion, and seemingly fascinated by the sexy sight of him cumming, he watched his mother’s eyes widen while watching his cum shooting high into the air before landing on him.

With the action slowed down enough to watch his mother’s bodily reaction to his ejaculation, he watched her stroke back her lush, blonde hair before running a slow, involuntary tongue across her lips. If he had witnessed this particular body language of a young woman at the bar, he’d think that she wanted him but this wasn’t some drunken slut; this was his mother. Perfectly timed, a long time sexual fantasy come true, if he had wanted to expose his cock to his mother while masturbating and cumming, he never could have arranged for this to happen.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he said wiping cum with a tissue before sticking his prick back down in his underwear. “Sorry, I’m so sorry. Oh, my God, I’m so embarrassed.”

* * * * *

Part Three: Two can play this game of exhibitionism and voyeurism.

If someone else was in the room with them that day, they may have said that Jason deliberately ejaculated because Porno İndir he was so aroused that his mother saw his exposed, erect cock. Perhaps with him knowing that his mother would be opening his bedroom door to deliver him his laundry, they may have said that Jason had planned the whole thing in the hopes of exposing himself to his mother. They may have said that Jason was glad that his mother opened his bedroom door at that very moment to watch him explode his load of cum high in the air and all over his chest and stomach. They may have said that Jason, perhaps enjoying flashing his mother his cock and, encouraged by her lustful stares and by her sexual body language for him to continue flashing her, was slow to put his prick away.

Perhaps encourage by her positive reaction to seeing her son’s prick, he was hoping that she’d lend him a hand or her mouth. Perhaps inspired by her body language, he was hoping that she’d reciprocate and masturbate herself for him to watch. Perhaps with him realizing that he’s always been sexually attracted to his mother, he was hoping that his exposed cock and his little masturbation show would be the start of a sexual, incestuous relationship. Perhaps, in the way of some of his sexual fantasies, he hoped that she’d stay, sit on his bed, and allow him to explore her shapely body while she explored his cock with her hand and with her mouth. Yet, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, now that it was over and now that he ejaculated, back to reality, he was more embarrassed than he was sexually excited.

His mother saw his cock. His mother saw his erection. His mother saw him masturbating himself. How embarrassing is that? Could he be anymore humiliated? His mother watched him cumming. How sexually exciting is that? Could he be anymore sexually aroused? Talk about being a loser, he was such a loser. Living at home and masturbating in his own room as if he’s a teenager instead of a 31-year-old man, no wonder why his wife wanted nothing more to do with him. No wonder why his wife had a boyfriend, a real man instead of a boy of a man.

If someone else was in the room with them at that point in time, staring at it and never removing her eyes from her son’s big prick, they may have said that his mother not only wanted to see her son’s prick but also was enjoying seeing his big prick. They may have said that his mother, suspecting that her son was in his room masturbating while wearing his headphones, waited to open his bedroom door at that very moment when he was about to cum. Further with her unable to break her stare, seemingly liking what she saw, she was obviously mesmerized by his big prick. Whatever anyone said or anyone thought, it was obvious only to Mary if she opened her son’s door purposely and at the very moment when she hoped that he was about to cum. Obviously, two peas of the same pod, no doubt, she wanted to see her son’s prick as much as her son wanted to show his mother his prick. The extra bonus, something so unexpected or perfectly time, however one was to deem it, was him cumming.

* * * * *

Part Four: Was her seeing his cock and watching him cum an accident or a deliberate action on her part?

In all the years he lived at home and with all the times that he masturbated multiple times a day as a young adult, oddly enough, his mother never caught him playing with himself. Perhaps it took his father to leave her for her to be lonely and sexually frustrated enough for her sexual feelings to surface, boil over, and to manifest with her son enough for her to want to see his cock. His mother always gave him the respect, the privacy, and the courtesy of a knock before opening his bedroom door before. If she did knock at his door this time, he didn’t hear her through the headphones, over the intrusive hum of the air conditioner, and over Jennifer Nettles singing to him while masturbating.

If only he knew that his mother was listening at his bedroom door while waiting for the precise moment to turn his doorknob and open his door, wouldn’t he be surprised? If only he knew that his mother had grown as sexually attracted to him as he was sexually attracted to her, wouldn’t he be surprised at that too? If only he knew that his mother knew that he was masturbating and was hoping to surprise him and catch him at that exact moment when he was cumming that would be so hot. If only he knew that she didn’t knock but quietly and slowly opened his bedroom door in the hopes of watching her son masturbating, he’d wonder how her obvious sexual desire for him and his for her would change things between them.

If surmising that his mother wanted him as much as he wanted her, he wondered if that would change their close mother and son relationship for the better or for the worse. If she was hoping to catch him masturbating, he wondered how long was she standing there waiting while hoping to see something of him that she shouldn’t see? With Jason never knowing what his mother was thinking, only Mary could answer those questions for only his mother knew if she was being naughty in hopes of seeing her son’s cock or being nice in innocently carrying up his laundry. If only Jason knew that his mother enjoyed watching his impromptu masturbation show as much as he enjoyed his mother seeing his cock and watching him cum, wouldn’t he be surprised?

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