Mom Went to Work Ch. 02

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I went in the back door, which enters the kitchen, and was immediately surrounded by Moms arms. Shit! I should have checked out the front of the house.

Mom was hugging me tightly and saying, “OH, Thank God you’re alright!”

Then she stepped back and I could see tears in her eyes.

“Why did you run off? Mom asked holding my hands. “When I found you were gone, I was worried sick.”

“I had a bad night and went riding around.” I said.

“Well, now you’re home.” Mom said and hugged me again. “Do you want me to fix you something to eat?”

“No, I’m not really hungry, Mom.” But, I was hungry, hungry for answers, to all of the questions in my mind, hungry for an explanation of last night’s events.

Mom poured us both a cup of tea and said, “Have some tea with me and let’s talk.”

Yeah, Mom let’s talk, I thought. I’m scared that my happy uneventful life is over! Scared of my folks getting a divorce! Scared that Dad is going to punish me severely for my sneaking and peeping!

Mom came over and set the tea down, hugged my head to her chest, causing more confusion. And then she sat down across from me.

That was actually when I noticed Mom. When my ear hit her chest, my nose hit a tit and the back of my head hit the other tit. Mom wasn’t braless under her light blue cotton blouse.

She was wearing a knee length skirt the same color as the blouse with her legs covered by very light brown nylons. She had light brown flat sole sandals on her small feet. Her hair was neatly styled and there didn’t seem to be any makeup on her pretty face.

“Well,” Mom began, “it seems everybody in this family, except your sister of course, had a very emotional night last night.” Her eyes were bright and her lips formed a gentle smile. She was holding her cup in both hands as she looked in my eyes, checking for a reaction.

In that pause, I sipped my tea, as I thought, ‘Emotional isn’t exactly what I’m thinking.’ Outright turmoil was running through my mind.

“Why did you have to take that job? I said lowly, not realizing I said it out loud.

Mom reached out and took my hand. “Me too, I’ve asked that too.” Mom said. “But, you know, that job just made everything happen sooner.” Mom then winked.

That winking was driving me crazy.

“Let me, kind of, start at the beginning.” Mom said as she gently squeezed my hand.

“You, of course, know Donna Mitchell. Donna and I had been getting friendlier at school functions, talking more and more. Our conversations progressed to more personal topics. This threw me off as Donna just doesn’t project this in her demeanor.

Slowly, I realized that there is more to this woman than she presents to the public. And then, one day, I went to the new SuperCenter on the other side of town.

I saw Donna there and she was dressed very different than usual. At first I thought it was just someone that looked like her. As I watched and moved closer, I saw clearly that this gorgeous woman was Donna. So, I said, “Donna! You… look fan…tastic!” Donna’ head jerked toward me and she was flustered. She said, “Oh Patti, it’s you!” Clearly, surprised, as she touched her throat and her stomach pulled tight. I knew instantly that she was startled and embarrassed. I went on about how good she looked and told her she should dress like that all of the time. We then shopped together as Donna told me part of her secret. “I would never dress like this around home.

This is my private life. My — Very — Private – Life.” She made me promise that I would never tell anyone that I saw her like that.

“More, tea?” I asked, interrupting Mom.

“Yes, please.” Mom replied.

As I got the tea Mom continued. “After meeting and talking to Donna that afternoon, I decided that I was going to find out about her, “Very Private Life.”

Nothing happened for a while. I was delivering some material to be printed for the Mayors Antidrug Program when I saw Donna at a little sidewalk café. She was accompanied by a nice looking man in a suit. I simply got a coke and watched for a while. I noticed that Donna had removed her right shoe and her foot was up between his legs. This startled me and I thought Donna was a prostitute.

They finished eating and left. I followed them and they went to the office complex at the City Center. As you know, I go to the City Center quite often in my volunteer work. I wondered why I had never seen her there.

A couple of days later we were all at a school function and I was able to talk to Donna again. I mentioned seeing her and the gentleman at the café. She blushed and went, “Oh My.” She asked if she could call me later as she didn’t want to talk about it then.

When she called, she explained that it was just lunch with her boss at her “Private Life Job.” I told her that I saw her foot, and she said she would have to explain over time because it was just too complicated to give an immediate answer. Well! She wasn’t a prostitute which relieved me.

As I set the tea on the table, I asked, “Is that when you started porno talking to her more on the phone?”

“Why, yes it was.” Mom responded, quizzically. Adding, “I forgot how observant you are.” Again she winked.

Those winks were perturbing me.

Mom continued, telling me about how Donna was slowly over time explaining that she kept her home life and work life separate. Her home life was maintained as “Prim and Proper,” without deviation. Her work life, however, was hers to enjoy as much as possible.

Mom and Donna thought alike in that. But, Mom couldn’t see doing the double life act. Donna had said that she didn’t want her work activities to affect her home and society standing. She wanted to give her daughter a simple life that was as stable and accepted by the community as possible.

As time went on Donna talked Mom into thinking about employment. She told Mom that she knew Mom would like working where she did. Mom kept busy with her volunteer and political work which didn’t tie her down and allowed her to be constantly available to her family. Family was important to Mom.

Slowly the two women became confidants, revealing their thoughts to each other. Donna drew Moms sexual fantasies out.

I started squirming because this was exciting me.

Mom noticed and said, “Let’s stop for now and get some air?”

That was fine with me.

Mom said, “Let’s go for a ride.” As she stood and left the kitchen she put her hand on my shoulder and dragged it softly across my neck. I got goose bumps at her touch. As we drove down the street Mom asked if there was anyplace in particular I wanted to go. Telling her no, I settled back in the seat. Mom drove out of town and was taking it nice and slow down a back road. I completely relaxed and fell asleep. The next thing I know, Mom is gently caressing my forehead and whispering my name.

“William, William, wake up honey, we’re home.”

I looked up into Moms smiling eyes, and then looking down her blouse, I said, “Gee Mom, I’m sorry I went to sleep on ya.” Since I didn’t sleep the night before it caught up with me in the car.

Mom said, “Come on inside.” And she took my arm and pulled me up.

I shook the sleep from my head and followed Mom inside. I went to the bathroom and then into the kitchen for a coke.

Mom came up behind me and slipped her arms around my waist. I froze. Then she whispered in my ear, “Aren’t you wondering how I knew about you’re spying?” Her hands were now on my chest, fingers spread, pulling me into her. Her tits were pressing into my back and her warm breath on my neck had me trembling. I was weak. Mom then released me and said, “Come on.”

I meekly followed Mom to the closet.

Mom opened the door and said, “You weren’t very clean about it. I noticed dust on the clothes.” She reached up and brushed dust off of the hanging garments. After cleaning up I started thinking of where the dust could be coming from, so I started looking around. Pointing at the shoe shelf I had made, she said, “I noticed the paint was wearing off the front. Then I noticed shoe prints.”

Yep, the shoes on the shelves left sliding marks not imprints. Boy was I dumb.

“So looking up at the ceiling, I couldn’t see anything out of place, but I noticed the plaque you made hanging on the wall.” She was pointing at it. “I climbed up and moved the plaque and dust fell. So I raised it up and saw the hole in the wall. Still curious I removed the plaque and stood up so I could look in the hole. I was shocked, I could see into the living room, plainly and clearly.

Then I remembered the etched mirror you hung on the living room wall, and it hit me, a two way mirror. I went to the living room and looked at the mirror and then looked around the living room, thinking, what could you, be watching. You were watching me and your father having sex flashed in my mind. I put the plaque back, cleaned up, and finished my work thinking about being watched, watched by my son.”

“Mom, I…I…I’m sorry.” I stammered.

Mom reached up and caressed my cheek. “Shhhh,” she said, “It’s all right.” “Didn’t you notice that your father and I didn’t do it in the living room very much, for a while?” Mom asked.

I could barely answer, “Yes.”

Mom continued, “The thought of you watching, concerned me for a while, and then, it started turning me on. And then, you bought your father that etched “Ford” mirror. I listened to you convincing him to hang it where it is. Curious, I thought. Sure enough, when I checked the closet and saw your sisters’ plaque, I knew you were not giving up. And, I was really turned on thinking about you watching.

I started thinking about you watching, and how I could put on a show for you. That’s when I began putting mirrors in strategic locations. It wasn’t easy keeping things decorative and functioning the way I wanted at the same time. It took me several tries to get them right. I decided that your father and I would do something sexual at every opportunity.”

I threw my empty coke in the hallway trash anime porno can. I didn’t notice that Mom removed her bra as I did.

“And, Oh yeah,” Mom added, “when you’re in your sneaky place, make sure you close the door and turn off the light.” I had a puzzled look on my face, so Mom said, “If there is light behind you, those you’re spying on can see you.”

“I didn’t know that!” I said, shocked at the revelation.

Mom chuckled and said, “Let’s sit down. Get us something to drink and bring it to the living room.”

Mom didn’t say what, so I grabbed cokes and hurried to the living room. Mom was sitting in a chair and patted the couch for me to sit there. Mom grabbed her coke and leaned back, as she swung her feet up on the coffee table. I looked at her legs and smiled.

Mom continued about Donna. “As time went on Donna kept the suggestions going about my working. Especially, my working at the company, she worked. I just didn’t want to put in forty hours at the same job everyday. I liked being able to do different things and seeing different people. I had many friends that I could see regularly. Donna didn’t give up easily and she kept up easy pressure.

I began to think of some things we could use the extra money for. Like sending your sister to the Boarding School that offered her the extended math lessons, this summer. Letting you take that Canadian trip you wanted. Your father and I could buy that little cabin we talked about.

A – und, there were the sexual things, I thought about.”

“You mean the sex at work?” I asked questioningly.

“Noooo, the fantasies I had about your watching.” Mom replied. “I started thinking about things to do and how to do them. Slowly, I did things with your Father to deliberately excite you. The effects it had on your Father brought us closer. Your Father always was excited by me and now my actions were turning him on more. It was no longer a quick hand job in the car, but a blowjob. I would flash him in public. I would touch him in public. And your Father was responding to me more and more. His added attention, especially at home, was making my adventurous spirit grow.”

With her feet on the coffee table, leaning back in the chair, arms at her sides, holding her coke in her lap. It hit me as I looked at Mom, ‘She’s braless. When did she take her bra off?’ I asked myself. ‘She wasn’t braless as she told me about finding my “Spying Spots”. Whenever she did it, she was fast about it. I’m staring, uh oh, look away.’ Mom noticed and adjusted herself in the chair.

“I also started giving you the opportunity to see me in various stages of undress. I would walk from the bathroom instead of darting from it. I would hold the towel in front of me, leaving my back and ass exposed, instead of wrapping up. Many times, I wore large neckline tops, because I knew they gave a better view looking down them. I also bent over more so you could look, but I seldom caught you looking.

Many times I was pantyless at breakfast with a short nightshirt on. Partly for your Father and partly for you, because I knew when I reached up or bent over my ass and pussy could be seen. It seemed to me that you just weren’t interested as I hardly ever caught you watching.”

“Oh, I was watching, Mom!” I blurted out.

“Oh, really, what did you see?” Mom responded.

“I liked the breakfasts most of all. Those nighties and short night shirts always had me excited. It was damn hard to not stare. There were a few times that I saw you leaving the bathroom. One time in particular, I saw you walking from the bathroom naked. I saw you from behind and from the front as you walked.” Mom was smiling real big and moving her feet.

“You caught the frontal view in the hall dressing mirror, didn’t you?” Mom said.

“How did you know?” I said, quizzically.

Laughing, Mom said, “Why do you think I put it there?”

Checking the clock Mom said she could use a nap and I probably could too, since I fell asleep in the car. We had enough time to get a nap before Dad got home. So, off to our respective bedrooms we went.

After laying down and falling into a nice dream, I groggily opened me eyes to see Mom standing naked in my doorway. I didn’t know if it was a dream or real. Either way I went back to sleep and had an unbelievable dream.

Dad woke me up, which scared the shit out of me. I jumped up at the sound of his voice and he said, “Down boy, the boogeyman’s not going to get you.” I was still nervous about last night.

I don’t know why but Dads are always more of a threat than Moms. My tension and fear eased up during supper as the three of us acted and interacted normally. Last night didn’t happen.

After supper, Dad reminded me that my chores weren’t done. I dutifully went about doing the work that was expected of me. A couple of times, I thought someone was watching me. I looked around but saw no one and I continued working. I finished up and went to my room but before I could settle in Dad popped his head in and said he had rented a arap porno movie. “If you want to watch it with us, come on.” He said. I said that I was checking out a new video game and would pass. And so I played DOOM until bedtime.

As I lay in my bed ready for sleep I thought, “Whew, things aren’t falling apart after all. Mom is explaining herself and Dad is the happy guy he always was.” Then I fell asleep.

At breakfast I was looking for some of Moms flashing but didn’t see much. She had on one of her “House Blouses” as she called them. She was braless but the blouse prevented any view of her tits. And yes she was wearing panties, not sexy ones but white cotton ones. With breakfast over, Mom walked Dad to his car. I was disappointed but life does go on. There would be other opportunities to see Mom. I just didn’t know it would be in a few minutes.

When Mom came back in she stopped in the doorway and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to work at the recycling center today?”

“Oh, Shit!” I said. “I forgot all about it!”

“You better hurry up, it’s a long ride.” Mom said as she “Mooned” me. Then she turned around and her blouse was open barely covering her tits. Further down was that tuft of hair on her mound. Then as she disappeared she said, “You have to go and I have housework to do.”

I wanted to stay home but knew I was expected to go. “One fulfills their obligations.” I thought about that tease all day. I ended up working longer than expected and got home late for supper.

After supper a friend called and I went to his house for the evening. When I got home Mom was already in bed and Dad was finishing up with some work on Moms car.

By the time I got up, Dad was gone and Mom was cleaning up. I got leavings and watched Mom. Mom said, “Oh, your friend Carol called. She’s trying to get bodies for something or other, and wanted me to tell you to come over.”

“Carol and her projects,” I said. “She’s always trying to get everybody involved in something.”

“She sounds like a nice girl, you should go over.” Mom said.

That’s when I noticed I could see through Moms top.

“Go ahead and go over to Carol’ house. You need to spend time with your friends.” Mom said as she stroked my head.

And those tits were right there.

I went to Carol’ and found that I made number eight. Carol took us to some old couple’s house to cleanup and fix things. We finished up around one and I rode around a while before going home. When I got home Mom asked what we did and I told her about the old couple. Then I asked, “Why do old people insist on paying for everything?”

Mom said, “It’s probably because they had it hard in their life and they feel nothing’s free.”

I slowly asked a question I wasn’t sure I should ask, “Mom the stuff on that video, I mean, is what you did normal?”

“Normal,” Mom said with a raised eyebrow and a smile,

“Let’s see. You know Mrs. Willson, she drives to the city two or three times a week to shop for a fuck. She shops around until someone picks her up and then she goes with them and fucks as much as she can. Well, she has AIDS, and now she has to explain it to her five kids and husband.

And, Mrs. Addison, she drives to the interstate and prostitutes to truckers. She’s been arrested twice.

The preachers’ wife, Virginia Anne, has a circle of lady friends. A video of them found its way to the internet.

Ms. Turney at school does web cam sex. How many of the kids at school live with their original parents?”

Thinking a minute, I said, “Not many.”

“Oh, they are not swingers! Or wife swappers!” Mom said, sarcastically. They just divorce every four, five or ten years, and marry new meat. I can think of four women in this county that each has four kids and each kid has a different father. It’s all legal, they’re not swinging.

Normal! There isn’t any such thing! There is just what people do until they cross the line of legal and illegal.

The feelings we are having and the direction it is taking us are considered both illegal and immoral. On the illegal side, I feel someone has to be hurt for it to be truly illegal. It’s not hurting me, so, if you say it’s hurting you, then it stops right now.”

I stammered, “I don’t feel hurt.”

“On the immoral side,” Mom continued, “God made us this way and God doesn’t make mistakes! If he didn’t want us to be this way he wouldn’t have made us this way. Besides, Men wrote all of the religious writings and those writings are so full of inconsistencies there is no clear path! And God wouldn’t be inconsistent! That is my view! But, if you say we stop, we stop right now!

I’m staring at the vision of Moms tits through her blouse.

Mom’s smiling and says, “You got pretty dirty. You should take a shower.” Then she turned me around and pushed me into the hallway.

After my shower I went to the kitchen for a coke. Mom was cooking supper and Dad would be home any time.

Mom stopped cooking and said, “I better put more clothes on.”

As I looked up, Mom turned letting her blouse slide down her arms. She was naked and walking without stopping out of the kitchen. She grabbed the door jam with her right hand and her blouse was hanging from her wrist. Talk about a quick look. Mom had just flashed me.

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