Mommy Daycare Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: Mary


Jaina had been leery of having Riley over to the house. Even if they were best friends, she wasn’t sure that Riley would accept the direction her family had gone in, what with all the casual nudity and whatnot. Especially the whatnot.

Luckily, now that she was here, Riley seemed more curious and in awe than anything. She’d taken up a position by the window in Jaina’s room, overlooking the backyard without being too terribly visible herself. Jaina lounged on her bed and feigned indifference, even though her heart was going pretty fast, just waiting for Riley to get freaked out by something.

“So she just lies out there all day like that?” Riley asked, a variation on the same question she’d been asking practically since she’d arrived.

“Basically. Yeah.” Jaina shrugged. “Been about a week now.” And half that since Jaina had first tasted her pussy, though she didn’t dare say that aloud.

“It’s not weird for you?”

“Only at first. We adjusted.”

Riley shook her head. “I don’t know if I could.”

Jaina pictured Mary, Riley’s mom. She’d never given her much thought before, not without any clothes on, but what with her newly changed relationship with Luna…

“I think you’d be alright,” Jaina said, feeling a soft twinge in her pussy. “Your mom’s not too hard to look at.”


“What? You’ve been staring pretty hard at mine.”

“Not like that.”

“Like what, then?”

Riley looked away, but her gaze was naturally drawn back toward Luna sunbathing down below them. “I don’t know, exactly. Just… not that.”

“It doesn’t have to be weird,” Jaina said in an equally soft tone. “Mom’s a hottie. I know it. Yours could be too, underneath her clothes.”


There wasn’t much emotion left behind Riley’s monosyllabic rebuke. It was more a reflex than anything. She was too busy staring at Luna again, now with a deep and thoughtful crease on her brow.

“You get used to it,” Jaina said, as if it was any help at all.

Riley shrugged and kept watching. A few moments later, her eyebrows shot up. “Oh shit!”


“That’s… that’s your brother.”

“Kay? Yeah, so?”

“He’s got no clothes on either.”

“I told you we’ve been trying it out with Mom. The whole casual family nudism thing. Although maybe I shouldn’t say it like that.”

“Well I didn’t really think through what it meant.” Riley turned to Jaina, mouth agape. “He’s hard,” she hissed.


“He is!” Riley insisted.

“Yeah, well, he’s a teenage boy. Mom’s a hottie. It happens.”

“He… they… it does? But… and you…”

Jaina grinned wickedly. “Kinda funny getting to tease him, actually.”

Riley giggled nervously. “You’re bad. Not when he’s all naked like that.”

“Especially then. Getting him all flustered when he’s got nothing to hide behind, it’s pretty great.” Though for different reasons than what Jaina was implying, and what she herself would once have thought.

“You’re bad.”

“Care to join me? We could both go down there, see how long before Kay’s gotta run away and jerk off somewhere.”


“Oh please. I remember that bikini you wore last year. You were more than happy to tease him then.”

“He wasn’t naked then. It’s different.” Riley eyes Jaina. “And I’m not sure whether you’re proposing suits, or that we do the nude thing too.”

“I mean, I probably will,” Jaina said, hammering heart belying her calm exterior. She was treading dangerously thin ice with her friend, but couldn’t seem to help herself. It was like she wanted Riley to figure things out and accept these new changes, maybe even enjoy them.

Was that it? Did Jaina actually want to show off for Riley? She wanted to say no, but couldn’t be quite sure. Maybe, though, it was more innocent, and Jaina really just wanted to see if she could gain some acceptance for what they were doing. Like the morality of it all was still uncertain to her and she needed reassurance. Because fair enough, really. It was kinda fucked. But then, Jaina had no intention of stopping either way.

“You really would, huh?” Riley asked. “In front of me? And… them?”

“We’ve been sunbathing together, uh, naked. Or nude. Or whatever. It really, really isn’t a big deal.” Which was a total lie, as it happened. “You don’t think it’d really be an issue between us, do you?”

“Well… not if it was just us.” Riley went a bit pink. “I mean, last year, that weekend your family was out of town and it was just us…”

Jaina’s eyes went wide and her lips twitched up at the memory. “Oh shit, I forgot about that. We played that stupid drinking game, that for some reason involved us taking clothes off.”

“Which was dumb because we were both in bikinis anyway.”

“And because there was no one else there to get a look at either.”

The girls devolved into giggling fits.

“How much did we drink to ever think that was a good idea?” Riley asked.

“Too much, probably.”

Jaina kept giggling, but inside she was busy thinking sex izle back. It had seemed like an innocent goof at the time, but now that she knew she was the sort of girl to mess around with her family, it cast some other things in a new light. Riley was still just Riley. Her best friend. But if she could get her naked…

“So I guess, in a sense, maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal?” Riley said. “We did it, and we practically didn’t even remember.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Kinda.”

“But in front of your family, though, I dunno.”

“They’re pretty chill.”

Riley chewed her lip and kept watching outside, not yet convinced. “You know what’s weird too?”


“Kay’s kinda not bad too look at these days. With no clothes on, even.”

“Oh, ok, perv on my little brother why don’t ya?”

“No, but like, kinda? You know what I mean though.”

Jaina did, but feigned a mild annoyance. “No, please, explain it to me.”

“Just sayin’,” Riley mumbled. She turned back to Jaina. “Maybe I’ll stick with the bikini.”

“But you’ll come out and hang with us?”

“Sure. But I might just run back inside if it gets too weird.”

“Fair enough.”

Riley delayed a bit longer, spying out the window still, but soon the girls were both stripping down. Riley didn’t have a problem at first, and immediately pulled her swimsuit on after getting her other clothes out of the way. She only started getting a bit awkward about it when Jaina stayed naked instead of swapping outfits.

“This might be too weird,” Riley said as she got her bikini bra in place.

Jaina moved behind her to tie up the back strings for her. “Why’s that?”

“You’re just… naked.”

“Correct. We established that’s what I was going to be. Like five minutes ago.”

“But… you’re gonna stay naked.”

“Also correct.”

“And your family will be too.”

“Really nailing the premise here, alright.”

“I don’t think I can do this.”

Jaina moved around Riley and took her hands, holding them both reassuringly. “Hey, it’s just me. And you know Kay and Mom. No one scary.”

“Yeah, but… it’s weird.”

“I know. Just give it an hour. It’ll start to seem normal.”

“Who says I’ll last that long?” Riley grumbled.

As it turned out, Riley wasn’t so resistant as she claimed. As soon as Jaina started leading her downstairs, she followed compliantly. Maybe all she needed was an excuse not to think it was all her own doing.

There was quite a furious blush to Riley’s face as they exited the house and made their way over to the poolside. She only got redder the closer they got.

Luna and Kaden had been lounging side by side in the sun, casually chatting. Their conversation, such as it was, died out as the girls approached. Jaina noted the twitch in Kaden’s cock as he looked their way, but she wasn’t sure if it was for her or Riley. Or both, maybe.

“Hello, Riley,” Luna said. “Jaina’s not forcing you out here, is she?”

“I most certainly am not,” Jaina said indignantly. “Just helping.”

Riley had no idea where to look. Her eyes darted every which way, trying to find something to fix her eyes on. “She told me it’ll seem normal after a while,” she mumbled.

“It kinda almost does,” Kaden said with a shrug. “But, y’know, it takes some getting used to.”

At his words, Riley’s eyes locked on his cock for a moment, before she wrenched them away again. Jaina grinned and nudged her.

“Naughty,” Jaina whispered.

“He’s so hard,” Riley hissed back. “Don’t tell me you can’t see it.”

“Of course I can.” Jaina patted Riley on the shoulder. “Just chill a while. You’ll be ok.”

Jaina pulled a couple of loungers right next to each other, sitting Riley on the one farther away from her family. She used herself as a bit of a buffer, which seemed to help. Riley still peeked over her from time to time, usually at Kaden, but sometimes at Luna too. There were times Jaina could even swear she was the one being checked out, but on the other hand it wasn’t like she had anything Riley hadn’t seen before, so it might have been her imagination.

On the other other hand, Jaina definitely got some surreptitious attention when she started doing her sunscreen. She was pretty sure she got peeks from everyone present, which was kind of obnoxious actually, since she was trying to be good and not freak Riley out any more than she already was. But, like, she couldn’t help how she reacted to getting all that attention whilst naked and rubbing herself everywhere visible.

Riley made even less of a show of sunscreening herself, being just as conscious as Jaina of wandering eyes. Possibly more so, even. But she also wasn’t as exposed, which might have helped.

It took a while for the ice to break again. Jaina tried to get Riley talking, but she didn’t get much for responses for a while. It was probably the better part of an hour before Riley and her were talking away the same as they usually would. Not getting into any topics that were too fun or questionable, not with family nearby, but at least giggling fransız porno amongst themselves and not worrying so much about the abundant nudity.

Things almost went kind of badly when Luna rolled over and got Kaden to sunscreen her back for her. Riley didn’t pay much attention at first, and Jaina did her best to keep her distracted, but it was obvious when Riley realized there was something worth watching. She dropped all ability to carry a conversation, and her mouth hung open in stunned silence.

“Dude,” Riley whispered.

Jaina winced internally. “Yeah?”

“I think Kay’s… I think he’s grinding on your mom.”

Jaina glanced over. Kaden was straddling Luna while rubbing her back, cock wedged between her ass cheeks. He most definitely was grinding on her, though only in small, subtle motions. Still, though.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” Jaina lied.

“He totally is.”

Jaina’s insides continued to tense up. “You think so?”

“Just look at him!”

Another glance, another confirmation of Kaden’s excessive horniness, given their company.

“Ok, maybe,” Jaina admitted.

“Is that something he does?”

“Well… it is kinda unfair on him, having to be around me and Mom when we’re all nakey like this.”

Riley’s gaze flicked to Jaina, then to Luna and Kaden, then back. “Sure, but-“

“So maybe we’ve let him get away with some stuff.”

“Like grinding on you?”

“Not that so much. But, like, jerking off.”

“In front of you?”

Jaina was so tense inside it was getting painful. “Maybe on me?” she said in a quiet, uncertain tone.

Riley took a moment to reply. “On you?”


“Oh wow.”

Jaina folded her arms and brought her knees up, curling into a smaller package. “You weirded out now?”

“I… don’t know yet. Something very close to it, I think. But also… I think maybe I kinda get it, too.”

“You do?”

“I mean, if I had a brother who looked like that, and if for some bizarre reason we were naked around each other and he was always that ridiculously hard…” Riley shrugged. “I might let him get away with some stuff too.”

“You do have a brother, though.”

“Yeah, but he was never that cute, and he’s all old and married and gonna have a kid and shit.”

“Dude, he actually is cute, and he’s only, like, three years older than you.”

Riley grinned. “Yeah, all old and shit.”

Jaina giggled. “You want someone younger, huh?”

“If he looks like Kaden… yeah, probably.”


Riley arched an eyebrow. “Excuse me? Who let him cum on her again?”

Jaina flushed, but her inner tension was dissolving. It really seemed like Riley wasn’t about to freak out, or lose it on her, or anything like that. It wasn’t clear yet how accepting she was going to be, but so far so good.

“That was just… you know… for reasons.”

“Uh huh. Perv.”


“Not whatever. You’re a perv. Way more than me. He’s your brother, not mine.”

“Pff, you just wish he was yours.”

“That is so not true.”

“Yeah it is. You practically said so.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”


The girls’ argument got a bit louder than Kaden assumed they meant it to. He and Luna exchanged a glance as he finished rubbing her down. They both just shrugged. Kaden couldn’t hear everything, but he caught enough to get the gist of some of it.

“Thanks, baby,” Luna said softly.

“No worries. I, uh, guess I’ll go swim for a bit.”

“Jaina and Riley aren’t bothering you too much, are they?”

“Nah. I was kinda surprised Jay wanted to bring her out here, but Riley’s cool. I mean, I think. Just… all that whispering and giggling. And I’ve heard my name a couple times.”

“You were grinding awfully hard on me there, sweetie.”

Kaden flushed. “Couldn’t help myself.”

“Even with an audience?”

“Yeah. Even then.”


Luna looked oddly pleased with herself, which was fair enough. She did quite a job of inciting Kaden to be naughty. Still, he’d rather not get any naughtier just now. The pool’s soothing coolness beckoned, though it was doubtful it would cure him entirely.

“They still looking?” Kaden asked, not quite daring to look himself.

Luna glanced past him. “Peeking every now and then still, yeah.”

“Ah. Thought so.”

“That might not be so bad though, sweetie. Riley’s a nice girl.”

“Doubt she’d be interested all of a sudden, Mom.”

“You never know. I would have said the same about Jaina and me too. Look where that got us.”

Kaden nodded, zoning out slightly as he remembered exactly where it had gotten them. “Still, though.” He shook his head. “I’m gonna go swim for a while.”

“Ok, baby. Have fun.”

Kaden was both uncomfortable and weirdly pleased that he had anywhere from one to three sets of eyes on him as he walked over to the pool’s edge. It was a confluence of emotions not unknown to him lately. He didn’t dwell on it, and simply dove in before he could overthink the view it teen porno gave whoever was watching.

It was nice just swimming for a while. No concerns or further arousal. Kaden’s cock even shrank down from its full, unwieldy state as he did laps. He wasn’t oblivious to the tits on display not far away, but they faded to background pleasantries.

Kaden went back and forth at a generally leisurely pace. He went faster at times, and at others did little more than float around, but mostly just kept moving.

When Luna got up to go inside, Kaden stopped and watched her. He grinned as he noted both Jaina and Riley’s heads track Luna’s progress, seemingly unconsciously. Luna just had that kind of effect when she was naked.

Rather counter-productively for Kaden, his cock stirred back to life as he watched Luna’s fantastic mommy-ass sway away from him. It rather undid all the progress he’d made chilling out, but he had no regrets.

It might not have much mattered anyway, because shortly afterward Riley flipped onto her tummy and Jaina started doing her back, rubbing sunscreen in for her. Jaina stayed to the side a bit, rather than straddling her friend, and as a result Kaden had a reasonable view. He hooked his arms on the side of the pool and watched curiously.

Jaina looked over at Kaden and winked, then slowly pulled the string of Riley’s top untied. It didn’t show anything off since she was on her front anyway, but it was somehow alluring to Kaden all the same.

Jaina took her sweet time rubbing Riley’s back, slowly approaching her butt. Riley’s bottoms hugged her ass fairly snugly, and weren’t a whole hell of a lot more modest than if she was naked. Even so, that small covering was intriguing and kept Kaden’s focus on her butt as Jaina’s hands approached nearer and nearer.

Kaden met Jaina’s gaze again as her fingers danced at the edge of Riley’s bottoms. Jaina arched an eyebrow and flicked her eyes back and forth between Riley’s ass and Kaden’s bemused face.

“What?” Kaden mouthed silently.

All Jaina responded with was an even more complicated attempt at communicating with her eyes. It was very unclear what she meant. Kaden shrugged and nodded, assuming whatever it was, he should probably say yes. Probably it was something to do with whether he liked Riley’s ass, which he wasn’t going to bother denying. Riley had been an off and on mild crush of his for a while, and he knew Jaina wasn’t totally oblivious to it.

The sudden wicked grin on Jaina’s lips made Kaden suspect he’d guessed wrong somehow. That suspicion was confirmed when Jaina slowly hooked her fingers under Riley’s bottoms and started sliding them downward.

Riley yelped and reached back to grab her bottoms and stop Jaina from pulling them any further. An intense but hushed argument broke out between the two of them, both girls flicking glances Kaden’s way as he remained frozen in place, unsure what to do, but unable to look away.

So far, from Kaden’s angle, he could only see a hint of Riley’s bare bum. He felt like he probably shouldn’t be staring, but he couldn’t help it. He really, really wanted to see more.

Only a few words reached Kaden from the girls’ frantic and whispered argument. “Oh my god” and “Kaden” got through pretty clearly, but most everything else was just little snippets that didn’t really give him much indication what was going on.

Eventually, Riley released her bottoms and hid her face. Jaina waited a moment longer, asking Riley something, then shrugged and stripped her.

Kaden’s eyes went wide. Riley was basically naked, thanks to his sister, and even though he couldn’t see much more than the soft mound of her ass, it was enough. Especially with Jaina being all naked right next to her.

Jaina’s hands went back to work, even slower and more deliberate than before. She very deliberately took her time rubbing Riley’s butt, glancing up at Kaden to make sure he was watching. Riley eventually said something Kaden couldn’t hear, causing Jaina to giggle and move on down her legs.

After a final soft smack on the butt to indicate she was finished, Jaina stood and let Riley be. She padded over to the edge of the pool, grinning at the way Kaden’s eyes drank in her charms. He stared unabashedly at her nude form and took that time to appreciate their new relationship, where he could totally just check out his sister’s pussy basically whenever he wanted. Or her tits or ass. There wasn’t even any guilt involved, since she took visual liberties with him too.

“You got awfully friendly with Riley’s butt just now,” Kaden said as Jaina stepped to the edge of the pool.

Jaina smirked down at him. “Enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Well duh. So did you, by the look of it.”

“Nah. That was all for your benefit. And hers.”

“What? Like hell. You know I could see you, right?”

Jaina shrugged and jumped in the water. She surfaced and pushed her hair out of her face, then hung onto the side next to Kaden.

“Maybe I liked it a little.”

“Or a lot.”

“She’s my friend, dude.”

Kaden cupped one of Jaina’s tits. “I’m your brother, dude. That argument holds no weight at all.”

“Yeah, well… it was still meant for you guys.”

Kaden tilted his head. “I can see why it’d be for me, ’cause… hot.”

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