Mom’s New Boyfriend

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I’m not sure why I did what I did last weekend, but as I sit here in my dorm room I feel guilty as hell, but also horny as hell. I’m a 19 year-old college sophomore. I live on campus during school but my home is in New Jersey, I share it with my mom. She and dad were divorced when I was 13 and as I got older I knew my mom’s infidelity was to blame. I never really held it against her… until last weekend.

It was a three day weekend and since my classes ended at noon on Friday I decided to go home for the weekend. Mom was expecting me Saturday so I called dad at his office and asked him if he wanted company for the evening. He was thrilled that I was visiting him. He lived less then 30 minutes from mom so I figured I’d spend the night and go home on Saturday. Dad lived in a three family home, upstairs and he said he would call the landlord and tell her to let me in. He was coming home at 6 and then he was going to take me to a fancy restaurant. Dad spoiled me whenever he got the chance.

I got to his place around 2:30 PM and Mrs. Gold was waiting for me, she handed me the extra key and I went up to dads apartment. It was a nice place, a bit small but the living room was spacious and he had a nice bathroom with a big, old fashioned tub. I loved soaking in that tub, baths always relaxed away whatever tensions I had. So that’s what I did, I stripped and as the tub filled, I walked around dads apartment naked and snooped like I always did.

I just liked to see if there was any evidence that dad was dating. He was devastated by the divorce and had become very untrusting of women in general. What I did find was the usual collection of men’s magazines that dad read… Playboy, Penthouse and a big breast magazine. I’d never seen that one. Mom was big breasted and I had inherited the same. I wore a 34D bra despite being only 5’4″ and 110lbs that made them look even bigger. I smiled and had a wicked thought that dad secretly lusted after my nice titties.

We had a wonderful dinner and although dad was thrilled to see me I could tell he was down in the dumps about something else. I asked several times but dad said he didn’t want to talk about it. I let it go when we went to a movie that I wanted to see. As I sat next to dad in the theater I realized we had never seen an R rated movie together and I felt funny when a couple were simulating sex on screen. I also noticed dad shift in his seat and indiscreetly adjust what I imagined was an erection.

We made it the rest of the way without incident. When we got home I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and dad said I was too young to drink and I laughed and told him he just may have to punish me. For some reason, I was feeling “playful”. I think between leafing through dads magazines earlier and then the movie that contained more nudity then I expected, I was feeling a bit horny.

When I changed into my nightshirt, xnxx I felt how damp my panties were. Dad was preparing the sheets and pillow for the sofa bed when I came out and he said he’d open up the bed and get it ready for me. I told I could do it later but that I felt like chatting a bit. I was braless under my nightshirt and my thick nipples were visible whenever the shirt clung to me. I noticed dad look quickly then turn away several times. Wow, was I getting my dad hot? I wondered and it gave me a tingly feeling between my legs.

We sat on the couch together and started talking. I probed him for the details of whatever was making him so unhappy. Finally, he said he would tell me just so I would stop hassling him. It seems moms still friends with one of the partners wives at his firm, and she had told the wife about her new boyfriend having a “very large penis” as dad put it. I told him that was just moms brash way and he said he understood that but it brought up a lot of bad memories.

For the first time dad opened up about him and moms divorce. He said he was just as much at fault. He told me what we discussed should never leave this room but he was sure I was mature enough now to hear the truth. Seems mom had convinced dad to have a threesome with another man, and in exchange mom would arrange a threesome with a friend of hers that dad had the hots for. He should’ve known when mom insisted the other man be someone that she worked with. But he said all he could think of was her friend, whom he lusted after, so he agreed.

He said they met this guy at a motel and they had their threesome. I was asking him questions as he was very limited with the information he was giving. He eventually told me that this guy was huge and that mom hardly paid any attention to him during the threesome. He told me it upset him at the time but he figured it was an isolated incident. I had rested my head on dads shoulder at this point, giving him a comforting hug.

I asked him what happened when he had the threesome with the other woman. He sighed, and told me it never happened. He said mom kept putting him off. Then he came home early one Friday from the office and found mom in bed with the guy her office and the friend that dad had wanted a threesome with. I realized this was painful for dad to discuss but it was making me hornier and that made me feel guilty… poor dad. He said that was the day he turned around and went back to the office and had another lawyer draw up divorce papers.

Again I gave dad a hug and I could see that he had the beginnings of an erection in his slacks. It was quite obvious as in my current position it was only a foot away. I had never had a sexual fantasy about my dad, but at that moment something snapped inside me. I reached out and touched the outline of dads erection, he jumped and there was silence, I felt my own heart pounding in bakire porno my head. “Have you been with a woman since the divorce?” I asked him, my hand rubbing him now. He said no in a husky voice, then “Oh God” and I saw his slacks darken from the wet spot.

He stood up and he was white as a ghost and furious with me and himself. He just kept saying this was so wrong and that he was so sorry and he told me to go to bed. When I stood to walk near him he pushed me away, “Debra, I…I… just go to bed now” and he went into his room and closed the door. I heard the lock turn and I sat there for I don’t know how long. Finally I made the sofa bed and went to sleep.

In the morning the apartment was quiet and I found a note on the kitchen table from dad saying he was going to be out all day. He said he was sorry and that he would call me during the week and that I should just lock up when I left. I felt horrible. I cleaned up the living room and went into dads room to make the bed. I found his clothes from the day before and bunched up were his white briefs, soaked from his cum the night before. I touched them, and brought the sticky jizz to my mouth and tasted my father’s cum. I was still a virgin but had given probably 20 different guys blow jobs at school but this was the first taste of cum for me. I was afraid of disease and never swallowed with the guys at school. I liked the way it tasted, salty and musky but not unpleasant. I dressed and went to moms.

She was just going out when I pulled up. Her new boyfriend by her side. The first thing I noticed about Tim was that he was very tall, maybe 6’3″ and much younger then my mother who is 44. I guessed Tim to be in his early thirties but moms boyfriends were often 10 years younger then she was. Heck, she looked great so I always thought more power to her.

They were gone till after 4 o’clock. I made myself busy around the house but had to stop twice to masturbate. For the first time in my life I imagined my father in my dirty thoughts and I imagined that I got to suck him last night. I would feel guilty afterward but then I’d be horny a few hours later.

I was very cold towards Tim over dinner and afterward he said he was going inside. It was 9:30 PM and mom looked at me furiously. “What has he ever done to you? He’s a nice man and he makes me happy. Treat him with respect.” she said in an angry voice.

“He makes you happy? Or does his big dick make you happy?” I said and wasn’t prepared for the slap across my face. “I hope you get cheated on one day mom, and you can feel as horrible as you made daddy feel.” I answered and turned around to go to my bedroom. Mom grabbed my shoulder “Face it, your father doesn’t have cock enough to satisfy me, that’s his fault. And as far as me getting cheated on? That just doesn’t happen” she stormed off and I heard her bedroom door slam.

I bedava porno guess mom wasn’t too upset by our argument because when I went to get a drink of water I could hear them fucking in her room. I hated my mother at that moment and I sat in my room and thought of some way to get back at her. It hit me, around midnight when I heard someone in the kitchen. I walked in wearing only a t-shirt and my panties and found Tim standing there in a bathrobe. He had gotten a tub of ice cream out.

I just didn’t think about what I was about to do, I just did it. I moved in close to Tim as he scooped ice cream into a bowl, for my mom he said. I asked him if he had a good fuck and he looked shock. “Well? My moms a good fuck, right? She said you had a huge cock and she loved it” he looked very uncomfortable now, I had him squirming. He put the tub of ice cream back in the freezer and that’s when I pulled my t-shirt off, showing him my naked tits. He smiled at them.

I dropped to my knees and opened his robe, I gasped at him. It was hanging there, long and thick and covered in whitish fluids, probably from mom. His balls were also huge. I’d never in my life seen something that big, even in adult movies I watched with my dorm mates. I put it in my mouth before he could react and he moaned. He was a guy after all.

I could taste my moms pussy right away, her cum mixed with his? Instead of repulsing me it turned me on to an extreme and I attacked his huge pussy slayer. I sucked his cock hard while my fist pumped his shaft, I touched his balls with my free hand and before long I had 12″ of hard cock in my mouth and fist. I sucked his cock fast, this wasn’t for pleasure, it was to make him cum. I felt his balls tightening already and knew he was close.

“What the fuck?” it was my mother… standing there with fire in her eyes.

“Oh shit!” Tim said and tried to pull away. I held onto his cock tight and pumped it. He was too close to cumming and he only half heartedly tried to stop me. I grabbed the bowl of chocolate ice cream just as his huge cock erupted. The first blast of his cum landed on my tits but I was able to steer the rest into the bowl of ice cream. Jeez, this guy must’ve cum a gallon before it stopped and I shook off the last drop. I looked up at my mom who was staring, obviously in total shock. I stood up and looked at the bowl of melting chocolate ice cream topped off with Tim’s milky white cum. “Here mom” I said handing her the bowl and walking past her to my room.

I heard her screaming at Tim and ordering him to get the fuck out of the house. I heard more yelling and doors slamming. I sat in my room, waiting for the door to open and for mom to confront me but it didn’t happen. The last door to slam was her bedroom and she didn’t come out until after I had left at 6 am the next morning. I already started feeling guilty but I comforted myself in knowing that mom had to be taught a lesson in peoples feelings. I had to rub my crotch as I drove back to school knowing I needed some extended oral pleasure and hoping one of my dorm mates would be in the mood. I smiled to myself, “That’s one for us daddy.”

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