Mum and Her Nakedness Pt. 04

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The change in our relationship since first tasting her sweet pussy juices was subtle. By this point I was regularly seeing her naked and touching her almost daily, so we were already very open with each other. The differences were now that whenever I felt horny I was allowed to play with her pussy and to even taste it every now and then. She did try to limit how many times I ate her out each week. I couldn’t do it during the week, usually only on weekends, but there were times when I could push her to the point where she would give in, usually when I had my fingers inside of her as I sucked on her nipples.

My life back then was pretty awesome, I was doing well at college and I got to come home to an almost permanently naked Mother who would allow me to play with her pretty much all night if I wanted. Still there were things missing, things I wanted from her and that she would eventually give me. I think the waiting, drawing it out over so many months was the best bit about discovering her in new ways, it kept me wanting and hoping these things would happen. I often wondered how she would masturbate me or suck me, how tight the grip of her pussy would be wrapped around my cock or whether she would ever let me enter her bum. Her bum was a source of great fascination for me, her bum cheeks were ample and round. They had a sag to them where the bottom part of the cheek met her thighs, it was a little extra wobbly at that part and I loved to pinch her there and to kiss that area when I could get close enough.

I lived for the weekends in those days, we would spend most of our time together and I got to push the boundaries. She accepted this and was never too strict with me, I think I felt inside that it would be a mistake to rush things so I never did, I always took small steps to test the water. One weekend was more memorable than most, it had started with me wanting to lick her bum hole and escallated from that.

I remember being really eager to start our weekend with a pussy eating session, so on Saturday morning I went straight from my bed to hers (I still slept in my own bed every now and then), she was asleep so I quietly lifted the duvet and got in trying hard not to shake the bed too much. She was facing away from me lying on her right side with her legs up in a fetal position, I looked down whilst holding up the duvet to see her gorgeous bum cheeks and the valley between them, I needed to taste her there but I knew I had to turn her on first, just in case she didn’t want my tongue back there. I dived down under the covers, my legs sticking out the top part and resting on the other pillow, my head getting closer Porno 64

and closer to her sweet pussy lips. It was quite bright in her room, she didn’t have curtains that blocked out the sun, so under the duvet I could actually see a fair bit.

I passed her bum hole which was hidden by her ample cheeks and got to her pussy lips which were closed shut, I needed to open them. I didn’t waste any time, with one hand holding on to her lower pussy lip and my other hand draped over her thigh pulling apart her other lip, I slid my tongue into the gap I had just made, entering her while she slept. It didn’t take long after my onslaught of licking and lapping for her to stir. Her moans were audible and her hips were moving slowly back and forth, I knew she was awake now.

“Morning Mummy” I said from between her legs, her juices were building and already beginning to coat my mouth, nose and chin.

“Mmmm morning baby, I see the weekend has begun…” She giggled and opened her left leg, took the covers off and looked down at me with a huge satisfied grin on her face.

I didn’t bother replying I just went back to tasting her sweetness, and with her leg open her pussy was even more inviting, I delved in, leaving no part of her cunt or clit untouched by my tongue. I still intended to ravage her bum with my tongue but was quite content with my current position.

Her legs being open made it a bit harder for me to massage her bum cheeks so I closed her left leg and peeled apart her bum cheeks while I grabbed at them and squeezed them hard under my palms. I was bringing her to her first orgasm of the day, I decided that once she was in the throws of it I would lick my way to her anus. She began to rock faster on my tongue as it lashed between her lips, my mouth sucking and slurping on her cream. With her moans getting louder and louder I started my journey to her wonderfully puckered sphincter muscle, I licked along her perineum, forcing my tongue into the skin hard, I knew from experience how nice it felt to have pressure applied to that tender part of your body. I grasped her cheeks firmly in my hands and pulled them apart. For the first time my tongue danced over her soft ring piece.

“Oh my god baby that feels wonderful” she whispered through her orgasm as my tongue got bolder and started to push at her back passage.

With one solid push from me her bum hole gave way and allowed me to enter. The smell was intoxicating, her pussy juices mixed with a musk and the faint scent of her poo, the experience was overwhelming and my cock was rock hard. I had managed to position myself Konulu Porno so the length of it was between her shoulders on the upper part of her back, I was dry humping her while I did these depraved acts on my own Mother, and up to that point in my life I had never been as turned on.

My mouth and tongue went back and forth from her stretchy yet tight bum hole to her juicy pink pussy pot, I would gather her juices in my mouth and use them as lube for my attack on her bum. When my tongue wasn’t in a hole my fingers were, again using her pussy juice as lube. The feel on her silky bowels gripping my finger tightly, trying to expel me but the lubrication making it harder for her bum to do so. I sucked on my finger as I pulled it out of her, I needed to taste her insides, I needed to know what my Mum tasted like everywhere!

Her second orgasm was coming I could feel it. I knew then I needed to cum inside her.

I had not had any clue to what my Mum may or may not do if I tried to have sex with her up to this point. So far there was nothing she had objected to and only a few lose stipulations which I could easily get around if I really wanted to. There was always a nagging thought in my head though, that if I tried to make love to my own Mother she would tell me to stop, possibly put a stop to everything else we were doing.

At that minute, the way I was feeling right then I just wanted to be inside her, fully erect and pounding at the hole that gave birth to me.

I stopped what I was doing and as fast as I could repositioned myself, I got into the spoon position behind her, began kissing the back of her neck and between her shoulders where my cock had been, I licked off my own precum from my Mother’s back as I positioned my cock between her legs. She pushed back on me and for one moment I thought it was all over, I thought I wasn’t quick enough and she would tell me to stop and I would never get to feel what making love to her was like…

I felt her hand grab my cock from between her legs. She rubbed the tip against her juicy pussy and instinctively I pushed inside her. Just the tip to begin with, as we both got used to these new feelings, yet another lined crossed in our relationship, one of the most taboo ones of all.

I held it there, almost waiting for permission to start pounding at her.

“It’s ok baby, you can do it, push it further into Mummy”

That was it, to hear her say ‘push it further into Mummy’ sent me into a wild frenzy of lust. I grabbed her hips and slid inside of her, the deeper I got the louder she moaned. When I felt I couldn’t go any Porno İndir further I contracted my prostate and squeezed every bit of blood I could into my cock, I felt it grow inside of her. I held it there, trying to enjoy this moment. The very first time I was fully inside my own Mother, in a spoon position with her body as close to mine as it could possibly get, my hand on her hip and the other hand stroking her neck as I continued to kiss her neck and back.

Once I had that memory firmly implanted in my head I started to make love to my Mum. I pulled out slowly till the tip of my cock almost popped out of her, then slid it all the way back in, each time getting faster and harder. I reached up and grabbed her nipple, pulling it away from her body, using it as leverage for each time I thrusted into her. She seemed to be in ecstasy, we both were. I lifted my head to look at her face and her eyes were shut, her cheeks and forehead were sweaty and she was biting her bottom lip. She opened her eyes and saw me looking, she reached back with her head and we kissed. Oh how we kissed…

I wasn’t going to last much longer, I didn’t want to, I wanted to feel my sperm shoot inside this beautiful woman who birthed me, to spill my seed in the same womb I spent the first 9 months of my life in.

We were still kissing when I began to feel my orgasm rise. I could feel hers too, she didn’t get to have her second orgasm before and now I could feel it building again.

Our bodies moved in synchronised, lust filled movements. We were literally writhing together on the bed. Each thrust of mine getting harder and harder, the slapping noise of her bum cheeks against the lower part of my stomach was getting louder each time.

“I’m close Mummy, I’m going to do it”

“It’s ok baby do it, fill Mummy up, Mummy loves you, Mummy loves you so much…aarrghh you make Mummy so happy baby…mmmmmMMMMM…”

We moaned into each others mouths as we kissed and came together.

It felt like time had stopped as I shot load after load of my cum into her willing pussy. We made love a number of times afterwards and I have been with other women but never, ever have I felt anything like that first time with Mum. My head felt light, my body exhausted, my cock drained and my heart so full of love for her. I was spent, I had given her everything I had and she had done the same, we lay there for what felt like an eternity content and fulfilled like never before.

I softened inside her and felt juices flowing from her for a long time after, neither of us wanted to move, we just lay there, I was big spoon, she was little spoon, joined by our most private, intimate parts. My hand holding her left breast and resting on her right, her hands on top of mine pulling me even closer, her son’s cum leaking from her pussy, her soft bum cheeks nestled tightly against me.

We both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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