My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 03

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**Note: These first few initial stories are relatively short and fast because that’s how they happened. Things have progressed and The boys have had longer and more intense sessions which I will be writing about soon. For now I’m just trying to set the stage and tell the story of how thing lead up to our current situation.




A few days after my boyfriend and Pete last met up my boyfriend decided he wanted Pete to know I was officially in on everything and that I loved them jerking off to my pics. How asked me to make a video for Pete as a surprise. I told him I would, and I made an almost 2 minute long video of me slowly fucking myself with a dildo and cumming while moaning Pete’s name. I didn’t send the video to my boyfriend because I told him I wanted them both to see it at the same time, he was a bit pouty but agreed.

A few nights later my boyfriend text me that Pete had come over I told him where I had a flash drive hidden. It was full of pics I’d taken and the video. I told him to have fun and I wanted full details later. Around 2 am I got a call back and my boyfriend tells me every dirty detail!

My boyfriend gaziantep escortlar said he’d invited Pete over to hang and play video games as usual but decided to stay in just boxers just to make sure things were already relaxed. When Pete walked in he instantly grabbed my boyfriend’s cock through his boxers and gave him a playful squeeze. Pete stripped to his boxers too and they got comfortable.

They played games for a bit the whole time reaching over randomly and squeezing the other’s cock, and teasing each other. When finally it got to a point they both couldn’t take it anymore my boyfriend told Pete he had a surprise and plugged the flash drive into the TV.

Once all the pics loaded up Pete let out a moan, his cock visibly jumped. Pete has his boxers off before my boyfriend sat back down and my boyfriend quickly joined. Soon as he sat down their hands were on each other’s cocks.

They started off stroking each other slowly just enjoying the feel of each other hot and throbbing in their hands. My boyfriend told me he loves the feel of Pete’s big cock in his hand.

“God she has such amazing tits!” Pete said as the slide show played.

“I know,” My boyfriend replied, “And they are so soft.”

“I bet they feel amazing when you fuck her tits huh?” Pete asked.

“Fuck yeah they do!” My boyfriend said enthusiastically, “She loved to have them played with and sucked. She says they are super sensitive!”

They kept stroking each other as my pics flashed across the screen and then the video started. My bf said soon as they heard me moan Pete’s name they almost lost it. Pete moaned out loud and squeezed bf’s cock. They started stroking faster as I came and moaned.

“I’m not done yet” I moaned on screen

Pete bit his lip, moaned my name, and came hard my boyfriend aimed Pete’s spurting cock at his own cock coating it with Pete’s hot cum.

My boyfriend almost lost it right there but Pete slowed his stroking a bit and he was able to maintain. Pete continued stroking him while the video ended and the pictures returned.

Pete was biting his lip and looking at my boyfriend’s cock when suddenly leaned forward and looked like he was going to suck my boyfriend’s cock but when he got close enough that my boyfriend could feel his breath on his head Pete stopped, hesitated for a second then spit on his cock letting it mix with the cum and stroked him faster.

“I want to fuck your girlfriend so bad!” Pete said, “I want to use her like a slut and ruin that tight little cunt!”

“Tell me what you would do with her,” My boyfriend moaned in response.

“I want to pound her cunt and show you both how much her sexy slutty body turns me on.” Pete grunted.

“Keep going,” my boyfriend grunted as his best friend continued stroking his throbbing shaft, “Tell me more.”

My boyfriend reached over and started stroking Pete’s hard cock again. Pete gasped and moaned.

“I want to bury my face in her ass and eat her till she cums and then fuck her till she begs me to stop” Pete said through gritted teeth.

It was too much for my boyfriend and he came hard. Pete was still leaning forward a bit and some of my boyfriend’s cum splashed against his cheek. My boyfriend was surprised when Pete wiped it off with a finger and then licked his finger clean. At the same time Pete’s cock erupted in my boyfriend’s had and Pete moaned out loud.

After that they cleaned each other up and Pete left. My boyfriend told me later that Pete got really aggressive after he saw the video and wants things to go further with us all. I told him I am willing whenever they are ready.

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