My Masturbation-Worthy Memory

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I’m an educated woman… an MBA student… well travelled, good upbringing. So what is it that makes me wink when I see a dust-covered construction worker checking out my legs as he crosses the street? The backlash of all of this civility is a craving for the return to animal instincts. Sometimes it’s just a wink and a fantasy. Other times, I just can’t seem to help myself…

I was waiting on the train at Pentagon metro when I first spied him. He was plain but cute enough. He was probably from El Salvador like most of the Latinos in my neighborhood. He looked me up and down from my high-heeled sandals, up my tight jean skirt, around my tailored jacket, and stopped square on my face where he let go a big smile. I’m of Greek descent – long brown hair, big brown eyes – and get mistaken for Latina a lot. I played it up just for fun. Threw a coquettish little smile his way and looked the other way. Turned around and pretended to read the metro map so he could get a long look at my ass. Then pretended to be warm and unbuttoned my jacket to give him a glimpse of my nipples poking through a pink chemise. My a-cup doesn’t need a bra. The train came and I boarded with moist panties… not looking back.

When I got to school, I headed for the ladies room to release my bulging clit, stretched out on top of the toilet seat with my pants around my knees, shirt lifted up, I was thinking about you – Juan, Jose, whoever you are – trying not to moan too loudly as other girls came in to powder their noses. I finger-fucked myself twice and still came out horny… hoping I didn’t smell too much like cunt.

On the way home, I was getting excited again. God damn this tight thong, tickling my ass. I couldn’t wait to get home and maybe find some action on the internet. I was pondering this when I got on the bus, the last leg of my commute. And then I spotted him. I was sitting in the front, jacket off, tits hard, one spaghetti strap falling off the shoulder. I’m sure I must have blushed when he got on. He grinned and the breath I took made my chest heave. I tried to act nonchalant. He sat in the seat directly behind me. The whole ride through town, I could feel his breath on my neck and every once in a while, I swear I could feel him tugging gently but firmly on my ponytail hanging just in front of his face. I looked anywhere but at him… but the bus seemed to be full of his friends, grinning and staring, enjoying the show, looking at me like they wanted a piece, too.

I got off the bus a little early, in front of the supermarket so he wouldn’t see where I lived. I shook my gaziantep escortlar ass and hips all the way out the door. I thought my tease was home free but as I turned around to wink at him on the bus that drove away, I realized that he wasn’t on it. He was standing with two friends just a few feet behind me. All eyes were on me. They were saying things I didn’t understand but their leering eyes said it all. No doubt about it… these were men… like, real, dirty, (and to be totally cliché) macho men. I admit that I started to get nervous. This could be dangerous. I smiled shyly, cast my eyes downward, and started walking. They followed. I ducked into the supermarket just to be safe. They followed still. This made me nervous until I saw them walk into the back of the store and realized they must work there. Feeling more calm, I smiled and secretly reveled in the memory of my little adventure. I picked up a few groceries as my mind wandered to fantasy. I couldn’t wait to get home and get off. My clit and cunt lips were pounding and my panties started to soak through. Clearly I couldn’t wait. I looked for a bathroom. There was one in the back.

I slipped into the bathroom. There was no lock but I figured I could make it quick since I was so turned on. I leaned against the door to make sure no one would come in, hiked up my mini-skirt and started rubbing myself through my panties. Fuck it felt good! The grungy atmosphere was turning me on. And that’s when I stopped thinking clearly. I moved away from the door and sat on the toilet to get my fingers in deeper… when he walked in.

I guess I should have been embarrassed. But the fact is, I was well on my way to cumming and when I saw him it almost seemed natural… yes, animalistic, instinctual… I looked him in the eye and spread my legs, pulled back my panties so he could see my middle finger plunging into my soaked hole. He stood there in shock. I guess even macho doesn’t expect this sort of thing to happen in real life. But there it was. He looked on and soon started rubbing the bulge in his pants. He was saying more words I didn’t know in a low voice as he unzipped. He pulled out his stiff cock and I had to keep myself from giving in to an orgasm. I laid my head back against the toilet and my mouth fell open in ecstasy. He promptly straddled my face and shoved his cock inside it. Fucking my throat hard, he reached down and roughly fondled my tits and repeatedly called me a “fucking whore” … in English. “Take it all, you fucking whore” he groaned out between long lusty tirades I didn’t comprehend. His balls smacked up against my chin and started to tighten. I was cumming too. I wanted his dick inside me so badly I could have screamed it but all sounds from me, save for some primitive squeals, were stifled by the massive member in my mouth. When I started to cum, cunt juice running down my legs, tears welling up in my eyes, he couldn’t hold his load any longer. Pulling my hair to open my throat all the way, it hurt just a little when he pumped his load down my throat. He wrapped one big hand around my neck and made me swallow every drop. When he pulled out, my mouth was still hanging open. We both smiled, sighed in wonder. He gave me a slow wet kiss. His dick was still hard. And the door was ajar.

His two friends had seen the whole damn thing. Why did I instinctively spread my legs again? The first guy, whose shirt identified him as Felipe, gently slipped off my blouse. They seemed to be chucking that I had no bra… or maybe that my tits were so girlishly small. I’m 26 but they probably thought I was younger than I am. The two friends, evidently Jorge and Paolo, were rubbing their crotches. They seemed a little sketchier than Felipe but Felipe’s now familiar hands were guiding me onto the floor, down on all fours. Whoever took me first had no grace but it was all a blur. I was just their fuck doll now. The sloppy seconds for his buddies. But there I was wriggling my ass, fondling my own tits in a trance while the other two cheered him on. He smacked my ass, pumped me mercilessly, and chanted in broken words something about me being a tight bitch. The other two laughed, groaned, and rubbed their cocks in my face.

The friend that wasn’t fucking me was finally pushed by Felipe’s hand to fuck my mouth. The head of his cock approached and I couldn’t help but reach my tongue out to for a lick. Obviously somewhat inexperienced, he shuddered. I gave him a long look in the eyes as I continued sucking. I licked down his shaft to take his tight balls in my mouth, drooling and lapping like a kitten to the rhythm of the cock assaulting me from behind. I’m touching myself now as I remember… it was pretty damn hot the way it hurt just a little… ramming into me so deep. I was in a trance… babbling nasty nonsense… “That’s right… give it to me… hurt me… I want that fucking cum…” The dick in my cunny was definitely about to explode. And the one in my face couldn’t take it any longer. Yes, I still remember that warm wetness as he released all over my face. I stuck my tongue out to catch a few drops as it rained down my chin onto my breasts and dripped off my nipples. In almost the same instant, I heard the other man cry out as my tight puss filled up with his jizz. Oh fuck. I was a mess… and Felipe was still rock hard.

He looked almost angry in his fit of lust, stroking his meat as I fell to the floor. He gave a quick command to his cronies. Each of them picked me up by an arm and led me to the sink. I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My ponytail was falling out. I was naked except for my high-heeled sandals. Covered in cum with bruised knees. And yet I found that I looked beautiful in all my slutty glory. I lustily looked myself in the eyes as they bent me over the sink, my nipples hardening over the cool metal faucet, my ass in the air, legs elongated by my stilettos.

Felipe touched the tip of his pole to my dripping pussy… then slid it up to tease my asshole. I let out a light squeal. “No, no…” he chastised me. Then he stuffed my own wet panties in my mouth… I guess so I wouldn’t scream. He let his tip bob in and out of my puffed out cunny lips while he played at rubbing my own cunt juice – now mixed with ample man cum – into my ass. I was squirming. I’d only tried anal once and it hurt like hell. But his friends were still holding my arms and forcing my head down into the sink. Felipe knew what he was doing… easing in a few fingers, my ass opened up enough that he finally slid the tip of his dick in and pushed. It was amazing. I still don’t know whose fingers were where in the frenzy but Felipe was authoritatively taking my ass while someone fingered my clit. The combination was unlike any other I’d ever felt. Then there were the bites. Hungry little nips all over my body… my nipples, my belly… and Felipe was spanking me with a hard slap from time to time, calling me his whore in broken English.

I looked up in the mirror at one point and it was a sight to behold. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to being in a porno. There he was, yanking my ponytail with one hand and steadying my haunches with the other, firmly poised on the small of my back. I saw him cum with the last couple of long thrusts. The panties fell from my mouth and I let out an orgasmic wail along with him. We all sat there for a moment, stupefied… then quickly cleaned up, stealing looks at each other. I kissed each of them before they exited. I don’t know why. And then they left me to wash up and put my clothes on.

I never saw them again… never tried to look for them. Sometimes a pristine memory like that is something best kept in the treasure trove of the mind… to be taken out and adored on a rainy, horny afternoon. That was last summer and I still get off on it almost daily. Perhaps it’s time for a new adventure?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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