Sex Change for Black Boyfriend

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I have an interesting story. I am now 26 years old. I was born a male but at the age of 23 I had a full sex change at the request of my boyfriend. Here is how and why it happened.

I knew I liked men from an early age. I was interested to talk with girls and be their friend but I wanted men. I looked at men in the street, at their muscles and their penile bulges. I was not feminine but rather neutral – neither butch nor sissy.

Around the age of 18 I started going out to gay bars and clubs. I was not unattractive being fairly slim, dark brown hair and blue eyes, and a bit preppy in my clothing. I started having sex with men doing the gay thing, sometimes I would fuck the guy, others he would fuck me. I had lots of boyfriends, lots of gay friends and started university “out” as a gay man aged 18.

When I was 20 I started dating black guys. I liked their swag, their confidence, their bodies, their dicks. All superlative qualities. I was usually a bottom for them but now and again I topped.

One night I met my partner now of 6 years. His name is Frank and he is the son of a Sierra Leone father and Nigerian mother. We met at a club, made eye contact and I ended up at his place. He was then, and still very much is, a very dominant guy. From the moment we stepped into his apartment he was in control and soon had me kneeling sucking him off.

I should at this juncture tell you all that Frank has a 13 inch dick. No kidding. I have measured it and it is literally 13 inches. Thick and veinous too. He has a superb body, muscled and lean and very very dark. There is something about the way African men smell that drives me wild too and on that first night with Frank his musky scent made me willing to do anything for him. I gagged on his cock for at least an hour as he pushed my head onto it. I sucked and licked his balls for hours taking in the manly scent they exuded.

I let him fuck me extremely hard for about 3 hours. He came 4 times (with a condom) that first night and we both fell asleep exhausted and, in my case, a little sore after the intensive fucking. I woke in the morning to find him licking my ass hole before he fucked it again (this time without a condom – I know I know I shouldn’t have) emptying himself in me before we went off to classes.

Frank and I dated the next few months. Every time I spent the night with him he had the same sex drive, fucking me for hours. I grew accustomed to the size of his dick ( I guess he re-sized me over time) and I started to need our nights together.

We both had HIV tests at his request and when we proved negative he wanted me to be fucked without a condom all the time. I have to say at this stage that I was overjoyed when he asked me to move in with him. If I was away from him for a night I would wake up in distress during the night. I wanted him and I was comfortable in the knowledge that he wanted me. Otherwise he would not be so horny to fuck me so much at night. By this stage my ass hole was so wide that I worried I would not be good for him.

One day Frank asked me if I had ever thought of making your body smoother. I was not very hairy but had a bit of hair on my chest and ass and of course pubic and underarm hair. I looked at him and said that I had not but I was pretty smooth compared to others. He put his hand on my thigh, smiled and said that he’d like me to be smooth and soft like a lady.

I was so committed to our relationship (and still am) that I went out and bought razors and depilatory creams and waxes and removed all the hair on my body below my head (although I even tweaked some eyebrows). When Frank saw what I had done he was wild with passion.

Thinking back, this was probably the first night of my real path to transformation to a woman for Frank. At the time I did not realise why it was so sensual for him although I knew he was very hot for me. He fucked me for around 5 hours. His dick seems to have grown another inch.

He licked my now hairless ass hole before depositing what seems liked pints of cum into me. I swallowed his cum for hours and seemed to be becoming a part of him so saturated was I in his scent, his sweat, his cum and just him. I could not believe the intensity with which we fucked nor how sexually aroused he seemed to be. I would pull my ass cheeks apart as he held my hips so that he could fuck me as deep as possible.

I was a willing participant but worried a little that I was becoming too subservient to his wishes and his desires. Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort I was becoming effectively a cum dump for hard aggressive sex where I simply had to take it and not complain.

The other problem was that I liked it and I liked the role I was taking on. I started to cook for him. I was happy to give him the energy to fuck me. I started to wash his clothes. Even when he was asleep, I would stroke Frank’s powerful thighs and look forward to our next sessions dreaming of different positions with him.

I kept myself perfectly smooth for Frank. Even now, as I look back, that superficial change to smoothness seemed to change my personality, almost as if the legend of Samson were true.

I became more feminine. While Frank went for a pee standing up I would feel it necessary to go sitting down, comparing his resonant Victoria Falls rush to my own slightly embarrassed seated hiss. I noticed that the more I whimpered the harder he fucked me. He seemed to get off on my subservience to him.

One day I was upset because he had gone to bed tired and had not fucked me. It had been the first night since I had moved in. I didn’t understand it and had by then grown accustomed to his nightly violent intrusion into me. I needed it. I wanted it. It had become part of my existence.

I left the bedroom and went downstairs to watch TV. I was in a dressing gown (pink of course at his request) when he came in, naked, and asked what was wrong. I said I thought maybe he was bored with me and was thinking of dumping me. And this became our tenderest moment. He came and sat next to me on the sofa and started kissing my ear.

Frank told me he loved me in his deep resonant voice and licked my neck. He told me he wanted me to be his girl and continued kissing me and smiling. I could see that he was getting harder as he spoke to me.

I asked what he meant by being his girl. I was still a little prickly that I had been rebuffed for the night.

“My girl, my woman, my wife” he said. He told me that he loved me the way I was but there’s one thing missing… a pussy, and his girl’s gotta have a pussy.

I said to him that I was a guy and how could I get a pussy. Hejust said surgery and smiled at me as he kissed me deeply with his long tongue.

I was, as you can imagine, a bit shocked, and that night Frank led me upstairs to make love to me tenderly and softly. He still fucked me very deeply and I was under no misunderstanding that I was his bottom, but there was a new gentleness to him, a new persuasiveness.

He still came in me 4 times but it seemed to be gentler, more loving, less aggressive. He seemed to want me to experience his tender side. After his fourth time emptying his balls in me he collapsed next to me. He asked me to think about an op and he kissed me so deeply I almost fainted before we both fell asleep.

Over the next few weeks we started talking about gender re-assignment surgery. I went on-line to research and he did too. We talked about it and the side effects and the need for counselling. Every night we still fucked a lot and as I started exploring the issue Frank seemed to be even hornier for me.

There was one night when he fucked me 7 times. From about 9pm through to 4am. Fucking, dozing off, fucking again. His sexual power never ceases, to this day, to amaze me. Eventually I went to a psychologist with Frank and I started a series of interviews about why I wanted to change. I had by now, at Frank’s request, started wearing Victoria’s Secret underwear. It drove him wild. I liked it too against my new smooth and soft skin.

The psychologist eventually gave the go ahead and I was recommended hormone treatment. Frank was especially happy that day and took me out for dinner (a first!) before bringing me home for our love-making.

It is important to understand that I started to experience a lot of changes after this. Once I started on the hormone pills my worked out chest started to soften and I developed breasts of a kind. Frank would ask me to press these together to tit-fuck me in our sessions always sticking his cock in my mouth when he came. I also started losing body hair.

Although I was shaving I needed to less and less. Frank was pleased with my “developments”. I was able to go to work still, as a male, but when I got home I would change into VS underwear and wear make-up, also at Jamal’s request. I grew my hair longer again at Jamal’s request and he liked to Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort hold my long hair as he fucked me from behind. He told me that he loved it and wanted me to grow it longer.

I was incredibly happy. He was tender and whilst still fucking me hard sometimes, it was never too much (I had in any event gotten used to his size) and he seemed to appreciate the changes I was going through for him. He told me he loved me a lot, and I felt he did. I loved him like there was no tomorrow and would have done anything for him.

Eventually I had a breast augmentation operation. Quite easy really although I could not go back to work after. Frank had started working anyway so we agreed that I would stay home and he would go out to work. My new breasts were another source of delight for Frank.

One night when he was fucking me,he was holding onto my new breasts and shouted that he loved me because of what I was doing for him. I wanted to serve him. I wanted to please him. I wanted him. I had a small op on my trachea to lift my voice higher. I had never been a basso profundo like Frank- more a tenor verging on alto so that was an easy op – although talking to my parents on the phone was tricky.

I became more feminine. I became more slutty for Frank. I was transforming into a woman for him. I loved it. I wanted nothing more than to be his girl. Even after sated sex I became obsessed with being his girl. I wanted to be a fully functioning girl.

I pushed the psychologist. I pushed the psychiatrist. Eventually they relented and I was slated to have the operation to create my vagina. Frank was present on the day I was put under anaesthetic. I cried a little as we were waiting for the anaesthetist to arrive. We knew this was it. We knew there was no going back. Even as we held hands in the hospital I could see Frank’s dick twitching beneath his trousers at the very thought I was doing this for him and the thought that he would have a complete woman for his pleasure.

I woke up groggy and confused and in pain. I had tubes protruding from all sorts of places on my body. Jamal was not there. My groin felt sore even though I had had morphine. A nurse came. She held my hand saying that the operation went well and its all fine. I needed to stay for a few days to monitor infection.

I fell asleep again and when I woke up Frank was there. He looked at me, smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. He lifted the surgical sheets to see what he could see but it was just a pile of tubes and swabs. He looked back at me and held my hand and gazed at me smiling. Again I could see he was getting erect.

After that my recuperation was slow but I got out of hospital after about 3 weeks. I had had a small infection but it went away after antibiotics. Frank collected me and took me home.

I was sore in my nether regions for a long time. A very long time. Frank was sweet. He would bring me chicken soup made by himself (surprisingly good) which I enjoyed. I was given dilators to expand my new vagina. At first small they got bigger so as to use them over a period of time. I used the smallest of dilators for around 4 weeks. Frank still wanted to be looked after in the draining of his cock and I sucked him off around 4 times per day when he wanted.

My hair was growing long and luxurious with the hormone treatment and he enjoyed running his hands through it as I sucked him. He wanted me to make it a rule that I would not let any of his seed be wasted. In the then circumstances that meant that I could only suck him off.

After about 6 weeks, I was on the number 2 dilator (there are 12, 12 being the maximum) just trying it out. Frank came in and asked if he could lick my new pussy.

I was hesitant but as it was not a dick and just his tongue I was ok. I lay on my back as he explored his new pleasure hole. I could feel his beard on my new clitoris. I was happy to provide him a new exploratory area. I could feel his tongue probing me and tasting me and as I looked down he looked up holding onto my tits and smiling as he probed me with his tongue. I felt then the first sexual feeling in my pussy and arched by back as Jamal gently licked me. It was , I should think, one the happiest days of my life as I knew that the surgery had worked and with time I would be able to experience more.

Frank was incredibly encouraging. I kept on with the dilators I would service Frank orally all the time but I knew he wanted more. Kurtköy Vip Escort I got fatter as a result of the hormone treatment. And as a result of the meals I was cooking. Frank would go work it off in the gym. I would lie on my back with the dilators.

After around 12 months of hard work with dilators (yes 12) I had used up all the dilators and was on the last one. I had kept Jamal informed and we decided to try a little vaginal fucking. Frank was fucking me anally again by then but I knew he wanted my new pussy.

What followed was the defining moment in my life. Showered and fresh we both kissed and stroked each other enjoying our bodies. I had never grown tired of Frank’s amazing physique. With no dick and a pussy I now felt even more sublimated to him.

“Baby how do you want to do this?” he asked me stroking my smooth hairless legs. “Can we try missionary?” I asked and Frank smiled saying “Sure we can” as he lay me on my back.

Frank guided his dick into my vagina. The initial experience of even an inch of Frank’s dick inside me was staggering. I wanted him to put more in but was worried about the damage to the lining tissue of my new pussy. Frank was gentle and slow, all the time asking me if I was alright.

I could feel his pre-cum lubricating my pussy as he ever so gently worked his way into me. I was pleased how pleasurable it was. “Chrissie (formerly I was Christopher) I love you and want you” he said, all the time working more of his dick into me. Gradually my new pussy opened up. All the time with the dilators had worked.

After about 2 hours of on and off missionary work, Frank had penetrated me to the full extent of his penis. I looked down and saw his penis was completely buried inside me.

Frank lay on top of me asking me to “feel the dick” and get used to it. He kissed me as I lay there legs apart with Frank on top of me completely penetrating me with his enormous appendage. For me it was a complete feeling of fullness and womanhood and I have to admit I cried a little, as did he.

“You are my girl now Chrissie. I will always love you for the sacrifice you have made for me” he said. ” I want this to be the most special day of our lives”.

I put both my hands on Frank’s ass to feel the power of his buttocks. Again this was a new experience, this position, this sensation. He was already starting some small gentle thrusts as I did this and I could feel real unfelt-before pleasure. My “virginity” gone I felt complete as a woman.

Frank whispered to me “let’s see what she’s made of” and smiled as he started fucking me more forcefully. With my hands on his ass I loved the feeling of complete dominance as he started to thrust in and out of me. He held on to his ass cheeks forcing him in to me with each thrust.

I cried out “Frank fuck me!”. I wanted nothing more than to be completely subsumed to this man, to be part of him and his whole being. Responding to my long polished nails in his ass, Frank started fucking harder and harder. Really hard. Harder than he ever fucked me anally.

We were both sweating and breathing fast in an animalistic way. He trend me over fucking me doggy style. Again, a new level of experience. After 2 hours of different positions, all the time stretching and fitting out my new pussy, Frank came in me. Thick strings of his man seed rushed into my (or rather his) new pussy for minutes.

It was a marvellous, defining, emotional and exhilarating moment. I fell asleep a new woman, of use to a man, a willing woman to a sexually aggressive man.

After that night there really was no stopping us. We were in love. I was overjoyed that I had become a woman for Frank and that I could satisfy him. I didn’t miss my dick. I had willingly submitted to surgery for him and he rewarded me with a wonderful love life. I was immensely happy and had this new feeling in the centre of my body. I wore woman’s clothes, make-up, and shoes. I had, I have become a woman

Today, Frank fucks me all the time. Morning, noon (if he is there) and night. My doctors say that my vagina is doing well. It’s extended well and as long as I keep being fucked it will not close up. I am addicted to Frank. He seems addicted to me.

I am constantly filled with his sperm. I have it in my ass, my vagina, my mouth, every day I smell like him, I apparently now talk like him (a little). Every time I go to the washroom some of Frank’s sperm seeps out of me. I am completely devoted to him. I did not expect this to happen but there we are.

As a 26 year old trans-sexual post-operative man to woman partnered with a dominant sexually forceful black man I can say I am probably as happy as I ever could be.

I recommend what I have done for any men who are invited to become women. If it feels right, do it!

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