The Age of Consent

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Solo Male

Ryan, a tall 25 year old blond with icy blue eyes, greeted his friends absently as he took a seat around the crowded outdoor table. Marco’s had the best coffee on campus, and graduate students in particular, kept the place packed from opening til closing. At the moment the lunch crowd had overflowed into the quad, filling the nearby tables and benches and fanning out onto the grounds, most with open books nearby.

One young girl had immediately grabbed Ryan’s notice. She sat on the grass, apparently engrossed in some textbook. She had to be a freshman, hell she looked like she belonged in junior high. He could tell little else about her size or shape. She was wearing baggy sweats and a hoodie and sat hunched over her book. The hood hid all but a few strands of light brownish hair. She had pale skin and a dusting of freckles with a full mouth and very large eyes. Brown or black, Ryan thought, though it was hard to be sure at this distance.

What had drawn Ryan’s interest was the way she ignored everyone, everything around her, huddling closer to her book whenever anyone came near. Everyone in sight seemed to be drinking in the fresh air and sunshine, soaking up the first beautiful day after weeks of overcast skies and drizzling rain. Clearly the girl had been driven by the same desires to leave the safety of whatever hole she normally hid herself in. But she never looked around, never looked up at the blue sky. And there was something about her… something in the hunch of her shoulders, the tightness around her eyes… something he couldn’t quite define. Something he’d seen before in girls that craved his sort of attention.

Ryan blinked as a hand waved an inch in front of his face. “What?” His friends laughed.

“Amy wants to know if you’re single, dude,” Jason said.

Ryan frowned and looked at the girl sitting next to him. A grad student like him, twenty-three or four, blonde, blue eyes, sexy.

“Why?” he asked, confused.

Jeanne, a cute med student laughed. “Because you’re hot as hell, and we never see you with anyone. And I’ve known you for months. My money is on a tragically broken heart.”

“I told them you were gay,” Todd said.

“You wish,” Ryan laughed.

“I do,” Todd said with a sigh. “I really, really do.”

Ryan dug a chunk of ice from his glass and threw it at the younger man.

“Actually,” Amy said, “my sister is coming for a visit next week…”

“Is she hot?” Jason asked, just as Lisa said “Don’t do that!”

Ignoring Jason, all eyes went to the third girl at the table. Lisa was tall, black, with hair that hung to her waist. She was Ryan’s best friend and easily the most stunning woman in sight.

Ryan smiled and raised an eyebrow at her.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked. “Is he contagious or something?” She gave a little laugh as if only half joking.

“Sorry, Ryan,” Lisa said blushing. “Someday I’ll get a filter between my brain and my mouth.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, looking back at the girl on the grass. She seemed in no hurry to finish her lunch. Good, neither was he, nor did he want to lose her.

“So, are you going to explain?” Jason asked, leaning forward, blocking Ryan’s view of the girl. Ryan leaned to his right a bit to keep her in sight.

Lisa stammered, “It’s nothing. Ryan doesn’t like being set up, that’s all.”

Ryan shook his head. “What my oldest and dearest friend means to say is that I’m not the kind of guy you want hooking up with your sister.”

“You seem like a nice guy to me,” Jeanne said.

“I am a nice guy,” Ryan grinned, “to you.”

“Ah, a love ’em and leave ’em kinda guy, huh?” Jason laughed. “I hear ya. One night, wham-bam, no thank ya, I’m outta here, right?”

Ryan shrugged. “Not really.”

“Then I don’t get it,” Todd said. “Are you gay?”

This time it was Jason who threw the ice at him. “Keep your pants on, butt-boy, Ry’s not your type.”

Todd glared at his older brother, saying nothing.

“I treat the girls I fuck like shit,” Ryan said, still paying more attention to the girl on the grass than to his friends. Her hoodie had fallen back and he could see a mop of light brown, shoulder length curls that fell forward to frame her delicate face.

“I guess that’s why we never see you with anyone,” Jeanne said with a frown. “Maybe if you treated them better they’d hang around longer.”

Ryan shook his head. Jeanne had been crushing on him since he’d moved to town, it was obvious. But she wasn’t his type, which was why she still liked him.

“I wouldn’t want them to hang around if it meant I had to treat them better. Besides, enough girls like the way I treat them. I do alright.”

Amy cocked her head, studying Ryan with a frown. “I’m sorry, I’m just having a really hard time picturing YOU as some misogynistic bastard.”

Ryan blinked. “What do you mean? I like women! My best friend is a woman.”

“He’s not a misogynist,” Lisa told them. “He’s a sadist. Not serial killer sadist, but definitely nightmare boyfriend sadist. He only dates girls who Maltepe Escort seem to be into that kind of thing. I don’t get it, but whatever. Still, I wouldn’t let him date my sister.”

“Your sister is thirteen and has braces,” Ryan laughed.

“Sorry if I don’t trust that to stop you,” Lisa said with a mock threatening glare.

“That’s fair,” Ryan said with a shrug. “Joking, joking!” he laughed when Lisa punched him in the arm.

“Nobody wants to be abused,” Jeanne protested.

“She does,” Ryan said, nodding toward the young girl in the hoodie.

“Her?” Amy studied the girl. “She’s a kid! A shy kid, I guess. That doesn’t mean she wants to be treated like crap.”

Ryan shrugged. “This is why I don’t bring girlfriends around you guys. I knew you wouldn’t understand. It’s my kink, not yours.” He smiled. “It is hers though. Excuse me.”

The girl was gathering her books and the remains of her lunch, clearly about to leave. He had to meet her before she melted into the crowd.

Amy grabbed his arm. “Are you going to hurt that girl?” she asked seriously. Ryan smiled. He pulled her hand from his arm and brushed his lips across her knuckles.

“I certainly hope so,” he said.

Ryan timed it perfectly. He was walking past, and just as the girl rose to her feet he angled sharply towards her. She turned away from him, tangling her feet and falling to the grass, books and trash flying from her arms. He stopped and laughed.

She scuttled about on her hands and knees gathering her things. Ryan crouched beside her, watching but not helping. Reaching out he hooked a strand of loose curls behind her ear, the better to see her face. She jumped, but didn’t pull away and didn’t look at him.

“You look pretty on you knees,” he said quietly.

She looked at him then. Her eyes were nearly black, he saw, and very large in her pale face. She looked like a startled deer. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. She seemed frozen in place.

After a moment Ryan smiled. “That was a compliment,” he said, in a chiding tone.

“Tha..” the girl cleared her throat nervously. “Thank you.” Speaking seemed to free her to move and she finished gathering her things. She made as if to stand, but Ryan stopped her with a hand on the back of her neck.

“Stay on all fours,” he said. “Sorry, but you’re just so adorable like that. I don’t suppose you’d consider taking your jacket off so I could get a better look at you?”

Ryan kept his hand on her neck, and she kept her eyes on the ground. Neither of them spoke or moved as the seconds ticked by. Finally the girl unzipped her hoodie and slid it off. Her position made it an awkward maneuver but she didn’t try to raise up. She handed him her jacket and placed her hands back on the ground.

She was wearing a black bra but no top. Granted it was one of those cover everything sports bras women wore to jog or work out in, but a nice surprise anyway. Ryan ran a finger over her ribs and grinned when she flinched. She was a thin girl, maybe 5’2, still hard to say, and with really huge tits despite the smash-em-down bra. Very nice. Ryan grinned. It was a cool day and he could clearly see her nipples through the rather thick material. Her back and arms were covered in goose bumps.

“Do you live on campus?” Ryan asked.

“Yes. Terry Hall.”

“What room?”




“Nice. You’re a freshman?”


“I’m working on my doctorate. Chemical engineering.”

“Um, cool. I’m a geology major.”

“I didn’t ask.”


“How old are you, anyway? Except for the tits, you look about twelve. It’s the freckles I’m thinking.”

“I’m 18.”

“That’s good.” Ryan continued to run his hand over her back and arms, almost possessively.

“I… I have a class.”

“Alright. I’ll bring your jacket by your dorm about seven tonight. Dress sexy for me.”

She bit her bottom lip nervously. “I can’t go to class without a shirt.”

“Then you’d better run. Terry Hall isn’t all that close.”

Ryan stood and walked back to his friends, the girl’s jacket draped over one arm. Everyone stared as he sat down.

“So,” he grinned, “I have a date tonight.”

Amy was the first to speak. “Why do you have that kid’s shirt?”

Ryan arched his eyebrow. “Okay first, she’s 18, so legally not a kid. Second, did you SEE those tits?? So physically… not a kid.”

Lisa slapped him on the back of the head and he laughed. “Third, it’s not a shirt, it’s a jacket, and it’s not my fault she wasn’t wearing anything else. It’s not like I took her pants! Jeez.”

“I don’t even know you,” Jeanne said slowly.

“Look,” Ryan said seriously. “I didn’t start this conversation — thank you very much, Lisa — but I figured since my kinks were out in the open, why keep hiding. But I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Well, no one expect my new girl anyway.”

Lisa popped his head again. “Stop that!” he yelped.

“Seriously, I was thinking if this thing actually Cevizli Escort works out, it’d be kinda nice to be able to hang with my friends and a girl at the same time, but if you guys can’t deal, then I’ll keep her away.”

“I don’t know,” Todd said. “I’m not really into all that weird stuff.”

“Dude, you’re gay,” Jason said.

“And the fact that you think that qualifies as weird stuff means you’re a bigot AND an idiot.”

“I’ll own that.”

Todd rolled his eyes.

Lisa said, “It’s really not like that. I’ve hung out with several of Ryan’s girlfriends. We’ve even double dated. If you can get past him acting like an inconsiderate douche to her and nice to everyone else, it’s not really awkward. Of course, I’ve never seen him ask a girl to strip in public before.”

“Hey, that was not my fault. It was a hoodie for god’s sake! I mean, who doesn’t wear a shirt under a hoodie in October?”

“I guess we can give it a shot.” Amy said. “I mean, we didn’t abandon Jason during the Tracy phase.”


“She has a point,” Jeanne said. “I mean what’s a little rudeness compared to matching sweaters?”

Everyone laughed, even Jason.

Lisa said, “Let’s not forget Thomas, either.”

“Hey!” Todd protested. “Thomas was totally hot.”

“Seriously?!” Jason laughed. “The guy was convinced airplanes should be grounded at night because they don’t have headlights.”

“Yeah,” Todd sighed. “I miss him.”

“Well, it’s decided then,” Amy said. “No need to hide your girlfriends away anymore. And, I guess, good luck on your date tonight. What’s her name, anyway?”

Ryan shrugged. “I dunno. Who cares?”

“Yeah,” Amy laughed, “you definitely stay away from my sister.”

Ryan grinned. “Deal.”

Ryan got to Terry Hall at 7:30, only half an hour late. He’d been known to keep girls waiting much longer or to show up an hour or more early, but it was their first date so he was playing it nice.

She was waiting in the foyer for him in black slacks and a sheer, wispy black halter that clearly showed her lacy black bra. She had her hair in a fancy up-swept kinda do that made her neck look long and bite-able. In makeup she looked almost adult. Her huge dark eyes were smokey, and bright red lipstick against her pale skin gave her a sort of 1940’s noir chic. Ryan had to remind himself to breath.

“Something you just had hanging in your closet?” he grinned.

“I went shopping,” she admitted.

“I don’t like the pants.”

Her shy smile crumbled. “I… I could change.”

“Yeah, do that. Not the top though, I like that. Do you have a black skirt?”

“No,” she looked like she wanted to cry. Wow, and the night hadn’t even started yet. “I… I have a red skirt you might like.”

“Fine. Well? Hurry up, I don’t have all night.”

She was back in less than five minutes. The red skirt was a bit long, hanging nearly to her knees, but it was tight, showing off her nice little bubble ass. She carried a small red purse and no jacket. Her legs were bare and the red shoes looked like something his grandmother would wear to church. Well, she was a work in progress, after all.

“Better, but the shoes suck. Give them to me.”

Biting her lip, she took off her shoes and handed them to Ryan. He tossed them in a nearby trash can and took her hand. She made no protest at all as Ryan led her into the cool night barefoot. He was positively enchanted by her quick obedience and passivity.

He held her hand as they walked toward the parking lot. “I like the effort you put into looking good for me. But I like sexy shoes, and I don’t think pants are appropriate for a date. Better to tell you up front than to keep letting you fuck up, don’t you think?”

“I… yes. Thank you.”

“I like the lipstick, especially. Can’t wait for you to paint my cock with it. You have very fuckable lips.”

Ryan could feel her hand trembling in his. When she said nothing he gave her hand a hard squeeze and kept squeezing until she stuttered out a “Thank you.”

Ryan had parked his car in a dark corner of the busy parking lot. He opened the driver’s door and sat down, his feet outside the car. He reached up and disabled the dome light with one hand, still holding the girl with his other. Then he gave a tug to her hand.

“Come on, kneel down. On your hands and knees, like in the quad.” She stood, biting her lip and breathing in quick little pants. Ryan let go of her hand, letting her work it out in her own mind and decide. She stood there for a minute, then two, then… Finally she took a step back, and looked around. There were a dozen or more people scattered through the parking lot, coming and going, several cars pulling in or out, or cruising for the perfect parking space. But they were in a quiet corner, away from any lights. Slowly she laid her purse aside and lowered herself to her hands and knees on the coarse pavement.

She kept her head bowed as he unfastened his jeans and slid them and his shorts down around his ankles. He sat of the edge of the car Atalar Escort seat, with the kneeling girl between his legs. He took his thick 8 inch cock in one hand and her chin in the other. He tilted her face up and rubbed his cock across her lips.

She was shaking so hard, he began to worry she might bolt. She looked completely terrified.

“You’ve sucked cock before, right?” he asked suddenly.


Ryan grunted, surprised. “Seriously, with lips like that?”


“But you’ve been fucked, right?”


“Wow.” Ryan took a deep breath. “Um. Okay.” He took another breath. “Okay. But you did understand that was what this date was about? I mean, you knew I’d want to fuck you?”


“I mean fuck you. I don’t mean sweet and romantic, first time shit.”


“Okay? I plan to hurt you, you know.”

She was quiet a moment. “Okay.”

“Right. This is nuts. Who the hell is a virgin at 18 these days?”


She still looked afraid, but now she looked hurt as well. This was bad. Hurting her feelings was only going to turn Ryan on more. He needed to think.

“This is a bad idea. I am not the right guy for this. You should be with a nice guy.”

“You’re a nice guy.”

“No. I am not.”

She bit her lip again, and flicked her tongue out, just brushing it across the tip of his cock. She seemed as shocked as Ryan. She gave a quiet little moan and shuddered. She looked up at Ryan and again brushed her tongue over his cock head. This time she managed a shy smile.

“I think you’re nice,” she said.

“I’m definitely not nice,” Ryan said with a low moan.

“Then prove it.”

“Ah fuck…” Ryan rubbed his cock over her face, smearing her bright red lipstick. She closed her eyes and shivered.

“Tell me what to do,” she said breathlessly.

“Go home.”

“Don’t make me, please. Tell me how to suck your cock.”

“Agghh… Fuck it! Okay, yeah… keep your hands on the ground. Stick out your tongue.”

Ryan rubbed his cock over her tongue and face, smearing himself and her with her spit.

“Keep your tongue out, don’t try to swallow. That’s it, just let the drool run out of your mouth.”

Ryan stroked his cock for a minute, her drool making a nice lube. Her face was covered in spit. Her makeup was destroyed, lipstick smeared across half her face. She knelt on the rough parking lot, her tongue out and waiting. She looked up at him with those enormous black eyes. A virgin. God have mercy on all sinners.

“I’m going to put my cock in your mouth, babygirl. Seal your lips around me and suck. Use your tongue to stroke me. Here you go… That’s it.”

Ryan slid his cock into her sweet young mouth. Her tongue swirled around him as she sucked. The fear was fading from her eyes. They were beginning to fill with need. Ryan wrapped a hand around her throat and squeezed lightly.

“Concentrate, little girl. Make me feel good. Come on, you can do better than that. That’s my cock in your mouth, act fucking grateful. Better, ah yeah… that’s better.”

Ryan pushed himself deeper into the girl’s mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag. One hand held the back of her head, holding his cock just at the point of entering her throat. She was visibly fighting her gag reflex as his other hand tightened further on her throat.

“I’m going to fuck you now, baby. You’re going to love this, I promise. Keep your throat relaxed and concentrate. If you puke, I’ll make you eat it. If I feel teeth, I’ll beat the shit out of you. Ready, sweetie? Here we go now…”

Ryan violently pulled her face into his lap, shoving his thick cock down her tight little throat. He held her there a minute, amazed at how far he’d penetrated on the first thrust. He savored the feeling of her choking on his cock.

He pulled back to allow her a sobbing breath, then he shoved down her throat again.

“Ah, fuck, ah fuck…” This was heaven. He began to pound her in earnest. He rammed violently in and out of her sweet face, choking her with both his hand and cock.

“Good girl, good girl,” he groaned as he ravaged her throat. “That’s it, don’t fight me, be a good girl. Hold still and let me hurt you… fuck yes. You like sucking your first cock in public, babygirl? Sucking off a man whose name you don’t even know? Kneeling in the dirt like a common whore? Mmm… yeah, fuck yeah, there’s a good baby. A little harder now, sweetie. I’m gonna make it really hurt now. Okay? You take it like a good little girl. Fuck yes! Fuck!”

Lost in his own sensation, Ryan doubted if he would have noticed had she tried to fight him. He was relatively sure she didn’t though. He raped her throat brutally, oblivious by this point to anything but his own approaching orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum down your little virgin throat baby,” he told her. And he did. Stream after stream of hot spunk shot down her throat, and refluxed up and out her mouth, out her nose. She choked and gagged as he held himself deep inside her until he was completely spent.

He pulled out finally, still breathing hard. Opening the glove box, he pulled out a box of wet wipes.

“Clean me up. You should be doing this with your fucking mouth, but you made such a damn mess of yourself, you’d only make it worse.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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