The Club

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Heavy pounding on my bedroom door brought me out of my hazy dream. The first night of fresher’s week had met the expectations established by the rumours in sixth form – I had never been drunker in my life. The alcohol had flowed freely, the music had been loud and the sex had been incredible.

The price, however, had been severe. The taste in his mouth was beyond vile and my stomach felt like it was doing backflips.

“Patrick! Come on, we’re going to miss fresher’s fair,” shouted my newly made friend Charlie. Charlie was in the room next to mine and we had quickly bonded over our mutual interest in rugby, vodka and Amazon’s the Boys. How is he awake? I thought. He had drank almost as much as I had, if not more.

“Is that today?” asked a feminine voice beside me. I had promised myself I wouldn’t have sex with a stranger on my first night but with my blood basically becoming vodka and the swaying hips and soft kisses of the girl had changed my mind. She had known exactly what she had wanted and she had got it. Having come from a small town, most of my friendship group had slept with each other at some point and a new face had enticed me quicker than I could have believed. I could feel my dick starting to swell at the memory of her red lips sliding up and down my shaft.

“Come on fresher!” she said from the opposite end of the room, “Fresher’s fair is one of the best things about your first week here, you’ll be sad if you miss out.” I rolled over and looked at her again. She was stunning. She had long legs, pulling themselves into her short skirt from last night and her curly (but now very messy) blonde hair reached to her shoulders.

“I thought you were a first year too,” I replied

“No! Fresher’s week is an excuse for us second years to get hammered every night too. I don’t usually fuck first years but you had such sweet eyes that I couldn’t resist.” She kissed my cheek, slipped her heels back on and confidently strode out the door. Charlie momentarily looked confused as a striking, blonde woman answered the door instead of the red – haired man he had been expecting. Charlie was quick on his feet though and immediately switched to his charming, dimpled smile.

“Oh. I’m Charlie, nice to meet you!” He stepped to the side letting her pass.

“Kathy. A pleasure. Sorry boys, I’d love to stay and chat but I now have to do the walk of shame. Worth it though,” she looked over her shoulder and gave me a final week before I heard her heels strolling down the corridor.

Charlie peered into my room with the biggest grin. His longer than usual hair was stylishly messy and was combined with a short, trimmed beard. I’d always wondered if I’d suit a beard but so far had kept my face clean shaven, it would probably end up bright red instead of the burnished copper of my hair. I quite liked my freckles anyway and didn’t want to cover them up.

“Good morning, slut!” he teased, sitting on my desk.

“Shut up,” I moaned into my pillow. I was lying face down and had no intention of moving for a million years.

“Oh come on! We need to go, this is where we join the clubs that will come to define our time at university – my older brother said we should join as many as we can in the first week and then we can decide what we like. You said you wanted to join the rugby team.”

His explanation was far too reasonable. Bastard.

“Alright, give me some time to get ready. I need to shower and brush my teeth,” I said as I dragged myself out of bed.

Charlie grinned again and said “I won’t argue with you there.”

For those of you in the US, most universities hall rooms (dorm rooms) in the UK are single occupant and have a private bathroom. Mine did not, it was in the oldest building on campus and so the eight of us on our corridor shared a bathroom. It was shit. My room was tiny and cramped with a creepy single bed. The building was “historical” with windows so thin you could feel the wind coming through them.

Thirty minutes later I was ready to head to the student union building and see what was on offer. In England, we don’t really have fraternities, we have societies. The rugby society, the rowing society, the Disney society – all were just an excuse for a group of boys or girls to get together and get drunk. Charlie had told me his brother had made friends for life in these societies and they could help you with connections in the future.

I had put on my softest blue hoodie and grey jogging bottoms. The hood was pulled up and sunglasses covered my eyes. We live in the UK, why is it so sunny? I thought as we crossed the Escort Fikirtepe campus. The noise that blasted out of the student union was deafening. Cheesy pop music played from the speakers as society members tried to recruit freshers. Charlie and I made straight for the rugby team and signed up. We were given a bag of free crap that I eagerly took. I look free stuff.

Charlie must have signed up for every club, running around the hall like a child in a sweet shop and my arms became more laden with bags full of freebies. One table handed us free condoms and told us where we could get STI tests on campus. My face has never gone redder in public as a pretty girl warned me to be careful and that nobody was interested in a boy with chlamydia.

A hand took hold of my arm to grab my attention. He must have been one of the most handsome people I have ever seen. He could have played Captain America. The same height as me, only more muscular with shining white teeth and sharp blue eyes. His short blonde hair was impeccably neat and he was dressed in a pale blue polo shirt that contrasted with his tanned skin. How is it fair for someone to be this handsome. I thought, resentfully.

“Hi guys! I’m Spencer, do you have a minute?” He asked, his disarming smile drawing Charlie and I in.

“Sure, we want to join as many clubs as we can. You’re not going to recruit us to a cult though are you?” Charlie joked.

Spencer laughed with a strange glint in his eye and replied “not quite, no.”??Intrigued we stepped to one side, out of the way of the busy throngs of first years.

“Don’t you have a table?” I asked.

“No, we’re an exclusive society. We don’t just let anyone join. I think you’d both really like it.” He said as he handed us each a small piece of card. He gave us one final smile and left us to read it.

Dear first year,

You are hereby invited to join The Club.

We are an exclusive, invitation only, organisation that will guarantee your future success.

Our first meeting is tonight. Please dress formally and arrive sober.

You will not regret it.

Charlie and I shared a confused look. On the back of the card was an address.

“That’s a really posh part of the city. Do you think they’re going to murder us?” Charlie joked.

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s one of those societies like the one the Prime Minister was in. You know, where all those filthy rich boys get drunk and then help each other get richer. Maybe they think we’re rich.” I said, speculatively.

In response, Charlie looked at me with my pulled up hoodie, white trainers and joggers and raised an eyebrow.

“Shut up!” I laughed, punching his shoulder gently. Charlie laughed in response and we continued exploring the student union building.

Later that evening, Charlie and I were sat on the floor of my bedroom sharing a pizza. We were that lucky age where we could eat whatever the hell we wanted to while keeping our athletic builds.

“So, are we going?” Charlie asked.

The confusion brought on by a hangover had still left me a little slow. “Where?” I replied.

“To that meeting of ‘The Club,'” he used his fingers to show speech marks when he said The Club.

I took a moment to think before saying “why not? It could be fun and if it’s shit or weird we can easily leave.” Charlie jumped up excitedly, it was infectious.

“Yes!” he exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air, “I’ve lived in this city all my life but have never been to the posh part.” He looked down at his clothes and blushed, “I don’t have any formal clothes though…”

“That’s alright, we’re pretty much the same size you can borrow something of mine.”

Later, we found ourselves in a taxi outside a massive, four story townhouse. Charlie was wearing a black suit, three buttons undone on his white shirt exposing the hair on his chest. I was in a grey sports jacket with tight black trousers and a shining, dark green tie that brought out the colour in my eyes.

A man slightly older than Charlie and I, probably a second year, checked our cards at the door. He had dark hair cut incredibly short. His olive skin contrasted with his blue eyes in a striking way. He was slightly shorter than Charlie and I with broad shoulders that were accentuated by his tight, dark suit. He had an incredibly harsh stare and I have to admit I was intimidated. I had been in a couple of fights in school but had always won. Now I wasn’t sure.

“Charlie! Patrick! I’m glad you both came,” Spencer said as he approached us in the entrance Sancaktepe escort hall, dressed in a pale blue suit. He clapped us both on the shoulder. “The other first years are through there, please join them and the rest of us will join you soon.”

I took in the room and was blown away by the clear wealth it displayed. I was so impressed I didn’t even realise that we had never given Spencer our names.

We circled around the room and introduced ourselves to the rest of the first year students who had come. There were fifteen of us in total and I couldn’t help but note that all of them were handsome. Not all were tall and athletic like Charlie and I but all of them were, without a doubt, very attractive.

After a few minutes of small talk the rest of The Club entered the room. Spencer came in first and winked at us, his perfect smile was calming. I was starting to feel a little nervous so it was nice to see a slightly familiar face. The intimidating second year from the door came in too as did another twenty men. They were as handsome as the first years and arrayed themselves in a semi-circle at the opposite side of the room.

An incredibly tall man with caramel skin (I would later learn this was because he had a black mother and a white father) stepped forward. He had brown eyes and short black hair that went well with his tan suit.

“Welcome, new recruits. My name is Tom and I’m the president of The Club. For the past fifty years we have recruited young men from our University to join. We offer a room in this house, free of charge, an allowance and connections to help you secure your future.” His smooth, deep voice had left us all in silence.

I was stunned. I could live here in this house, get out of my crappy little room AND they would give me an allowance. What was the catch?

“We will also train you how to please and enjoy sex with other men. Please don’t think we are training you to sell yourselves, everything must be consensual. We simply want to show you how to enjoy everything your bodies have to offer, as our predecessors showed us. If this is not something you want to do, please leave.”?

Three immediately left. Two hesitated before they too walked out. Charlie and I looked at each other. I didn’t know if Charlie was interested in having sex with men or not. I didn’t know if I was or not. I could feel my heart hammering in my throat, my palms had become sweaty and I had frozen. I didn’t know what to do. My legs locked into place and I stared at him helplessly. If Charlie goes I go. I decided.

But Charlie didn’t go.

Charlie remained exactly where he was, his brown eyes meeting mine.

“Wonderful! Tonight you will be assigned a mentor. They are all second years. You will be spending a lot of your first year in the club with them. They will teach you things about yourself that you weren’t even aware you didn’t know. Trust us, we taught them everything they know. You will enjoy it. Our club secretary, Spencer, will tell you who your mentor is.”

The third years left the room leaving us, the second years and Spencer. One by one, we were paired off. Each mentor took their student by the hand and took them to their new bedroom, upstairs. Charlie went first. I was last.

“Patrick, your mentor is called Jack.” Spencer pointed to a man slightly taller than I was. He had curly, golden brown hair. He was clean shaven and as he approached me to take my hand I could’t help but notice how incredible he smelled. Deep blue eyes looked at me warmly and a small, closed lipped smile came to his lips.

He grabbed my hand and gently but firmly pulled me towards the stairs, back into the opulent hallway we had arrived through.

I couldn’t take any of the stunning surroundings in. My heart was beating fast and hard, my throat felt dry and I thought the butterflies in my stomach were going to burst out. My bedroom was on the fourth floor and each step took an agonisingly long time. After what seemed like a lifetime, we arrived to my new bedroom. Jack gently closed the door behind us and we stood facing one another. He slid his tie from around his neck – it was an incredibly sensual movement, his eyes never left mine as he slowly dragged it out of his collar. He took his jacket off and indicated I should do the same.

He came closer.

I could feel his minty breath on my face as he gently loosened my tie. He began to unbutton my shirt. Each button he snapped open set my heart beating faster as he exposed my smooth skin underneath.

He brushed the back of his hand down the centre üsküdar escort bayan of my chest before stopping and looking at me seriously. He was beautiful, a sharp jaw line, high cheek bones and straight nose. And those, blue, blue eyes.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked, his voice kind. It was the first time he had spoken to me.

My throat was dry, I swallowed hard and whispered “yes.”

He smiled and continued to run his hand down my chest. Wherever his hand went, he trailed flames across my skin. Goosebumps ran up my arms and he eased my shirt off my shoulders before throwing it over the arm chair in the corner of the room. Jack trailed his hands along my collar bone, traced his fingers across my pecks and swirled his fingers around the edge of my nipples which went hard at his touch. I had never played with my nipples before and didn’t realise the shockwaves they could send through my body.

He ran his hands down the centre of my stomach, I had lightly defined abs that I kept shaved, like my chest for swimming. He ran his hands down my arm and took hold of my hands.

“Kneel down.”

I knew what was coming and I eagerly got to my knees where Jack placed my hands on his crotch. He guided my hands to rub his dick through his trousers. I could tell it was pretty big. Seven and a half inches, at least, like mine, though Jack’s was thicker. My breathing was heavy as I rubbed the outline of his hard dick through his navy blue trousers. He unzipped them and reached in to pull it out.

I took a moment to look at it. I had seen dicks other than my own but Jack’s was beautiful to look at. It pointed straight up – it was cut too. Jack took my hand and wrapped it around his shaft, slowly guiding my hand up and down.

“Nice and slow at first. Just a taste of what’s going to come.” I was transfixed but his voice brought my attention back to him and I looked up into his eyes. “Now, run your tongue along and – ” he gasped as I did as instructed and swirled my tongue around the head. I could taste the pre-cum that had started to leak from the head and I thought I must be leaking through my trousers.

Jack placed his hand on the back of my head and I took it in my mouth. My lips glided down his shaft. It was so warm in my mouth. I never thought I would enjoy sucking another man’s dick so much. As the tip touched the back of my throat I gagged and pulled back.

“Sorry,” I said, embarrassed as I wiped the spit from my mouth.

Jack just smiled and said softly “You’ll get better at it. Here, let me show you.”

He pulled me to my feet and took me to the bed. King sized with luxurious bedding. He removed my shoes, trousers and socks, letting them fall to the floor. I lay back among the pillows and he trailed kisses down my chest, taking each nipple in his mouth where he swirled his tongue around, making me gasp. How can a tongue be so talented? I thought as he continued to kiss his way down my stomach. His face grazed my thigh and he planted kisses on the muscles there. I wanted him to grab my cock but he waited, until I felt like I would explode.

Finally, he took it in his hand, just as long as his but uncircumcised. He flicked his tongue along the head before putting his tongue under my foreskin. His hot, wet tongue sent electricity through my body as the nerve endings were more stimulated than they had ever been before. He took the rest of the head into his mouth where the softness of his cheeks, sucked in to surround my dick glided along my shaft. He cupped my balls with one hand while the other continued to rub my legs.

When my cock slid down his throat, I thought I was going to cum then and there. I gripped the sheets tightly and let out a loud moan. I wonder if someone is sucking Charlie’s dick like this… Jack was good, very good. I had never had a blowjob like this in my life. My cock was slippery with his saliva and he continued to slide my dick into his tight throat, his tongue teasing the base whenever he took it all in. Pleasure radiated from my dick.

It stopped, abruptly. Cold without the warmth of Jack’s mouth.

Jack brought his fingers to my lips and told me to make them wet.

Then he returned to my dick but this time, one hand raised my arse up from the bed and his wet fingers swirled around my hole. He didn’t enter, just teased it in small circles making me shudder. It was too much.

Ecstasy surged through my body.

?”Ja – Jack I’m gonna cum!” I managed to rasp out.

He slid his finger inside me.

Cum burst out of my dick, I thrust into Jack’s throat involuntarily. He swallowed it all.

I panted, a thin sheen of sweat had spread over my chest which continued to rise and fall with my ebbing orgasm.

Jack raised his head and brought his finger out of my hole. A wide smile broke across his face.

“Welcome to The Club, Patrick.”

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