The Girl in the Shadows Pt. 01

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It all Started the day Jessa got a text:

It read I can’t get your beautiful ass out of my mind. Who is this she texted back. It’s Tom I used to work with you. Oh I remember you. I need you baby please he texted to her. What do you mean you need me? She asked him. I want you was his simple reply.

Jessa had gone through a lot in the past three years of her life. She had a bad breakup leaving her feeling broken and damaged. She had worked hard and come a long way to finding herself again. Who she wanted to be and what she wanted out of her life. She was struggling to feel sexy and Beautiful again. She didn’t have any sexual relationships because she was too busy changing and living her life for those kind of complications.

Can we meet up to talk was his next text message. She was simply to curious not to meet.

They met in a coffee shop not too far from her house. There was still a strong physical reaction for each of them. The reason she had never pursued him before was because he was in a serious relationship and she never got involved with someone in a relationship of any kind. She knew how Beylikdüzü Escort it felt to be lied to and cheated on and she never wanted to be the other woman.

I want to have a friends with benefits relationship with you he told her, but don’t fall for me.

She was really attracted to him so she figured what would it hurt to have some sexual fun after 3 years of not being with anyone. She was still a little uncomfortable with the fact that he was still with someone else.

Baby take me home with you he asked her I want to fuck you so bad. So they went back to her house.

At first they just were kissing and touching on her couch. She felt so wanted and desired. He took her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom slowly undressing her and kissing her everywhere. She lay on the bed feeling a little vulnerable and self conscious while he quickly stripped out of his clothes.

“You are so sexy and Beautiful Babe; I want you so Bad.”

He spent a lot of time kissing her and exploring her sensitive skin in no hurry but she felt how hard he was against her. He captured Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan her nipples between his teeth nipping and sucking gently. She let out small moans of pleasure. His hands slowly caressed her legs and ass coming back to her pussy lips stroking feather light touches making her very wet and warm. She was moaning a little louder now and her hands wandered down to touch and caress his massive hard cock. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

He told her to get on her back and spread her legs for him so she eagerly complied. He licked and sucked on her breasts while his fingers found her wet pussy lips and then his fingers were lightly brushing over her clit. He moved down her body slowly exploring with his teeth and tongue. By the time he reached her pussy lips she was moaning and her hips were moving slightly. He inhaled the musky sent of her and couldn’t wait to taste her. He started licking and sucking on her pussy and clit while fucking her with only 2 fingers she was so tight. She was going to feel so good on his cock. He could feel that she was close to Cumming. Esenyurt Escort She was moaning louder and making a lot of sounds as she came really hard gushing on his face and lips.

“I need to fuck you now babe”

He climbed on top of her rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy coating his cock. He slowly pushed his cock into her. God she was so tight it felt so good. He started to move slowly letting her body adjust to his cock. He was bigger than she was used to and it excited him that he was the first to fuck her in 3 years. He started moving faster fucking her tight wet pussy it felt so good. She was moaning and calling his name as ripples of sensations washed through her. His cock was so big and kept hitting her g-spot leaving her gasping he could feel her body responding and it turned him on. She had cum on him several times but he could feel her body tensing up and knew she was going to cum harder this time. He increased his speed both of them racing towards their pleasure. They both exploded into ecstasy at the same time his hot seed filling her contracting pussy. As they lay there spent from their excursions, they were both thinking of how amazing it had been.

“I want you to be my Mistress Please.”

“I want that too Babe.”

And so their affair started. She never knew how hard it was going to be to be the other woman.

The girl in the Shadows… to be continued

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