The Surprise

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He sat there in the truck feeling lost. He was late, and he had missed her. The note taped to the steering wheel explained it all.

“I know you’re going to be late Hun, your boss flagged me down and explained the flat. I cancelled our reservations at the restaurant. I am not sure how late you will be so I am just going to go home. See you tomorrow my love—kiss kiss.”

He had been thinking about it all day too. They were supposed to go dancing after dinner. The thought of her body moving so close to his had kept him slightly excited all day. He knew she would wear that little black dress too, and knowing her…no panties. Just to tease him! But now because of the tire blow out he had missed her. It was late and he was starving so he decided to just give up and go home to leftovers and try to call her.

When he went inside, his apartment was dark, but he heard music–it was one of his favourite songs–chrome. He went to see if he had left the CD on all day and that is when he noticed the glow coming from the dining room. It was candle lit. Instantly he smiled. He stood at the doorway and gazed at the most delicious feast he could have seen. There she was. Lying on her stomach feet crossed in the air behind her, on the dining room table wearing only the necklace he had given her for her birthday the week before. There were candles all over the room, casting more than enough light to see her tanned skin against the white table cloth.

He had a perfect view of that smooth, round ass. His excitement instantly came back. He wanted to just walk over and bite it, but he was paralyzed by the shock of this beautiful sight. Cihangir travesti Then she spoke….

“Thought you might be hungry sexy man”

Even her voice was sexy, he thought. He was brought back into reality again but she was still there, this was real. It was only now that he saw the bottle of chocolate in her hand. She poured a little of the chocolate on her finger then brought it to her mouth, wrapping her lips around the base of her finger and slowly pulled it out.

“Mmmmm…want some?” she said with that sly grin that he had seen so many times before. “Oh you know I do, love.”

She playfully offered him the bottle. He took it from her eagerly and poured just a drop on her plump ass. He bent down and licked it off. Then he took that bite he had wanted earlier. Her body tensed, then relaxed again and she giggled. He loved that sound. She rolled over on the table and lay down fully, exposing her breasts for him. They looked so ripe and juicy, he wanted to suck them! But he resisted the urge just for now. He wanted to take his time. She was so beautiful. He poured the chocolate on her tummy first, then leaned over and licked it off. She moaned slightly as his tongue caressed her skin. Then he poured a drop on her neck and up to her lips. He kissed her neck sucking up the sweet syrup, slowly moving across her face until their lips met in a sweet passionate kiss.

As their tongues danced, he poured more of the chocolate all over her breasts. The feel of it instantly made her nipples rock hard, and he quickly moved his mouth there. His hands grabbing and squeezing her breasts firmly. He took Fındıkzade travesti one nipple in his mouth, tongue swirling around the hard tip. Then moved to the other, flicking his tongue across the nipple, and rolling the other between his fingers. Her body moving under his touch. She moaned with great pleasure. Both of them were excited and breathing heavy now. He grabbed a hold of her hips now, swung her body around and pulled her to the edge of the table. The cloth under her made this very easy. He left her breasts and kissed down across her stomach again, just where her thigh met her hot wet pussy. He tossed the bottle of chocolate across the table and said, “You’re sweet enough love,” and quickly plunged his tongue in between her sweet lips. She cried out with pleasure. She was so hot and wet on his tongue as he licked her pussy over and over. From her juicy hole right up to her soft clit. Her moans getting louder now as he shoved a finger deep inside her.

She cried out over and over, her body writhing under his touch, as he licked her clit in unison with his pounding hand. She brought her legs up to his shoulders and grabbed his head with both hands pulling his face tight to her juicy hot pussy. His other hand squeezing her ass underneath, her hips bucking wildly under his face. Until finally she calls out,”oh god!.I want you to fuck me”

His cock was so hard now. He wanted her so badly, he didn’t argue. He stopped only for a second to pull off his shirt then returned his hand to her pussy, his thumb stroking her clit as he reached out with the other to pull her body up to him. They quickly met Fulya travesti in a hard passionate kiss. His thumb still stroking her clit, her hands working the buttons of his pants. She released his hard cock now, and his pants fell to the floor. One hand grabbed his ass and squeezed hard the other stroking the length of his cock. Her legs wrapped around him as she guided him to her hot waiting pussy. She let go with her hand and brought it to his face as they kissed deeply, and pulled him in quickly with her legs.

“OH god!!” she cried.

“Oh yes, love” he said with his husky voice. He pulled his cock out and shoved it in again deep. It felt so good to be in her hot, juicy pussy. He took long deep strokes in her tight pussy. Wildly kissing, he moved his mouth down her neck. She tilted her head and arched her back, and he bent down to take a nipple into his mouth. Sucking hard and gently biting her breasts. His cock pounding hard into her faster and faster. She lay back on the table again and took her breasts into her own hands, squeezing them. He brought her legs up to his shoulders and pressed his weight to her. Fucking her hard now. His cock pounding into her pussy over and over, deep and hard. She brought one down away from her breast to her clit and stroked it. Her moans couldn’t be quieted even if she wanted to.

“Oh yes!!!—fuck me hard!!!”

His hands grabbed her hips and held her tight as he slammed his cock into her over and over. Her cries building into screams as she was reaching her peak. He couldn’t hold back any longer. “oh yes…” he called out, “cum with me love”

“Oh yes. Oh my god, yes!!!” she screamed as her body trembled with her orgasm. Her pussy clenching his cock as he pounded into her, until finally he exploded inside her. His voice trembled, “I love you. And collapsed on her chest. Her arms wrapped around him, breathing heavily she whispered back, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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