The Tangled Web Ch. 16

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August 2004 – Lessons in Love

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of Sara and Sam, lovers who are brother and sister, and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.


The summer holidays are drawing to a close. David, now physically fully recovered from the accident, is preparing himself for two important events in his life.

The first is his return to work as a teacher in the local High School. Not having worked since the accident, his confidence has taken a battering and he is nervously spending the last week of the long summer holiday planning lessons and working on his physical fitness.

The second, much more difficult thing to bear is Sophie’s imminent departure for University in the coming September. David and Sophie have become emotionally and physically close to a degree David has never before encountered. He looks forward to seeing her every day, to hearing her voice on the phone, to talking with her, walking with her – in short he is a man in love.

Sophie, of course, has been in love with David since she was fourteen years old, and now their relationship has become real and physical as well as cerebral, she is happier than she ever thought possible. She too has been dreading her departure for University.

David’s memory of the day of the accident has still not recovered. He does not remember his discovery of Sara and Sam making love on their lounge floor. He does not remember taking Sophie’s virginity almost by force in her own bed.

Neither Sara nor Sophie is likely to tell him these things.

He has, however, been plagued by bad dreams. In some of them he sees the truck approaching him in slow motion, getting closer and closer while he tried to escape from its path. But his legs are heavy as lead and he cannot move fast enough. The truck gets closer and closer until….he wakes up in a cold sweat.

In the other dreams he is climbing a staircase in the flat he shared with Sara. He can hear noises. He crossed the landing to a half open door, he pushed the door open. The noises – sounds of passionate sex – grow louder, the door swings open, he peers round the door ..and wakes up.

His psychiatrist assures David that these dreams will eventually pass, but also warns that his memory might never recover. David is trying hard to establish himself in a new life.

He visits Sara and the twins every week. He is trying hard to play the part of the, albeit absent, father but still feels unaccountably cold towards both the children and towards Sara. He is pleased that Sara appears to harbour no grudges about the break up of their relationship but David still dislikes having to visit them at Sam’s house. He can still feel Sam’s antagonism towards him, even when he’s not actually there.

As September approaches, David and Sophie are spending more and more time together. We join then on a Wednesday afternoon in Sophie’s parent house. They are in her bed.

Sophie’s threw her head back wildly, her eyes wide open in astonishment, her mouth open in a silent scream as David’s huge erection slammed repeatedly into her soft, pale flesh. She felt wild, alive, her whole being tingling as his cock reached deep within, her searching almost for her soul. Her tight young vagina was stretched wire-tight around his throbbing shaft and sweat dripped from his face and neck onto the hot skin of her chest.

No matter how many times he touched her, no matter how many times he made love to her, each time felt to Sophie like the first. He had been her first, her best, her only lover and right now she couldn’t imagine ever needing anything more. She loved his strong, masculine body, which seemed to be even more rugged with the scars from the accident clearly visible on his face and chest. The mere thought of his hands on her flesh could bring her half way to climax, but David was, with her, never anything but gentle, caring and sensitive. They had made love only a handful of times since Sophie had unexpectedly brought David out of his coma, but each occasion had been earth moving for Sophie and, unknown to her, for David too.

His face, above hers, was contorted as he neared his own climax. Sophie gasped once again as his pace quickened and he thrust even deeper into her until his pubic hair ground against hers. Sophie felt the head of his cock swelling within her vagina, its ridge dragging deliciously along her insides and instinctively she tilted her pelvis upwards.

The change in pressure was all it took to take David over the edge and into a long, noisy, wet orgasm. He grunted and Halkalı travesti choked as he felt the hard hot burning between his thighs and his huge erection began to pump thick sticky semen into Sophie’s soft young body. Her vagina, in uncontrollable spasm, pulsed around his shaft as if trying to milk every last drop of the precious fluid from him. They came together as if they were one ecstatic body.

David lowered himself onto Sophie, who rejoiced in the pressure of his weight on her slender frame as he softened within her. She panted as her own climax subsided and, smiling, lifted her arms around his shoulders. David kissed her full on the lips, his mouth salty and hot. They held each other tightly for a minute, before David reluctantly pulled himself gently out of Sophie, holding the feather light condom in place as he withdrew.

“Close your eyes!” He whispered and, after Sophie had done so, he crossed to the bathroom and subtly disposed of the condom and its contents. He quickly washed his hands and returned to the bed where Sophie was lying on her back, the clean white sheet draped casually but artistically over her body. She was still shy, he thought, despite all they had done together.

He lay alongside her, his fingers finding hers and squeezing them. He closed his eyes and dozed happily.

When he awoke half an hour later, Sophie was lying on her side, watching him, with a slightly concerned look on her face.

“David?” She asked, tentatively.

“What, darling?” He replied, reaching over to run his fingers through her long blonde hair.

“Was I …..well……was I ok? You know……at it?”

“Sophie you were – are – amazing. I’m crazy about you!” There was no doubting the sincerity in his voice. She blushed.

“It’s just that I’ve never… know…..been with anyone else and I don’t know…..well……if I’m doing it right!”

David laughed and kissed her cheek.

“That’s part of what makes you special, Sophie. You’re so sweet and innocent and……and I think I’m in love with you.”

A sudden shudder went down David’s spine. Had he really just said that? Again? And meant it? God! He realised, the answer was yes on all three counts.

Sophie was looking down at the skirting board.

“Have you done it with a lot of girls?” She asked, sheepishly. David went dumb. Did he lie and say no? Did he try and calculate? Did he make up a ridiculously large number? In the end he opted for vagueness.

“A few, darling. But none as lovely as you.”

“Did you love them, too.” This time David was sure of his ground. He could answer this with total honesty.

“No, Sophie. I’ve never loved any one like I love you.”

“Even Sara?”

“Even Sara!” He replied.

“Was she…..were they….better than me……you know……in bed?”

David mocked her gently. “Well… know…….that is an unfair question and….you know……fully deserves the… know……wrong answer, young lady.”

Sophie giggled aloud. She poked him in the ribs with her finger.

“Be serious, you idiot. I’m trying to understand!”

“Okay, Sophie. I’m listening.” He said, suitably chastised.

“I want to do it all right for you, David.” She said earnestly. “I don’t want you to ever want anyone else ever again.”

He kissed her again, not knowing how to respond to this. Then she turned more towards him, her eyes now fixed on his, their look eager, almost pleading.

“David, I want you to teach me!”

“Teach you what, silly girl?” He asked.

“Everything, David. I want to learn how to….how to make you happy……really happy. I want you to teach me how to do it every way you know.”

“I’d love to, darling. But I don’t want you to lose your sweetness and innocence. There’s really no hurry.” David reassured her. “We’ve got all the time in the world.”

“But there isn’t. In one week you’ll be back at school and in three weeks I’ll be living away at Uni. I want don’t want to go away without being as close to you as I can be. Please!”

“David smiled inwardly, almost unable to believe his ears. Their love making so far had been beautiful and loving, but had been entirely straightforward missionary position. The truth was that he had desired no more than this, but the thought of teaching this adorable, innocent girl the more exciting aspects of love was enough to make his chest ache with desire.

“We could start now!” Sophie’s voice had suddenly become low and sensuous, as if teasing him. A light meaningful smile played across her lips.

David felt very aroused and very masculine as he took control. Silently, he rolled Sophie onto her back and pulled the sheet away from her body. He crouched over her, his mouth millimetres from her skin so that she could feel his hot breath.

His hot breath and the tip of his tongue brushed lightly Levent travesti against her face, her lips, her neck and her breasts as it began its slow descent towards her navel. Her belly tightened and her nipples firmed once again as his fingers parted her hot, sticky thighs.

Sophie had propped herself up on her elbows. She watched spellbound as David’s chestnut brown head moved slowly but inexorably down her naked body. His warm lips kissed first her neck, then her soft breasts, before showering her pale tummy with tiny kisses. She giggled at the tickling feeling, shaking her head. Her long blonde hair fell across her face and shoulders and a thrill rippled through her body. David’s tongue toyed with her navel and her legs automatically opened wider. His head moved still lower.

“David?” She whispered. “What are you doing?” Her voice was low and hoarse, almost inaudible. David looked up and smiled.

“Trust me. Close your eyes and relax.”

“But I’ve never…”

“Shhhh.” His voice was soothing, cajoling, reassuring. “You will love it.”

“David I……but you……we…….I’ve never……never……oh God….oh dear God!”

Sophie’s arms gave way beneath her and she fell backwards on the bed as David’s head finally arrived between her thighs and his warm breath played over her wildly sensitive vulva. He gently drew his moist tongue cross the delicate crease at the top of her thigh, then blew lightly on the damp skin left behind. Sophie moaned softly, her eyes tightly closed, her head rocking slowly from side to side.

David’s hands slipped beneath Sophie’s young buttocks and he raised her vulva closer to his face as if preparing to sip from a full chalice. Sophie’s legs fell open yet wider and her vulva pulsed with her rising excitement. David blew lightly on her swelling outer lips.

“Mmmm……ahhhh.” Was the soft, breathy response from Sophie’s open mouth above him. His tongue darted out and its tip delicately brushed against the warm, puffy flesh of her labia. Sophie’s body tensed, her thighs tightening against his shoulders, then relaxing as David insinuated his lithe, active tongue more firmly within her vulva.

Her clitoris hardened at his touch and David could feel its growing presence. He flattened his tongue and drew its wet, slightly rough surface across its hard nub. Sophie’s body trembled and short, soft gasps escaped her lips. He felt her fingers in his hair, anchoring themselves in its curls; drawing his face against her vulva.

David raised Sophie’s buttocks higher and with a strong, positive move drove his tongue deep between her lips and into her weeping vagina. Sophie let out a short sharp squeal and, arching her back, drove her vulva firmly against his face. She felt his chin against her perineum, his upper lip and nose against her swollen clitoris, but most of all she felt his omnipresent tongue as it slid up and down her slit and deep into her body.

David felt Sophie’s excitement rise to match his own. Whatever his suspicions about her past sexual experience, he now knew with certainty that she was an oral virgin and the thought brought an impassioned tightness to his chest. She tasted light and sweet, her short soft pubic hair brushing against his cheek as he tongued her. Her soft thighs brushed against his ears and her gentle moans filled his head. His nose and mouth filled with the smell and taste of her juices – oddly sweet and infinitely arousing, and he felt his own erection, now so hard it was almost painful, brushing against the pale cotton sheet beneath them.

He tongued her positively, confidently and within a short time was rewarded with the unmistakeable change in the taste of Sophie’s juices as her trembling body began the smooth sweet journey to climax. His mouth filled with a strong, bitter but mind numbingly arousing taste as her vagina wept its tears of delight into his eager mouth. The effect on David was instant. As Sophie’s body began to shake and her chest rise and fall noisily, so his own chest tightened and a sharp pain in his back demanded his own release soon.

A slight moan of disappointment escaped her lips as David pulled his mouth away from Sophie’s vulva. She reached out with her fingers to draw him back to her, but instead David gently but firmly rolled her over onto her front. Sophie, puzzled but excited, allowed him to manipulate her body, lifting her hips until she knelt on all fours on the rumpled bed sheets. She waited anxiously, her knees trembling in anticipation, then grasped fistfuls of the sheet beneath as David, kneeling invisibly behind her, nudged her legs apart with his knees and pressed up against her buttocks.

Still trembling from the first extraordinary climax his tongue had brought her, Sophie’s vulva was pink, wet and inviting. She felt David press the tip Şirinevler travesti of his huge erection against her pleading lips and closed her eyes. He pressed forwards until its head parted her labia and slowly slipped into her moist, open, welcoming passage.

Despite the obvious preparedness of her body, her mind was not prepared for the incredible feeling of pleasure that overwhelmed her as David began to slide his monstrous erection into Sophie’s vagina. He moved slowly, watching her lips stretching tightly around his girth, then adjusting to allow him to penetrate deeper and deeper.

The new position brought new, unimagined feelings to her insides as the upwards bend of his cock made its head press firmly against her perineum and its lower ridge was dragged against the tip of her clitoris. She gasped, whimpered and held the sheet more tightly, her elbows feeling unsteady beneath her.

David penetrated her yet more deeply. Sophie felt as if his cock had passed through her belly and into her chest. There was a new, unfamiliar tightness that almost choked off her breath. Her eyes opened slightly, then much wider as yet more of the mighty shaft was thrust into her. She dropped her head to look underneath her body, past the young, firm breasts that dangled ridiculously downwards, past her tummy with its last remnants of puppy fat, to see David’s muscular, hairy thighs pressed close against her own soft pale legs. His scrotum, tightly gathered against the base of his shaft, looked full and threatening.

David placed a hand lightly on each of Sophie’s buttocks and stroked them in long, steady movements from her waist, down the back of her thighs to her knees. Her body lost some of its tension and he leaned over to kiss her on the shoulder blades. As he did so, he slipped the last few inches of his erection into her body. Sophie shook, lurched forwards a little then, gathering her strength, pressed herself backwards against his invading erection. Her soft buttocks ground against his wiry pubic hair once again.

Slowly, steadily he began to thrust into her body, their union filling the room with soft wet slapping noises. Sophie giggled, a little embarrassed, but as David clearly thought this was normal, she closed her ears to the sounds and closed her eyes to concentrate on the new, wonderful feelings that filled her consciousness.

David’s thighs slapped against hers with every long, deep stroke. She felt him reaching inside her, deeper than ever before. She felt his huge cock rubbing her, exciting her in new places. She felt his tremble and shake, leaning heavily on her hips as he thrust himself into her.

Sophie’s arms trembled, unable to support her weight. She lowered her head to the bed sheets, her hips sticking up behind her. This new position brought even more new sensations to her shaking frame and she immediately began to climax, her cries muffled by the mattress below her.

David was beyond control. Watching and feeling his erection sliding smoothly in and out of Sophie’s eager body for the first time in this position was truly sensational. He grasped her hips to steady them both and drove himself harder and harder. He felt the head of his cock ramming against her insides and dimly understood that he was bruising her cervix, but could do nothing but let nature take its course.

In a matter of seconds, he began to cum painfully inside her, grunting aloud, his body lurching in huge forceful thrusts until he sat back on his heels, exhausted, Sophie’s red, gaping vagina merely inches from his face.

Sophie fell forward on the bed, panting. David’s breathing was noisy and she looked over her shoulder at his face. She smiled. He smiled back. He laid alongside her once again and they held each other closely as the last tremors left their bodies.

Suddenly David went rigid.

“Sophie! Oh God!”

“What, David?” She replied, stroking his cheek. “What could possibly be wrong?”

“We didn’t….take precautions! We didn’t use a condom!”


“Well you might get pregnant!”

“Would that bother you, David?” Sophie asked, impossibly innocently.

David’s face was a picture of horror as his first instinctive reaction – wholly negative – telegraphed itself to Sophie. She didn’t respond, but watched him longer as his mind slowly worked out that, actually, it wouldn’t be so bad and, perhaps he wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, after a very short time, the thought of marrying this extraordinary girl and bringing up a family with her became a very nice thought indeed.

But he couldn’t tell Sophie. That would be too much, too soon.

“I…..!…er….” He stammered.

Sophie grinned cheekily, then put him out of his misery. In a sheepish voice, she confessed.

“Don’t worry. I went on the pill three weeks ago, David.” He looked shocked.

“Is that bad? Are you shocked? I didn’t want to seem….well, too forward. But I couldn’t wait any loner, not when I’m going away so soon.”

David hugged her tightly until it almost hurt.

“I love you, Sophie!” He whispered into her hair.

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