The Trifecta

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“Dave, you’re coming to the party tonight. I have a few people that want to meet you,” Ray Peoples said looking uncomfortable, “Look, I’m sorry. I really am but you need to get out sometime and as this is a company-wide gathering…” he stopped seeing Dave nod, “Ok. Great.” He stopped and looked at his most valuable employee, “I wish I could say something, anything…um, thanks. I talked to Cherie and well. um…look we’ll see you there, Ok?” He turned and headed back to the elevators.

Dave Stansfield looked at his screen. It had been three months. Three months since he was sitting right here when he got the call from Denise at the front desk that a couple of policemen were here to see him. It was one policeman and one policewoman but it didn’t change the bad news about the accident, the crash that ripped his reality right out from under him. He didn’t remember falling to the floor, but the memory of Denise kneeling on the floor, tears streaming down her face will forever be stuck in his mind. Everybody loved the twins. For the last 7 years, they were the most spoiled little girls on the planet. Denise, Jennifer, Jessica, and others always got them birthday presents, always remembered.

Dave wiped away the tears and thought about Leonard Hofstadter’s mother saying “Buck up sissy pants,” and tried to get hold of himself. There had been a few company get-togethers since the accident but he couldn’t face the sympathy, the genuine tears in the eyes of his co-workers. He looked at Mr. Peoples as the doors closed. He loved the man who was more like a father than his own. This caused Dave to chuckle. His father walked out when he was in kindergarten. He’d gotten home and half the furniture and all his clothes had been cleared out. He couldn’t even remember the last time he saw him or what he’d last said.

He stood up trying to suppress the bad memories that always seemed to flood his brain once the gate opened. His father leaving him and his mother, and all the memories of being teased since his mother was apparently hot and so many of the other boys kept offering to ease her loneliness. It got more graphic as the boys got older and they finally understood what they were talking about. Chip Davies was the worst as he slept with his mom their senior year. He shuddered remembering coming into the kitchen and seeing Chip behind his barely clothed mother, hands under her tee-shirt playing with her breasts.

Dave felt like slapping himself. ‘Stop with the memories!’ he thought, ‘Don’t even think about Laura at the prom, don’t…’ the images of his date naked on the grass behind the auditorium, lavender dress tossed aside, Chip’s ass rising and falling between her legs flooded his brain. He picked up the phone, “Jennifer, can you tell Mr. Peoples I’m leaving early so I can get ready for that thing tonight? Thanks, you too. I know. It was more than a suggestion. Later,” he sighed as he hung up.

“Cherie,” Dave smiled as he climbed out of the car, “I thought you’d still be at work.”

“I was, but Ray called and told me to make sure you, we get to the party tonight on time. I guess there’s a bunch of execs flying in,” she frowned, “and we both know how much you hate mingling with those types.”

Dave nodded, “Christ! Usually a bunch of self-important puppets mouthing the same clichés and somehow using verbs and nouns and nouns as verbs. If I hear ‘what is the ask’ one more time…” he moaned, “Nevermind, don’t worry about me, I’ll be ready and on time.” He held the door checking out how nicely dressed she was. The red outfit hugged her curves, accentuating her impressive assets, and was as short as possible without being slutty.

Cherie chuckled, “I love how you’ve never gotten tired of looking at my legs,” she commented.

“I love how you call Mr. Peoples Ray.”

“I’m don’t know, Mr. Peoples sounds formal, he’s told you over and over to call him Ray. Anyhow, I’ve called him Ray for as long as I can remember. I know how you guys are and if calling him Ray doesn’t work for you, call him dad?”

“You can call him dad, I’m not going there. Anyhow, I’ll get changed, and let’s grab dinner over at Angelo’s.”

Cherie nodded and looked at the picture on the mantle, “This is my favorite picture,” she said with tears in her eyes, “They were so beautiful,” she said wiping tears from her face.

Dave took the picture of the three blondes at the beach, the two girls looking like their mother. They would have been 8 years old next week. He hugged Cherie tightly, “Mine too. I remember Hanna saying it was the best day ever and Hailey grinning and nodding,” he choked back a sob.

Cherie held on, “And just a week later…”


“Excuse me, I have to go greet somebody,” Ray said to the three men he’d been talking to. “Dave, great to see you here and on time. Cherie, I knew I could count on you to get our boy here,” he kissed the girl on the cheek.

“Hey, when Ray Peoples gives orders…” Esat travesti she grinned, “It was good to get him out of the house finally.”

“I’m amazed you were able to get him here on time,” he chuckled.

“I’m right here,” Dave grumbled, “Where’s the bar? I think I need a drink, then I’m going to find a place to plug in my laptop. You know the issues we’ve been having with the memory leak? I think I narrowed it down…”

“Over there, Cherie, grab his laptop bag and I’ll lock it safely up. It’s a time to relax, though we have a half dozen suits flying in from St. Louis that want to meet Dave, three are candidates VP of Operations. They heard about the work Dave’s done,” he patted the man on the shoulder, “I’ll find you when they get here. I haven’t met them yet,” Ray looked over towards the entrance. “Some guys named Edward Sykes, Chelmsford Davies III, and Fred Smith,” he sighed, “all MBAs with managing Operation teams. Chelmsford the third. I’ll bet that guy got beat up a lot in school,” he muttered.

“They’re the guys from MilliTech?” Dave asked, “I heard they are pretty cutting edge with their infrastructure and DevOps implementation,” he sighed, “I hope they’re more than just suits.” He looked at Mr. Peoples, “No offense but something about the tie must choke off logical thought.”

“Damn! I need to put that on my signature,” the CEO laughed. “Go on, go loosen up. Cher, I’d like to talk to you later if you have time away from babysitting,” he smiled then turned to go back to the group of men he was chatting with.

Dave and Cherie went over to a table in the corner, “You hate these things but I love them,” she looked around, “All the women are dressed to the nines and the guys are looking hot,” he grinned, “You’re allowed to look. Who is the redhead in the slinky black dress over by the plants?”

“That’s Megan from Business Objects,” Dave looked over, “She is pretty, and knows her shit. What a brain,” he sighed.

“Ask her to dance,” she suggested, “Are those real?” She sat up as the woman turned.

“I never asked nor has the subject come up,” he chuckled, “I’d rather dance with you,” he stood holding out his hand. “I prefer being seen with the most beautiful woman here.”

“Wow! I never thought you paid attention. Thanks, I do love this song,” she sighed happily.

Dave found himself feeling a peace he hadn’t felt in months. Cherie was a lithe, graceful dancer who was skilled yet eager to be led. They were playing soft, slow music perfect for holding onto a partner and losing oneself. Into the third song, he became aware of a boisterous set of male voices. His stomach suddenly felt sour as one sounded familiar.

“Dave Stansfield, is that you?”

Dave turned to see the tall suited man approach, hand out. “Um, yes. Hi Chip,” he said, trying to sound confident yet failing as he firmly shook the man’s hand.

“I go by Ford now or Chelmsford,” the man grinned, “I can’t believe it.” He looked at his buddies, “We went to Westfield High together and he was the smartest kid in our school. You work here?” Seeing him nod he grinned, “That is so cool. What do you do? What division are you in?” He stopped, “Shit! We’ll get to that. Man, we had good times back there. I often think back as those might have been the best years of my life.” He turned to the two other men, “Peter Brice and John Benson with MilliTech. I guess after the merger we’re all part of SkyHill.”

Dave shook hands with Peter and John noting all three wore very expensive custom suits, “Dave Stansfield, good to meet you and um, welcome to SkyHill.” He turned to the blonde standing there, “This is Cherie, um, she doesn’t work here.” he wondered why he didn’t include her last name or any relationship details, but no one seemed to notice.

Ford held out his hand, “Really great to meet you,” he said, his eyes overtly checking out her chest and hips. He looked back at Dave still holding the blonde’s hand, “Anyhow, what do you do here? I’ll bet it’s IT.”

Dave nodded, “Yes, IT. Senior Unix SA,” he said trying to make it sound more…anything.

“Of course you are. Dave was the AV guy back in school. He might have been a nerd but always seemed to have great taste in girls.” He looked back at Cherie, “Can I borrow your wife for a dance?” He looked around, “I probably shouldn’t. It would be better to work my way up to the most beautiful woman here but I can’t resist,” he said holding out his hand.

Cherie grinned at Dave blushing, “I’d love to dance. Are you ok with this?” she asked, before looking up at the tall, powerfully built man.”

Dave stepped back, the sour stomach he always had around Chip or Ford or whatever the fuck he wants to be called. “Sure, I need to go…” he trailed off as Chip led Cherie out onto the makeshift dance floor.

Dave looked at the two men who gave Dave a worried look, ” Well, it was nice to meet you, but there are some people I need to talk to. Why didn’t he protest, why did he not say Kızılay travesti anything? ‘Am I always going to be bullied by guys like Chip? I could have corrected him, I could have said no,’ he thought to himself as he went over to where Mr. Peoples was standing.

“So you’re Dave Stansfield,” the man said with a grin, “Damn! I expected a short guy with glasses, you look like you should be in sales,” he said looking at Ray, “So he’s the guy that made this merger possible?”

Ray looking proudly at the 28-year-old man with pride, “He did. It was his engineering and drive…”

Dave tried to look interested in the recount of his recent successes, but it no longer seemed to matter. He looked out as Cherie and Chip dancing and the man’s hands no longer were on the small of her back but further down. He knew Cherie wouldn’t say or do anything and he couldn’t understand why it mattered, but perhaps anyone but Chip dancing with…”

“Yes, I am the lead on the Jupiter project,” Dave responded aware they were now talking to him, “We have a great team of six pretty much devoted to it,” he looked at the grey-haired man. ‘Why was Cherie pressing her body against his?’ he thought.

“Dave go grab a drink and let’s show Ted, Michael, and Sherman the schematics. Gentlemen, you’re going to love this. Totally cutting edge and could possibly save us millions,” he said proudly.

As Dave went around the dance floor, Chip came up to him.

“Cherie had to hit the ladies’ room, I have to say you scored big time,” Ford said with a grin. He looked up as his two friends joined them, “Guys, what do you think of this guy’s wife? I know, right?” He grinned at Dave, “On the other hand he has the hottest mom you’ll ever meet, and wow! Is she eager in the sack,” he patted Dave on the shoulder, “Then there was Linda or Emily, hell! Anyhow, tight? She almost passed out during the prom. I know you saw us. I remember now. Her name was Laura. She didn’t go to Westfield, some other school?” he slapped Dave on the shoulder. He looked at the two men, “Do you think I might make the trifecta with Cherie?”

Peter spoke up, “Dude, leave her alone. Dave looks like a nice guy and you just can’t screw his wife,” he looked at Ford.

“Oh I can, there’s never been a question of that. But you’re right, it’s if I should,” he winked at Peter, “Dave, I always liked you so I’ll give you a break. Your wife won’t be ruined by finally getting a huge dick inside her.”

Dave stepped back wanting to punch the man, “Sure, ruined is a pretty accurate statement. You have no idea what you’re talking about but you really should back off and find someone else than Cherie, not for me but for your own sake. Anyhow, I doubt she’d slum it with a guy like you.” he said as he turned away. He was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

“You think I’m not good enough for blondie? Ok, here’s the deal. I’ll bet you $100 I will be between your wife’s legs by the end of the night. Hell, I’ll give you 10 to 1 odds on that.” He said as he pushed his face right into Dave’s.

Dave stepped back, “Not happening. I’m telling you, there is zero chance of you laying a hand on my wife, so go find someone else to prey on. It’s an impossible bet for you to win.”

Ford grinned, “50 to 1 says I’ll be fucking your wife by the end of the night and on top of that I hope she’s on the pill because I don’t plan on using protection,” he spat.

Dave saw Peter and John try to pull their colleague away but Dave stopped them, “Ok. I’ll take your wager. $100 if you screw my wife or $5,000 if you don’t. Dude, you set yourself up here and you don’t even know it. Never in a million years will you get even close to my wife,” he spat.

“Good! Here’s the deal. You can’t go get her and drive off. You have to stay until at least midnight and you stay away from her. No interfering. Got it?” Realizing he’d raised his voice he looked around to see if anyone heard and there was just a couple at the next table apparently not paying attention.

Dave looked over as Cherie approached, “Got it.” He kissed the blonde on the cheek, “Mr. Peoples wants me to show some guys around, will you be ok if I leave you with these guys?”

Cherie wondered what they’d been talking about. At first, it looked like a fight, but she must have been mistaken and both men looked happy. “Sure, I can’t see a downside to being with three great-looking guys,” she grinned at Dave, “I’ll see you later?”

Dave glared at Chip, “Please be good to her, she’s a great person,” he said. He looked at Cherie thinking this was a mistake then smiled at her, “Watch out for these guys, especially Ford. But you’re a big girl. I’ll catch you later.” He turned and headed over to get his drink.

Cherie found herself dancing with one after another of the guys. All seemed to like pressing their bodies close to her, their hands straying to her ass, the sides of her breasts mashed against their chests. She wondered what Dave was doing as she’d Alsancak travesti assumed they’d spend time together here since he was always working, but these guys were so attentive she’d found herself happy being the center of their attention.

“Look, here’s the plan.” Chip looked out at Peter and Cherie grinding against each other. “Can you go check out some of the offices to see if there’s a place I can take blondie? It will also need a closet or side office where you can capture us on video. I’m sure Dave will require proof,” he said as he handed John his phone, “Hell,” he said looking out at his friend grinding against the girl, “As a bonus, you and Peter can fight over who gets sloppy seconds,” he laughed.

Cherie had never been so groped in her life and that is saying something. She was blessed with the perfect body, long shapely legs, a tight perky ass, flared hips with a narrow waist and breasts. It was the breasts that caught men’s eyes first. DDs on her fairly small frame seemed larger. She fanned herself as she headed back to the ladies’ room having to get rid of all wine she’d been drinking. Peter always seemed to know when her glass was getting down and appeared with a fresh one. These guys weren’t nearly as bad as she’d first thought. She wondered why Dave originally looked unhappy to see an old classmate. He was charming, gentle but obviously powerful and was seriously packing between his legs.

She washed her hands and looked at herself. Maybe this dress was a bad idea. The flimsy material clung to her curves more as she perspired and it seemed the vee was exposing more of her impressive cleavage while her nipples poked through the thin fabric. She wished she could have worn a bra but she wanted Dave to think about something other than the accident. She headed back out to the main area where the music was getting louder.

Dave finished up showing the executives the projects, the datacenters, and everything else they wanted. He was told about his role in the upcoming merger and the new VP of Operations. He didn’t care as long as whoever it is lets him do his job. He looked at his watch seeing it was 11:30 and headed over to where he’d last seen Cherie.

Cherie had just sat down and was fanning herself from the many dances when she saw Dave approach. She jumped up, giving him a hug, “Holy shit! What did they make you do, show them every line of your code?” She looked at the three men, “On the other hand, these guys might have gotten to know my every line of my code if you hadn’t shown up,” she smiled.

“I knew you would find a way to entertain yourself. It’s getting late, shall we head out?” he asked.

Chip was about to protest as it wasn’t yet midnight, but relaxed hearing Cherie decline.

“You go ahead. I could dance a bit more and I need to head over to my parent’s house after this. Mom needs help with Gram’s stuff and I told her I’d be there. You go on. I’ll talk to you tomorrow?” She said before kissing him, “You get some sleep.” She said feeling a bit tipsy.

Dave nodded but heard his name, “Or not. I guess I am needed again,” he sighed, “At least I’ve just had half a drink,” he said. He looked at Chip, “Nice seeing you again, and meeting you guys.” He turned and saw the three men looking at a folder.

Chip nodded at John as he sat back down next to Cherie, “So now that we’re alone…” he laughed.

Cherie felt the effects of the wine and didn’t stop the man as he stroked her bare thigh higher and higher. She’d been feeling an increasing need between her legs the more the men groped her and was feeling frustrated that she committed to her parents and would not find a release for this itch. On the other hand, she was feeling more and more relaxed as the night went on.

Ford felt the dampness in her panties and rather than push his hand away she’d opened her legs slightly under the table. “You have any idea how beautiful you are?” he asked as he listened to her breathing get heavier. He took a chance and slid his fingers under the leg band.

“Mmmmm, I could look like a horse and men always say how beautiful a woman is when his fingers are inside her,” she giggled. She pulled his hand out, “That’s enough. I like this song,” she said standing up, “Come on. I couldn’t possibly have worn you out yet. The night is yet young,” she laughed.

When Ford got back he saw John nodding at him from the doorway, “Excuse me. I need to ask John something,” he said as he held the chair for the incredible blonde. He knew that in no more than ten minutes his cock would be in the tight cunt. He’d been wanting to smell his finger ever since he’d felt how wet she was but he knew he’d be able to taste the source of that nectar soon. He’d taken many wives and he knew the signs. She was already fantasizing about having his cock inside her and most likely wondering who would be taking which hole.

“I found the perfect room. Down the hall, take the stairs to the left. Room 218. I’ll grab Peter. Give us five minutes,” John grinned in anticipation.

Ford stood by the blonde, “You said you know this building well, I’d like that tour now,” he smiled.

Unsteadily standing, Cherie looked around, “Sure, but where are John and Peter? They said they wanted a tour also.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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