The Valentine’s Day Dinner

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John had called her from work and said that he had arranged a Valentine’s Day dinner for the two of them. Rose was impressed to say the least and more than a little surprised. To be honest their 20-year-old marriage had grown a bit stale over the years, especially in matters of an intimate nature. Valentine’s Day was something that other people had.

He had arranged for the children to be collected from school by her in-laws so she only had herself to get ready. Since he had made the effort she decided that she was going to do the same and she was to be ready by 6pm, as soon as he came home from work. She wondered where they would be going, perhaps that new Italian place, ‘Rastellis,’ on the riverbank or even ‘The Barbican,’ the rather exclusive steak house in the neighbouring town.

She decided to pull out all the stops and treated herself to a luxuriant bubble bath, pampering herself with her favourite Coco Chanel range; her skin glistened with a generous application of body lotion and a dusting of fine talc that made her already smooth skin feel like silk. It was a sad reflection on the state of things she realised, that she hadn’t worn it since Christmas Day. She finished off with a spray of perfume to her hair, neck, wrists and feeling a little risqué on her curly auburn pussy.

She considered herself in the full-length bedroom mirror and although she carried a few excess pounds she wasn’t at all bad for a forty-year-old mother of two. Her breasts were full and sloped down gently, her hips were slim enough and legs rather shapely. Of course her waist had thickened over the years but her derriere had kept its pert firmness; she had a quick glance at her ass in the mirror to reassure herself and grinned as she gave it a saucy little wiggle. She heard John come in at the back door and quickly brushed her long dark mane.

‘You look and smell good enough to eat Rose my darling.’ He said with a playful smile on his lips.

‘Why thank you kind Sir, she beamed at him. ‘Where are we going to eat?’

‘We are going to eat in.’ he said.

Rose turned her head away from him so that he couldn’t see her disappointment; she had been really looking forward to going out for the evening, even though she knew that money was a bit tight.

‘Oh that will be lovely,’ she said unconvincingly, fighting back her tears.

‘I’ve got everything we will need Rose. I’m going to give you a night to remember. Tonight you are going to be my lover, not just a wife and mother.’

At least he doesn’t expect me to cook then thought Rose. John took out a red heart shaped cushion from the carrier bag he had brought in and lay it on the dining room table.

‘This is for your pretty head to lie on my darling while I enjoy my dinner.’

Rose was getting a bit confused; did he say ‘his’ dinner, what about hers?

When he took off his coat he was wearing a full dinner suit.

‘John you look great in that!’

He was such a good looking man but seeing each other every day made you lazy and take your partner for granted sometimes; she was glad she had made the effort for him tonight too.

‘Now Rose sweetheart, you are going to be my obedient lover tonight and accept everything I might say or do.’ The firmness in which he said it caught her off-guard but sent a tingle racing down her spine.

He told her to remove all her clothing, including her hold-ups Üçyol travesti and shoes. He wanted her completely naked. He sat back in one of the chairs and admired the view as she provocatively removed each garment. As she was bent over removing her knickers he gave her a playful pat on her bottom.

‘Right’ he said ‘lie full length on the table on your back, the Valentine cushion will support your head.’

She looked a little perplexed at his request but did as instructed. They had only had sex in the bedroom so far in their married lives. Rose had read about women being ‘taken’ on the stairs, in the kitchen or living room but thought it was just for the romantic fiction writers to sell their books. Did people really do that sort of thing? It seems she was about to find out.

‘You are going to be dinner!’ announced John grinning.

It felt cold on the shiny wooden table and made her shiver. How appealing her nipples were to him as the cool air-conditioning encouraged them to stand erect and proud. He wanted to put his hot mouth round them there and then, but resisted the temptation. He returned to the contents of his bag. There was squirty whipped-cream, strawberries, chocolate body paint and a large firm banana. She was beginning to catch on. This looked like fun.

He began to ‘prepare’ her body. The smooth chocolate ‘paint’ was applied to her full breasts and each topped off with a strawberry. He filled her tummy button with the cream and moved downwards. He was about to squirt the cream on her love triangle, when he hesitated for a moment.

‘Don’t move’ he said and dashed upstairs.

She could hear him in the bathroom. He returned quickly with shaving foam and a razor. She raised a surprised eyebrow at him.

‘No need to worry,’ he said, ‘you are safe in my hands’.

He then proceeded to shave the most intimate areas of her body. She was slightly nervous to say the least! He used scissors to trim the longer hairs initially and then set to work with the razor. How gently and lovingly he shaved her, no nicks or cuts. Soon she was ready. It felt very strange to her, so smooth and somehow more vulnerable in it’s nakedness. He stood back to admire his work. Yes she would do nicely. It excited him to see her shaven like this, all the more so as he had done it. He give her briefest of kisses on those oh so smooth lips, that sent shudders throughout her body.

Now it was time for the rest of her preparation. He squirted cream all over her newly shaved area and topped it with an abundance of strawberries. The banana would be used later. He started with her breasts. He licked and sucked them enthusiastically. Delicious as he found them somehow they were all the sweeter covered in chocolate. She smiled up at him and wriggled under his determined tongue. He had saved the nipple strawberries for last. His mouth covered her nipples as he ate. How she loved the delightful warmth and teasing of his lips and tongue. After her breasts were once again ‘clean’ he took her nipples in his mouth and nibbled gently at them. She responded immediately by arching her back and so forcing her dark pink peaks further into his mouth. He took each nipple in turn and gently nipped them between his teeth. She gave out a little gasp of pleasure on each occasion. Before he moved downwards he sucked on her hardened nipples long and hard until Alanya Travesti she ‘mewed’ like a little cat for him.

Then down to her tummy button. He circled around it first before diving in with his tongue and devouring the cream. It tickled and made her laugh out aloud. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them a little too hard as he finished lapping at her tummy. She was starting to warm under these expert hands and tongue. She urged him to move further down, but he did not intend to be rushed today. She would just have to ‘endure’ his ministrations to her eager and wanting body. He then moved to her mouth and kissed her. His tongue found hers and to her delight he shared the cream with her. She ate greedily out of his mouth. Even though he had many times touched every part of her body, it always surprised how a sensuous kiss can feel like the most intimate touch of all.

He then moved down to her ‘strawberries and cream’. He ‘attacked’ it with such eagerness and lust. He thought to himself that oral delights had to be sweetest of all pleasures. He hungrily consumed the strawberries and cream, he was so desirous to reach the delicious flesh beneath them. His tongue felt strange to her, licking at her now naked pubic area. It seemed to increase his desire for her. His teeth gently bit at her fleshy mound and his tongue found that little protuberance of flesh that brought her such excitement and gratification. He ‘worked’ on her relentlessly and she stiffened her legs to increase the intensity of her sensations.

‘Oh John that feels wonderful,’ she moaned, ‘please don’t stop.’

She felt her body responding quickly for him. The slight ache began to build inside her love tunnel. He continued to lick and tease her with his amazing tongue. She squirmed beneath him, as her clitoris became so sensitive to even the slightest pressure he applied. But there was no escape from these welcome delights. She played with her own breasts as he brought her towards climax. Her whole body flushed and shook with the intensity of it. She felt she might explode. Her legs began to thrash about wildly and the need to have something inside her contracting opening was acute.

‘I need you inside me John, please give me your hard cock; I’m desperate for you,’ she pleaded.

She felt something plunge inside her and her muscles immediately tightened around it. Her body began to shudder involuntary and as she reached her peak she screamed out as if needing to tell the whole world of her release. He held her tight until her orgasm subsided. He then moved downwards and began ‘eating’ from her again. It had been the banana he placed into her needy opening. He ate with enthusiasm, enjoying it all the more as it had now been lubricated with wetness her body had produced. How he loved to smell the faint of aroma of her womanly body and to taste the luscious fluid her body produced only for him. He finished the banana quickly and turned her onto her tummy.

‘Rose I know we haven’t done this before but I’m going to taste your asshole. Don’t worry, I just want you to enjoy it.’

‘Oh John I’ve wanted to try that for so long. You can do anything you want with me Sir.’

John smiled at the reference to ‘Sir’; she had never called him that before. Perhaps he had underestimated her willingness to try new things all these years.

Right now he desperately needed Konyaaltı travesti to get his tongue inside her bottom, as he wanted to lick and taste every single inch of her body. She thrust her bottom up to his awaiting tongue and held her cheeks open for him to ensure that he had easy access. His tongue moved in and out of her and she relished every moment. As she drifted off with the sheer ecstasy of it he was sure he could hear her purring.

He then turned her again and kissed her so sweetly and gently on her lips.

‘I love you Rose, I love every inch of your body and from this moment on I’m going to make full use of it on a regular basis; we have wasted too much time already. Now you can get off the table and bend over it for me please.’

Rose got up quickly and lay over the table with her bottom waiting for him, wonder what delectation was going to present itself this time. She whimpered softly as she felt his firm hands massaging her round firm buttocks and opening her cleft wide before his eyes. His finger traced that sweet furrow now glistening with the moisture from her shaven pussy.

‘Oh, oh!’ she cried in surprise as she felt the rigidity of his prick teasing her tight puckered entrance.

‘Yes, yes,’ she moaned as he plunged into her virgin hole and started to thrust deep inside. These new sensations were a delight for both of them.

John loved that oh so tight tunnel grasping hard on his manhood; it wouldn’t be long before he came.

He pulled out and lunged into her sopping pussy. He immediately felt her thrusting back towards him, encouraging him ever deeper into her welcoming cavity. She loved the feel of his heavy balls slapping against her thighs. For the first time ever they came together. Rose felt wave after wave of her orgasm rippling through her body and John reached a heady summit pumping his juices into this woman he dearly loved.

They slumped on the table sated in their lust and took a moment to recover from their pleasure. John smacked her tempting bottom and watched her wriggle with pleasure before taking her in his arms and holding her tightly. It was such a special loving moment for both of them and they clung onto each other for a long time.

John reached into his bag and produced a basket of fruit and a carton of cream and handed them to her.

‘I’ve written you a poem,’ he said shyly.
‘The strawberries are your full red lips pouting for my kiss,
The cherries are your nipples for me to suck and nibble upon,
The pear is the soft curve of your body for me to hold forever in my arms,
The peach is your rounded bottom, thrust towards me for my pleasure,
The grape is your sweet little clitoris hungry for my tongue,
The passion fruit is a mirror of your soul showing the lust you hold for me,
And the cream is the outpourings from your body as I satisfy your needs.’

‘John that is so beautiful. Thank you so much my darling,’ she said staring devotedly into his kind twinkling eyes.

‘Oh yes and how could I forget? A rose for my Rose,’ he said handing her a single red rose in full bloom.

Rose’s beaming smile showed how delighted she was; he had made her feel like a sensual woman again, his lover. Expensive dinners and presents weren’t what Valentine’s Day was about; it was these simple but priceless expressions of love that they had shared this evening.’

‘I think we should have a Valentines Day dinner once a month,’ laughed Rose.

‘I do have one request though. Could I please have my tea before it? I’m famished!’

He gave her a wicked little grin and looked down towards his manhood and said,

‘Anyone for dessert?’

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