The Walk Ch. 02

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Part II: The Date

“Hi Rose,” he said over the phone line.

“Well hi there Will. What’s up?” She replied.

“I was wondering if you’re free this Saturday? I’d like to take you out if you’re available.”

“Wow, like a date?”

“Yes, exactly like a date.”

“We’ve never done that Will. I’d like that, A LOT.”

“Well then, it’s high time we did, especially after the last walk we took.”

“It was amazing, you do realize, I’ve never gone that far before don’t you?”

“Well, you weren’t with me before, it wasn’t the right time, and not with the right person. It wouldn’t have happened like it did, if it wasn’t the combination of you and me.”

“Hmmm. You may be right. It was out of control, but I didn’t want to stop, I just thought that I should because I always have before.”

“But you’re not asking me out just because you want sex are you?”

Laughter, “I’ve wanted to go out with you forever. The time was never right, or I was too scared to ask.”

“Awww. Ok, just don’t expect much, I’ve never gone all the way Will. I don’t know that I can. It’s scary to lose control.”

“It’s beautiful when you come apart in my arms Rose. It makes me feel 10 feet tall and able to leap tall buildings. That’s how I know it’s meant to be, when you’re ready. And just so you know, I’d wait forever for you.”

“Wow! That’s so sweet! Just so you’re good with me being chicken and saying no….?”

“Rose, we’ll have a wonderful time no matter what we do. I don’t promise to not try to seduce you though, that’s half of the fun. I love the way you react to me. It turns me on, turning you on.”

“So where are we going besides the back seat of your Mom’s car?”

Laughing, he replies, “I thought we’d go to dinner at a restaurant that will remain mysteriously unnamed. Followed by dancing.”

“But you hate dancing,”

“Ahhh, but I’ll have you in my arms all evening. What could be better?”

“That’s a romantic thing to say.”

“Good, then I’ll pick you up at 6:30 on Saturday. Will you do something for me?

What’s that? Wear a short skirt and no panties.”

“Wow, I don’t think I can I, but I’ll see what I can do.”

That Saturday, Will rings the doorbell precisely at 6:30 pm. He’s in khaki pants and a polo shirt and loafers. His hair is still slightly damp from his shower. My mouth waters and I can feel a blush spreading from my face to my chest. I’ve put on a short flowery skirt and a stretchy top, but I bet he’s wondering what is underneath.

“Hi Will, I’m ready, but don’t you dare ask what I have on underneath this skirt!” He laughs and escorts me to his car with a hand on the small of my back. How can that simple touch get to me?

At the car, he opens the door for me, and as I go to slide in, his hand wanders down my ass looking for a panty line and finding one. “Chicken,” he whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine. I laugh and he smiles down at me then leans down and softly kisses the corner of my mouth. I send him a saucy smile and go to make a smart remark, but he kisses me again, this time on my lips and its bone meltingly gentle. I can’t help it, I have to slide closer, lean into him, wrap my wrist behind his neck, pull him closer, and let him flood my senses with his taste, and the subtle scent of Old Spice.

“Yum,” he says, smiling into my eyes, hands molding my hips to his. He gives a little grind, and I can feel his erection standing to attention.

“Wow,” I echo him. “I think all the blood rushed from my head, and my IQ just dropped 10 points.”

“Only mecidiyeköy escort 10 points? I must be losing my touch.” he jokes.

“Vanity thy name is Will,” I joke back and scoot into the car. When he rounds the car and slides in himself I am shocked when he hands me a scarf to put on, covering my eyes. “You really want to surprise me?” I ask, touched and a bit nervous.

“Yes, I thought this would be a fun way to build the anticipation, and I want you to trust me.” And with that last sentence, I’m a goner. How can I possibly say no? So with damp fingers trembling, I tie the scarf around my head. Will gives it a tuck eliminating the last vestiges of light, and all of my other senses spring vibrantly to life.

As we drive along, starting and stopping, speeding up, then turning this way and that, I lose track of the time. I can feel sweat gathering in the back of my shoulders and heat pooling in my delta as he jokes around and caresses my fingers. Occasionally, he edges up the hem of my skirt and works his hand between my legs until I spread my thighs allowing him the access he wants to caress and teased my clit or slide a finger along the delta of my lips. I am aroused and unnerved; intrigued, and stimulated, trembling.

Finally the cars engine turns off and Will whispers. “We’re here. Do you know where we are?” I hazard a guest, “Downtown?” He leans over to pull off the scarf and then Will is blocking out the view with his head, as he leans in for a kiss.

I thread my fingers through his hair and pull him in for a long, tongue tangling, hungry kiss. He laughs at my lack of control and then groans as I pull him under with me.

With a click the seat belt is off and with another click, so is his. Then his body is pressed into mine and it feels like heaven. Click the seat pushes back as far as it can go.

“Beautiful girl, I want you badly.”

“And I you.”

“So the question is, how hungry are you? And for food or me?”

“Hmmm. Let’s start with an appetizer, then get something to eat….”

And with that I find myself in the big back seat of the Oldsmobile, straddling Will’s lap, skirt riding up, and his big hands cupping my breasts under my top and bra. “Wow, you work fast.” His mouth is on the side of my neck as he pinches and squeezes my nipples. A flood of liquid heat arrows directly from my nipples to my pussy.

I grip his head through his hair and ask him to suck my nipple. Cool air hits my skin as my top is flung across the back seat. The hot, wet suction of his mouth on me feels incredible. I tell him so with a moan and by gripping his head more tightly to my bosom. I can feel his erection nudging the juncture of my thighs and the heat and intensity feels insanely good. So good, that I have to feel his cock in my hand. I reach to unbuckle his belt and slide my hand down his pants until I have a throbbing handful of hard cock.

He moans and his hands are everywhere at once. This appetizer concept seemed like a good idea, but was rapidly getting out of control. He’s thrusting his cock through my fist, licking and sucking my nipples and grinding me down on his hips. The rhythm is getting faster and faster, and any minute now he’s going to flip me on my back, I just know it. I’m on fire, but part of my mind is saying whoa.

Instead he suggests, “Why don’t you climb on my cock? See how it feels. You’ll be in control. Just a taste, just an appetizer. If you want to stop, I stop, just say so.”

And that I can handle. New territory, but not out of control. “Ok, if it hurts kağıthane escort I’m stopping.”

He helps me arrange his cock at the entrance to my body and slides it back and forth. Fireworks detonate as he strokes from the entrance to my clit and back. Incredibly good. We both moan as I grow slicker and wetter. Then with a wiggle just the head of his cock is inside me. He slides in a centimeter and retreats. Mmmm. I wiggle back and take him in again, maybe an inch. Thrust, retreat, thrust retreat. Just the merest taste. “That feels so good!”

“Take another inch…”

“OK” There’s more, but no pain, just fullness. So the parry and retreat continues. Hands gripping my ass, playing with the angle, breathing growing harder, heating pouring off us in waves and it’s amazing… until he pulls out and shoots cum on my stomach.

We snuggle; my head is under his chin as we catch our breath. “Mmmmm. I liked that. And it didn’t hurt. Do you have a towel or napkins around?”

“Let me rub it into your skin. I want you to wear my cum.” We clean up a bit and head into the restaurant a few minutes later after a soft, gentle kiss, ready to refuel, one hunger on the back burner for the moment.

After we’re seated I excuse myself to go to the bathroom to wash up a bit. As I slide out from the booth, you lean over to whisper to me, “Take off your panties in there and give them to me. I want to smell your scent.” There is instant heat at the naughty suggestion. Off I go.

A little less sweaty, make up touched up, and pantiless, I return to the table, you pull me to your side of the booth, so I slide in till I’m touching your side, then hand over the scrunched up swatch of material. You reach for it, bring it to your nose, inhale like it has the most expensive perfume in the world on it, and then tuck it into your jacket.

How can that be so erotic? But it is and I’m getting damp again. I’m going to leave a wet spot on the booth seat.

The nice thing about the booth is that it has a tablecloth. I lean in for a kiss, and you give me soft lips and agile tongue. I melt and find that once again I’m petting your cock and it’s rising to the occasion!

The waiter comes with our drinks and a pitcher of water at my request. Orders placed, he heads back to the kitchen. A slow song comes on so we head to the lightly populated dance floor. You tuck me in to you, every inch of our bodies touching, arms wrapped around each other. I can feel my heart beating in my throat, heat puddling in my pussy, your cock riding my left hip and your lips nibbling my ear. You laugh, “I’m not going to be able to sit down with this much wood.” I snuggle closer and give your hips a grind.

“What an amazing evening this is turning out to be,” I sigh into the base of you throat, and you reward me with one of your sweet, nibbling kisses. “I want you again. I want you all the time. It’s a constant ache. Say you’ll be with me in every way tonight. Say ‘Yes!’ Rose.”

“I am yours in every way that counts. I think after tonight I’m ready for the next step.”

That got me a class “A” kiss. The meal passed in a blur of lingering touches, nibbles, and even some consuming of food. There was a glow in the air, and the conversation flowed, laughter and smiles. I fed him a bite of my pasta, and he rolled his eyes and moaned appreciatively. I laughed and tried for seductive when he fed me, but all we ended up doing was laughing some more. I could feel the simmer of sex just below the surface and it added sparkle to the evening, an overtone of more to come.

After beşiktaş escort paying the bill, we walked to the car and tried to come up with a plan. Where do we go? Mt Washington isn’t good for going parking with the streets being so steep.

Station Square was more promising. We decided to go scope out the area. As we drove by some possible locations we passed a hotel or two. I didn’t really think about it, but Will did. He stewed for a bit. I was about to suggest one of the darker parking lots by the river, when he swerved into the hotel lot. “What are you doing?” I ask.

‘This is a special night. You’ll always remember the first time, and you’ll always remember me. I want this to be comfortable and beautiful for you. A hotel is the perfect answer. We’re getting a room. And it will be our special night to remember. No cramped back seats, no police knocking on the windows. Just you and me sharing a night like no other.”

“Will, that touches me. I’m going to start crying.”

“Cry away. I’ll hold you.” And that was good too.

“I can’t believe you’d do this for me.”

“How could I not? There is only one first time. You mean the world to me. This is an easy way to show that.”

The room was the lovely, but unimportant. As soon as the door closed, I rose on tip toe for a kiss. Each kiss fed the next. Hunger rose and deepened. Clothes came off piece by piece and skin was sampled, explored, savored. The night was a gift and I wasn’t scared, but a little emotional and a lot excited. This was a present from my Will and I felt treasured.

Our bodies moved against each other in slow, languid movements. The air was super charged with excitement. I wanted time to slow down. I wanted time to speed up too. Then, the head of his cock was at my entrance and the time was now. He kissed me and whispered, “I love you Rose.” And he surged into me.

I choked back a scream and tried to buck him off me. He didn’t budge. It really hurt. All those good feelings were gone. I felt impaled and invaded. I wanted him off me, NOW. Will kissed the tears on my cheeks and murmured soothing words of reassurance and praise. He told me how tight and hot my pussy felt gripping his cock. I loved how graphic his language was. He said the pain was over and the pleasure was about to begin again. I tried to relax, and paced my breath to his. That helped the pain recede.

His hips flexed a bit and I moved with him. It was beginning to feel good, and then the thrusting felt wonderful. He increased the tempo and I was able to grip his ass and feel him flexing inside me. His ass is strong and sexy and felt divine and powerful. The pressure spiraled, and built, and we soared higher and tighter. I couldn’t breathe at all and then the clenching and releasing crashed through us both. I unraveled completely and was crying again and so was he. It was beautiful and golden, and left us both panting and dazed. I whispered back, “I love you too. That was amazing. You are amazing.”

Between kisses and gentle laughter we napped a bit. I woke up needing to pee. When I came back to the bed, he was buttoning up his pants and ogling my swaying breasts. I kissed him, my naked body pressed to his almost clothed one. That felt worldly and sexy to me. I was a woman now with her first love and first lover!

“I hate to leave,” I said.

“Me too. I wish we had all night. But you know this is only the beginning.”

I smiled and bubbles of happiness made me feel giddy.

“Yes, a perfect beginning. Maybe we can go camping one weekend?”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. We’ll have to figure out the details, but that could work!”

Arm in arm we left our magical trysting place behind us and made our way through the lobby. I wondered if anyone looking at us could tell that we had taken our right of passage to adulthood together.

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