Tim’s First Time

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He sat at his laptop at the pep rally of their average size school. His gaze fixed on the only girl that made him truly happy. Kristin was the head cheerleader of the varsity squad. Tim knew deep down that it was almost impossible to imagine a girl like Kristin ever wanting him like he wanted her. His eyes started to travel up Kristin’s long tan athletic legs, up to her thighs and finally her small cute ass, he swallowed hard and tried not to focus on the bulge growing in his pants. He watched her cheer and smiled, once again turning his focus to his homework. The bell sounded and the noise died down, he figured that the pep rally was over. He gathered up his laptop and papers and walked down the long row of metal uncomfortable bleachers. Kristin was there at the bottom and smiled sweetly at him, he felt his cheeks burn and he quickly waved and continued walking. Kristin was different, she was nice to everyone and she always wanted to help anyone with his or her problems. Tim admired that about her, most of the jocks he knew were assholes. Speaking of assholes the captain of the football team walked up behind him and placed his foot in between Tim’s feet causing him to trip. Tim fell hard, and almost broke his laptop he looked up at the jock now laughing hysterically and his eyes burned with tears. But he wouldn’t give in; he wasn’t going to give that guy the satisfaction he mumbled to himself,

“Stupid muscle head, why don’t you get a life.” He tried to compose himself and he heard that sweet familiar voice.

“Tim are you ok? Jeff didn’t hurt you did he? How’s your laptop did you break it?” It was none other than the beautiful Kristin. He whispered yeah I’m fine Kristin thanks for asking.”

She helped him get to his feet and mentioned that it was getting late, and she didn’t have anyone to walk home with. This was his chance and being the gentleman he was he offered to walk her home since they lived two houses from each other.

They walked out into the crisp fall air, and Tim offered Kristin his jacket since she had forgotten hers, she accepted and blushed a bit. They were talking about school and grades when all of a sudden Tim was pushed to the ground. He was caught off guard and before he could react the football team was holding Kristin back and beating him up. Kristin was crying and pleading with Jeff to stop hurting Tim, but the escort şişli cries were left unanswered. Tim was never much of a fighter; in fact he was a bit of weakling. After about 10 minutes they left him alone and all Jeff said was,

“Next time pussy you better make sure no one can hear you talk shit”.

They let Kristin go and she rushed to his aid and helped him up. Tim couldn’t hold back the tears this time, he was in a lot of pain, and his lip was bleeding. He hated those guys but there was nothing he could do to protect himself against a group of people. He looked at Kristin’s face and he saw that she was shaking with fear and concern; he wiped her tears and gave her a hug. He apologized and she offered to clean him up at her house, and he accepted.

They walked up to the doorstep and Kristin unlocked the door and led Tim to the upstairs bathroom. And cleaned and dressed his wounds. After that she led him into her bedroom, and sat him on the bed they talked for a while and decided to order a cheese pizza. They ate the pizza and decided to watch some TV. It was about quarter to 10 and Kristin had fallen asleep on Tim’s chest, he kissed her forehead, and scooped her up and carried her into her bed. He was about to leave when Kristin woke up teary eyed and begged him not to leave. She didn’t like being alone in that big old house, in fact she was scared to be anywhere by herself. So Tim decided to call his house and ask his parents if he could spend the night, they figured since it was a Friday night it would be ok. They were actually pretty happy that he finally made a friend; they didn’t even ask him who it was that invited him over. When Tim told Kristin about his parent’s approval she was elated and she giggled, he never thought that she would be so happy to have him spend the night. So he decided to ask her.

“Kristin I was wondering why your always so nice to me, your not like everyone else in our school”

“Well Tim I have always had a crush on you, and your such a sweet guy, I guess I was the only one who could see past that.”

Tim blushed and managed to squeak out,

“y-yo-you like me, like me?”

Kristin looked down and said yea I do. Tim started to rejoice and was very excited at this news,

“Kristin I have had the biggest crush on you since kindergarten!!!” They hugged each other and merter escort shared their first real kiss together; they sat back and asked each other what they were going to do now. They decided they would start to date each other, Kristin no longer cared about her social status she wanted to be happy, and Tim made her happy. Tim and Kristin started to kiss once again this time there was some: exploring: on Tim’s part, he started to massage Kristin’s 38B breasts. He could feel her nipples getting hard. And it made his 8-inch cock throb with anticipation. He sucked on her neck and started going up her shirt. Kristin moaned softly and put her hand on the inside of Tim’s thigh and she started moving toward his now hard throbbing cock. He sighed pleasurably and took off her shirt. Her breasts were perfect, and that white lace bra was driving him wild. He was practicing how to take a bra off with one hand, and now was his big chance. He prayed to God he wouldn’t mess up; he could not be embarrassed in this crucial moment. His nervous hand slipped behind her back and started to fidget with the clasps; one, two, three. It was a success! All that practice had paid off. He took off her bra and lay there memorized by her beautiful tan breasts. Kristin could sense his nervousness and she strattled him and she started to kiss his neck. She pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. She moved down and took off his pants and boxers and started to lick the head of his cock. He grabbed the sheets and squeezed them tightly she put this throbbing cock into her mouth and began to suck, swirling her tongue around every part of his sensitive skin this drove Tim crazy he moaned louder and louder. Kristin began to hum while sucking on his cock, by this Tim almost blew his load into her waiting throat, he wanted to make love to her he didn’t want it to go this way his brain was screaming, “Don’t you cum in this girls mouth don’t you dare!” He let out a breathless “Stop Kristin, stop I want to make love to you.” She stopped and lay down on the bed and took off her remaining clothes. She looked him in his eyes and lipped the words “I love you”. This made Tim’s heart melt, all he ever wanted was to be loved by someone. And he finally found that love in Kristin. He climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately on the lips as he lowered his thick eight-inch cock into her istanbul escort wet awaiting pussy. He went into her slow and deep holding her close to his body. His heart was pounding and he was nervous he was going to do the wrong thing, but at the moment that he looked into her blue eyes all those fears faded away he started to thrust a bit faster sucking on her sandy tan skin. She moaned pleasurably as his cock hit her g-spot over and over again she wanted to cum badly but she didn’t want to have Tim think that she was a fast fuck she wanted to make this moment last forever. She whispered into his ear that she was getting close and that she couldn’t hold it back much longer. He felt the same and he whispered back,

” Kristin I want us to cum together, I’m close too just let it happen.” And there was a still moment where he looked into her eyes and into her soul and said ever so softly,

“I love you Kristin”. With that said he began to thrust her faster and a bit harder giving her all he had. Her eyes rolled back and her body got stiffer, her pussy tightened and hot sticky liquid flowed onto Tim’s cock, this made him have an instant orgasm. He pumped faster and harder exploding streams of warm salty cum into her pussy. He pulled out his now softening cock, and looked at her glazed pussy, he moved down to her cleanly shaved pussy and started to lap up their combined juices. She tasted amazing and he couldn’t wait to feel her cum on his tongue. He sucked her swollen clit while sliding two fingers into her wet dripping pussy. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned and screamed his name. He moved down and slides his wide tongue into her pussy he sucked and flicked his tongue everywhere inside her pussy. He felt her g-spot, he rubbed his tongue roughly over the ridges of the inside of her pussy, and this drove her wild. Her hands grabbed onto the white painted metal of her bed and held on until her knuckles turned white. His tongue went faster and faster, she was fucking her hips hard against his tongue this drove him to go harder on her g-spot.
He grabbed her tits and began to squeeze and roll her nipples between his wet sticky fingers as she bucked up and came hard on his tongue. Her pussy pumped out hot streams of sweet sticky cum and he drank her up as fast as she was pumping it out. He licked up her pussy and kissed her smooth muff, up her stomach, to each of her breasts, her neck and finally up to her mouth and once at her mouth he slid his tongue into hers and their tongue became tangled with one another and was the most passionate kiss the two young lovers had ever shared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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