Weekend Getaway Pt. 03

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Part 3 – Fun At The Beach Begins

One by one, Christina watched each DVD. As she did, she became more excited about the possibilities that lay ahead of her. She also became more turned on by the thought of such erotic play. Her hands examined each toy and dildo as she watched similar items being used in the DVDs. The videos began to really get to her, and before long she had her fingers buried in her pussy while she watched the last DVD. As the DVD ended, she lay back on her bed and continued to play with her pussy and clit. Her eyes closed and mental visions began to go through her head. She saw herself teasing Doc’s ass and could hear him moaning from the pleasure she was giving him. Her orgasm was almost there when the mental image that flashed before her was her strap-on dildo sliding into Doc’s ass. She could literally hear him moaning as though he were in the room with her at that very instant. He was begging her to fuck his ass. Her fingers picked up speed as she continued to play with her soaked pussy and clit. Christina was almost there and she wanted that release. Then as she was getting so very close, the image quickly changed and it was now Doc’s cock sliding into her ass. Her pussy clamped tightly around her fingers and with her other hand she slipped two fingers into her ass. Thousands of lightning bolts began to course through her body as her orgasm was finally upon her. Over and over her fingers were plunging into her pussy and her ass while her orgasm just rocked on and on.

Christina finally began to come back to earth. Her fingers were just slowly teasing her now as she allowed herself to languish in the afterglow of her orgasm. A smile spread across her face as she thought of all the wonderful possibilities their weekend could provide. She rolled to her side, pulled up the covers and was fast asleep in nothing flat.

As Doc drove home, he mentally went through a checklist of things to do tonight and then for tomorrow. Thinking of all the fun they were going to have this weekend brought a smile to his face. Once he was home, he quickly went through the few things he planned getting done tonight. Finally, he went to his closet and pulled out his “little black bag” and placed it on his bed. Opening it, he made sure everything was in place and ready to go. Once he was satisfied, he closed the bag and set it by the front door. After turning off the lights, he went to bed. Laying there his slowly stroked his cock while thinking of Christina and the erotic possibilities of their weekend. Finally, he turned and went to sleep.

The end to the workday could not come soon enough for Christina or Doc. Each raced home to get their respective things together and ready to go. Christina had placed all her special new toys in a separate bag that she planned to bring out at the appropriate time – but not until she had Doc so turned on and worked up that she knew she could do whatever she wished with him. In fact, she was looking forward to this type of control of an erotic scenario for her and Doc. She was brought from her momentary trance-like state when she heard a car pulling into her driveway. Smiling she took her special bag and her other two small bags to the front door.

Doc was at her front door about the same time as she was. Opening the door, Christina was met by Doc and his wide smile. Once he was inside, they immediately kissed. As their kiss lingered, it became more and more passionate. Their tongues intertwined as they both wrapped their arms around one another. It seemed like ages since they had kissed, even though it had just been last night. Nonetheless, it still felt wonderful for them both.

As their lips parted, Doc stepped back and admired Christina. She was wearing a halter style bikini top and a mid thigh length mini-skirt. Damn, she looked so hot to him. She was truly a goddess to him. He again reached for her, pulling her close and kissed her again.

“Damn you look good. Are you ready to get out of here?”

Christina was quick to answer.

“I thought you’d never ask. Let’s go. We both need this.”

Doc released his grip and started to walk to the door before quickly turning.

“Ooops, almost forgot something very important.”

He walked to the storage closet and pulled out the sex swing. With a wicked smile he looked at Christina and whispered in her ear.

“Cant forget this as I have plans for it … and for you.”

Christina smiled and as Doc turned she slid her hand across his ass cheek giving it a playful squeeze and whispered right back at him.

“Good thinking. It might come in handy … as I also have plans for you.”

After putting the sex swing and Christina’s bags in the trunk, he opened her door for her. As she got in, Doc could not help but notice Christina was wearing nothing under her mini skirt. His cock instantly sprang to attention. Christina looked up and saw the effect she had on Doc and had a wicked smile spread across her face.

“Like gaziantep escort what you see there? Well baby, just wait until we get to the beach house. I have a lot more to show you this weekend.”

Doc shut Christina’s door, went around, climbed in, adjusted his now throbbing cock, started the car and they were off. With the top down, the wind felt great and the sun was warm but not too hot. However as Doc looked over to Christina, things were getting hotter by the moment. Her mini skirt had risen up her thighs and her pussy was completely visible to him. His cock began to throb as he could only take fleeting glimpses of her pussy. Doc took his right hand and slowly began to stroke Christina’s left thigh. Soon his fingers were slowly tracing tiny circles around her wet pussy lips and clit. Christina just reclined the seat, closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of the wind, the sun and Doc’s fingers. Before long Doc was sliding his fingers into her wet pussy as his thumb rocked against her clit. In time the rhythm increased, as did the breathing of Christina. Her hips began to rock back and forth matching the thrusts of Doc’s fingers. Finally her orgasm hit her.

“Ohhh ohhh right there baby. Yess um yeah that’s it. Make me cum baby. Oh yes I’m cumming. Oooooooohhhhhh uuuuummmmmm!”

Doc looked over and there was a pool of Christina’s nectar on the seat between her thighs. The site just made his cock ache for her attention. Christina finally opened her eyes just in time to see Doc suckling her pussy nectar from his fingers.

She just leaned back in her state of erotic euphoria as she enjoyed the tiny aftershocks of her orgasm. As they continued down the road, Doc was slowly toying his fingers around Christina’s pussy and just barely teasing her clit, just enough to keep her pussy soaking wet and her excitement at the threshold of another orgasm. Christina just leaned back and allowed herself to enjoy the erotic sensation as they drove closer and closer to the beach house. She smiled thinking to herself that the weekend was most definitely starting out the way she liked.

Soon enough, Doc pulled onto the narrow winding road leading to the beach house. The further they traveled down the road, the houses became fewer and fewer and further and further apart. Finally Doc pulled into a drive leading up to what looked like a house right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. The house looked as if it had been completely restored as everything looked new, but the architecture was straight out of the early 1900s. The cottage was not really a cottage after all, rather a Victorian styled home complete with a covered porch that wrapped around the front and two sides.

Doc pulled the car to the end of the driveway along side the house. As he turned off the ignition, he turned to Christina and saw the smile on her face.

“Well my sexy goddess, is everything to your satisfaction?”

Christina smiled at Doc as she noticed his cock was almost bursting through his pants. Then looking up to him, she could not help but think of how the ride had been. As well, her thoughts were on what she had in store for Doc later. With an evil smile of her own, she replied.

“Oh yes lover, everything has been most satisfying thus far — including the house. I can only imagine how great the rest of the weekend is going to be — for both of us.”

Christina leaned toward Doc and allowed her fingers to trace the length of his hard cock through his shorts. With a smile she then turned and opened her door. As she stepped out of the car she noticed the large wet spot on the leather seat where she had been sitting. She thought to herself, “Well two can play at this game. In time, I’ll just see how wet I can make him.”

Doc unloaded the car and lugged everything to the front door. After setting the stuff down, he dug out the keys and unlocked the front door. After setting the luggage and the sex swing inside the front door in the entryway, he and Christina took a stroll through the house. Fist things first, Doc found the thermostat in the hallway and turned down the air conditioning. They soon found the master bedroom and master bath. The bath had a huge Jacuzzi tub big enough for 4 to 6 people. The shower was a huge marble tiled walk-in shower, complete with a large marble bench in one corner. The bench was also quite large, big enough for two people or easily large enough you could lay down on it. There were several showerheads and a hand held shower massage as well. A large rain type showerhead was directly overhead and four showerheads on the wall, two on either side so you could direct the flow of water to just about anywhere on your body. She also noticed another shower hose that had what looked like a chrome douche nozzle, but a bit larger. Then a light bulb went off in her head. This was to cleanse one’s anal passage. “Hmmmm???” she thought. “What won’t they think of next. Doc’s cousins must be as kinky as he is. At least indications are they like anal play as much as he does.”

After examining the rest of the house, they stepped through the French doors leading out back. WOW! The view was breath taking. The house had a huge deck out back. It ran the entire width of the house and had to be at least 30 feet deep. It also had a loggia overhead for shade. Doc saw the heavy beams of the loggia and knew exactly where he was going to hang the sex swing. In one corner of the deck was a large hot tub. It had to be large enough for 8 or 10 people. Doc walked over and turned on the recirculating pump and adjusted the air jets. About midway along the deck railing was a huge stainless steel gas grill. At the far end by the steps was an outdoor shower. They then both noticed the steps leading down. As they approached the steps they saw the boardwalk that lead from the bottom of the steps out to the most pristine beach either had seen in a very long time. From their vantage point on the deck, they could see up and down the beach in both directions. There was not a house visible for as far as the eye could see in any direction. Doc had his arms wrapped around Christina and was holding her tight against his body – her ass was pressed right against his still throbbing cock.

“Well, what do you think my sweet? Can we survive here this weekend? I know we’ll have to rough it.”

Christina chuckled before answering.

“I guess we will just have to make the most of it. I’m sure we can find a way to struggle through.”

They both laughed. This was going to be a great weekend. Doc pulled her even tighter and kissed her neck and nibbled her ear.

“So, want to do anything about this problem I seem to have? Or do you have something else in mind that is pressing?”

Christina thought a moment. She wanted Doc to really want her, not that he didn’t already. But he had teased her in the car on the way up, so now it was her turn.

“Baby, your poor cock is so hard. I know exactly what it needs.”

Doc turned her head so he could see her face and asked her,

“Oh and what might that be my sexy goddess.”

Christina spun from his arms and headed back inside. Turning back toward Doc, she yelled out to him.

“You need a dip in the ocean to cool off, that’s what. Last one in their swim suits and to the beach has to cook dinner.”

Off she ran to her bag. Opening it, she found the suit bottom to the top she had worn. Quickly she slipped off her mini skirt and slipped on the bikini bottoms. As she grabbed a large beach towel she saw Doc trying to get his swim trunks on over his swollen cock. She almost laughed out loud. Walking up behind him, she reached out and gave his ass cheek a loving squeeze and then allowed her fingers to slide along the cleft of his ass and down to his ball sack.

“Looks like you’ll be cooking dinner.”

Wearing her evil grin, off she ran out the back door, down the steps, along the boardwalk and finally reached the beach. She was spreading out her beach towel by the time Doc reached the beach. His cock was still standing like a tent pole. He spread his beach towel next to hers. Again he had to follow as Christina was heading to the water. Once he joined her he held her tight as the waves washed over them. As they kissed, his hands were all over her. Christina too enjoyed Doc being so close. Her hand was soon stroking his cock through his swimsuit. But she was doing this intentionally to tease him. She wanted him to literally ache for her. And from the moans she was getting from him, she knew it was working. Once she had allowed the water to cool her off a bit, she again spun around and headed for the beach. Once there, she lay across the towel and allowed the sun to work its wonders on her body. As soon as Doc joined her, she reached into her beach bag and found her sun tan oil. Handing it to Doc, she reached behind and untied her bikini top. Laying forward she pulled the string straps and neck halter to the sides.

“Now baby, make yourself useful and oil me up.”

Doc opened the oil and squirted a liberal amount all up and down Christina’s back and down each leg and arm. Setting the bottle down, his hands began to spread the oil all over Christina’s exposed body. He tried to get her to remove her bikini bottom for an all over tan, but she was still a bit apprehensive. She did push it down more and allow the cleft of her ass cheeks to be exposed more. Doc enjoyed massaging the oil into her skin as much as she did. Doc loved her body. Just seeing her body or having it close to him drove him nuts! Christina had no idea how beautiful and sexy she was to him. Well maybe she did a little. But she could not fathom how he truly felt about her.

Once she was completely oiled, Doc continued to slowly stroke her glistening body. He knew if he continued he would just work himself into an even higher state of lust and yearning for her. So he made himself pull back to admire her as she relaxed. He too tried to relax and lay back. The sun did feel wonderful on his body and he knew it had the same effect on his beautiful goddess. After a while, they both had dozed off for just a few minutes.

When Doc opened his eyes, he was felling rather warm from the sun. His cock was now only semi-erect. That is until he looked to his side and saw that Christina had rolled onto her back. She had left her top completely off and had placed a small amount of sunscreen on her nipples and areolas. She had also worked her bikini bottom down even further so that it stopped just above her clit. DAMN! She looked so delicious and so hot! His cock was at full attention again. Trying as hard as he could, it was no use; his cock was NOT going to cooperate. As such, he decided the best thing was another dip in the ocean. This time as he stood up, he removed his swim trunks all together. Christina smiled as she watched his ass while he walked into the water.

Lying back, Christina closed her eyes and thought back to the way Doc had made her cum while driving up here. She began to get wet again thinking of how she had enjoyed the freedom she had experienced and how Doc had made her cum so hard. Then her thoughts began to recall scenes of the DVDs she had watched last night. It was almost as if her mind was replaying each DVD scene by scene in slow motion. That wicked smile returned to her face. All sots of erotic mental images began to bounce around Christina’s mind. As each one appeared, she allowed herself to become more enveloped by the new sensations the images were creating.

Somewhere during her train of thought, her hand had worked down into the top of her bikini bottom. Her fingers were toying with her clit and pussy. The warm sun and sea air just made everything seem perfect. She felt the tingles beginning to build so she slowed down just wanting to savor the slow build. Her fingers were now working in slow motion as more of the images from the DVDs played in her mind.

Doc had been trying to allow the water to cool him down a bit. It had worked some, but not completely. He decided to head back to the beach, but when he turned he just froze. His eyes were mesmerized by what he saw. He could at first only watch as he could plainly see Christina’s hand in her bikini bottom toying with her pussy and clit. The sight caused his cock to lurch. Damn he wanted her!

Christina snapped out of her daydream as she had the feeling she was being watched. Looking up she could see Doc standing in the shallows directly in front of her. His almost erect cock was clearly visible to her, as it hung and swayed in front of him. She could see it was beginning to grow hard again as Doc began walking toward her. Her eyes were riveted to his cock. As each step brought him closer, his cock continued to swell. Finally, Doc was standing directly in front of her and Christina still could not remove her eyes from his now completely swollen cock. All during this procession, Christina had continued to toy her pussy and clit. The vision in front of her and her own manipulations had her turned on in a very big way. But that soon became an even greater turn on when Doc kneeled on her towel directly between her spread legs and his hands untied the two remaining bows on either side of her bikini bottom.

As one hand pushed the remaining fabric down and away from Christina’s beautiful pussy, Doc leaned forward to kiss Christina deeply and passionately. Christina could feel his throbbing cock against her thigh. Doc’s wet, naked body molded to blend with her own form. As their lips parted, Doc was almost animalistic in the way he began kissing and suckling her body. Doc kissed her face, her ears, her neck, stopping only long enough to suckle her soft throat under her chin. Further down his lips and tongue traveled. Doc’s lips were kissing his goddess all around her breasts. When he finally found an erect nipple between his lips, he suckled it deeply into his mouth while his hands caressed her other breast. He then did the same to her other nipple. As his hands and lips alternated from breast to breast and nipple to nipple, Christina could feel the heat of his throbbing cock pressed against her. Moans were escaping both their mouths as Doc began to kiss even further down her body.

Finally Doc was at that piece of Heaven that only his goddess could provide. In the bright sunshine, Christina’s pussy lips glistened with her rich nectar. Doc allowed a moment to inhale deeply and savor the rich fragrance of Christina’s sweet pussy nectar. This was truly nectar of his goddess – he knew he would most assuredly die if he did not savor her rich liquid offering. Slowly he kissed along her swollen pussy lips – first all along one, then the other. His tongue then began to slowly lick the rich nectar from each lip, before sliding between them to savor the source of the rich abundance. Deeper and deeper he speared his tongue trying to gather as much of her sweet nectar as he could. Christina began to moan even louder while thrusting her hips upward, driving his tongue even deeper.

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