What Really is Right and Wrong?

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I’ve always had a problem keeping my dick in my pants and for some reason, the more important each girl seemed in my life, the more likely I was going to be to cheat on her. After making a conscious effort to slow down and generally be more truthful (faithful), I found myself moving across the country to start a new life with the best girl of them all. What happened afterward had the potential to ruin everything I had worked on (again) and this time I wasn’t prepared for that to happen…so I’ve simply managed to keep it a secret to this day. I know what you’re thinking, what an asshole, what a prick to keep cheating on the women in his life but until you understand the compulsion I feel on my side compounded by a beautiful girl offering herself to me, I don’t expect anyone to see my side of things, just to enjoy my retelling of it.

While I had indeed moved across the country to be with the person I loved, I was never able to forget the people I left behind and when one of them came for a surprise visit, my first impulse was to welcome her with my girlfriend in tow. My second impulse wasn’t quite as honorable and as it turned out, I took the more exciting road by answering my celphone, thinking quickly, and telling her to book a room in the Marriott next to the airport she had just flown in from. She had come in for some other reason but hadn’t decided where to stay yet and when I told her what I had in mind, she must have recognized the excitement in my voice because she didn’t even ask how I was going to get there or what I was going to tell my girlfriend.

After calling tecavüz porno my girlfriend and letting her know I was going out with some friends from the studio, I made my way over to the hotel and was hardly able to keep myself from shaking while I drove down the highway and up the elevator to her room. She had waited patiently just like I had told her to and opened the door wearing a small t-shirt and a small pair of jeans pulled down low enough over her hips so that I could see her panties tight around her body. Just being in front of her with the entire night ahead of us had was enough to get me rock hard and as soon as the door closed she walked up close until I was pushed gently between her chest and the door behind me. The first kiss was incredible, just as I had remembered it and definitely a precursor of things to come. Without even the chance for small talk, the night had started off with a bang.

Whenever I regained my senses, I realized that it was going to be one of those nights when I would want maybe more than she could give willingly so my next action was to push her back into the room and in one motion, reach around and pull the shirt right over her head. Before she had a chance to react, my hands started to caress her, feeling the same curves I’d felt long before and enjoying every second of her body. Feeling a primal urge, the caresses started to turn into grabbing motions and the light finger brushes began to squeeze and push more than tickle and play. After touching every inch of her skin I had exposed, I felt down her back and put one travesti porno hand between her ass cheeks, slipping the tip of a finger in her asshole while using the other hand to pull her head to one side and kiss her neck. As her moans got louder, I slid more of my finger into her ass and moved my hand from her neck to the back of her head, pulling down on her hair until her mouth was level with mine.

Just before kissing her I changed my mind and pushed her down to the ground where she kneeled in front of me looking at the bulge in my pants tentatively and slowly reaching her hands for it. Instead of letting her do it herself, I pushed her hands down to the ground behind her so that she was beginning to lean back and pulled my dick out right in front of her face. The look on her face was wonderful when she remembered what my dick looked like and realized that not only had it grown since the last time she had seen it, but that it was also right in front of her getting ready to use her just like it had before. Now that her hands were behind her I was ready to put it in her mouth. Reaching my finger between her lips, i pulled her jaw down and pulled her chin towards the tip of my dick, marveling at how it felt to have her tongue on me and her lips spread barely around the head . Something about the way her lips were barely open reminded me that I was in her mouth and when she finished closing her tongue and lips around my dick, I pushed hard holding the back of her head with my hand until my dick slid down her throat and her tongue touched the top xhamster porno of my balls. Not wanting the feeling to go away, I held it there for a moment feeling her throat close and open around it, not used to a cock being held there and when I pulled it all the way out of her mouth and she started coughing lightly I pushed it straight back in until I could feel her throat calm down around me and open up instead of spasm. Thinking of her swallowing me got me worked up and I started to push and pull back and forth wondering if she could handle me moving in and out of her throat but to my surprise, she moaned around my dick and moved her head so that each time I pushed, it went even deeper and each time I pulled, my dick came completely out of her mouth.

I never could last long with her as it was but with her head bobbing up and down on me and my hips thrusting back and forth, I felt myself ready to cum after only a few moments and instead of trying to hold it back, I started to thrust wildly, not caring what happened, only that I got off inside this beautiful girl’s mouth. As I started to cum, she pulled the tip of me just outside her mouth and wrapped her hands around me pumping hard until I felt myself lose control and cum again and again into her open mouth. Looking down I could see cum filling her tongue and dripping out of her mouth onto her breasts and still I was getting off all over her cheeks and dripping from her face to her neck. It seemed like cum was everywhere but for some reason she wasn’t fazed in the slightest, she kept on sucking me off as each drop came out and when I stopped cumming in her mouth, she used my penis in her hands to wipe all the cum from her face into her mouth.

As I lay down on the bed behind her I could see her rubbing my cum all over her breasts and down her stomach, reaching for her vagina and I knew I had a long night to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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