Whatevers On Tap

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I met Mike at a new club called ‘Uninterested.’ It was a new place in the big city, geared towards the 21 to 30 crowds. I had been sitting at the bar for over an hour, dodging cheesy pick-up lines and refusing drink offers from guys that were less than acceptable by my standards. So I’m picky, sue me. As I was about to leave, he walked in.

I was glued to the way he walked, with a self-assured confidence that was not cocky, it just was… there. Narrowing my eyes at his hands, checking for a wedding ring, which is a nasty habit of mine, I saw none. I traced my eyes along the length of his body, sizing him up. When I got to his face, he was starring back at me. Not at all ashamed of my open display of interest, I just quirked a brow and turned away from him. Knowing that if this guy played as good as he looked, I’d be at the bar a while longer. Ordering another tequila sunrise, I sat back and let the games begin.

Another hour passed and I watched him dance with several women, and every time they got dangerously close to each other I felt small twinges of jealousy. I don’t know why, I didn’t know him — I just wanted him. I caught him staring at me a few times with a ’come hither’ look in his eyes, but I was a master at playing hard-to-get. When another guy got the nerve to ask me to dance again I accepted, wanting him to see that two could play this game.

Situating myself close to the object of my fancy, I pulled the random guy I was dancing with close to me, our hips touching. The guy I was dancing with was a little taller than me and he wasn’t in my eye level, so I’m sure he noticed that I was staring behind him. But I didn’t care. Switching positions and turning my back to my dance partner, sensually grinding my ass against him. My black strapless tecavüz porno dress riding up on my thighs with every movement.

I was so engrossed with my actions I hadn’t even noticed that I had closed my eyes, until I felt a finger lift my chin. Opening my eyes I was staring into the dark eyes of my beloved stranger. Leaving both of our dance partners out on the floor by themselves, he led me to the bar.

Still just watching him, he told the bartender, “Can I have two of whatever’s on tap?”

“Oh, I’m not a beer drinker.” I said nodding to the bartender as he fixed me another tequila sunrise

“Well I hadn’t planned on staying much longer, but okay.”

Getting his beer, and grabbing my drink he led me to a corner table near the back. Sitting down and gazing into his eyes, I didn’t feel the need to be here much longer either. Downing my drink in about half a second, he got up, laughing. As we went outside to hail a cab back to my place, he took the moment to pull my backside against his erection. Feeling naughty, I reached behind him and pulled him closer by his ass and shifted slightly. His groaning breath in my ear told me he liked that.

In the cab, it was his turn to get naughty. His hand rubbed up my thigh, pulling it apart from the other one. As his hands skimmed my inner thighs lightly, I couldn’t help but sigh.

“You like that?” he whispered in my ear.

I nodded with my eyes closed as his hands kept going up. When his hands reached the edge of my panties, I became wet in a gush, squirming slightly. Kissing me boldly on the mouth, with his tongue invading, I felt his fingertip graze my clit. Closing my eyes, I could only imagine what the cab driver was doing, that made me laugh and slip a hand inside travesti porno his pants. Not knowing his name yet didn’t matter to me anymore.

All the way home he was finger fucking me and I was in heaven. We kissed more heatedly every time his fingers made their way inside. I was in such euphoria that I don’t remember him paying the cab and getting out. Holding onto my hips, we walked to my front door. Opening the door, we were on each other like rabbits. Kissing and stroking between layers of fabric. Making our way to the bedroom, I half pulled him by his shirt.

Once in the bedroom, he sat on the bed and made me undress in front of him. Slightly still glazed from the cab ride home, I slowly unzipped and let my dress fall at my feet. Completely naked save my low-rise hipster panties and my high heels, he grasped one of my nipples with his teeth. My head falling back and my eyes closing, he grasped his arms around my waist and continued sucking on my nipple in earnest, while lightly pinching the other one. He undressed quickly and soon we were both standing naked, just passionately kissing, tongues doing what hands wanted to do.

I remember kneeling in front of him and taking his throbbing member inside of my hot mouth, but he was already almost at the breaking point, so this didn’t last. Swirling my tongue one last time on him before he lifted me and placed me on the bed gently. He began kissing my entire body, making it arch into him more fully. He lied down and placed me on top of him. Squatting to let his cock slide inside of me, I felt like floating. I was so wet and ready that he went in easily. Humping upwards I rode him like this for a while, but I needed more. Still inside of him, I smiled and turned completely xhamster porno around so that my back and ass were facing him. Being still attached, the sliding and turning was wonderful and I felt like coming. I finally did when he sat up, while I was still riding him, and he grasped both of my breasts and rammed into me up to the hilt.

Calming down from euphoric bliss, I rose to take a shower, beckoning him with a finger and a sexy smile. In my bathroom we made it as far as the sink before he kissed me again, thrusting his tongue into my open mouth. He carried me into the shower stall, and turned the warm water on, making it steamy in the small room.

Washing each other became a sensual chore. Lathering his chest, I bent to lick one of his nipples. He grasped my hair and brought my mouth to his swiftly. Pressing me against the wall he thrust his penis into my waiting cunt, crying out in pleasure I reeled as he rammed into me hard, like I like it, against the wall. The soap made sliding easier and the wet tile made delicious sucking noises on my back and ass. To prolong my orgasm he grasped a nipple into his mouth and began sucking. Crying out to God as I came with an explosion that surprised me, he came as well.

When I awoke wrapped in a towel and lying sprawled out, naked on my bed, he was gone. I felt a little lonely and made my way to the kitchen for coffee, he was sitting at my kitchen table with a cup waiting for me. We smiled at each other and just talked, avoided the details of last night.

When he was getting ready to head out the door, he leaned in to kiss me and said, “My name’s Mike, by the way.”

Grinning and taking his mouth one more time in mine, sliding my tongue into his mouth once more, I replied.

“It was nice to meet you Mike, I’m Hannah.”

A week later I ran into him again at “Uninterested”, he sat at the bar with his back to me. A burning flash went straight to my cunt. Smiling I walked up to the bar to stand right behind him.

I told the bartender, “Can I have two of whatever’s on tap?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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