White Sucks Black (Teacher 2)

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White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (The Teacher) Part 2

Married white male teacher fucked and enslaved by Blacks.

If stories about dominant black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18. This is all pure fantasy, none of this is real; do not attempt this at home. And of course, in real life, always practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.) Note: All high school students are 18yr old seniors.

White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (The Teacher) Part 2

Finally it was the last class of the day. As the students filed out, my heart started to race, knowing that Darren had ordered me to wait for him after class. As in the morning, I had to take refuge behind my desk to hide my erection from my students.

I waited for several minutes after class, as the tension and my sense of panic began to build. I should leave right now I thought, before anything got out of hand. My life was turned upside down more than enough knowing that Black kids in my school had had their cocks in both my sons’ mouths.

Then Darren came in, with the same two barely-clothed cheerleaders in tow. Without a word, he walked right up behind my desk. The large bulge in his pants was only inches from my face. I couldn’t help staring, and I had no idea what to say. Without a word, he grabbed my head like a basketball and shoved it into his crotch, grinding his hardening cock on my face, and the girls giggled. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that both of them had their cell phones out and were taking video of Darren humping my face through his pants. I wanted to run from the room, but Darren’s grip on my head was very tight. Finally he backed off for a moment.

“I can’t do this,” I said, with a somewhat pleading tone in my voice.

“And why not? You know you want it.”

“I’m not gay,” I said.

“I know. So what? Neither am I. But you’re white. Not only should all white men suck black cock, but deep down inside all white men want to suck black cock. I guarantee you’re no different.”

“But I’m married.”

“That’s OK, I’ve had so many married men suck my cock that I’ve lost count. All white of course. Besides, I’m going to fuck your wife too.”

God, it was bad enough that both my sons were sucking black cock, but the thought of my wife being fucked by Black students was going too far, and yet the image in my mind of her being gang-banged was strangely exciting, at least my cock thought so.

“But what if someone comes in,” I said, noting that the door to the classroom was still wide open.

“Who give’s a shit. They can eat my ass while you suck my cock,” he said in a cocky voice. “Besides, the odds are I’ve already fucked them.”

I gave a last pleading look that indicated, “please don’t do this to me.”

“Hey, Mr. C, if it’s any consolation, I’ve never met a white man who didn’t suck my cock if I wanted him too. Tell me your dick isn’t hard thinking about sucking me. You’ve been thinking about it ever since you read my paper, haven’t you?”

I had to admit that was mostly true, except when I was thinking about sucking other black cocks, or thinking about my sons sucking black cock.

“Stand up,” Darren ordered.

I did so, and there was no disguising that my dick was straining to burst out of my pants.


I looked at him in disbelief.

“Naked. Now. Everything except your wedding ring.”

He was obviously completely serious.

“If you want to suck my cock, you should show the proper respect. Failure to strip naked when ordered by a black man means that you are a racist.”

“Huh?” I thought. I didn’t think for a moment that I was racist. I voted for Obama for Christ’s sake. Twice. And who said I wanted to suck Darren’s dick?

I started to take off my clothes. I couldn’t believe I was stripping for a Black student, right in my own classroom. Yet for some reason it seemed like I couldn’t disobey him, after all, he had the power to destroy my whole family with the photos of my sons’ faces covered in cum.

“Make it quick, asshole. I’ve got a game tonight.”

I took off everything down to my undershorts. I hesitated a moment as I looked at the two cheerleaders videoing me stripping naked. I took a deep breath, and pulled down my skivvies, and my hard cock sprang out and bounced up and down to the giggles of the girls. I’d always been proud of my dick, it was almost seven inches long when hard, but now I was embarrassed to be standing naked and hard in front of the two teenage cheerleaders.

“On Yakacık escort your knees, white boy,” ordered Darren. I hadn’t been called “boy” in ages. Then he opened his fly and out jumped a huge black cock, which was even bigger than mine. The black monster was pointed right at my face only inches away.

“Prove you’re not a racist. Suck my black cock, white boy.”

I started to lean forward when he grabbed my head and unceremoniously shoved his huge cock right into my mouth, all the way until I gagged.

“That’s it, white boy. Show my girlfriends what kind of man you really are, you cocksucker!”

Cocksucker. The word seared into my brain, because now there was no denying that I was one. And the girls no doubt had it on video. I gagged and sputtered and drooled as the monster cock hammered at the back of my throat.

Less than 24 hours ago the thought of sucking a cock had never crossed my mind. Well, that isn’t exactly true. Whenever someone made a joke about men being raped in prison I would think of a white guy getting fucked in the ass by a big Black “bubba.” Sometimes when I encountered a sinister looking Black man I feared that I might be raped. But I had never seriously thought of willingly sucking a Black man’s cock. I wasn’t sure what I was doing was actually willing, given that it was at least partly blackmail with the photos of my cum covered sons. However, I was now overcome by shame for having put up no serious resistance.

What kind of man was I, kneeling naked in front of my own classroom while a Black student fucked my face, and two cheerleaders filmed the action for posterity (actually for posting on the internet as it turned out.) Jesus, what would my parents think of me, especially my dad, their only son a cocksucking slave to Black boys? My in-laws would be mortified too, knowing that the father of their grandchildren was sucking the cock of a Black person (they were refined southerners, who hadn’t completely accepted the idea of Blacks being equal, let alone dominant.) If they knew both their grandchildren were cocksuckers for Blacks, they would probably both have a heart attack.

Erica, the cheerleader who was my son’s ex-girlfriend kept up a steady stream of snarky and dirty comments, made worse because she had spent so much time at our house I had started to think of her like a daughter. She and my son seemed so serious that the possibility of her becoming my daughter-in-law someday didn’t seem so far-fetched.

“Hey, Mr. C, you look really cute with cock in your mouth.” Erica’s barrage of insulting and degrading comments continued, “What would your wife say if she could see her husband sucking a black cock? Or rather, what will your wife do when she sees you sucking black cock? What were your wedding vows, to love, honor and cherish, to black cock do you suck? Just so you know, your son never had the balls to fuck me, but I got to see Darren fuck him. So now you know why I dumped your son and went Black.”

All I wanted to do was puke as Darren mercilessly pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, I felt his cock penetrate into my throat. I tried to gag it out, but it was useless. I heard the cheerleaders cheer as Darren sank his cock down my throat all the way until his balls rested on my chin, and then held it there. At least that solved the barf problem, but now the problem was air.

I kept expecting Darren to pull out so I could breathe, but he kept his cock jammed to the hilt down my throat, and his grip on my head was so strong there was nothing I could do about it. I was experiencing the ultimate in black cock domination as he proved he had the power to snuff my life if he wanted. I imagined the police report, “Cause of death; black cock,” and my obituary, “Loving husband and father, suffocated on black cock.” I could feel I was about to loose control of my bladder and piss all over the floor, when Darren finally pulled out.

I gasped for air, but I only had a chance for a quick gulp before Darren shoved his cock back in and began mercilessly fucking my throat. Once again I began to run short of air, as his balls slapped loudly on my chin. This time I thought I was going to black out. One of the cheerleaders shouted, “Oh yeah, fuck that teacher’s face!”

My son’s ex-girlfriend answered, “Shove that cock so far down his throat it comes out his ass.” Actually that’s pretty much what it felt like. Who would have thought such cute high school girls could have such dirty mouths and thoughts?

After several rounds of being throat-fucked to the point of unconsciousness, I finally did loose control and piss all over the floor of my classroom. This caused Darren to pull out and jump away, as he apparently didn’t want my piss on his expensive sneakers. The cheerleaders laughed as Darren then grabbed my head and shoved my face into the puddle of piss behind my desk. After wiping the piss on the floor with my face, he then shoved my whole naked body into Atalar escort bayan the piss. Then he ordered me to “Fuck the floor!”

I rolled on to my stomach and felt my hard cock against the piss-soaked floor, and I began doing what Darren had ordered. God, what could be more humiliating than rubbing your cock in a puddle of your own piss, while two teenage cheerleaders laughed hysterically, especially when I lost control and shot my load into the piss on the floor?”

“Make him eat that icky cum off the floor!” said my son’s ex-girlfriend.

“Yeah, make him eat his own cum!” said the other.

“You heard the ladies, Mr. C., start slurping.”

Overcome with unbelievable shame as my cock deflated, having wasted a huge load of cum on the floor, I put my face into the puddle of cum, which was kind of floating in the piss, and I sucked it up. I’d tasted my cum in my wife’s pussy the night before and it hadn’t been so bad, but combined with the piss it made me want to retch. I quickly swallowed the cum and piss cocktail, but the foul taste, and the sense of utter degradation lingered.

My humiliation only grew, when my son’s ex-girlfriend bragged, “The rest of the squad is going to love seeing this. In fact it won’t be long before the whole school knows what you did. Good luck in class next week! You’ll have no idea how many students in your class will have seen this video of you sucking Darren’s cock and eating your own cum and piss. I bet you’ll cum in your pants thinking about it!”

I’d never felt lower in my life, lying naked on the floor in my own piss bath, being taunted by teenage girls. And my cock started to get erect again.

Then Darren barked, “Stand up!” I tried, but my foot slipped in the piss and I fell back into the puddle with a thud, accompanied by laughter. “OK. Then get on your knees, out in front of the desk. I don’t want to stand in your piss. I did as Darren ordered and knelt naked in front of my desk in full view of the open doorway to that hallway.

Darren then subjected me to what seemed like a half hour or more of the most merciless, brutal face-fucking imaginable. Again and again his iron hard cock speared my throat, and his balls slapped my chin. I thought for sure I would get a bloody nose from the pounding. At least he let me breathe more frequently in between thrusts of his huge black cock.

“OK, you cunts. I’m going to cum on this cocksuckers face. Make sure you get good video. I expect lots of people will want to see this.” A few more thrusts and he pulled out and pointed his cock right at my face. He groaned and then shot after shot of sizzling cum hit me right between the eyes and then splattered all over my face. It was a huge load, and soon my entire face was nothing but an oozing mass of cooling cum.

The girls squealed with delight as Darren hosed down my face with spurt after spurt of jizz, which glued my eyes shut. I could feel cum from my hair to my chin and ear-to-ear. I could even feel cum bubbles blowing out my nose.

I just knelt there and took it. I’d cum on my wife’s face a few times and she always seemed like she enjoyed it, or at least acted like it. It was usually her idea. I’d also seen a few facial cumshots in X-rated movies when I was younger. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that my face would be used as a cum target for my black student. As the congealing globs of cum started to ooze down my cheeks and chin, I reached up to wipe some away.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” said Darren very sternly. “Don’t you dare ever wipe away a Black man’s cum from your face. You will wear it with pride until is wears off naturally. It’s all part of showing proper respect for Black men, kneeling naked, wearing cum on your face, and of course serving as a urinal.”

With a huge load of cum clinging to my face, which blinded me, Darren ordered, “Climb up on your desk and stand on it.” I did as he commanded, standing on my desk, feeling like a naked slave being auctioned off, and now concerned that anyone looking in the window from the parking lot outside could see me, and my cum-covered face and erect cock.

“Put this on,” ordered Darren, throwing something at me, that I managed to catch despite the surprise and the fact I could barely see with all the cum in my eyes. I opened them enough to see that it was a pair of very skimpy women’s thong panties. In fact it looked exactly like a pair my wife owned. My whole body must have been blushing deep red in embarrassment as I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. The panties would only cover my balls, with my hard-again cock jutting up above the panties. Both cheerleaders were laughing and pointing at my predicament.

Darren turned to one of the cheerleaders and ordered, “Let’s have some music.” The scantily-clad girl turned some tunes up on her cell phone, rap music naturally, which I hate. Fortunately it wasn’t too loud since the phone didn’t have much amplification.

Then Darren Escort Kadıköy looked at me an ordered, “Dance.” I looked at him like he had to be kidding. “I said, dance, cocksucker!” I started gyrating my hips a bit, and the girls started to laugh and scream at me to put more energy in it.

I couldn’t believe I was standing up on my desk in my classroom, naked except for a pair of skimpy g-string panties that didn’t cover my erect cock, cum clinging to my face, while two white cheerleaders and a Black student made fun of me. I guess it wasn’t as bad as eating my own cum and piss in front of them. That is, until I heard, “Dad? Oh my God!”

Oh god I thought. I can’t have my son see me like this; his dad dancing in women’s panties to black rap music, which I noted was full of obscene lyrics about fucking “whitey!” I’d seen the photo of him with cum on his face, but I desperately didn’t want him to see me that way. How could he possibly respect me after he’s seen his father’ face covered in a Black kid’s cum.

It was too late. I looked over my shoulder at the open door, and it was my turn to be shocked. My youngest son was completely naked except for a collar and a leash held by Daryl. And my son’s dick was hard, just like mine.

Three more white cheerleaders and several other Black students filed in behind my naked son. Then the cheerleading coach came in, wearing the exact same scanty uniform as the girls did, although her big tits were practically overflowing the tight black top. And then for some reason it dawned on me on the symbolism of the cheerleaders’ uniforms; black on top, white on the bottom. Now it all made sense.

The school colors had been changed the year before at the insistence of the new football coach, Darren and Daryl’s father. I would later learn that he had fucked Mrs. D. within about an hour of his arrival, and he fucked the principal, Mrs. E., by the second day. Both of the married white women then eagerly did his bidding in anything he wanted.

A lot of parents complained about how risqué the cheerleaders’ new uniforms were (but a lot of dad’s had to hide their boners watching their nearly naked daughters doing cheers on the sidelines.) What the dads didn’t know was that every one of their daughters were being fucked by the Black students on the football team. In order to make the cheerleader squad a girl had to suck the football coach’s cock the day she turned 18. The cheerleaders and pom pom girls were expected to let the Black players fuck them, and it wasn’t long before they all did. The coach’s undefeated record last year and so far this year, shut up the parents’ complaints.

Although it was hard to see with all the cum on my face, my son’s jaw about hit the floor when he saw his father dancing nearly naked, except for a skimpy pair of panties that covered virtually nothing. There could be clearly no doubt that his father had been sucking Darren’s black cock, thanks to the lingering evidence of a load of cum on my face. His shock seemed a bit disingenuous since he had been doing the same thing in a bathroom toilet a few hours earlier. I was still having trouble grappling with the fact that my youngest son was a cocksucker, and now he was being paraded around the school like a naked sex slave.

The cheerleading coach whispered something in Darren’s ear, which caused him to laugh and say OK. He then turned my son’s ex-girlfriend, who had been focused on her naked ex-boyfriend, as she taunted him for being a worthless white boy.

“Hey bitch,” Darren said to her. Teach this cocksucker some cheerleading moves.” Then Darren turned to me and said, “Stop dancing. White men can’t dance worth shit and you’re proving it. Let’s see if you can learn some cheerleading moves.”

Turning back to Erica, Darren ordered, “Tits, now.” She obeyed instantly and doffed her top, baring her ample breasts, which she pointedly showed to my son, before looking at me. I couldn’t believe that a girl of her caliber, a national honor society member, her father a pillar of the community, could be ordered around so easily by a Black student.

“All of you, tits!” The other four cheerleaders obeyed, and so did Mrs. D., her big tits bouncing up and down as she freed them from the tight top. If I didn’t have an erection before, I would now, seeing all the nearly naked cheerleaders, since as is typical of cheerleaders, all of them were beautiful with great bodies, although sometimes with not-so-great personalities.

Erica said, “Follow these moves.” I couldn’t do anything more degrading than I already had (or so I thought) so I just acquiesced.

“Ready! OK!” and then topless Erica did a cheerleading move. I did my best to copy her, with a “Ready! OK!” of my own, my erect cock bouncing up and down like her bare tits. We did a few more and I really sucked at it. My son who was standing there naked in a leash and collar had a look on his face like he was being embarrassed by his father. That took some nerve, I thought, but the whole thing was unbelievably humiliating, especially since everyone in the classroom had their cell phones out and were taking video of my abject degradation. Even worse, my cheers were attracting more people to the room, including the Black janitor.

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