Amelia Ch. 01

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Jacking Off

When Jayden and his wife Betty saw off Amelia after the party at their place the previous night, it was well past midnight. Usually a recluse, Amelia’s husband Ryan was impatient to leave, having had enough for a night.

Back home, Amelia found that she was more than once left wondering about the charming Jayden, middle aged but strikingly fit and handsome too with streaks of grey around the temples. These thoughts carried on the next day, till at last she was tempted to send across an instant message to the host of the previous night whose cell number she could easily get from the printed invitation card. She quickly saved the Jayden’s number, for something seemed to be indicative of a long term need for it.

With her cell in hand, she became pensive. What message would she send without seeming to be outwardly eager for an interaction? She thought a while before she typed on the keys of the cell with her nimble fingers.

“Last night was wonderful. Thanks.”

Having sent the message she was filled with a tingling sense of excitement and anticipation. At worse, she thought, he would ignore the message which, although embarrassing for her, would enable her mind to be at rest instead of the present turmoil she was facing. She busied herself with the work in hand, stealing cursory glances at her mobile now and then.

Later that evening, as she flipped over the engrossing pages of a book, she heard her mobile ringing in her bedroom. She got up from the couch, irritated at herself in having left it there, brushed the hair of her face and treaded quietly to answer the call.

Amelia glanced at her mobile and already there was a flush on her cheeks as the name ‘Jayden’ stared into her eyes from the screen. He was still on the line, patiently waiting for her to respond instead of disconnecting in haste.

She overcame her shyness and uncontrolled excitement and then, in a voice that was shaky and yet grave, she whispered, “Hellooo.”

“Hi” responded Jayden, “the evening is still young and I just wondered if the lady would make it as lovely as she had made it last night. Coffee?”

Amelia didn’t know how to react. Inwardly, she so much wanted to and yet she knew her response should not be an open or brazen display of longing. She decided to leave traces of uncertainty that would leave the path open.”

“Coffee? Umm …isn’t it a bit late? I usually have an early dinner! ” she uttered.

“Well, dinner then? It’s your company that I seek …to carry on from where we left last night. I don’t mind a ten course dinner if it opens the possibility of sitting beside a charming lady,” said Jayden, his grin almost visible to Amelia.

She couldn’t afford to sound evasive any more at the cost of losing what she hoped would be a very exciting evening and may be, if it went well, a long night.

“That’s tempting. I’ve never had more than a five course dinner and you talk of ten! But I warn you, I have a reputation for sticking to a regimented diet. Where do you propose we have this…. mmm…. royal dinner? ” Amelia asked, “and when can I expect to be back home?”

Jayden, taking the call from his office, found the voice over the phone to be flirty and felt his heart pounding louder with each minute. He knew his wife would be away to her parents for a couple of nights and was willing to take a risk.

“Aye….” he paused. “You may not have had more than five course dinner before, yet you have not met me earlier too. Is the lady willing to find out…?” He offered. A grin broke out on his face unseen by Amelia but she could hear him chuckle.

Amelia wondered where this was going. She did not want to lose out on the opportunity and see where he would take her. She closed her eyes just for a moment and almost said in a whisper “and what would it take to find out?” He could sense as if her fingers brushed the edge of the cushion as her feet rubbed each other involuntarily.

“You will have to leave the matters in my hands” His voice slow and deep.

“In your hands?” Amelia asked in a whisper.

“Would you?” his voice had a degree of seriousness.

“I really can’t follow you,” she was unsure.

“Meet me at Red Dragon at seven” he said changing the subject, as if he wanted to discuss this over dinner. Just an hour for her to get ready and reach, thought Amelia.

“And make sure that you are not late,” he said before he hung up.

Amelia was in a fix. For one, she had to get ready and, as was her wont, being ready for her meant a good hour or so. She would hate to look anything other than gorgeous on her first ‘date’! My god, Red Dragon … that was quite far off! Jayden had a unique sense of hospitality or he wouldn’t have thought of this place for her. Knowing the city’s traffic, she would be lucky to reach her destination within the threatened time and, even if she did, much of her freshness would have been lost. Without wasting further time, she carefully examined her wardrobe and, while she initially remained undecided, she selected a Pendik Anal Escort three quarter sleeve magenta colored pencil dress that came down till her knees. Simple pearl ornaments would match well, she thought as she brought out a set from her box. There was a mischievous smile on her face as she opened the drawer containing her lingerie and chose one exquisite white lacy pair from Victoria’s.

Hoping that she would not be late, she hurriedly left the apartment and strutting in her five inch heels to the elevator. She smiled at the other occupant, an elderly gentleman, who was appreciative of her looks. Amelia decided to leave her car behind, not wanting to drive the distance when she was in such a hurry. Once outside the gates, she quickly hailed a cab and was off for the evening.

Jayden was, by now, a bit impatient. It was already fifteen minutes past seven and he was desperate to set his eyes on this woman who was, without a doubt, occupying too much of his mind. He had come straight from office, ensuring that he was not late — he hated keeping a lady waiting for him but was always gallant even if he was kept waiting himself. His tie hung loose, he never cared too much on looks and usually hated the official attire or dress codes, if imposed. He could have walked in and taken a table but that was unthinkable to him. …he would wait and he would wait outside. Even though he loved his wife Betty and a fleeting thought of her crept in, he quickly brushed it away. His mind was too full…too full of only one thought, and that was of Amelia.

Just at that moment, a cab came to a halt outside the Red Dragon almost beside Jayden. He walked across and opened the door as Amelia slipped out with a radiantly smiling at him.

‘I am sorry…I really am,’ she was quick to apologize.

Jayden knew he had given her a tight window to be at the Red Dragon. He also knew that it would take about thirty minutes of travel time and hence one hour was enough for her.

He forced a smile as he opened the door of the cab and offered her a hand to come out of the taxi.

“Come.” He offered few words and guided her inside the restaurant. The touch of her soft fingers in his hand sent a soft tingle through him. He held her hand till they were inside and had walked up to their seats which were in a relatively discreet corner. He was seated across to her after she was seated.

“You’re late.” He said in a quiet voice and without any preamble.

“I am sorry.. ” she said and there was intensity in her words when she went on to be more apologetic, “Believe me, I feel so bad. I .. I ….”

She looked at him, trying to gauge if her words had been acceptable.

“I will not listen to your excuses.” He cut her off and his eyes bore into hers, “This will be the last time, let me tell you.”

His eyes were searching hers, trying to make out the effect that his rasping words had on hers. If she bore this well she could well be the girl that he was seeking. He kept looking at her pretty yet sensual face, the lips coated with a subtle shade that made her desirable. She moved uneasily on the cushioned chair, trying to avoid his gaze.

“Last time?” she hedged without looking at him, for she was not sure what he meant. This was not exactly the start to the evening she had imagined so far. Her heart was thumping deep and loud.

“Show me your right hand,” he said gravely.

Instinctively, without questioning, she placed her right hand on the table – a soft, delicate hand that now rested on the table. Jayden placed his own hand over her hand and patted it softly a couple of times.

“In future you will do as you are told.” His voice was firm and pleasant as if he expected that to always happen.

Amelia was surprised at the tone in his voice. When Jayden had called her a couple of hours back, inviting her for dinner, each word carried a warmth that was so appealing to her. In stark contrast, at this moment, it was grave, serious and almost domineering. She felt a cold chill down her spine, as if she was sitting under the glare and scrutiny of a very dominant personality, the likes of whom she had read or heard only but never had an occasion to be acquainted with.

She couldn’t continue looking at those hypnotic eyes and, involuntarily, her gaze lowered to the table and the hand that rested on hers. The hand was large, strong and manly as it covered her frail hand fully. Her hand shook and she sensed that it was cold. Surely, he would have noticed, she thought, but was too numb to pull her hand away.

“Please….”,her voice trembled, “I … I.. It’ll never happen again. I am really sorry for being late.”

Jayden realized how visibly shaken this woman was but didn’t want to loosen his control on Amelia’s mind. He wanted to dominate and possess her, to have absolute control over her from the first night. He already gathered the impression that she was submissive at heart and the perfect foil to his dominating character. They could make a wonderful Pendik Yaşlı Escort pair in the games that he had in mind.

While Amelia’s eyes remained riveted on the table Jayden’s eyes continued to feast on the beauty that sat before him. Her uneasiness and movements had only added to making her more vulnerable and he could make out the rise and fall of her shapely breasts as she took in deep breaths in her shock.

Jayden patted her hand reassuringly and, in a deep voice said, “You do realize you are beautiful, don’t you? I definitely admire the way you have dressed for me.” He deliberately stressed on the word ‘me’, as if he already possessed her. At least, he tried to give that impression.

Without looking up, Amelia could only softly utter, ‘Thank you.”

“You agree to what I said just now, don’t you Amelia? You have dressed for me,” Jayden said, again in that resonant deep voice which was almost audible beyond the corner where they were sitting.

Jayden observed Amelia’s discomfort. She was probably shaken first by his stern caution to be on time in future and then by his almost embarrassingly straight forward conclusion that she had dressed for him. He seized this situation to extend her embarrassment.

“I am waiting for an answer Amelia. Don’t keep me waiting. You have dressed for me?”

Amelia felt awkward at this insistence. The fact remained that she was late to reach the place because she was getting ready for him. She remembered how she had chosen each piece she wore, even the lingerie. Involuntarily she moved her thighs close wanting to make sure that her panties was still in place.

Wriggling her hand a little to release his grasp, she nodded and whispered, “Yess..”

“You know that I am a married man and you are my wife’s friend?” Amelia didn’t know if this was a question or a statement but Jayden had tightened his grip over his hand.

She nodded her head.

“And I don’t know whether you are married or not …. does that make a difference?” He was actually curious to know if she was indeed married or not.

She remained deep in thought and then, realizing that she had been asked a question shook her head. No it did not matter, she pretended. Yet it did make a difference.

“Look into my eyes…. NOW,” Jayden said as he took her fingers in his own and tugged at them, the very touch resulting in an arousal for him. There was something irresistible in the voice, for Amelia had to look at him.

“I have an offer to make,” Jayden said.

Amelia seemed unable to take a hold of herself as slowly she seemed to be overcome with an inner longing to be dominated by this man. Her fears and apprehensions were giving way to an unknown freedom of unimaginable depths. The voice and the mesmerizing eyes of this man the likes of which she had never encountered before, had sent tremors through her body and she knew her vulnerability would soon be exposed. She feared she would lapse into a swoon before long if she didn’t take control of herself. Mustering as much calm as she could generate within her, she tried to respond to the man’s unknown offer.

“What offers would you make to a married woman?” she asked at last.

Jayden smiled. Yes, his hunch had been correct — she was indeed married. This confirmation, in itself, was enough to enhance his desires another notch. He knew what he wanted and Amelia met those requirements — young but married, intelligent, articulate, sensual and, possibly, a woman who wanted to explore unknown and untried areas.

“An offer of delving into your deepest fantasies Amelia, which I am sure you have in abundance” again that mesmerizing voice as he continued to say, “No, don’t deny it Amelia. I have known and felt this within you the moment you were introduced by Betty.” He gripped her hand a bit harder now.

Amelia blushed beyond measure, her cheeks almost crimson. How on earth did this man ever get to know what longed deep inside her. As far as she knew she never discussed this with anyone, not even Betty. Yet, now, she squirmed in her chair as the very thoughts kept flooding her mind in waves. She just looked up once at Jayden and then her glance, once again, was on the hand which was virtually squeezing her own.

“Go on Amelia, tell me”, he commanded.

“Tell you what?” she asked as her mind raced through random thoughts that usually crept in at various moments during her existence.

“That you have fantasized a lot about being someone truly and fully,” he said gently before continuing, “even though you are married.”

She had never thought that her innermost secret of her mind would be so apparent to this man holding her hand. She was perplexed and unsure, not knowing whether to tell the truth or simply deny what the man had concluded. In the end, as was her character, she stuck to the truth.

“Yesss …” she whispered in the end, barely audible to herself.

“And in your heart and mind you are open to explore and find out what doors that may open?” Pendik Zenci Escort Jayden asked.

She nodded shyly, unable to look at this man in the eye.

“Do you trust me?” His face was now serious and was eager to know how far this girl would proceed.

“Yes. I do,” she said, nodding her head as well.

Jayden paused, pleased at her response, before he went on.

“I ask you to submit to me and be my girl. I will… with you, explore the deepest of the pleasures,” he paused before he continued to say, “… and the pains that a man and woman can only dream about but hesitate to indulge in. And yet they are capable of wildly sharing these experiences with one another.”

The mention of word pain sent a shiver through her body and Jayden could sense this in the soft hand that he held. He tightened his grip to comfort her.

“Rest assured Amelia, we will never allow this to intervene or affect our married lives. We will remain wedded to our respective spouses and fulfill those obligations that are expected in our family. Our love for our spouses will not lessen in the least,” he said trying to sound convincing.

He paused just for a moment, continuing to look into her eyes and search for indications of acceptance or resistance. Jayden could make out that Amelia was in the process of surrendering herself and it would be soon that he would get her complete submission.

“You will be my girl at the times that we agree to be together. You will submit to me during those times … in totality.. in ways that we will agree to. I will always care for your wellbeing, both physical and mental…. for your safety and from any harm that may come because of this relation that we shall now have.” He waited for her to absorb all that he had said. Satisfied that she was not in denial mode, he wanted a confirmation.

“Do you have any questions?” he whispered.

Her glossy lips quivering, Amelia was embalmed in an excitement she had never felt before. The man’s whispers, his words, his wishes now seemed to be ringing melodiously in her ears. How often she had visualized these situations, how often these recurred in her fantasies!

Amelia had so many things to ask but simply blurted out something so very inconsequential that she blushed again before responding.

“I would hesitate to call you by your name. How should I address you?” she asked and apprehended that he would laugh at her immaturity.

To Amelia’s surprise, Jayden didn’t laugh at all, neither was there any trace of a smile on his lips. Rather, he was most serious and the voice carried tones of someone who certainly expected obedience.

“No, don’t call me by name. You should know what you must call those who deserve your obedience Amelia. Go on, think – what have you been calling such persons in your fantasies?”

Hadn’t she heard voices in her past, in years gone by, when she was much, much younger and others expected obedience from her? Now, it was the same voice, the same tone. She feared then but now, there was an attraction which she couldn’t bear to ignore. She thought it over and over again — the one name which befitted that voice that exuded command.

“Master” she said at last, in whispered tones, lest raising her voice be interpreted to mean disobedience.

Jayden squeezed her hand and looked into her eyes before responding.

“Yes,” he said, “that is what you will call me from now on because you have agreed to submit yourself to me and be my girl. Because the Master alone can give you all the pleasures that you seek and you thought in your fantasies. Isn’t that so Amelia?”

Amelia’s face flushed with her hand still in his. Jayden was gently caressing his fingers on the inside of her palms as it sent further goose bumps through her. She was experiencing a sensation never felt earlier, something that seemed to take complete control of her mind. She clasped her thighs in an effort to contain a flow that appeared to drip into the soft panties that covered her underneath.

The sight of this man sitting in front of her was so imposing that her answer to Jayden’s question was spontaneous.

“Yes master!” she said at last.

“Any more questions?” he enquired wishing to be fully convinced that Amelia would be willing to go the whole way towards her submission.

“Jayden… ahh sorry…. Master.. where would you see me.. umm.. we shall meet?”

“I have an apartment that I own … an investment that helps me enjoy a privacy that I seek at times. I have furnished it well …. a sort of retreat really. No one lives there. I will give you the key so that you will be able to get in any time that you wish,” Jayden said.

Amelia continued to listen with rapt attention.

“This retreat that I am talking of is located in a block of many and named SPIRAL APARTMENTS.

“You will be able to park your car there in one of the two parking slots that I have taken with the apartment,” Jayden said as he delved into his pocket and pulled out a house key with an entry card and placed it on the table, “But more of that later … here, the keys to my apartment.”

“Master … ” her mind excited yet clearly worried, “there’s something that bothers me. What if my husband were to know? And what sort and degree of pain did you refer to?

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