Boobie Time

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“That was fun,” I laughed, pushing open the door to the hotel room.

“Can’t wait to plan another trip with you.” He closed the door behind him and clicked the lock in place.

“Me too.” I breathed, looking at myself in the full length mirror. My flowy blue dress was almost constricting my ribs and I couldn’t wait to take it off. He walked towards me slowly and wrapped his arms around me, lightly kissing the top of my head. “Pretty girl ” he laughed. I blushed fiercely. His lips travelled to my neck where he pushed my hair to one side and started planting slow kisses on the side of my neck.

“Mhmm tasty,” he mumbled against my skin. A shiver ran through me at the touch. He tugged at the straps of my dress. We had fondled each other in bed, in the dark, but it’d have been the first time he was undressing me in bright light. I felt conscious of my stretch marks. But the pure look of adore in his eyes made me close my eyes and melt against his chest.

“Whoa does that hurt?” I opened my eyes slowly to see him looking at the distinct red lines on my white skin.

“Elastic straps and tight dresses.” I shrugged.

He promptly şişli escort slipped the strap off and started kissing the red marks. It felt so good to have his hot breath soothe the bruised skin. The other strap was also slid off and looking at him slowly undressing me in front of the mirror was a sexy sight. I could feel my wetness pooling between my legs.

He flipped me around suddenly and started trailing kisses on the exposed skin of my chest. His eyes flickered to me for a second, seeking permission. I nodded and he gently eased the dress over my boobs. My girls sprang free, the nipples pert and ready for attention.

“Someone is needy,” he chuckled. I blushed even more and scrunched my eyes closed.

What if he didn’t like them? But I opened my eyes to see him staring at my girls in an undisguised state of awe.

“I know they’re asymmetrical and–” He sealed my lips with his. Then he reached for my breasts, slowly skimming his hands over it, his fingers moving deftly with precision. His fingers found my knobs and he started playing, pinching the right nipple and rolling it like a capsule in between his thumb and forefinger. I moaned from the sensation while he picked the other girl and started playing with both–rolling, kneading, caressing. I moaned into his mouth and crossed my legs to prevent my juices from leaking but he noticed the slight shift. And sure enough his finger started marching slowly downwards.

I grabbed his hand and flattened it against my stomach.

“No going down just yet.” I mumbled. In response he grabbed my waist and drew me closer, our bodies pressed against each other. The fabric of his shirt brushed against my exposed nipples, causing them to harden further. “Then I’ll devour what I have here.” He pushed me gently on the bed on my back and climbed over me. Grabbing both my arms with one of his, he pinned me down while the knobs bulged. His palm landed on them, kneading and massaging me like a dough. It was a pleasure to see the entire of my boob fitting his palm because I certainly was not a double D cup. He continued to play with the girls, his thumb tracing the edge of the nipple but not really touching it. The anticipation was making me ache down there but my hands were trapped.

He continued the slow teasing strokes and dotted kisses all over my boobs, tracing the silvery stretch marks like a pro painter and I was over the moon with all the love showered.

I yelped as his hot tongue landed on my left nipple without a warning. He pulled gently and let it go with an audible pop. I must have moaned because he repeated the action again and rolled his tongue right on the tip, repeatedly hitting the spot that made me shiver in pleasure. Once done with the left, he latched on to the right while his hand kept playing with the other. The light suction and the wet tongue was doing wonders and the juice between my legs was threatening to overflow. He increased the pace of his sucking, alternating between both my boobs, loving them in exactly the way I’d have wanted them loved. I writhed under him in blissful heaven, feeling him push and pull with his lavish tongue. The exhilarating feeling of being helplessly trapped under him while he takes pleasure in loving my body was an out of the world experience.

My skin was on fire and when he pulled back finally and looked into my eyes, I knew he was a keeper. With a smirk he started trailing a kiss down my stomach, finding his way to the honeypot and this time I didn’t stop him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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