College Medical

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I should have read the requirements! Simon mused angrily on his situation. Just three weeks after moving from his American hometown to Stockholm, Sweden to begin a prestigious sports science degree, he had been handed this ultimatum. It was his dream to get into professional sports in whatever capacity he could, and a qualification from a top European school was a far better start than anything he could have got back home, particularly as he’d got in on a full scholarship. But now his entire future at the Uni rested on this supposed ‘formality’ – a full medical. Thankfully, the director of his program spoke English. Simon had assumed everyone at the university would speak English, but they seemed madly intent on talking in their native tongue. His half-hearted attempts to pick up this frustrating language had not really advanced in three weeks beyond ‘hello.’

“The language barrier could be a serious issue in the medical, Simon.”

Coach Karlsson was sympathetic to Simon’s situation but this medical should technically have been done before the scholarship had been awarded to the young lad. It was Karlsson himself who had first pushed for such a thorough examination of all the lads to be undertook; the female examinations he left solely in the hands of a female member of staff, he had little interest in them.

“There’s going to be a lot of questions. In Swedish. I suggest you take a friend with you who can translate.”

Simon whined at the need for all this red tape. Why couldn’t coach come with him? But he got a firm reply, the University must seem impartial. There was a possibility he could fail and that would mean termination of his scholarship. Realising this was no joke, Simon began to seriously panic. He could not bear being sent back after just getting here. He realised now what an idiot he had been, he had had all summer to learn the damn language. Wracking his thoughts on the availability of his limited circle of acquaintances here, his mind fell to one person.

“Oh don’t worry about it Coach,” he smiled “I know a girl who’ll do whatever I ask of her.”


Elsa could barely contain her happiness as she got into the passenger seat of Simon’s rented car. After three weeks of adoring this hunky American he had asked her – out of everyone – to help him! He must have had loads of options she thought, with his muscular frame, his thick black hair, those elegant cheekbones and his penetrating cold blue eyes, such a beauty! Though they lived in the same student flat and she was one of the few who would speak in English for him, Elsa barely felt she had got past his standoffish demeanour. She longed to know more of this foreign boy, to spend more time with him, to love him.

Arriving at the private medical centre for the appointment, Simon still seemed reluctant to talk to her, even agitated. She tried to break through his gloomy mood and cheer him up, reassuring him that such a fit guy like him would breeze through what was probably just a glorified check-up. In truth Simon was getting a bit annoyed with the cheery disposition and ready smile of this girl. Sure she was sort of cute, but only in a provincial, small town sort of way. Her dull brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, and her clothes were pretty dowdy, with a knee-length skirt, scruffy sneakers and a knitted cardigan covering her best assets, a very large pair of boobs. Simon mused that she certainly could be pretty if only she dressed up a little more. He chuckled, recalling the facebook photos of her he had enjoyed some alone time to; her at some cousin’s wedding in a very low-cut top. He knew she liked him, adored him maybe, but he could probably do better. She didn’t fit the Swedish blonde stereotype he was lusting to conquer.

Motioned quickly through the reception into a private examination room Simon was confronted with a very stern looking doctor. A female doctor. It was a fearsome pose. Her heeled feet stood a length apart and her hands were crossly placed on her hips. Above the black heels was a grey pencil skirt, a white blouse and white medical coat. Simon noticed the buttons of her blouse were undone just enough to give him a slight teasing peek at a lacy white bra hiding underneath. She couldn’t have been much older than 30. She wore red-rimmed glasses and her hair tied back in a neat bun. An angry-looking pout suggested she was not entirely happy about having to see to Simon.

Snapping something in her native tongue, Simon was brought back to the seriousness of his situation. Turning to Elsa who he had almost forgotten was there, he sought an explanation.

“Well?! That’s what you’re here for!”

He noticed with satisfaction how shy Elsa got when he was assertive with her.

“Erm, she says that you should have been done with the other boys months ago.”

Simon sighed and waved off this statement of the obvious. He was paying a pretty penny for this compulsory testing, he wasn’t going to take any attitude from the womenfolk. Taking off his jacket and ordering Elsa to tell the doctor to get on with it, she began her pointless mundane check-ups. It was all simple stuff, a blood sample, checking bursa suriyeli escort escort out his ears, his eyes, his reflexes; Simon made no effort to contain his frustration at the pointlessness of this. Elsa sat to the side, obediently translating the doctors’ comments for him. Simon noted that he rather liked having his own personal translator, so much simpler than learning this nonsensical language. After ten minutes of routine tests Simon’s interest was briefly piqued by the entrance of an assistant to the doctor. A young nurse, perhaps mid-twenties, her standard issue blue nurses dress could not conceal a very curvy figure, topped off with very pretty features and long blonde ringlets falling to her shoulders. That’s a proper Swedish bird thought Simon with a leering look. Sadly he was brought out of his trance by another barked order in Swedish. Throwing a sharp look to Elsa he noticed her mouth was slightly open.


-“Erm, she would like you to undo your shirt buttons, she wants to listen to your heart-rate.”

Grinning at how abashed Elsa clearly was at the prospect of seeing his abs, Simon proudly opened up his shirt, revealing his perfectly ripped figure.

It was just as Elsa had hoped. He was sculpted like a Greek god. She knew she should probably look away but could not help but stare for a few more longing moments before purposefully turning her head away to give him privacy. Noting down his healthy results, the doctor gave a knowing glance and a smile to her medical colleague before informing Elsa of what was next.

“Well what now Elsa?” said Simon sarcastically.

“-Erm, oh my. They want you to take your trousers down. The next part of the medical is focused on your leg muscles…”

Elsa could not help but say it almost apologetically. Did the nurse seriously need him to strip down to his underwear? Here, in front of three women? Poor Simon! He must feel so nervous.

And she was right. Simon’s earlier courage had deserted him. He knew with dread what these women would discover if he was forced to strip down. He felt his head get heavy, his skin began to itch, his throat scratchy and dry.

“Elsa…can you ask her if it’s really necessary for you to be here for this part? Please Elsa.”

Just as she was about to relay his request, Elsa paused. She took a moment to look at this handsome man that she felt a burning desire for. Turning to the Doctor and speaking in Swedish, she informed the Doctor that yes, Simon was only too happy to continue as instructed. And Doctor Bergstrom thanked the helpful young girl for being so cooperative.

Then, conjuring the most believable look of regret she could come up with, Elsa lied to Simon.

“I’m sorry but she says no. I must be here to translate. She’s very strict on this. Sorry Simon.”

He was dumbstruck with fear. He was desperately trying to think of what underwear he had put on that day. A loose pair of boxers might conceal the lack of bulge…as he frantically searched his mind for any scrap of reassurance that this was not going to be the most humiliating moment of his life, the blonde nurse impatiently came forward and knelt before him.

“Wait! What!”

It was no use, she had already whipped off his belt and was unashamedly opening up the buttons on his jeans. Simon let out a cry of anguish and despair as his jeans were yanked down to his ankles. He stood there, before the three women, staring at the ceiling. The bright light burnt into his glistening eyes, he could not bear to look them in the eye. To his shame, he recalled what underwear he had put on that day.

Elsa however, knew exactly where to look. Amazed, she drank in the sight of this proud man now standing there, humbled. Stripped. Right in front of her. She heard the snickering of the two other women, her new-found allies in Simon’s humbling. And she smiled. It was a funny sight. The all so proud macho was wearing a tiny little pair of orange briefs, adorned with star wars characters. They looked like something a much younger boy would wear and were probably the same size. This hunk of a man was packing but the slightest hint of a little bulge in his pants. His silly little boy pants.

Daring to risk a quick glance at Elsa, Simon was relieved to see her face was not one of disgust or humour, but if anything of fascination. The medical pairing however, seemed less than impressed. The nurse angrily motioned to her captive to step out of his jeans and remove his shoes and socks, which he did dutifully in a daze. She then went at his shirt, sliding it off his impressive broad shoulders, teasingly pressing her body against his as she did so. Before he knew it he was all but naked before three inquisitive ladies. He looked down, mortified with the pathetic little briefs he had so catastrophically opted to wear that day. He was made to just stand there, feeling all dignity had been stripped away from him by these imperious vixens.

As the satisfied doctor went about examining his mighty thigh muscles, Elsa looked on at this captive specimen, no longer seeing a need to look bursa ucuz escort away or spare his blushes. She stared straight at his eyes, and they would meet. She wondered amusingly what was going through his mind behind those wide, startled eyes. Time seemed to slow as she slowly realised she was in complete control here; in complete control of Simon. Elsa’s penetrative stares and the doctors manhandling of his legs were getting a little too much for him. Having this woman knelt before him, firmly squeezing his thighs, even occasionally ‘accidentally’ brushing against his crotch, it was unfair, it was too much. Oh please no, it was happening! Simon felt his tiny penis begin to stir into life. He looked around for something completely sexless to focus on but there was no escape from Elsa’s gaze or the nurses’ withering smirk. He looked down to find – yes – his little cock was now hard and pushing against his briefs, so it was now parallel with the floor.

Doctor Bergstrom paused her work to gaze unhurried upon the boy’s humiliation. Barely a foot away from her face stood this defiant little erection, desperately seeking to burst out of its prison. It was far from uncommon, in fact she took pride in making boys aroused against their will during her very thorough examinations. But she had rarely come across such a pathetic sight as this one. Taking some delight in her message, she asked Elsa to inform Simon.

“Erm Simon?”

Elsa stepped forward and put her hand on Simon’s naked shoulder in a consoling way,

“The Doctor says there’s no requirement for you to have an erection at this point. She asks that you try to control yourself.”

The words were perfectly reasonable and without any hint of derision from Elsa but Simon felt it like a body blow. Elsa, his flatmate of all people, this shy little girl, was telling him to stop getting hard. It was too much, it had the opposite effect. His concealed erection was so excited it was now standing straight to attention, threatening to burst out of his tiny pants altogether.

Verbally scolding Simon, an agitated Doctor went to her desk and returned brandishing some papers. The conversation between her, the nurse and Elsa seemed serious. Simon noticed the look of astonishment on Elsa’s face as she silently nodded her head to the Doctor’s remarks. The women seemed satisfied with their secret conference and all returned their attention to Simon.

“Ok Simon,” said Elsa, fumbling about with the papers, “Not much to go now, there’s some consent forms you need to sign here, all pretty standard stuff.”

He was quick to sign them, eager to move forward and finish this soul-crushing ordeal. As he finished signing, Elsa then picked up the pen and signed too.

“Wait, why do you have to sign them too?” Simon asked confused. He noticed Elsa paused, thinking carefully before she replied.

“-The forms make me your guardian for this examination. The next part requires you to be nude. Completely. Totally naked. For all the rest of the examination. You had to give your consent for me to be present here as you will be completely naked. And I had to give my consent that I am happy for you, my charged care, to be completely naked in front of these medical professionals.”

Simon could not believe the manner of fact tone in which she was destroying his remaining dignity. She couldn’t mean it! Why did she not tell him what he was signing up to! He struggled to remain composure as he told her no – never! He would not be humiliated anymore. They couldn’t do this to him. Three women could not reduce him to this!

Rolling her eyes in boredom at his childish protestations, Elsa cut him short;

“Then no scholarship. If you don’t comply. You lose everything. You’ll have to leave the University and your failure to comply with standard requirements will be mentioned in any reference to any other place you try to get into. You’d be ruined. The Doctor says all the other male students on the course obeyed the rules of the examination. The need for full nudity and testing is very clearly stated in the necessary requirements laid down by Coach Karlsson. Completely naked.”

Elsa found herself risking a smirk as she added those final two words. He was like a deer in headlights. She no longer saw him as an unattainable dream but a terrified little boy who was about to learn who really held the power here. To make her point, she joked in Swedish to her female compatriots what a big fuss about such a TINY thing. And they laughed, they laughed at him. They were now as one, three predators circling their powerless prey.

Panting heavily, Simon realised it was no good, he had to submit. He could not bear going back to the States just because he wouldn’t comply with a physical. Besides, it was probably nearly over now, he had made it this far. He couldn’t face saying it, but he nodded his head meekly in submission. Elsa moved quickly, talking to the Doctor, she was delighted to find these wonderful woman only too happy to proceed as Elsa now suggested. Now spinning her yarn for Simon, she completed her victory.

“ok Simon, bursa üniversiteli escort the Doctor says that for legal reasons, it’s better that I, as your guardian, am the one to remove your underwear.”

As he tried to comprehend the consequences of this she knelt before him and took either side of the little briefs’ waistline. Looking up to his horrified eyes, she smiled and slowly pulled down what was left of his modesty. His defiant little hardon jerked forwards before slapping back hard against his abdomen causing the nurse to stifle a contemptuous snigger. And it was done. He stood there, with Elsa knelt before him. Completely and utterly nude. Not a stitch of clothing left to hide behind, not a shred of dignity remained. His legs quaked and he shivered as he was made to stand there for what felt like an eternity, as three pairs of disapproving female eyes roamed unrestricted over his exposed body. Elsa remained knelt before him, her face just inches away from his stiff penis. Her mouth was open in complete wonderment. She had never been so close to a male penis. Her only hazy memory of ever seeing men naked was from years back when her cousins had been made to go naked at the beach because their shorts had been conveniently forgotten by her mother. But this was something else, and it was so small! She couldn’t understand why a fit guy like Simon was so lacking down here. How come he had always acted like such a macho when in reality he was a tiny joke?

Returning Elsa to her senses, the Doctor explained the next step. Oh yes, this was too good she thought, as she relayed the message to Simon.

“The examinations of all male students of the course requires a full list of measurements. Everything. Yes. Your penis. Both erect and soft. The measurements will be noted and kept on record.”

Simon was distraught. This was a joke, there’s no way they needed to know that! He pleaded with Elsa, trying to make his point but she smiled and shook her head in amusement. As she informed his tormentor that he didn’t believe her, the doctor smiled. A sneering, arrogant smile. One of complete and total power. Beckoning them over to her desktop, she accessed a file, a database and allowed the young girl and the naked boy to look upon her work.

A trembling Simon leaned over the sitting Doctor alongside Elsa to inspect the spreadsheet. There was a long list of names. He recognised these people, they were all guys on his sports science course. Beside their names was a list of categories and figures: height, weight, blood group etc. And then at the end, highlighted in bold: ‘limp’ and ‘erect.’ He looked down the list feeling the power of his masculinity draining away. These scheming women had reduced the lads to a set of withering numbers. And they had kept it all on file. Elsa squealed in delight pointing to a name;

“Marc Larsson! He’s the brother of my friend! Five inches oh my!! I know his little secret now haha! And look there, the jock guy, Erik! Eight inches wow that’s huge no?!”

Simon felt a burning rage that little shy Elsa was getting to see all this. And the Doctor was just letting her! Who else had seen this list or had access?! Briefly forgetting his vulnerability, he turned on the amused Doctor who was clearly enjoying this exposure of manhood.

“Elsa! Ask her who has access to this?!”

He watched on as the entertained women chatted before Elsa gave him a reply.

“Not many Simon don’t worry. Just the Doctor here and then Coach Karlsson. And then the deputy head of the department of Sports Science, Miss Lindstrom. And then the secretary of the department, Miss Berg and presumably any of the temporary admin staff that work there. The Vice-Chairwoman is also interested in the success of the program so apparently she asked for the file too to impress potential financial backers. A group of female science students studying erectile dysfunction and penis shrinkage were also gifted a copy. Oh and the student welfare rep was sent a copy as she is mandated to care for the health of students.”

Simon whimpered under this humiliating tale. Dozens of women if not more must be secretly giggling and laughing at the records of all these young cocks. Oh god not the student welfare rep, Felicity, that bitch! She was only a second year! Simon had already clashed heads with this militant feminist, the thought of her knowing the little secret of every guy on their course was a terrifying prospect.

“Now enough of that, we need to get your numbers Simon – let’s see how you measure up!”

Taking him by the hand, Elsa took him over to a bed with a large circular light above it.

“The Doctor wants you to lie down, hands at your sides!”

Simon looked to the Doctor and nurse, unsure as to where this authoritative Elsa had come from, but the two professionals indignantly motioned that he should get on with it. Climbing with some difficulty onto the high bed, he lay down as instructed. His previous anger at this list being possibly shared around the female university staff had caused him to temporarily forget his own nakedness. But now, laying helplessly with the three women towering over him, he felt so small, his whole body trembled. His penis was still rock hard in full presentation for his inquisitors. As the large light was switched on, illuminating his groin area, the nurse began a degrading comb through his thick bush of pubic hair. She barked something in Swedish and Elsa translated with a hint of glee in her voice,

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