Eddy Pt. 03

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We cleaned up the kitchen, Eddy’s cock flopped around as he carried dishes to me to put in the dishwasher. I got the last of it loaded, he pinned me to the cupboard, he opened my robe, his body pressed to mine. His cock dripped like a geyser, I took his hand and led him to my bedroom, I grabbed the lube from the nightstand.

I dropped the robe, I poured out some lube and lathered up the man’s cock, Eddy smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss., I got my hole slicked up and slid a finger in, I bent over the bed, he quickly knew what I wanted, what I needed, Eddy was gentle, he pressed his cock to my hole and slowly pressed it in, his strokes were soft and slow so predictable, way to gentle for me to enjoy this.

I repositioned so I was on my back my ass hanging over the bed, my legs on his shoulders, my own cock was dripping precum like a leaky faucet. Eddy slid his cock in like before he was way to gentle about this, he and I would never enjoy this if I let him continue.

“Come on man fuck that ass, use it, fuck me harder Eddy, give it to me how I like it, make me take your big cock in my tight ass, use me like your bitch.”

Eddy looked at me kind of surprised, a little shocked, he and his girlfriend had a routine of sorts, he knew what she liked, he did what he was told. Now I was telling him to Fuck me harder, to use my hole for his own sexual needs not someone else’s.

Eddy still could not get into it, he was far to gentle for me to enjoy this, I urged him on, telling him harder, ram it in, use my ass.

“Fuck me Harder Eddy for fuck sakes, stop being a pussy.”

He gave me this look like okay you want it you’re going to get it you bitch. Then the assault started, Eddy grabbed my hips, his cock rammed me hard, it came in hard and was pulled back out, then shoved in deep.

The look on Eddy’s face was priceless, he would have never done anything like this with his girl, with me he could try new things. Eddy was close, I grabbed my own cock and brought myself to the edge, I clamped down on Eddy’s cock with my kegel muscles. The look on the man’s face as his cock filled me full of cum was unbelievable.

Eddy screamed as his balls drained their load into my wanting hole, the man collapsed on top of me, his breathing slowly coming back to normal. Eddy looked at me his lips on mine.

“Tommy I have never cum that much ever, what you did to my cock inside your hole was incredible, how did you even do that?”

“They are called kegel muscles, I can grip your cock inside my ass while you fuck me, felt pretty good didn’t it?”

“All Etiler Escort I can say is Fuck I have never felt anything like that ever.”

“Just wait my good man I still have more to show you, but not today, you have to get home and I have work to do.”

“But Tommy man, I’m still hard, you talk of these things and my cock won’t go down, during the week when I am not here with you I get hard just thinking about you sucking my cock or myself sucking yours and I have a hard on all day. I have never jerked off so much as I have since I met you, and now that I have actually fucked you, come on man you’re killing me here.”

“Eddy I need you to slow down on the masturbation, I want you to come over in a week or two, have sex with your girlfriend but no masturbating, save it for me and I will make you shoot a intensively massive load, probably make you scream as you do.”

“I have to go home and I can’t jerk off, are you fucking kidding me man? She and I only have sex once a week and she controls all of what we do in the bedroom, I am sure she hates having sex with me and I have to wait a week or more, she is home for the next two weeks Tommy, this could actually do some physical harm to me.”

“Eddy I have never heard of a guy injured from not masturbating, believe me it will be worth it.”

“It’s just getting through two weeks is all, not sure I can make it, I may have to swing by in a day or so.”

“Nope has to be at least a week, not before that.”

“Come on Tommy man that is going to be torture, and the fact you won’t tell me what you plan to do to me, or me to you! Is even worse. I am going to be walking around rock hard all the time, and thinking of only you.”

“Yes I know you will, and once you can come over then I will relieve you of the build up you will have, your cock will shoot the biggest load ever.”

“So come on Tommy can we just suck each other one more time before I have to go, I’m so horny all the time, Please Tommy one more?”

I rolled us over, got us in a sixty nine, pretty sure Eddy was starting to really enjoy a sixty nine with me, he eagerly sucked down my cock as deep as he could. His own cock was still lubed up, so it slid in and out so nicely.

It took no time and Eddy was filling me up once again, his cock shot me full, his cum so creamy and tasty. I decided to let him jerk off once a week, no more than that, he still wanted to drop by in a week but I needed him to let it built up, I wanted his orgasm to send him to the stars. I knew if he showed up at my place in a week I would not kick Escort Bayan the man out of my bed.

He and I showered, got dressed and I drove him to his truck, he leaned in as he was about to get out of my SUV and kissed me on the lips.

“See you in a week Tommy.”

He got out of my SUV laughing, I knew he would never make it through two weeks of no sex now that he and I were playing so often. I got messages from Eddy all week, Friday night he was going out with his friends to “Our” bar as he called it. I knew I would probably be seeing Eddy on Friday night, if he was the least bit drunk I knew he would cab over to mine so he and I could have sex.

It was ten on Friday that Eddy messaged me, he was feeling good and wanted to drop in, he would normally come by at two in the morning, but he did not want to wait. Ten thirty a knock at my door, it was Eddy, feeling good and so horny. He pressed me to the wall in the foyer, his lips on mine, his hands on my body pulling me in close to him.

“Dam I missed you Tommy, I need this, please don’t kick me out, I can only stay for an hour or so, she will suspect something if I don’t get home by midnight.”

Eddy and I ended up in the bedroom, I undressed him slowly kissing him all over, the man ate up any affection I gave to him. He quickly undressed me, he and I naked on the bed, we would sixty nine then Eddy would have to head home. We got right into it, Eddy held back as long as he could, but the build up of a week’s worth of cum was to much for the man, he flooded me with his load. The man screamed as his cock shot me full of cum.

I sucked all he could give me, I swallowed it all, enjoying every last drop, Eddy sucked out a load out of me as well. I wanted Eddy to fuck me but I had to save that for next week, I planned to make the man cum over and over till his balls ached and he had no more.

He and I snuggled in close to each other, I covered us up we would hold each other for a half hour or so. It had been a very stressful week for me, I have to say holding Eddy right now is exactly what I needed. He and I tried to stay awake but with what he had drank and how tired I was we both were so comfortable in each others arms.

I woke up to a buzzing sound, then again, a few more times, then it stopped, I looked at the clock, it was three thirty. He and I had both fallen asleep, Eddy was snuggled in close to me I wanted to stay where I was but his girlfriend would be worried about where he was.

“Eddy wake up, your phone is buzzing, it’s three thirty.”

It took a few minutes istanbul Escort for it to register that he was in my bed, he should be home, He looked at me then it hit him.

“Oh fuck Tommy she is going to kill me, I need a cover story, I have to tell her something believable.”

“Calm down Eddy tell her you went to the bar, you got quite drunk, your friend Tom let you stay at his place as he was cabbing it home, and he lives close by the bar.”

Eddy looked at me like was I serious, she would never believe that would she. He wanted to tell her he passed out in his truck, and that his phone finally woke him.

“So Eddy what if she is at the bar at your truck right now, or had someone go check to see if you are actually in the truck, go with what I said you’re much safer, and this way you and I are friends so if you hang out with me we are just friends.”

Eddy looked at me, it really did make sense, he grabbed his phone and messaged her he would be home later he did not feel so good just yet he needed a few more hours of sleep. Tom will drive me to my truck, then I can drive home safely. She quickly responded that she was glad he was okay, and to take his time, get the sleep he needed.

Eddy put his phone on the nightstand, he and I snuggled back in, both of us still so tired, he and I kissed then got back to sleep. He and I woke four hours later, it was nice that he did not have to rush off he could stay for breakfast. He and I kissed, then I got under the covers and sucked his cock, the man shot me full once more. He took my cock and did his magic to it, It felt so good having Eddy sucking my cock, I too was so horny lately.

I got up made coffee and breakfast, Eddy came in naked, I handed him a cup he and I could take our time and enjoy the morning. I got breakfast made he and I ate then showered, I brought Eddy back to his truck, he went to lean in to kiss me but I held him back.

“Eddy man we better stay away from kissing in public, you are straight and have a girlfriend.”

“You’re right Tom, I am straight and I do have a girlfriend, I really should not be kissing a man in public should I?”

Eddy leaned in and pulled me into a kiss, not just a peck but a full on our lips meshed together kiss, Eddy looked at me smiled and got out of my SUV. I got messages all week, now that his girl knew he and I were friends he could easily message me during the week even if she was there.

I suspected she knew what was going on, Eddy was way to happy all the time now, the gloom that surrounded him no longer there, the sexual tension no longer present neither. He and I texted daily, we even went out for a drink after work most nights during the week, Eddy wanting to come by to have sex before he went home. I made him wait till the weekend, She would suspect less if he only came by on weekends.

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