Good Girl to Slut_(1)

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Angelica Black

I am your typical good girl. You know the type – cute, sweet, and boring. Well, for my twenty-first birthday, I decided to change all that. It wasn’t that I hadn’t had sex, or even a fair amount of it, just none had been very eventful. I wanted to do something I would have never thought of before. This night had to be special. Memorable. I declined the offer to out with friends, and chose to go to a remote bar by myself. I was not entirely sure what I was going to do at this point. All I knew, it was going to be something different and unexpected.

As soon as I walked into Murphy’s bar, I knew the evening was going to be just that. The lights were very low which helped to conceal the fact that the bar had seen better days. The men in the bar were also a lot rougher looking than I was accustomed to.

There were very few women in the place. I definitely stood out. I was wearing a tight, short skirt, white blouse minus bra, stockings, and heels. With faked confidence, I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. There was no turning back now.

I flirted with the bartender for awhile but he was not what I was looking for. I didn’t just want sex; I wanted something totally new and exhilarating. Even though, that still didn’t stop me from giving him quick views down my open shirt.

Before gaziantep rus escort long, a man, maybe in his early thirties, came over and sat down. He told me his name was Rick and that he and his buddy were out celebrating. He asked if I would join them. I agreed. This could be the opportunity I was looking for. He led me to a table near the back of the room. I could not help the tingle I felt from his hand that found its way onto my ass.

Reaching the table, Rick introduced me to Kevin. He was around the same age as Rick but with more of a rugged look. I made a point to sit between the two of them. We talked and flirted each other, with Rick and Kevin both vying for my attention. After a few drinks, it was time for the new me to appear. I began rubbing Rick’s thigh while my other hand did the same to Kevin. They easily noticed my divided attentions.

“Well boys,” I said in a seductive voice, “maybe we could take this celebration somewhere more private.”

They both agreed immediately. All three of us piled into Kevin’s car and headed for his place.

As we walked into Kevin’s apartment, Rick grabbed and pinned me against the wall. His hands went straight to my tits.

“I’ve wanted to get my hands on these all night,” he growled.

“Well, how about you take off that shirt so we both can have a look,” Kevin suggested, not wanting to be left out.

I loved my chance at being a slut for the night. I removed my blouse, exposing my breasts, and slipped the skimpy skirt off too. This brought definite approval from both of them. Rick grabbed my hand and led me to the living room.

Grabbing my tits again, Rick began to suck and nibble on them. I pressed into his mouth, enjoying this new sexuality of mine. I felt Kevin move behind me and spread my legs apart. His fingers probed my pussy while Rick sucked on my nipples.

“Suck our cocks,” Rick suddenly demanded.

He let go of my tits and I dropped to my knees. This brought Kevin around to the front of me. I watched as they removed their pants and released their cocks. I took hold of a cock in each hand. Since Rick had made the first move, I moved my mouth over his cock and took him in. I made sure to run my tongue around his shaft while I sucked him.

Kevin’s cock soon tapped against my cheek and I turned my attention to him. His cock was a lot bigger than Ricks. Where Rick’s was of an average length, Kevin’s was long and thick. I had to open my mouth wide to suck him.

I alternated between the two cocks until Rick pulled me to my feet. They both played with my tits and fingered my cunt. I was writhing and moaning with lust. Kevin pulled away first and lay on the floor.

“Get down here and sit on my cock, slut,” was all he said.

Straddling him, I eased my slick pussy down his thick shaft. I rode Kevin’s cock while Rick fucked my mouth. Soon Kevin grabbed my tits and pulled me against him. The message he sent by this new action was very clear.

“It’s open for you now, man,” he said as Rick moved behind me.

With my cunt full of Kevin’s massive unit, Rick slid his cock up my ass.

My ass stretched as he plunged his way in. The feeling was incredible. The first sensations had been of resistance and pain but soon followed with a lustful need. This was a first for me, and I loved being completely filled.

They had a definite system going. Kevin would bounce me on his cock, and then Rick would drive himself deep in my ass. Soon I was screaming out in orgasmic bliss. Rick was next as he pulled his cock out and unloaded his hot cum all over my ass. Nearing his own climax, Kevin pulled me off him and plunged his cock deep in my mouth. He held my head firm as his hot cum shot down my throat.

After resting for a short bit, Kevin volunteered to drive me back to get my car. Thanking him for the ride, I tucked my number into his pocket, telling him to give me a call if he ever wanted to celebrate again.

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