Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires – Chapter 30 – The Twins Come of Age

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Cadey Mercury

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires
Chapter Thirty – The Twins Come of Age

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mmF, mmf, cream pie, exhib, grope, hp, magic, orgy, preg, spank, voy

As March wound down and April approached, the school was abuzz from the latest sex scandal involving Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and nearly half of the school. So prodigious were the circumstances of the abnormally graphic and revealing pictures and subsequent article on the scandal, the Hogwarts Board of Governors and several Ministry officials made formal inquiries into the happenings at Hogwarts. The only punishment to be doled out from the entire affair was for Hermione to receive special counseling sessions from her Head of House, Professor McGonagall. That wasn’t the only exciting thing going on at Hogwarts however; Fred and George Weasley were all set to celebrate their seventeen birthday. Like all seventeenth birthdays in the wizarding world, the Weasley twins’ seventeenth would be no different, except for the fact that they were planning the largest practical joke ever to celebrate it. Because the twins’ birthday fell directly on April Fools Day, the twins had a certain amount of fun every year celebrating their birthday by playing hilarious practical jokes on anyone they could think of. This year was a special one, and for that reason, they had quite the elaborate plan set up for the celebration of their coming of age. Unfortunately, the Spellbook of Desires had been stolen out from under them some time ago, but the last spell they had taken a look at, was a perfect fit for their plan.

‘I hope you remember how to do this, or all are hard work will be for nothing!’ Fred said to his brother, as they planned out their masterpiece. The plan was an intricate one; it would involve the twins sneaking down to the Slytherin common room underneath Harry’s invisibility cloak, gaining access, placing enchantments on all Slytherin students’ clothing and exiting without getting caught. During the evening meal in the Great Hall on their birthday, the twins would make a few simple wand movements while everyone is eating and with that, every single piece of Slytherin students’ clothing would disappear. In the resulting chaos and confusion, no one would see the cameras Fred and George had already set up, magically snapping away at the naked pandemonium. The pictures would serve a dual purpose; embarrass the hell out of every Slytherin student, and provide a suitable scapegoat for Hermione, Harry and Ron’s sexual antics in the Daily Prophet. They had already run the plan past Harry and Ron; not just because it was one hell of an idea, but because enchanting all of the Slytherin students’ clothing was just too big of a job for them to do alone. They would gain access the night before their birthday and let Harry and Ron in after them to speed up the process.

Harry and Ron only agreed to their unbelievably complex and perverted plan under one condition; that the twins lure Rita Skeeter to a place of their choosing under the pretense of buying more pictures of a sexual nature for her to plaster all over the front page of the Daily Prophet. Harry and Ron felt a little guilty for turning their best friend into a whore and the laughing stock of the whole school and magical world. Their devious plan was to lure Rita to an isolated location, where they would show her who the real whore is.

The night before the twins’ birthday, Fred and George used Harry’s invisibility cloak to sneak into the Slytherin common room when one of the students said the password and walked inside. They waited in the common room, under the cloak, for a couple of hours until the last student had gone up to his dormitory and called it a night. They then quietly pulled off the invisibility cloak and opened the door to let Harry and Ron in, and after ten more minutes of waiting for them to make it to dungeons, all four of them started their rounds; casting the vanishing enchantment on every single piece of Slytherin clothing. The spell was quite easy and was able to enchant more than one piece of clothing at once, so it only took a few short hours. They had to be extra careful not to wake any of the students, or they would have been in real trouble. While in the seventh year girls’ dormitories, Fred and George decided to get a quick preview of what they would be seeing the next evening. There was only one attractive seventh year female Slytherin, and although she was just as big of a bitch as every other Slytherin girl, Fred and George couldn’t help but take a peak at her gorgeous teen body.

‘She’s pretty hot, isn’t she George?’ Fred whispered to his brother, as they crept up to her bunk under the invisibility cloak they had kept with them. The Slytherin girl was wearing some extremely revealing lingerie. She was lying on her stomach, on top of her bed covers and both Fred and George had a perfect view of her juicy teen ass. As they stood by the bed and took in the girl’s great body, both twins couldn’t help themselves any longer and just had to reach out from under the cloak and give her great ass a good squeeze.

‘Mmmmmm! Mr. Malfoy… That feels so good!’ she moaned in satisfaction as both Fred and George molested her sweet teen ass.

‘Huh… The bitch thinks were Lucius Malfoy… I bet she’s his little whore!’ George whispered to his brother, as his fingers slipped underneath the band holding up her thong. He tugged them down and the twins were treated to both her supple naked ass and just a hint of her tight little teen pussy. Not wanting to wake her up though, the twins each gave her ass one last squeeze and then left to finish the rest of their work.

Harry and Ron finished almost at the same time the twins had, and after rooting through the Slytherin common room for anything they could use to further incriminate Slytherin House, the four pranksters left the common room and went back up to Gryffindor Tower.

The next day, Harry, Ron, Fred and George were all smiles as they celebrated the twins’ birthday all day long, just waiting for the evening meal in the Great Hall. Fred and George’s Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes were on special for their birthday, and that included their adult line, which had done exceedingly well over the past few months. Demand for the sex oriented potions and spells had reached new highs, even though the twins no longer had the Spellbook of Desires. They could reproduce the potions and spells they had already mastered and developed for their Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, but they had no way to introduce any new products into the line.

The twins filled the day by playing hilarious jokes on anyone they could find. They made sure to set up a few hidden cameras in the Great Hall when no one was around, making certain they had concrete proof that it was they who concocted such a brilliant April Fools prank. The day seemed to fly by with all the fun they were having, and before they knew gaziantep eskort bayan it, the time to unleash their greatest practical joke was at hand.

Fred and George walked down with Harry and Ron to the Great Hall, with all of them nearly in tears from how funny the joke was going to be. They sat together, and after the last Slytherin student sat down at their table, Fred and George suddenly stood up and waved their wands about, finishing the vanishing enchantment and making all the Slytherins’ clothing disappear in an instant.

’AHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH!’ screamed almost every Slytherin after a second or two. Almost every single piece of their clothing had disappeared, other than a few socks and a couple of pairs of underwear. Everyone in the hall stood up immediately to see why all the Slytherins were screaming and running for the exits while indeterminable clicks from the well-hidden cameras rang throughout the hall. Malfoy was the most noticeable one running around naked; his tiny limp dick was once again the laughing stock of the school as he also ran for the exit.

The whole hall broke out in raucous laughter; all the students and even a few of the professors at the front couldn’t help but giggle at the hilarity and craziness of the situation. The laughs from the Gryffindor table were loudest of all, especially those coming from Harry, Ron, Fred and George; the masterminds behinds the April Fools practical joke.

Part one of the plan was now over as the Slytherin students bolted for their own common room, hoping to cover up their shame with the clothing from their rooms. Part two was about to commence, with the removal of the hidden cameras and the meeting with Rita Skeeter.

As the twins took the cameras back up to their room to be developed, Harry and Ron left the hall to meet up with Rita Skeeter. Fred and George had told her to meet them in the second floor girls’ lavatory because of its relative seclusion. Moaning Myrtle haunted the gloomy bathroom and although Harry had often tried to avoid the bathroom since his second year, Fred and George told him and Ron to go ahead and make Rita at ease while they went to work on the pictures. Fred and George might be setting Rita up for a little payback from Harry and Ron, but they still intended to give her the photos of the naked Slytherins. The pictures would take the heat off Harry, Ron and Hermione, all the while, embarrassing the hell out of Malfoy and the rest of his malevolent house.

Harry had his own plan made up for when Rita entered the bathroom looking for her tantalizing pictures. He had kept the ‘Essence of Love’ perfume Fred and George had given him and after he placed a hair from Ron’s head into the perfume, it was ready to instantly attract any woman to the two of them.

The invisible label read:

A wonderful and fragrant concoction for the love a young man’s life. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is proud to present a potent and intoxicating perfume, able to create an immediate and powerful attraction between two people. Simply drop a single hair into the perfume before spraying it on the girl of your dreams. The reaction will be immediate and sexually bond the wearer to the giver for several long lustful hours! Warning! One spray will intoxicate the wearer and sexually stimulate them for hours and hours! There is no antidote to the perfume until its effects wear off!

Harry and Ron made it to the bathroom in record time and to their relief, Moaning Myrtle was nowhere in sight. Not that it really mattered though; Harry and Ron fully intended to fuck the living hell out of the Skeeter bitch whether they had an audience or not. They only had to wait a few minutes before Rita came bustling in, wearing a shiny green cloak and a smirk of triumph on her face. She didn’t even have time to react before a delightful mist enveloped around her. Rita’s eyes glistened over before both Harry and Ron walked into her eyesight. She pulled off her glasses and threw them to the floor as her whole frame of thought was altered from mischievous journalism to an unstoppable lustful affection for both Harry and Ron.

‘I don’t know why, but I’m so horny!’ she murmured to herself, as her eyes suddenly dropped from Harry and Ron’s smiling faces, to their bulging crotches. She smiled, licked her lips and pulled off her shiny green cloak to reveal a tight fitting blouse and a long, but tight, black skirt. Instead of simply unclipping her skirt and unbuttoning her expensive looking blouse, she decided to take the easy and quick route, by simply tearing the pieces of clothing off of herself.

‘FUCK ME!’ Harry and Ron groaned together. Rita Skeeter may not be a sweet nubile teenager, but her outstanding body told a completely different story. Her tits were immaculate, both quite large and indescribably juicy looking. Her body and ass were just as amazing; both tight and firm. Harry and Ron had to blink and regain their senses as they drooled over Rita’s outstanding rack and body.

‘MY PLEASURE’ Rita purred seductively, getting on her knees and crawling over to the two in the process. Harry and Ron stood stunned; of course they fully intended to fuck the sultry minx, but they had never imagined it would be so pleasant. Before they could contemplate what they were going to do with her, Rita had reached up and had pulled down their pants to reveal two massive erections.

While Harry and Ron were being pleasantly surprised by one Rita Skeeter, Fred and George were hard at work developing the pictures their cameras had snapped during the dinner. To speed up the process, their friend Lee Jordan had volunteered his services. Lee had found the entire prank unbelievably entertaining and although he had no major part to play in the grand scheme of things, he was happy to help speed up the process. A few skillful spells from the trio and the magical pictures took no time at all to take form and reveal a very telling tale. Fred and George gathered up the moving pictures, thanked Lee for his help and got ready to run down to the scheduled meeting with Rita Skeeter.

‘Wait… Maybe we should bring a camera… Just in case!’ George said to his brother before they left their room.

‘Good idea brother… You never know when a photo of Rita Skeeter being doubled fucked could come in handy’ Fred responded as he picked up a camera and followed his brother out of Gryffindor Tower and towards the second floor girls’ bathroom.

Harry and Ron hadn’t moved an inch since Rita had stripped her clothes off and had pulled down their trousers. She had taken hold of both of the sizeable and very stiff cocks and had begun sliding her small hands up and down over the pulsing members. Harry looked down at the insatiable slut and saw a little twinkle in her eye before she began to lean in and engulf his throbbing cock with her very accommodating hot wet mouth. Her oral skills were every bit as good as Fleur’s, and as he she traded off between Harry and Ron’s shafts, a growing need to fuck the slutty reporter started to overwhelm the duo.

Rita, sensing the growing urge to fuck her silly from the two boys she was sucking, decided to fulfill their every wish. She really had no say in the matter; the sexual attraction she had for both of them had truly overwhelmed her better judgment and although she loved the taste of their meat in her mouth, the sensation of having a cock fill her up was too tantalizing an opportunity to pass up. Like the good whore she was, she pulled her mouth off Harry’s rigid cock and let go of Ron’s equally stiff rod.

Harry and Ron moaned in protest, but after they realized what she was getting ready for, they quickly stifled their protests and got ready to stuff her tight and completely shaven reporter pussy with their thick throbbing members. Taking control of the situation, Ron took the initiative and took Rita by the waist; turning her around and bending her over until she was touching her toes. Ron took the opportunity to give her firm ass a good squeeze and hard slap before proceeding to stick two of his long fingers into her horny pussy.

‘Mmmmmm…. That feels good!’ Rita moaned, as Ron’s fingers slowly penetrated her snatch and loosened up her tight clutching pussy.

Harry, not wanting to be left out walked over in front of Rita and let her take his shaft in one of her hands. As Ron got ready to slam his six inches into her tight twat, Rita picked up where she had left off with Harry and began sucking him off again.

Fred and George had snuck out of the Gryffindor common room and had started towards their little meeting Rita Skeeter, knowing full well that she was having the time of her life with their brother and Harry Potter. So elated they were from the success of their plan thus far, Fred and George paid no attention to a curious pursuer who had trailed them since they had inconspicuously ran out of their room and out of the common room.

As Fred and George finally made it to the second floor girls’ bathroom and peered inside through a crack in the door, Harry and Ron were in full swing on either side of Rita Skeeter. Rita was easily deep-throating Harry’s five inches and Ron already had three inches buried in her tight shaven pussy before Fred and George had gotten to their front row seats. They peered through the crack in the door, taking photos at their ease, as the pornographic scene continued to progress in front of them. The only problem with the situation was that it was Harry and Ron getting their rocks off and not themselves. It was their birthday after all, and they did just put together one hell of a practical joke. Luckily for them, their prayers were about to be answered, but before that could take place, they watched as Ron’s six inches were completely driven into Rita’s tight pussy. Harry quickly followed that up with a hard thrust of his own; driving his hips forwards and forcing Rita to engulf his entire rod.

‘Mmmmpfff!’ she muffled, as she struggled for air and simultaneously went through a powerful orgasm from Ron’s deep penetration. She continued to squeal in exaltation as both Harry and Ron maintained their deep and steady thrusts.

‘God that’s warm!’ Ron moaned, feeling Rita’s juices roll down his thrusting cock, just as Harry pulled his saliva covered cock from her skilled mouth.

‘Sounds good… Mind if I have a go?’ Harry asked a very reluctant looking Ron, who was still pumping his full length in and out of Rita’s sopping wet pussy. ‘She does have an ass, stupid!’ Harry laughed, hoping Ron would settle for her tight ass, while he got to have a go with her juicy snatch. Ron slowly pulled out his six inches from Rita’s pussy with a plop and slid to the ground so Rita could sit on his cock.

As Rita got ready to have both her holes filled simultaneously by Harry and Ron, Fred and George were about to get quite the surprise from an old and very sexy friend. Angelina Johnson had been down in the Great Hall when all the Slytherin students’ clothes had disappeared in an instant. She had also noticed that Fred and George Weasley were at the center of the hilarity and although she hadn’t been able to link the jokesters to the hilarious prank, her interest had been peeked. After seeing them sneak out of the common room with a camera, she decided to follow.

‘What you looking at, boys?’ Angelina said innocently, as she walked towards the crouching twins, swaying her hips sexily and flaunting her outrageously gorgeous body. Fred and George had been lucky enough to tap both her ass and pussy once before during the summer holiday and although they had always gotten on well after their little foray, the trio hadn’t had the opportunity to hook up since.

‘Uhhhhh… Nothing!’ Fred and George said together, unconvincingly. They tried to block the crack in the door, but it was to no avail; Angelina easily skirted by them and peered through the crack.

‘Holy FUCK… Is that Harry and Ron plowing Rita Skeeter?’ Angelina laughed, seeing Harry and Ron interlocked with Rita Skeeter, fucking the living hell out of both of her tight holes. What baffled her even more was the fact that Rita Skeeter seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. ‘That’s pretty HOT! Angelina continued, moving her hand towards her own pussy and stroking it through the thin pair of cotton panties she was adorning.

‘Yeah… HOT!’ moaned Fred to his brother, as Angelina bent down lower to get a better look at the threesome in front of her, emphasizing her outstandingly juicy ass for the twins. The cotton panties and tight fitting undershirt she was wearing clearly accentuated every feature and curve she had to offer. As the boys continued to stare at her beautiful ass, Angelina turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see their own obvious arousal.

‘I see you notice something you like too’ Angelina said to the twins, with her hand still buried in her panties and a smug look on her face as she peered down at their raging hard boners. ‘I bet you two dream about our last little encounter almost every night, don’t you?’ she asked the stunned and apparently dumbstruck duo. Whether they admitted or not; both the twins had indeed fantasized over and over again about crashing Angelina’s slumber party, impregnating Kate Bell and Alicia Spinnet, and then culminating their visit with fucking both of Angelina’s hot holes. ‘I guess I’ll just have to give you some new memories then!’ she finished, basking in their obvious glee.

As Angelina was getting ready to let the twins violate her, Rita Skeeter was being stuffed by two cocks at once. Ron had her sitting on his lap with his shaft completely submerged in her tight ass, while Harry was on top of the two, slamming his hips downwards into Rita’s pussy, pounding his five inches as deep and as hard into her as possible. Rita could barely remain conscious; she had gone through over five very powerful orgasms and as Harry continued to rut his shaft into her sweet snatch, Ron could take no more of her virgin asshole.

‘I’m fucking CUMMING!’ he groaned, not able to pull his cock out of her ass. Unable pull out, Ron decided that there was only one thing to do. His cock convulsed and began to spasm; spewing out a thick adult sized load of his molten hot seed directly into Rita’s ass. Load after load of his hot jizz funneled into her tiny rectum and filled her full. Ron wasn’t finished though and as Harry continued to slam his hips downwards into Rita, Ron found his second wind, thrusting upwards into her ass with renewed vigor and a still hard six inch cock.

Fred, George and Angelina were no longer watching the hot scene developing in the second floor girls’ bathroom because they were far too busy with one of their own. Fred was already on his knees, pulling down Angelina’s tight white panties while George was standing face to face with her, pulling off her top and then sucking on her round and beautifully developed tits. He licked and suckled on her perfect teen tits, as Fred’s mouth was already hard at work on Angelina’s tasty twat. Angelina had trimmed her pubic hair into a finely shaped triangle just above her snatch, making her sexy pussy look even more enticing.

‘LICK MY PUSSY… SUCK MY TITS!’ Angelina moaned as Fred and George worked her over like pros. It didn’t take very long for the constant enthralling stimulation to overwhelm her senses and trigger an amazing orgasm. She shuttered in climax, squirting a small amount of her juices right into Fred’s waiting mouth. ‘Gimme those big cocks… I want you to fuck me hard!’ she moaned, as she came down from her orgasm.

Fred and George ripped off their clothing, revealing their seven inch shafts before Angelina guided Fred to the ground and made him lie on his back. Just like Rita, she turned around and sat down on Fred’s shaft backwards. Instead of taking it in the ass however, Angelina guided Fred’s rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. Both Fred and Angelina groaned in pain and pleasure as Fred’s seven inches was slowly engulfed by Angelina’s quivering pussy. Angelina was no whore, but both she and Fred were shocked and awed at how easy it was for her pussy to take it all so quickly. It was as if her pussy was made just for Weasley twin cock, but before Fred could take hold of her waist and slam her gorgeous body up and down on his shaft, she motioned for George to come over and join them.

‘I want two in my pussy!’ she said with a smirk on her face.

‘I don’t know… That sounds pretty gay to me!’ George said, seeing the mirrored look on his brother’s face.

‘Come on guys… For me… Pretty please!’ she pleaded with her puppy dog eyes.

‘FINE!’ George agreed reluctantly; stepping forward as Angelina leaned backwards and got ready to take a second Weasley cock in her tight black pussy. To Fred’s astonishment, he slid his rod into her overstuffed pussy with relative ease. It was still the tightest pussy he had ever experienced, and the friction from Fred’s cock was a little weird, but before long, both twins were pounding into the horny Angelina like a well-oiled machine.

‘UNGHHHHH! I’m fixin’ to cum’ grunted Harry inside the bathroom, as Rita went through her tenth orgasm. Her convulsing and clutching pussy tightened around Harry’s cock and was far too much for him to take because he took hold of her waist, drove his shaft as deep into her pregnable womb as possible and spurted a massive quantity of his very potent seed deep inside her. Rita moaned like a whore as she felt several long hot ropes of Harry’s sticky cum plaster her womb and fill her to the brim.

‘UNGHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHH! AGAIN!’ grunted a similarly exhausted Ron, who came for the second time in Rita’s already full ass. His cum was pumped in and out as his seed overflowed her tight ass.

The stimulation, orgasms and several hot sticky loads of cum were all too much for Rita to take and before either Harry and Ron were done pumping her full of cum. Her body went limp and she quickly slipped into unconsciousness as Harry and Ron pulled their cum covered cocks from her sopping wet holes and let her fall to the stone floor with cum leaking out of both her ass and pussy.

While Harry and Ron left a cum-filled and possibly pregnant Rita Skeeter on the cold stone floor of the second floor girls’ bathroom, Fred and George were nearing their own end with a very stimulated Angelina pinned between the twins. Fred and George were driving both of their long shafts into her sweet teenage pussy and although it was a tight fit, the friction and tightness soon pushed all three over the orgasmic edge. Angelina was the first to succumb to the ecstasy, screaming in pleasure and coating the twins’ respective cocks with a thick layer of her warm juices. The twins followed soon after at exactly the same moment, with both of them grunting in satisfaction.

‘UNGHHHHHH… YESSSSSS… TAKE IT ALL!’ Fred and George said together.

‘CUM INSIDE ME BOYS! FILL MY PUSSY UP! Angelina screamed as Fred and George’s cocks started to spill out massive quantities of hot sticky cum right inside of her tight teenage twat. She knew full well that there was a distinct possibility that two substantial loads of potent seed in her vulnerable teenage womb could easily impregnate her, but the hotness of the situation was more than enough to give into the twins’ obvious desire of filling her tight pussy full of their hot seed. Secretly, Angelina had been dreaming of having a little Weasley growing inside her ever since Fred and George had came inside Katie and Alicia, and in the process, impregnating them. Fred and George did exactly what Angelina screamed for, and filled her as full as they could before their cocks began to slowly deflate and slip out of her creamy pussy.

Satisfied that the twins had just experienced their deepest fantasies, Angelina sighed in relief, pulled her panties and undershirt back on and left the two exhausted Weasley twins after giving each of them a quick kiss. She stumbled back to the Gryffindor common room, satisfied and full of Weasley seed.

As Angelina walked around a corner and out of sight, the twins pulled on their clothes and opened the door to the bathroom to see a naked Rita Skeeter, and a very happy Harry and Ron. Fred and George took a couple quick pictures of a cream filled Rita Skeeter, shooed off Harry and Ron and eventually woke up the ragged looking reporter. The perfume had turned her into a Harry and Ron loving slut for a whole hour and although it had altered her frame of mind, Rita remembered ever little detail of the sexual escapade, except for the last view minutes when the fucking became too intense for her. Fred and George proceeded to show her the pictures of the naked Slytherins, make her promise to put them into her next article and write something scathing about Malfoy and his little friends. She seemed resistant to the idea, but after the twins persuaded her by showing the pictures they had taken of her recent little sexual indiscretion with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, she submitted to the blackmail.

All in all, the twins’ coming of age was one of the best birthdays of their lives, and although it was finally over, they’d never go another April Fools Day without reminiscing about their seventeenth birthday.

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