I Control My Boss Ch. 02

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Big Tits

As I was approaching the hallway door, it opened. It was Tulla Jones, a shapely African-American. She was the Housekeeper assigned to this Building on the midnight shift. God I didn’t realize how late it was. Tulla always wore a loose fitting blue uniform dress. She always came to work and goes home in the uniform and I don’t think anyone ever saw her in street clothes.

“Whoa, what the hell you doin’ Miss Jenn?” Tulla asked.

Before I could answer from Mari called out, “Jenn, where did you go?”

“I’m out here hun. I’ll be right there.” I replied.

Before I could get back to the office, Mari came out of the office completely nude. “Tuuuuullllaa! How ya doing girl?”

Tulla just shook her head smelling the sex coming out of Mari’s office Tulla asked with a big smile, “Miss Ramirez you havin’ sex with Miss Jenn?”

“Yeah, you wanna join us? You ever get the operation?” Mari asked.

“What operation?” I asked handing Mari a towel. “Go back into the office hun.”

“Tulla was a pre-op transsexual when I hired her.” Mari responded before Tulla could open her mouth. We followed her into the office closing and locking the door.

“No Miss Ramirez, in a few months.” She responded to Mari. Then to me, “You won’t say anything will you Miss Jenn? Nobody here knows”

“You’re secret is safe with me.” I said.

“Looks like someone is happy to see us Jenn.” Mari stated giggling, pointing at Tulla’s crotch. Tulla had a full blown erection. “Fuck me Tulla!” Mari said. Mari was fully under the influence of the GHB.

“Really!” Tulla asked looking at me.

I porno shrugged my shoulders saying, “You heard the lady.”

Tulla unzipped her dress, removed it revealing a respectable 32B bust in a white bra and the biggest, fullest, most erect penis I ever saw. It had to be at least 12″ long with a girth of about 7″.

Marisol eyes widen as she took hold of the monster. “I don’t know if this will fit in me. Wait there’s a tube of surgilube in the drawer. Jenn will you get it? Top draw left” Mari asked.

I opened the draw and found it. I also found a box of condoms. I threw both at her. “Here you go.” I said. Mari had started giving Tulla a blowjob. Tulla let out a primal moan. “She must be enjoying it Marisol.” I said.

As I was saying this Mari was using her tongue to rim the head of Tulla’s penis. Tulla apparently was not used to sex because she exploded all over Marisol face and in her mouth. Only a little got on the floor, thank God, because I just finished cleaning up Mari’s cum. I threw Marisol a towel. Surprisingly, Mari swallowed whatever got in her mouth.

“She’s going to need a shower Tulla,” I said, “is there one in the building?”

“On the 5th floor, in the Ambulatory O.R.” Tulla said.

Marisol was undaunted, she wanted to get Tulla hard again and life started coming back into the one eyed snake. “Mmmmm, that feels good Ms. Ramirez.” Tulla said.

“Tulla, you can call me Mari, after all you just jazzed my face!” Mari said smiling. The monster cock had returned enough for Marisol to be rolling a condom over it. Once done Tulla placed the anime porno monster at the opening of Mari’s vagina. I walked behind Tulla and unsnapped her bra. As the monster cock entered the Director of Building Services her face grimaced. But, as the two got in sync Mari started to enjoy herself. Tulla’s nipples were amazingly sensitive, so much so that I had to stop licking them because she kept pulling out.

The two changed positions Mari was now riding Tulla. I put my bra and blouse back on and sat back and watched the scene before me.

The two were moving at a fevered pitch. I thought I was going to see Tulla’s cock break through to the vaginal wall and come through the body and out of Mari’s mouth. Mari was getting near orgasm again. I was quite surprised that Tulla hadn’t shot her load yet. Mari was on top riding the monster cock. I got up and put towels between Tulla legs to absorb as much of Marisol’s cum as possible. Then it happened, Tulla came immediately followed by Mari. Cum was everywhere. I need to get to wrap a few bath towels to wrap both Tulla and Mari in individually.

“Marisol is your husband home or on a business trip?” I asked.

“He’s away” she responded.

“Good. Where’s your car?” I asked.

“Parking garage, ground level?” was her answer.

Marisol keeps her purse on a book shelf behind her desk. I got it and found her keys and parking card.

Tulla was already dressed, “Tulla, do you drive?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“Good.” I said “I’ll clean the office and get her dressed. You get the car arap porno and bring it to the front door of building 4. Here’s her keys and key card. Do you know her car?”

“Yeah, Blue Lexus.” Tulla responded. “What about David?”

“I’ll take care of it.” I said picking up the phone. Jerry David was Tulla’s Direct Supervisor. “Mari get dressed.” Mari had just been sitting on the loveseat naked smiling. “Jerry this is Jenn…I’m good Thank you for asking. I’m in Marisol Ramirez’s office. Mari and I had a few drinks in the office when we finished prep for the big meeting on Thursday. Mari had one too many and can’t drive. Tulla’s going to drive her home. Mari authorized 3 hours for her to finish when she returns. Ok thanks. Talk later.”

“Is she okay?” Tulla asked.

“I spiked her drink!” I said whispering in her ear. Tulla smiled.

“I fucked the boss and got OT too. Can I take a pic of her before she gets dressed?” she asked.

“What are you going to used it for?” I inquired.

“For my own personal Enjoyment. Remember I have a secret too!” she said.

Normally I would say no to a request like this but meaning that Tulla has a bigger secret than this, I agreed. Tulla took out her phone and snapped a few photos. Marisol posed like a Penthouse babe. Tulla kissed her and left. The phone! I forgot about my phone.

“Marisol listen to me. Get dressed. Put on your skirt, blouse, jacket and shoes. Put you bra and panties in your purse.

“Yes Ma’am!” she said with a salute. Once Mari was dressed I had her sit outside while I cleaned the office. I ensured my phone was secured and no sign of what happened tonight was visible. I used an odor eliminator to remove the odor of sex and two solid air freshener sticks to mask any lingering odor. I grabbed Mari around the waist and took her to the waiting car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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