Jacqui and Estelle

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***If you don’t know Estelle or Jacqui please read the first episode, Estelle’s Rebirth! I also need to be clear: this is not my life story, but a work of fiction. I still hope you’ll enjoy reading!***

It was the following Friday, the first sunny day since I came to FAMU was coming to a close, almost two weeks after I’d arrived at FAMU. I have made a very influential friend. Her name was Jacqui, and I think I am in love with her. She promised to take me out somewhere; I didn’t know where until we got there because she insisted on keeping it a surprise. She and I were in my dorm room while I get ready to go. She was already ready. I was pretty excited, and I couldn’t make up my mind about what I wanted to wear.

“Hurry up, girl!” Jacqui said, rummaging through my drawers while I stared at the clothes hanging in my closet.

“I have nothing to wear,” I whined.

“What you mean you don’t have nothing to wear? Jacqui asked incredulously. “All these clothes and you don’t have anything to wear? Just put something on, for Pete’s sake!”

That was easy for her to say; she had the most perfect body and looked good in anything, especially the black and white strapless dress she was rocking tonight. It was made of a stretchy fabric and showed off all her curves, especially that perfectly round ass. I knew for a fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties, but then, that was routine for Jacqui. To top it off, she was wearing four-inch heels I wouldn’t dare step out in.

“No,” I said. “I don’t.”

Finally I settled on a pink halter top, a stonewashed blue jean miniskirt, and pink thigh high boots. I didn’t wear a bra, and underneath the skirt I wore the pink satin thong Jacqui had given me two weeks ago. Then I tied my thick, long brown hair up into a ponytail and I was set to go. Jacqui was relieved; she stood over by my room door looking at her watchless wrist and tapping her foot.

“It’s about damn time!”

“Oh, hush!” I said, giving her a playful smack on her booty. It had the happy strangeness of being muscled and firm but soft to the touch at the same time. Thus when I smacked her like that her booty jiggled, something I enjoyed watching to no end. So I did it again, and again.

“You better stop that before you start something,” Jacqui warned, trying her best to look stern.

“Yeah? Well, I might not be too disappointed,” I said, and slapped her ass again.

“Ok. That’s it,” Jacqui said, twirling around on her heel. She pushed me up against the door and bent down, kissing me passionately. I responded by slipping my hand under her dress and rubbing her shaved pussy. I was really starting to like the way her pussy felt.

By lifting the dress just the slightest bit, the stretch fabric rolled up like a window shade and settled just above her hips. I used this opening to my advantage and slipped my fingers between her lips, found her clit and rubbed it between my index and middle finger.

Jacqui moaned and moaned, and this was my signal to bring her to the edge. I pulled the top of her dress down with my free hand and out popped her heavy breasts. Her chest was heaving as she breathed in time with the rhythmic movement of my fingers on her pussy. Her being several inches taller than I, especially with the spike heels on, her nipples were at mouth level, so I took advantage of that. I licked her creamy brown nipple and sucked on it hard. She liked that, I knew, and it was confirmed by her moaning getting louder and louder. I flicked my tongue on her nipple and spread Jacqui’s legs with the hand that was down by her pussy, so that I could get my fingers into her sopping cunt and make her cum. I had just maneuvered my fingers into her tight slit when she reached down and stopped me, grabbing my wrist.

I looked up at her. “What’s up?”

“Are you forgetting?” Jacqui said, her voice husky with desire. “We have somewhere to be. We’re late.”

“Aww, can’t we just skip it tonight and have a girls’ night in?”

“As much as I’d love that, and trust me I’d love it, but this only happens once a month. I really want to share it with you.” She straightened her dress, smoothing the fabric down. I followed suit, fixing my own clothes.

“Oh, alright. If you insist…” I said.

“I do. Come on.”

I followed Jacqui out of my room. Though I had washed up, I still had the faint smell of her pussy on my fingers. But I loved the smell and taste of her pussy, so I didn’t mind at all. Besides, it was only faint so I doubt that anyone else would have noticed. Jacqui put her arm around my waist, half affectionately and half to steady herself as we headed down past the group hall to the elevators.

Jacqui drove. I almost thought she might put a blindfold over my eyes, but it wouldn’t do any good since I barely knew my way around the campus, let alone off campus, where we seemed to be going. I was really curious now as to where we were headed, and I wanted to ask her. So I did.

“Where are we going, again?”

“You know I didn’t tell you anything the first time. bursa evi olan escort Be patient; it’s a surprise,” Jacqui said, grinning.

I really wanted to know what the surprise was, but I was content to just sit back and enjoy the ride while slow jams played on the radio.

After about thirty minutes we pulled up into the parking lot of the Blue Majesty, a club that advertised itself as being Tallahassee’s pinnacle of freestyle and black poetry. I was intrigued already.

“A poetry club, huh?”

“Yep,” Jacqui said, looking over at me. “You ready to go in?”


We stepped out of Jacqui’s shiny black Camry and she pressed a button on her key chain to activate the alarm. Then we walked arm in arm up to the double doors of the club. A pair of extremely tall, extremely wide, extremely bald black bouncers stood like pillars on either side of the doors.

“Tiny! Tito!” Jacqui called out, apparently to the monoliths.

“Jacqui, baby,” the one on the left said, and reached out to Jacqui. He gave her a big bear hug and palmed an ass cheek, completely covering it with one enormous hand. I was more than a bit jealous at that, and when he saw the look on my face he gave her ass a swift smack, making it do the jiggle I loved.

I sucked my teeth loudly. Jacqui looked back at me, as if suddenly aware that I was still standing there. The big man let her go, but only after Jacqui pushed him away.

“Oh– where are my manners? Tiny–” this was the one on my left who’d been obscenely palming Jacqui’s ass– “this is my friend Estelle. And Estelle, this is Tito,” she said, gesturing to the identical black man on my right.

I looked back and forth between the two men. “You two are twins?”

“That’s right,” Tiny said, eyeing me up and down. Apparently he liked what he saw, because he licked his lips and smiled, revealing a mouth full of gold teeth.

“Yeah. We like to work together,” Tito, who was also getting an eyeful, added.

I was getting impatient. “So what are we waiting on?” I asked.

“The party has started already. Can’t let you in until the poet onstage is done,” Tito said.

Just then, I could hear a jazz band play a riff and loud cheering and clapping from the outside. With that, Tiny and Tito each held open one carved wooden door, and let us in.

I noticed the smell of vanilla, presumably from all the candles that were lit all over the place, before the sea of black faces. All the girls were dressed to impress, and guys weren’t looking too shabby either. Onstage stood a tall, svelte black girl, not much thicker than the microphone stand in front of her, who was introducing another poet, in a silky smooth voice, like one that was meant for radio. Behind her, shrouded in cool blue light, was a four-member band.

Jacqui held my hand as she led me through the crowd to a table, which was reserved just for us. As we took our seats and ordered a couple of drinks, a young black guy, or “brother”, as Jacqui put it, was making his way towards the stage.

His way of reciting poetry was unlike any I had ever heard in my life. It was so rhythmic, so catchy, and even in places that it didn’t rhyme I couldn’t help but nod my head. The poem was called “Jitterbug”, about a girl he had loved and lost when he was younger, and the regret he felt after breaking her heart. It was amazing, and very easily the best poem I’d ever heard.

After the brother was finished, there was again the intense cheering and clapping, and again the band played a short riff before Skinny Girl came up to introduce another poet.

A petite black girl named Ramona was up next. Her poem, “Home of the Slave,” was delivered with more fire and passion than the guy before her, about the injustice that her people were put through in this country. I cried after she was finished. Didn’t mean to, but I did. Once again the band played a short riff, and Skinny Girl was back onstage. The next name she called surprised the hell out of me.

“Please give a warm welcome to one of my personal favorites, Miss Jacqui M!” Her voice purred.

I was in shock, but apparently this was to be Jacqui’s surprise. She’d written a poem, and was going to recite it here. Cool, I thought. Didn’t know she wrote poetry, but I figured this was all part of the surprise.

As Jacqui got up from the table and headed toward the stage, the petite girl who’d delivered the poem before her, Ramona, eased her way over to my table.

“Hi, I’m Ramona,” she said in a soft, but powerful voice. It was much like the one she had used onstage.

“I know. I’m Estelle. Nice to meet you,” I reached over the table and shook her hand. “Are you a friend of Jacqui’s?”

“Yeah. We grew up together.”

“That was a really moving poem.”


The skinny announcer finally got off the stage, and Jacqui was began her poem. It was entitled “White Girl”, and I was shocked and amazed, and a little embarrassed because once she read the name of the poem the crowd collectively altıparmak escort turned around and looked at me. Apparently I was the only white girl in the place, and to beat all, I had come in with Jacqui. So the poem was about me. Good grief; I blushed almost as badly as I had flushed when I was angry with Jacqui nearly two weeks earlier.

The poem was written in the same type of spoken word rhythm that I had come to love. In delivery it sounded more like a rap than a poem, only without music. It was beautiful, expressing feelings I didn’t really know she had about me. I knew we were close, but she considered me to be her girlfriend! At that moment I knew why we had been getting those funny looks all over campus.

When Jacqui finished her poem, I stood up, jogged over to the slightly raised stage and gave her a big kiss on the lips, right there in front of the crowd. I don’t know what came over me, but our show incited a huge round of applause and whistles from the audience.

Turns out Jacqui’s poem was the last one of the night, and Skinny Girl came out, stood betwixt Jacqui and me, with her arms around our waists. We three took a bow, and she bid the crowd good night. As the large mass of people slowly filed out the doors past Tito and Tiny, Ramona fought her way against the flow and after a few minutes joined us on stage.

The house lights came up.

“Jacqui, that was a beautiful poem,” I said. My face was still hot, and I was probably still blushing.

“Thanks. I’m really glad you thought so. Oh– this is my friend Ramona Callowhill and this is Andréa Bell; Ramona, Andréa, this is my good friend Estelle.”

“I’ve met Ramona,” I said, and I reached out and shook Andréa’s hand. Skinny Girl finally had a name.

“Y’all wanna go backstage, have a few drinks?” Andréa asked in a country drawl similar to Jacqui’s.

“I’m down,” Jacqui said.

Ramona agreed, and since Jacqui was my ride, I had to as well. It was getting kind of late, but it was the weekend, and I only had one class the next day. Besides, I was just beginning to have fun.

The backstage of the Blue Midnight club was nearly as thick with people as the front was; poets and crewpersons alike were hustling and bustling about. There were various sitting areas, and I recognized a few of the poets from the stage earlier having drinks and conversing amongst each other.

Andréa led us to a private room away from the rest of the backstage crowd. The lights were low, and some of the same vanilla candles were burning here as there were out in the main room. Off to the right there was a mini bar stashed with little bottles of liquor like you’d find in a hotel room. To the left there was a large leather sectional sofa and several ottomans. Soft jazz music played from a radio somewhere.

We poured our drinks and sat down on the couch, Jacqui and I sitting next to each other, Ramona on the other side of Jacqui, and Andréa on Ramona’s left. We sat and sipped for about ten minutes, listening to the music, without anybody having said a word. The mixed drink I was having was going to my head, and to my surprise, making my pussy extremely wet.

I broke the silence. “Jacqui, I didn’t know you were a poet.”

“There’re a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Jacqui said, a sly look in her eye.

“Yeah? Like what?

“Like… I don’t know, just stuff,”

“Stuff like what?” I repeated.

“Like, I had a pet goldfish named Astronaut when I was six and ran around depressed for a year when my older brother flushed him down the toilet.”

“You’re right,” I said. “I did not know that. But um, what has that got to do with anyth– look,” I whispered, gesturing over to the left. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who the liquor was affecting. Andréa and Ramona were on the side making out like teenagers would. Andréa was on top, making Ramona moan, and I could clearly see Andréa’s hand moving up and down inside Ramona’s panties.

I don’t know why, but that sight just made me so hot I wanted to scream. I slowly reached my hand under my own skirt, pushing my panties to the side and rubbing my clit. With my other hand, I played with my nipple through the thin fabric of my halter top. Jacqui watched me for awhile, licking her lips and playing with herself. I thought that she would join me, but instead she slid over on the couch to where Andréa and Ramona had made their space. She tapped Andréa on the shoulder.

“You mind if I cut in?” she asked.

Well I was more than a little jealous when Jacqui got to her knees between Ramona’s slim shaved legs and began licking her smooth shaven twat. But I didn’t get a chance to think about it for too long, because all of a sudden I noticed Andréa in the same position between my legs! I hadn’t even seen her move away from where Jacqui and Ramona were.

I think she saw the level of shock on my face. “You don’t mind, do you?”

I did, for a split second. Then I took another look at Jacqui dining out on Ramona’s pussy.

“No, gemlik escort not at all.”

That was all Andréa needed. She started rubbing my pussy through my panties, and then slid them to one side and dove face first into my pussy. She moaned while she licked and sucked at my clit furiously, causing me to moan right along with her.

I just loved having my pussy eaten. Andréa’s technique was a little different, a little rougher than Jacqui’s, and that’s when I discovered that I liked it rough. Andréa squeezed three long fingers into my tight, wet slit, simultaneously sucking my clit like it was a lifesaver candy. I was clawing the leather sofa, holding on for dear life.

Andréa pumped her fingers quickly in and out of my pussy, and it made wet sucking sounds as my walls closed around her digits. She snaked her other hand up through the bottom of my top and found my nipples hard and waiting for her touch, yearning for it. She played with the right, and I with the left, and soon I was bucking my hips against her probing fingers and tongue. I grabbed a handful of her long black hair and started fucking her face. Oh, what a dirty mouth I’ve got now! But that is what I was doing. Fucking her face. And I don’t think there was ever anything that ever felt so good to me than at that moment. Andréa even had Jacqui beat.

Then the feeling started again, but more intense.

Andréa’s fingers moved in and out of my pussy, and that feeling combined with the sucking on my clit and her and my fingers on my nipples drove me over the edge.

“Ahhh! I’m Cuuuuumiiiiing!” I sang. I truly sang. My pussy throbbed and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I was spent, but I found enough strength to turn my head over to the other side where Jacqui and Ramona were still going at it.

By this time, they had switched places, and Jacqui was lying on the couch. Ramona was sucking on Jacqui’s big breasts, and– she had some sort of belt on and was grinding in and out of her pussy. She pulled it out, and there was a long, thick, clear purple dildo was attached to the belt.

I felt as if I had just cum buckets, but I was turned on again by this new contraption. Curious, I went over and kneeled in front of where Ramona was standing and began sucking the pussy juices off of the dildo. Then I stood up and kissed Ramona, Jacqui’s pussy juices still on my lips. Through the strap on I ran my fingers up and down her shaved twat, finding her clit and massaging it with my thumb and index fingers.

I bent down to Ramona’s small, perky tits and put my hot mouth on one of her nipples. With one hand I gently got her to spread her legs a little and got my fingers up into her sugary pussy. I moaned aloud when my fingers found the hot spot, mistakenly biting Ramona’s nipple in the process. I didn’t mean to do it.

“Oh, yes,” She said, breathily. Not at all like her powerful onstage voice. “Do that again!”

So I did. I nibbled gently on one breast, then the other as I sucked them, feeling them harden in my mouth. I ran my tongue in lazy circles around her nipple, every once in a while giving it a little nibble.

I stopped sucking on Ramona’s tit long enough to glance over her shoulder, and sure enough, Andréa was once again making her move. She leaned over Jacqui and began to kiss and suck her breasts, but Jacqui got up and out of the way, pushed Andréa down on the couch, and removed her boots and jeans.

Once they were off, I noticed that Andréa wasn’t wearing any panties beneath her jeans, but that was all I could see, because at that time Ramona grabbed my ponytail and directed my mouth back to her nipple.

“Bite me, bitch,” she said.

With my fingers still pumping in and out of her pussy, I began walking her over to the couch and pushed her down in much the same way that I saw Jacqui do to Andréa. I then got on my knees and sucked on her clit hard. I guessed she liked to be nibbled there, as well. Only one way to find out.

“Oh, YES!” I was right. Her wet pussy began to throb around my fingers, and Ramona’s small legs crossed behind my neck, forcing my face deeper into her wet snatch. I gladly took in the smell and taste and feel, loving every second of it. She came one time after another, her thighs flexing and releasing around my head and shoulders, and she still wasn’t letting go.

So I licked and sucked her some more, relishing in the sweet taste of her clit, getting off on the simple fact that I was getting her off again and again.

When her legs finally loosened their death grip on my head, I looked up at her and then over at Jacqui and Andrea, who were sitting facing each other, lazily playing with each other’s nipples. Andrea really had a great body, and she wasn’t as skinny as she had seemed to be at first glance.

Nobody said a word for about thirty seconds.

“That was fun,” I said.

“Damn skip, it was. Jacqui, your girl can really eat some pussy,” Ramona said.

“You shoulda known that. She had the best of teachers,” Jacqui said. “Or have you forgotten already?”

“Oh no, I haven’t.” Ramona said, and sighed contentedly.

Andrea got down on the floor and kneeled down behind me. She reached her hands up under my arms and began caressing my breasts. I leaned back into her, removing my fingers from Ramona’s pussy. I started to turn around.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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