Julie: Ch. 2

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Establishing good neighborly relations

When I woke in the morning the sun was already streaming through my bedroom window, slightly diffused by the net of the curtain, but enough to make my still sleep filled eyes squint a little, and I found myself staring at the indentation in the pillow next to me, and the indentation in the bed where the covers had been thrown off, and my mind puzzled for a moment. Then it hit me .. Cindy …last night ..oh god …I sat up quickly in bed, the covers falling away, the dappled sunlight wavering over my naked breasts, and I stared down at them, seeing the slight redness around the nipples, and a shiver ran through me as remembrance of Cindy’s hungry lips assailed me.

I fell back onto the pillow with a slight groan, my hands automatically coming up and cupping my breasts, stroking them lightly, squirming at my own touch … remembering … remembering. My eyes swept around the room, perhaps hoping that Cindy was still there, but the room looked empty and uninviting, and I closed my eyes and remembered it all, the party, the flirting, the seduction … my god, who had seduced whom? … and then the lovemaking .. Mmm I felt my whole body come alive as I thought of that … so beautiful , so soft, so sensuous … and sooo fulfilling!

One of my hands had already moved down to my pussy and I was stroking it lightly, shivering as the images and the feelings raced through my mind, god it had been so much better than I’d ever imagined, and I flushed as I realized just how long and how often I’d been fantasizing about just such a happening .. part of me still couldn’t believe that it wasn’t just a part of yet another fantasy, my own daughter, so beautiful and sexy, and last night, so hot and horny and in appearance at least as hungry for me as I was for her. My fingers slowly stole into my pussy and started to stroke my swollen clitoris and I moaned more loudly, my body lifting and shuddering slightly.

Then I heard the deep chortle and my eye lids flew open, my head jerking sideways to the door. It was open, a thing I hadn’t noticed before, and standing in it grinning from ear to ear was Cindy. “Wow, mom, I thought you were never gonna wake up” she said, letting her eyes drop deliberately to my hand in my pussy, and letting her tongue come out and drift over her lips, “And what a lovely way to start the day, do you always start it like that?”

I flushed a moment, then grinned, “Only when there’s no one else here to do it” I answered.

It was her turn to flush slightly, and her hand came half up towards her breasts, and she stared almost hungrily at my pussy as I eased my fingers out and used them to pull my lips apart so she could see how juicy I was. Then she shook her head as if to stop thinking about what she shouldn’t be thinking of, and sighed, “Mary just rang and asked me over for the day, and I said yes” she almost whispered.

I gave a little mew of pretend disappointment and allowed my wet fingers to trail slowly up from my pussy to my breasts and spread the wetness around my nipples, watching her hot eyes following my every move, “well I guess I’ll have to find something else to do” I murmured almost wistfully.

Her face was almost flooded with red now and her breathing was a little uneven, “Mom, I really must, I promised” she almost whimpered, and half turned away. I saw the faint shudder run through her, and she looked back over her shoulder, “Mom … About last night” she said

“Yes honey, what about it?” I asked

“It was …it was…absolutely fantastic” she blurted out, then rushed from the room. I heard her progress through the house and the front door slam, and I was alone, but I felt like a million dollars … god…she had loved it too! My fingers immediately plunged back down into my pussy and I was flicking my clitoris frantically as wave after wave of blissful energy raged through me, and within seconds I was cumming! My body curling up, my fingers plunging deep, shuddering sobs coming from my mouth, oh yes, yes yeeeeesssssss!!

It was a long time later before I was able to rouse myself from the soporific feelings in my body enough to climb from my bed and take a long, languid shower. I dried slowly too, and slipped a bath robe around me and belted it up, not bothering with any other clothes as I wandered out into the kitchen and made myself some cereal and some coffee.

It was as I was finishing my coffee and Beylikdüzü Escort trying to make up my mind if I wanted another one, that the doorbell rang, damn, I thought, who could this be, not some salesman I hope … I walked out to the front door, only remembering at the last moment that I had on a shorty bath robe and nothing else. I quickly took a peak through the frosted glass in the upper portion, and although I couldn’t see clearly who was there I could see enough to determine that it was a woman and not a man, so I opened the door a few inches and peeked out, “Oh, Marian” I said, grinning widely, “It’s you, come in please, I haven’t long got up”

She walked past me, smiling widely, “Guess the party went pretty late last night” she said.

“Oh, dear, was it too noisy?” I asked

She laughed, “Oh no, not as bad as some I’ve heard around the place, in fact I thought the kids were quite well behaved, although when the rock music started I was tempted to come over and join in”

My eyes widened slightly, “But why didn’t you?, I mean we’d have invited you if we’d known you liked that sort of thing, I thought …”

She glanced around the lounge room as if wondering where to sit, “Oh, I know, people tend to think that because my husband’s very straight laced and religious, that I must be too ..giggle…but actually I love a bit of fun, and I sure love to dance whenever I can” she said.

I directed her to the couch and sat in the chair opposite her, carelessly crossing my legs and not even noticing that the hem rode right up .. wow .. this was a totally different Marian to the one I thought I knew. I tried to think how long they’d been living next door now, must be all of 8 months, and we hadn’t really spent any time together, just chatted about inconsequential things when we met on the street or saw each other over the garden fence. I offered her a drink and she chose a cool orange, so I decided to have the same and quickly brought them in from the fridge

When I came back she was standing at the sliding doors to the back yard, looking out at the pool, “Mm, it looks so lovely and inviting in this weather, doesn’t it? …sigh…I tried to get Jack to invest in a pool, but he thinks it would never get used so was a waste of money” she said, a note of sorrow in her voice.

“Oh, we get lots of use out of it” I said, “Especially when the nights are really warm and you can’t sleep and the only thing to do is to sit in front of the air conditioner or flop into the pool …laugh ..I love to flop into the pool”

As I spoke I looked at her, seeing her outlined against the sun, and she looked suddenly quite beautiful, but what absolutely took my breath away with shock was the realization that under that thin summer frock was her, and nothing but her … no bra, and no panties! with the sunlight coursing though the material it was like she was standing there naked, and she was stunning! I couldn’t believe what a figure she had, long slim legs, a tight shapely ass, thin waist and high, firm breasts slightly larger than my own. I couldn’t imagine what had made me think she was plain and dowdy when we’d met previously, perhaps it was the clothes she wore when Jack was around, perhaps it was the fact that I knew she was a few years older than me, heck it could have been anything, but now … Wow! A faint shiver went through me and I felt the juices start to flow in my pussy, damn I had to stop looking, I was turning myself on, must be the residual feelings from last night.

I wonder if she knew that in the sun that dress was …

When she turned around I knew immediately that she was well aware of it, her eyes almost bored into mine and she had the faint trace of a smile on her lips, and she only turned partially around, enough to frame her breasts in the sunlight, her nipples standing tall and firm, thrusting against the material of her dress. She held that pose for what seemed an age … certainly long enough for me to become totally aware of her on a very sexual level, and my pussy start to burn … before moving forward and accepting the glass of orange from my hand, somehow managing to lightly brush the back of my hand with her finger nails. And I felt it all the way from the top of my head to the tips of my toes!

As she lifted her glass to her lips, her eyes continued to bore into mine, then they dropped quite deliberately. The fact that her tongue Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan came out and brushed across her lips a moment later could have been coincidence, it could have simply been to wipe away the residue of orange from the drink, but I knew it wasn’t! and I was suddenly conscious of how little I was wearing. I realized that in bending down and back up at the fridge to deal with the drinks, the cord of my robe had loosened and the robe itself had opened slightly at the front. Marian was seeing rather a lot of my naked breasts! and from the look in her eyes, thoroughly enjoying it!

Suddenly I was completely on fire and a little tongue tied. I gulped my drink, trying to look away, but my eyes kept coming back to her, the energy was crackling through the room like electricity, I could feel my nipples hardening. My eyes dropped and I almost groaned as I saw that hers were rock hard too. “That’s a beautiful dress” I finally managed to stammer.

She smiled softly, “Mmm I like it a lot, but Jack doesn’t let me wear it usually, he say’s it’s too risque, too thin, and shows too much, do you think it shows too much?” she said.

I didn’t know how to answer, the heat was pouring through me, “Well, I guess it depends on where you are, and the light and…” I stammered.

She tossed her head back and laughed a deep throaty laugh, “And what I’m wearing underneath it .. you mean..” she said, then her eyes came back down and stared deeply into mine, “But do YOU think it shows too much now?” she asked.

I gulped again and flushed, “I think it looks absolutely beautiful right now” I whispered.

“And when I was over at the window, did you like it then?” she asked huskily.

This time I couldn’t stop the groan as it came to my lips, “Yes … I loved it” I whispered, “I loved everything I could see”

A slight shudder seemed to run through her and she smiled slowly, “I’m so glad” she said, softly, “I’ve never worn it without a bra and panties before .. a slight giggle erupted from her .. gosh if Jack knew, if he saw me like this, he’d freak”

I felt suddenly emboldened, “But you don’t mind me seeing you like this?” I asked, smiling at her for the first time.

A slight flush crossed her face and her eyes dropped, “No” she whispered, ” I .. I wondered how you might react”

I let a moment’s silence build up, then I lifted my hand and lightly caressed her breasts, causing her to jerk and gasp, “If you want the real truth, I got so turned on looking at you standing in the light I didn’t want you to leave it, you have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen, so ripe, yet so firm” I said, ‘But now that you have left the light, the only way to see them the way I want to is like this…” and I lifted my hands and slipped the straps of her dress down off her shoulders and tugged slightly on them. For a moment nothing happened, then the dress slipped over her turgid nipples and cascaded to her waist. She gasped with shock, and I gasped with lust! Her breasts were absolutely exquisite! A fact that I told her over and over again as I cupped and stroked then, rolling her large nipples between my fingers and squeezing them lightly, and she shuddered and moaned.

“Oh, Julie, Julie, we shouldn’t” she whispered, but made no attempt to move away or to brush my hands away, and I don’t think she would have been able to move me anyway, I was so on fire I thought I would burst.

“Oh Marian, so beautiful so incredibly sexy” I whispered, and I leaned down and brushed my lips over them. A cry and a shudder, and her hands were on my head, pressing me to her firm, ripe breasts, and I was taking each nipple in turn into my mouth and rolling them around, loving the feel of them, loving the taste of them. My hands, meanwhile had slipped down to her ass cheeks and were stroking and cupping them through the material of the dress before hooking my fingers underneath and pushing the dress down over her hips, and it dropped in a puddle to the floor … she was naked … completely, gloriously naked!

Then my hands and my lips were all over her as she moaned and shuddered, my tongue trailing over her soft, silky skin, my lips enjoying the rough skin of her nipples, sucking then hard and flicking them, making them dance. I don’t know how we got to the couch, but suddenly she was lying there, her legs wide open and my tongue was going crazy on her sopping wet pussy lips. Esenyurt Escort Licking them languidly, then flicking them imperiously, then sliding inside to scoop up some of her juices, or to slide teasingly over her throbbing clitoris before taking that into my mouth and sucking on it hard. She was screaming and bucking now, her body completely taking over her mind, reacting to my tongue, lifting and thrusting, almost impaling her pussy on it, “Mmmm, yes, yes, Julie, oh please don’t stop, love me Julie, oh god I want it so much” she screamed out and shuddered and shook.

Well I didn’t have any intention of stopping! Except momentarily to slip out of my own bath robe so I was naked too. I wanted to feel her hands and lips on me, to feel our naked bodies writhing together, to feel her breasts and mine rubbing against each other, our sopping wet pussies melding together, oh god I wanted it all … and I got it all! I brought her to countless orgasms before she finally squirmed around and started to work on my pussy with her tongue … and god…did she know a thing or two! She took me to heights of passion I didn’t know existed, made me aware of parts of my pussy I didn’t know existed, at least not on a sexual pleasure level, and when she finally took her educated tongue from my pussy and moved to slide her body between my legs and literally fuck me with her hard swollen clitoris, I went right over the top into a screaming heap of molten lava … at least that’s what it felt like!

Feeling her hard clitoris pounding against my hard clitoris was the most amazing experience I had ever known. My whole body shook and shuddered so much I thought I was coming apart at the seams, and it seemed to affect her the same way, so we screamed and came and screamed and came until we were both too exhausted to scream or cum any more, and collapsed off the couch onto the floor.

Much, much later we lay together on the floor, lightly kissing and stroking and talking, and later still we shared a naked swim in the pool. Mmmm water always had an erotic effect on me, and seeing her beautiful naked body floating in front of my eyes was far too much for me, I drew her close and kissed her, feeling her naked body slowly drifting into mine, our breasts brushing together once again, then I looked down at her body shimmering under the water as the sun played over the surface, and I drooled at its beauty, loving the thrust of her breasts and her tight , firm nipples … wanting her. Our lips came together again and we were kissing passionately, her own hands sliding between my legs and caressing my pussy, sending streams of fire right through me, and I knew our afternoon wasn’t over by a long way. Then I pulled back, my breathing almost out of control and smiled hotly at her, and I told her that any time she wanted a swim she could come over or just hop the fence if she was feeling athletic. We both laughed at that, it was a damn high fence! She looked at me with an impish glint in her eyes, “Well Jack might not worry if I popped over from time to time, but if he saw me in bathers before I came he might get a little suspicious, I don’t think he approves of pools, or maybe it’s just the fact that people would see me with so little on that bothers him”

I grinned, “Gets jealous, does he?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that, he just feels that wearing the sorts of bathers they have nowadays constitutes lewd behavior and might inflame men” she said, with a giggle.

I grinned widely, “Shucks, then it looks as if you’ll have to come over dressed normally and go in without a costume at all … and risk the fact that it might inflame whoever’s here!”

She immediately reached out and started to stroke my breasts and smiled, “Well I sure don’t mind inflaming you” she whispered hotly.

I smiled back at her, “But what if there happened to be men here occasionally?

I asked, thinking of the way Jeffrey and his dad had been drooling over me the previous night.

She flushed deeply and gulped, “Oh I don’t know if I could .. I mean.. I’m a married woman”

The absolute absurdity of that statement in the light of what had just happened, and was still happening between us, struck both of us immediately, and we both fell about laughing. We were still laughing sometime later as we lay on my bed, still naked, stroking each other’s bodies, turning each other on, working on a new, deeper neighborly relationship.

Mmmm I had a feeling things were going to get wilder and wilder in this house!, at least I think that’s what I thought … it was a bit hard to concentrate with her tongue dancing a tango in my exploding pussy and mine doing a cha cha cha in hers!! … then all thoughts exploded like fireworks on thanksgiving!!

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