Karen’s Revelations Ch. 02

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“So that was 11 months ago with Mayu. Did you see her again?” Jenny asked.

“Hold that thought!” said Trish, getting to her feet. “I need to go to the bathroom first.”

There was a round of good-humoured jeers and Sharmila patted Trish’s backside, “Dry yourself afterwards!” More loud laughter.

When she returned a couple of minutes later, Karen had opened another bottle of Chilean and was doing the honours.

“Anyone else need the bathroom?” asked Karen. Jenny went next and Melanie followed soon after. Soon they were all back in the room, sipping the wine. Melanie had moved onto the large sofa so that Karen was situated between her and Jenny.

“So what was the question again?” smiled Karen.

“Did you see Mayu again?” repeated Jenny.

“Er, yeah, as in I saw her in The Top Hat again.”

“So you went back for seconds?” laughed Melanie, patting Karen’s thigh.

“About a month later. I just couldn’t get her out of my mind …”

“You had your imagination and your fingers. Did you not use them?” Sharmila asked and the others laughed. Trish reached for Sharmila’s hand and squeezed it.

“Oh believe me, Sharmila, my fingers got plenty of practice. But it’s never the same as the real thing …”

“You can say that again!” smiled Jenny. Karen’s free hand was back again on Jenny’s thigh.

“One night, about 5 weeks after Mayu, I decided to dress up and go to The Top Hat to see if she was there. It was a lovely warm night so I put on a new sleeveless top and a red miniskirt. Again I didn’t wear stockings or tights but I’d bought a sexy silk and lace matching bra and thong. I’d also got a Brazilian done so I felt even sexier. When I got there, shortly after 9, I did see Mayu but she was obviously very much into another woman.”

“Were you disappointed?” asked Trish.

“Yeah, I was. I decided to have a drink and leave. As I was standing there waiting to order I felt a hand on my back. I thought it was Mayu so I turned round but it wasn’t. Instead, another woman who was the spitting image of Saffron Burrows, was standing behind me ….”

“Sorry, Saffron Burrows?” asked Melanie.

“An actress,” answered Jenny quickly.

“She’s gorgeous,” added Sharmila.

“Something in her eyes told me she was nervous and alone. She came closer to whisper in my ear and I could smell her perfume. Really nice. I had to ask her to repeat what she’d said as it was noisy in there. She had a French accent.”

“What did she say?” asked Sharmila.

“She put her hand on my arm and said: ‘If you’re not with anyone would you dance with me?’ And Esenyurt Escort she added a ‘please’ that seemed to emphasise her loneliness. To be honest I didn’t at that moment feel like it. I’d come to see Mayu and then realised I’d made a mistake and was going to call it a night. But she had me by the hand then and was enticing me onto the dance floor, never once taking her eyes off me. The dance was one of those slow ones where you seem to be draped around each other, you know. We were in this embrace, slowly moving around, and I was deeply aware of her perfume. She told me her name was Simone and she was over from Geneva on a sort of holiday.”

“What was she wearing?” asked Trish.

“A black silk blouse and brown loose-fitting cotton trousers. The outfit looked beautiful on her, I have to say, and must have cost a small fortune. She whispered into my ear as we were dancing that it was her first time. I told her it was only my second and that seemed to become a bond of some sort between us. As she was whispering I felt her lips brush my ears and, for some reason, I found that incredibly sexy. I also felt her breasts rubbing against mine and I felt my nipples stir. Another slow dance and she was whispering in my ear again while one of her long legs had gotten in between mine. And she was pushing it against me, making me wet. At the same time I was feeling all over her back and down over her bottom. I could tell that she was wearing lace because I felt the texture through the thin material of her trousers. She began to moan softly and pressed her leg harder between my mine. After a while she asked me if I could take her out of there.”

The women were listening intently now. Jenny’s legs were slightly apart while Karen was absent-mindedly stroking the inside of her thigh. Both Sharmila’s and Melanie’s nipples were very visible through their tops. Even when Karen paused there was silence. Trish was holding Sharmila’s hand now in both of hers. Nobody, it seemed, wanted to break the spell.

“We got a taxi immediately and went to her hotel. She got her key and we went quietly up in the lift, not wanting to draw attention to ourselves. First thing she did after opening her door was to go and draw the curtains even though we were on the fifth floor or thereabouts. I turned on the light and locked the door from the inside. We took off our shoes then she held out a hand to stop me. ‘I came here, to England, to learn if I have a lesbian tendency. I have never danced with another girl and never kissed another girl before you.’ I told her that I was also telling the truth about İstanbul Escort it being only my second time. I held both her hands and told her that we could go as slowly as she wanted and if she wanted to stop we would. She asked me if I wanted her. My thong was so wet by this stage, you know, and she was asking if I wanted her. So I kissed her and started feeling her over her clothes. Her nipples had become very stiff and her body tightened every time I touched them.”

Karen shifted a bit on the sofa and drank some more wine. Everyone followed suit then relaxed again. Jenny reached down and took hold of Karen’s hand.

“I just knew Simone wanted to go all the way; the way I’d felt with Mayu. I slowly brought my hand down to the front of her trousers and slid my hand over her mound and gave a slight squeeze. She let out a whimper. So I moved my hand up a bit and undid her zip. Her large blue eyes were looking into mine the whole time. I slipped my fingers inside her trousers and felt the lacy elastic on her waistline and I continued to slip my hand down the outside of the lace. The lace was very damp and when I pressed the gusset I knew it was soaking wet. I took my hand out and undid her trousers, letting them fall to the floor.”

The women in the room, fueled by the wine and so absorbed in Karen’s telling of the story, were seriously close to losing all their inhibitions. Jenny was holding Karen’s hand between her thighs now. Sharmila was lying against Trish, with one leg draped over her friend’s. Both women were gently stroking each other’s thigh. Karen’s legs were slightly apart and Melanie was resting one hand on the inside of Karen’s thigh.

“I removed her blouse and kissed her deeply while fingering the grey lace of her bra. Her nipples were straining at the leash, you know. Really hard. I trailed my fingers down her stomach and into her panties. Her hair down below was wet and sticky. And then I felt her clitoris and her soaking wet vagina. As soon as my fingers touched them she almost collapsed. I had to take my hand out and steer her to the bed. I asked her if she was OK and she nodded and smiled. She had a gorgeous smile. She reached for my face and kissed me, using her tongue this time. Then she pulled me on top of her and her hands were inside my top searching for my breasts and nipping me and stroking me all over. She had got a leg in between mine and was pressing it high between my own legs then she reached down with both hands and pulled my skirt up so her leg could get better access to my sex. She pulled the cheeks of my bottom apart and pushed my silk and Beylikdüzü Escort lace-covered vagina hard against her thigh. I released her breasts and started to torture her rock-hard nipples, biting them and sucking them and pinching them. We were both very close to coming yet we were still wearing our undies. So I pushed myself off her and told her I wanted to take off her bra and panties and make her orgasm. When I took her panties off they were dripping wet, she must’ve been so full of anticipation. She took mine off and I saw just how sodden the blue silk and lace had become. I told her to lie down and I twisted round and positioned myself on top of her, with my face over her sex and her face under mine. Then I buried my face into her wetness and worked my tongue over her clitoris until she was bucking like a wild animal. I let up just for a while to lower my sex onto her face and then she started eating me. I couldn’t believe she’d never done this before because she was bringing me to a frenzy. Waves started forming in my stomach and crashed against my insides. My head was getting crushed between her thighs and I had to use both hands to try and prise them apart. My own legs were just vibrating by this stage. After about 2 minutes we both simply exploded with our orgasms at the same time. Simone actually squirted her orgasm over her thighs when she tried to clamp her legs shut. Several minutes later I think my juices were still flowing out of me.”

Karen paused and smiled at the memory: “I think I was so incredibly turned on by Simone because it was her first time with another woman. I mean you have this gorgeous woman who wants to have sex for the first time with you and there’s no awkwardness between you.”

“What happened then?” asked Trish.

“You spent the night with her?” Sharmila added.

“I did. She wanted a shower and she suggested we go together. But of course we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We ended up having showers separately. Then we got into bed and talked and kissed and touched. I know I came twice more and I think she actually came more than me. Next thing I knew it was morning and I had to return home to get changed before heading to work. But before leaving her I asked her for her panties in exchange for my thong. I suppose what had happened with Mayu and the panties stuck in my mind. When I put them on I realised that they were still damp.”

“Did you see her again?” Jenny squeezed her hand gently.

“No. We exchanged email addresses but not a word. I know now she wanted to experience the sex but wasn’t ready for the commitment with another woman, especially from another country.”

“C’est la vie, ma cherie!” Melanie whispered in a mock French accent and kissed Karen on the cheek to the amusement of everyone.

“And … and …,” Sharmila said loudly enough to get everyone’s attention, ” …and then there were three!”

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