Kelly , Claire Ch. 00

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The girls were standing in the hallway. They were chatting. Gossip and stuff. They had just come from outside and a smoke. But it was too cold to stay outside for the whole break. Even five minutes in this weather was deadly. Claire was laughing and enjoying herself. She hadn’t heard this latest story. It seems this slut was fucking four guys at once and none of them knew because they all worked for different companies in the building. Claire was extremely attractive with long dark hair and large c-cup breasts, though she concealed these with her gray business suit.

Claire couldn’t believe the gall of this dirty whore. Sure, Claire slept around. But not like that. No way she could get away with it. Besides, that was dirty. The guy she was fucking right now was clean. She knew it. She had made sure. So he had a girlfriend. That was no big deal. It’s not like she was leading four guys around, pretending she was only with each of them.

Suddenly they were interrupted.

“Which of you is Claire?” the strange girl asked. She was taller than Claire. She was dressed oddly for this type Avcılar Escort of weather. Under her jacket she was just wearing a tank top, which showed off her perfect breasts. She wore tight black pants that showed off her long, slim legs.

“Uh, I am…” Claire replied.

“Come with me. I need to talk to you,” the girl ordered.


“In private…”

“Um, no. Who are you? Anything you need to say to me you can say in front of the girls. They’re my friends.”

“My name is Kelly.”

“Ohhh…I seee. Ok, uh I don’t know where we should…” she was cut off as Kelly grabbed her hand and literally dragged her through the hallway, past the evevators. She found the women’s washroom and they walked in. Seeing nobody in there she still opened a stall and pushed Claire inside. She locked the stall door and dropped her coat on the floor. Instantly she shoved her hand under Claire’s skirt and grabbed her crotch. Kelly forced her up against the wall above the toilet. Claire reeled back. But, to her surprise, she felt warmth and wetness between her legs.

“What!” Beylikdüzü Escort she protested but soon had a hand over her mouth.

“Shhh…someone might here.”

Kelly rubbed her hand over Claire’s pussy, massaging her lips and clit through the panties. Kelly was stronger than Claire and she held her firmly against the wall. Claire felt the familiar sensations run through her body. Only this time, it was different.

“Are you going to be quiet?”

Claire nodded her head. Kelly took her hand off her face. She ground her pelvis against Claire’s and kept stroking her between the legs. Claire sighed silently. Kelly brought the other hand down to Claire’s thigh. Then up to her breast, squeezing it firmly. Claire began to pant more and more. Kelly pinched Claire’s nipple through the blouse.

“Why…why are you doing this?” Claire could barely get the sentence out. She was shaking.

Kelly stared at Claire intently. Her face only inches from the other girl. She locked eyes with her.

“You know what you did. You fucked my boyfriend. Bahçeşehir Escort So now I’m fucking you. Bitch!”

Kelly began to rub Claire’s clit even harder. She forced her two fingers deeper and deeper into Claire’s pussy. Claire began to pant more and more. Kelly felt the warmth and the wetness as she slid the panties aside and pushed two fingers deep inside of Claire. Claire leaned forward to kiss Kelly but Kelly moved back. Claire did it again. Again and again Kelly would not let Claire kiss her. Claire got closer and closer to orgasm. She could feel Kelly’s breath on her. All she wanted to do was kiss her. Kelly’s lips hovered enticingly, inches away from Claire’s. But Kelly wouldn’t let her move. Kelly stared deeply into Claire’s eyes with an intensity that Claire had only dreamed about. Claire began to moan. As she was climaxing and opening her mouth to scream, Kelly forced her tongue deep into Claire’s mouth. Claire’s scream disappeared into Kelly’s mouth. Claire sucked hard on Kelly’s tongue and Kelly continued to thumb her clit and finger her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” she screamed into Kelly’s larynx.

Kelly tongued her for about a minute more and then spoke, “Stop fucking my boyfriend. If you want to fuck someone, you fuck me.”

Kelly opened the stall and left. Claire sat on the toilet stunned by what had just happened. She was shaking with pleasure.

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