Lila’s surprise

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Lila lay sprawled across the couch in the family room, watching tv after a long day at school. She was on her stomach, long coltish legs kicking lazily in the air, denim shorts riding up to expose a hint of the curve of her tiny rounded ass. She was perfectly content to relax before beginning her hoework for the night, but was interuupted when her brother Adam entered the room. His best friend Derek followed closely behind, and they stood in front of her blocking the television.

Lila scowled up at them. She hated Derek. He was always mean, picking on her, pinching her when no one was looking. More than that, he made her uneasy, always looking at her developing body.

“Move buttheads!” she snapped, flapping her hand at them irritatedly. Instead they stayed where they were, smiling menacingly down at her.

“I said mo-Hey!” she shrieked as they suddenly lunged for her, Adam seizing her hands, and Derek taking her kicking feet. She was lidted up, screaming shrilly at them to let go, and carried to her bedroom, where the tossed her onto her bed. Furious, Lila scrambled up, off the bed to her feet.

“What do you think you’re doing!? I’m telling dad when he gets home, get out of my room!” Derek stepped forward almost casually, and slapped her across the face-hard. Before she could react, he shoved her back into the bed, and grabbed her by the hair. Lila wasn’t angry anymore, she was frightened, tears filling her eyes as she stared at her big brother.

“Don’t look at him whore, look at me. Me!” Derek twisted her hair in his fist, emitting another cry of pain from her, and forcing her to face him.

“Now, you are going to do exactly what we say. Got it?”

“Let me go!” she sobbed, and he slapped her agan, even harder. To her relief, he released his grip on her hair, but instead of leaving he pulled out a large pocket knife and held it threateningly close to her face.

“I swear I will cut you Lila.” he growled with a quiet intensity that told her he wasn’t fucking gaziantep lezbiyen around.

“Now stop that baby crying and listen to me.” Immediately she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, terrified of the razor sharp edge of that knife. She glanced over at her brother, who suddenly seemed much less sure of this situation-in fact he looked almost as frightened as she did.

“I want you to stand up and take off your clothes. If you do it quickly I won’t cut you.” Fresh sobs wracked Lila’s body, but she bit her lip in an attempt to keep quiet. This situaton had quickly turned nightmarish. The idea of undressing in front of her brother and his friend had her shuddering with disgust and shame, but in her moment of hesitation Derek poked her cheek with the tip of the blade. It wasn’t enough to draw blood, but more than enough to have her jumping into action. Before she could think about it anymore Lila pulled her tank top over her head, and shimmied out of her shorts.

Her whole face was aflame with embarrasment, and when she felt his hands roughly handling her tiny breasts she cringed in horror.

“Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” Lila looked at her brother pleadingly, and he could barely meet her gaze.

“Adam!” she cried, and he bit his lip nervously.
“Just…Just do what he says Lila. And he won’t hurt you.” Absolutely terrified, unable to keep the tears from flowing, Lila forced herself to obey, and waited for whatever was next.

“Ok Adam you’re up. Fuck her mouth.” Adam swallowed and looked away uncertainly.

“I don’t know…maybe we shouldn’t….” he trailed off. This was obviously something they had discussed, but not quite what he’d expected. Derek’s hard gaze prompted him to move in front of Lila though, and as guilty as he looked, when he pulled his pants down his cock sprang out throbbingly hard.

“What…what do I do?” he asked, clearly inexperienced, and Derek laughed harshly.
“Make her open her mouth and shove your dick in dummy. Trust me, it feels really good.” Adam looked down at his sister.

“Just open your mouth ok? Itt’le be over quick. Just do it.” he urged. It wasn’t until Adam slapped her buttox hard and pressed the edge of the blade against her thigh that she finally opened her mouth with a harsh sob of desperation. Adam shifted around, awkwardly positioning himself, then tentatively pressed the tip of his dick into his mouth. He ghasped when the head brushed against her velvety tongue, and suddenly the guilt was gone. All he knew was the delicious feeling of her incredibly hot, incredibly wet mouth surrounding him.

“Oh…My…God!” he panted, gripping her hair with both hands and thrusting fully into her mouth with abandon. He began to pump away, moaning at the amazing feeling, barely registering her muffled screams as he fed her his cock.

Lila was so consumed by the unpleasant sensation of her brother raping her mouth that she was barely aware of Derek climbing onto the bed behind her. She was just trying to focus on breathing, on not passing out or vomiting everytime he thrusted forward, shoving the tip of his dick into her throat over and over again. Derek spread her legs apart and began roughly handling the globes of her ass, inspecting her pale pink asshole. He pulled his own hard cock out and slathered it with the lotion he’d found on her nightstand, then pressed the tip against that tiny hole and began to force it in.

The head of his cock popped into that incredibly tight ring of muscle, and Lila really screamed! She lunged forward, trying to escape this painful invasion. Unfortunately for her she did so just as her brother thrusted forward, lodging his dick fully into her throat.

“Oh fuck!” Adam ghasped at this new tighter sensation, and held tight to her hair, ramming into her throat with abandon. Meanwhile Derek was sliding inch after inch into her incredibly tight anus. For him there was nothing the like feeling of fucking an unwilling ass, tightening and twitching against his thrusts, knowing that what felt amazing for him was causing her agony. Finally he had the whole length of his cock deep inside, and he began thrusting hard and fast, eager to empty his balls into her.

“Oh yeah you fucking slut, you fucking whore, take it like a little bitch, take my cock fuccckkkk!” he moaned, his fingers digging into the tender skin of her hips as he slammed and slammed into that tiny virgin hole. Poor Lila was trying to scream, but her brother’s dick blocked the way, ramming into her throat again and again. She hadn’t had air for a few minutes now, and her face was beginning to turn purple.

“God! I’m….I’m going to….” Adam panted, and Derek urged him on;
“Come in her mouth! Make the bitch swallow it!” as he raced torwards his own climax. Adam tightened his grip on her hair painful, bucked his hips forward, and shot his load into the back of her throat, moaning at the increibly feeling of coming in his baby sister’s mouth.

“Ohhhhh fuccckkkkkk!” he grunted, thrusting and thrusting, until every spurt of semen was in her throat. Finally he pulled out. Lila collapsed, gagging and ghasping for air, choking on the huge load too much to scream, but Derek followed her, pinning her to the bed to complete his rape.

“Fucking whore, slut, stupid dirty little bitch take it deep in your ass, you want my come don’t you whore? Don’t you? Want me to fill your whore ass?” he ground out as he pounded.

“Well…Here…It…Comes!” he roared, forcing every last inch into her poor tortured ass and coming deep into her bowels. Derek lay there still inside her, panting for a moment, before pulling out in a quick jerk that also pulled a cry of pain from her lips, and put his dick away.

The boys stood there for a moment, staring her silently, before leaing the room. Lila lay there much longer, crying in shock, pain, betrayal. Her insides were coated with their jizz, and everything hurt. Finally she pulled herself off the bed, and took a shower, though she didn’t know if she’d ever feel clean again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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