Making Me His Ch. 02

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Reader, it’s been years since I wrote the first chapter. I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better.


In fact I was at Tim’s flat 10 minutes early. I was sitting on a bench in the internal garden of his large private housing estate, near the door to his block of flats.

At 7.25, five minutes before the time of our appointment I felt a shadow near me and looked up to see him.

He was smiling, – in a slightly smug, superior way.

He said: “I knew it. I knew you’d be here. I calculated two days would be enough for you not to want to come, to tell yourself that you weren’t going to be my bitch. But that by the second day you’d be aching for my cock.”

He said this in a normal conversational tone, and volume. I didn’t know whether the middle-aged married couple talking a stroll about 10 metres away could hear him. He didn’t seem to care. They didn’t seem alarmed or surprised, so probably they hadn’t over heard.

Or maybe they were used to Tim and his conquests.

I followed him to his flat. in the lift up he brushed the front of my trousers and felt my burgeoning erection. He smiled. As soon as we got inside the door, and it was shut he grabbed me.

He held my upper arms in his very strong hands: “Bitch. You know what I want. And we know what you want. You want my cock. You can’t live without it. You want my cock so much, you’re willing to be my submissive bitch to be allowed near it.”

“Answer me,” he added.


“Yes what? Tell me what you want.”

“I want your cock.”


“I want your cock. I want to worship your beautiful cock. I want to bring it pleasure. I love your cock.”

“Oh I do love you straight boys who suddenly realise…”

Tim started to drag me towards the main room of the spacious apartment.

I hadn’t planned what I was going to do. And suddenly its felt like a massive risk – if this went wrong, I could be blowing my chance with Tim. He’d made it plain he wanted to dominate me. And suddenly I was going to defy him.

I stopped: “No, not like this.”

Tim turned and glared at me. I moved in close to him.

“I do want to submit to you, and I will. I promise. I will make you so happy. But tonight, just for tonight, please, let’s do it my way…”

Tim’s glare hadn’t softened. he started to speak and I could see he was angry.

I cut him off by kissing him passionately on the mouth.

Tim had kissed me on our second night together, and I’d liked it and responded. But I’d never before sought to kiss a man, not like this. Not with hunger and passion and desire. And frankly, I’d never wanted anything so much. After a short while his resistance faded and our tongues were soon intertwining in a dance of lust.

“Like this,” I said, and I started to undo his shirt. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and it fell on the floor behind him.

As I undid the buttons on his shirt his beautiful body came into view and I couldn’t help kissing his chest and neck with little nibbling kisses.

I was breathing in gasps and his head was back and his eyes were closed. I kissed his nipples, drawing a little gasp from him and ran my hands over his flat, slightly furry stomach.

“After tonight,” I said “I’m yours. Do what you want to me. but tonight, I want to be lovers. Make love to me.”

I led him towards the bedroom and standing by the side of the bed we both quickly undressed. We both left our underpants on. His cock was tenting his tight trunks. My pants had a patch of precum on the front. My bulge was much smaller than gaziantep bayan eskort his.

I sat him on the edge of the bed and knelt between his knees. I nuzzled the bulge in his pants with my cheek. then looked him in the eye and said: ‘Can you cum twice tonight?”

A little of the old imperiousness returned to his face and he looked at me and said “Yes”.

I bit my lip and looked up at him through my eyebrows in what I hoped was a coquettish and seductive style.

“Oh goody,” I said, “no time to lose.”

I started kissing the length of his rigid cock through the tight cotton of his trunks, after a few passes up or down, when I got to the head I took it into my mouth, still through the cotton, between my lips.

“Oh Christ,” Tim grunted and seemed frantically eager to get his hips up to push his pants down his legs. The foreskin was already peeled back from that magnificent glans and it was glistening with precum. I looked up at him and licked a drop from the slit.

“Oh fuck, don’t fucking… just suck it.”

As he thrust his cock towards my moth I reached up with both hands and scratched my thumbnails across his nipples and took his cock into my warm and wet mouth. He didn’t last long – three of four thrusts into my tight pussy of a mouth and he tensed at the end of one thrust and gave a suppressed guttural roar from the back of his throat as his orgasm coursed through him and his sperm shot into my mouth.

When he’d finished, I knelt back, in triumph, and opened my mouth to show him his sperm inside me. I was just about to close and swallow when Tim said: “Don’t. Come here.”

I rose to him and he kissed me, just as hungrily as I’d kissed him earlier. His semen coated our tongues and mouths and lips.

My man and I were kissing like lovers savouring the taste of his sperm which I had coaxed out of him with my mouth.

Reader, it was without doubt, the most erotic thing I’d ever done in my life to that point.

As we recovered, we lay together and I traced a pattern on his chest with a fingernail.

Tim looked at me and said: What do you want?”

I replied, holding his gaze: “I want you.”

“Well, that’s fine. You come when I call and you can have my cock anytime you want, especially if you suck like that. But we need to do it like I want…”

“No.” I cut him off “I want your cock. Course I do. But I want you. All of you. I want to be yours. I want you to be mine.”

“Al, honey, I’m a gay man.”

“Yes dear,” I looked through my lashes at him. “I’m somewhat aware of that. I’ve just swallowed your sperm. I want you to be my gay man.”

“But what I mean is, I’m out. I have gay friends, I go to gay bars and clubs and arts events. I’m well known around here. If you’re with me, people will think you’re gay.”

“Well, if you’re out, then I will have to be out as well. Now let’s stop all this nonsense. Can you get that hard again and make love to me?”

Tim stopped. “What do you mean?”

“Make love to me. Fuck me I suppose you’d say, but tonight.. just tonight, make love to me. Think you can manage it?”

“You mean fuck you.. in your arse?”

“Honey, yes. We’re gay men… there’s no vagina here so we’ll have to make do with my arse, won’t we?”

That seemed to galvanise him. He started taking charge. And it was delicious, but only in the way a man makes love to his, well, woman, I suppose. There was no dominance, just we were settling into our roles.

Tim rolled over and opened a bedside draw and got out a tube of lube and a condom.

He dabbed a lubed finger on my anus as I lay back with my knees up. As his finger slowly invaded my anus I got a delicious shiver running through my body. God this was gorgeous. He was gorgeous.

We kept eye contact as he fingered me and as I relaxed his concerned look, checking I was okay, faded, to be replaced by desire.

Soon he had two fingers in me. Then three. “What a little slut,” he whispered.

“Mmm,” I said, “I am. Your slut. But be nice. And be gentle. I’m a virgin.”

Oh that did it. He was hard and ready.

I settled on the pillow under my bottom and he reached for the condom. I grabbed his hand: “No. No need. “

“Are you sure?”

“Do you have HIV?”

He shook his head.

“Do you promise you don’t have HIV?” I said, “If you do…”

He said: “I promise.”

I said: “Well I know I don’t. I want to feel your cock in me when you make me yours. When you make me your girl.”

I don’t know where that last sentence came from. But by God, now, he was all over me.

He spread my thighs and pushed my knees up to my chest and suddenly there was his cockhead probing as my wet and wide anus.

He pressed and yes, he was in.

It didn’t hurt. I just felt full. Good full. A bit like I needed to evacuate my bowels, but it was fine.

My man had taken my virginity.

“I’m yours now,” I said to him as he slowly fucked me. “I’m yours.”

“Not yet,” he said. “But when I cum inside you.”

“Oh God, yes.”

There wasn’t much talking but we looked at each other with love desire and animal lust as Tim thrust his cock in and out of my anus. God, I felt violated, and loved. It was the most intense emotional feeling I’ve ever had.

As his pace picked up, Tim flattened against me. He put both hands on my nipples and teased them. His stomach rubbed against my cock until I came helplessly, spurting cum on his belly and mine. That seemed to drive him on and in a second or two he was cumming inside me.

“Ahh, you fucking.. oh, I’m.. urggh, you bitch,” he grunted as he came. The dominant in him couldn’t be kept down at the moment of crisis.

We lay covered in sweat and cum for a second. Tim got up and came back with a damp flannel which he wiped down my stomach and his. The cum has been mashed into a foam by our rubbing bodies and was drying quickly.

We drifted off to sleep.

An hour or two later I woke slowly. My man was asleep beside me. I looked around. Is this what I wanted? Is he what I wanted? The way he wanted it? Me being submissive to him at all times.

I looked at him.

Yes it was. But I thought harder. Did I want to be submissive to him, or did I just want him and thought I was wiling to be submissive to have him? Did I really want a vanilla lover?

Was I now, both gay and sub? Having been straight and vanilla just a few days ago?

God, I think I was.

I started kissing Tim’s neck and shoulders above the sheet. When he rolled I started on his chest and I knew he was coming awake.

I was kissing his firm belly just above his navel when he was properly awake.

“Can you manage a third?” I asked as I moved down to his flaccid cock.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said

I scooted round so I could continue kissing his belly, underneath his navel now, and nuzzling his cock., while my ass was pointed at him,

“Feel my arsehole,” I said. “Feel, it’s wet. It’s wet for you. It would be a shame to waste it.”

I felt his fingers probe my anus. They slipped in easily.

I arched my back. God, I loved being fingered.

“I have just one more demand on you” I said.

“What is it? There was an edge in his voice.

“I want you to fuck me like you want to fuck me. You made love to me beautifully and took my virginity. I’m so grateful for that. Now fuck me like I’m your whore.”

I could have electrocuted him.

Tim shot up and was on his knees and his cock was erect.

“Hands and knees bitch. Head down and arse up. Present that cunt to me.”

I gasped when he said that word.

“Oh you like that don’t you bitch? Like it that I call it your cunt? Me too.”

I felt Tim’s cock at my hole. And suddenly it was in.

But there was no slow fucking like last time. Tim set up a long rhythm, thrusting the whole length of him inside me. I felt I was being banged in the guts a bit.

“Ow, that hurts,” I said

“Good. now fucking shut up or I’ll gag you.”

It hurt but, reader, I loved it. I felt… I felt owned. And used. And while it hurt I also felt important.

Tim was using me for his needs. And it was my job to satisfy them.

“Are you mine, bitch.”

“You know I am Tim.”

“That’s sir, or master or maybe master Tim to you, you faggot.”

Oh. My. God

I didn’t cum. I couldn’t. The banging in my intestines was too much. But my head went all fuzzy and for a while I didn’t know where I was.

And then Tim was cumming in me. Again.

As his cock softened and he withdrew. He said: “Stay there.” he got up and walked to the end of the bed where my head was.

“Clean my cock and balls. There’s no washcloth for you now. Any cum goes inside you. either that pussy or your mouth. Understand?”

I murmured I did as I licked and sucked his cock and balls and upper thighs clean.

“I want you to properly understand. Stay there.”

He went and got a saucer and put it in my hand.

“Put it under your cunt and squeezed my cum onto the plate.”

I shuffled off the bed and squatted on the floor over the plate. I held my cheeks apart and pressed and a thin trickle of cum drooled out of me. There wasn’t much and it was more liquid and clear than white sticky stuff. But, well, he was a man in his 30s and he’d cum three times in eight hours.

“Look at me while you lick it up. Then thank me.”

I did so.

“Any cum, any, mine, yours, or anyone else’s goes into you, understand? Either your cunt or your mouth. If it falls on the carpet or bed, you lick it up. Understand?”

“Yes.. yes, sir.”

“Good boy.”

Five minutes later I was kneeling before Tim, Sir as I was going to have to think of him.

“So. You want to be my submissive?”

“Yes, sir. I do. More than anything.”

“But also you want to be my lover. My partner. My boyfriend if you like.”

“Ugh, yes sir.” I knew this was asking a lot.

“You’ll come with me on dates, meet my friends and colleagues? Be introduced as my partner? Or boyfriend? Or slut, depending on the context?”

“Yes sir”

You’ll come to family events as my partner. My gay partner.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’ll introduce me to your family as your partner? Your gay partner. I’ll come to weddings and christenings, and spend Christmas at your parents’ house?”

“Y..y..yes sir.”

“You’ll introduce me to your mother as your master? And tell her that you love my cock and eat my sperm every time I cum?”

“…” there was a long pause as I struggled to find my voice. “As you wish, Master.”

“Good answer, slut. I don’t think that will be necessary, but things will be done as I wish. Now get out of my sight. And await instructions.”

I did so. My life had changed forever.

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