Mr. Right Now Ch. 04: Fred Pt. 01

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It’s Saturday night. I’m at a gay nudist party. Technically, the group isn’t a sex club. If a guy just wants to hang out with other naked guys, he can do that. But, at most parties, there’s a room with gay sex videos playing and live men playing with each other—hand jobs, blow jobs, butt fucking, whatever.

I’m standing near the video room’s back wall, idly stroking my boner and watching the action, when a man I’ve never seen before walks in. I forget about the video and the guys having sex on the floor and just stare at him. He stands at the door, smiling as he surveys the room.

Even dressed, he’d be attention-getting. He’s a big black bodybuilder with skin the color of chocolate milk and the face of an angel. I’m tall, rugged-looking, and moderately athletic, but he makes me look tiny. He’s four inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than me. It’s all muscle—arms, legs, chest, butt—all bulging muscles, more machine than flesh.

But he isn’t dressed. He’s naked. Totally, gloriously naked, showing every detail of his magnificently sculpted body. His body, except for his tight buzz cut, is hairless. He probably gets it waxed, but I’m not thinking about that or the obsessive workouts required to build and maintain those amazing muscles.

His cock is long and thick, with a broad, deeply furrowed, plow-head. Not all black men are well hung, but this giant bodybuilder has the biggest tool I’ve ever seen. It’s semi-soft, hanging down in front of his bare balls. I want to see how quickly I can make it fully hard, but you don’t just go grab a guy’s dick, even in the sex room.

I keep stroking my boner while I smile at him. It’s bigger than average, although nowhere near the size of the black stud’s mammoth tool. It was already hard, but it’s gotten a lot harder since he came in. He smiles back as he looks me over. I guess he likes what he sees. He hasn’t touched his cock, but it’s growing and swelling.

He comes over and introduces himself and we talk a bit. His name’s Fred and this is his first gay nudist party. I’ve stopped playing with my dick, but it stays hard. He keeps looking at my crotch. His cock gets longer and thicker. It’s starting to stand out from his body when I kiss him.

Fred kisses me back. He’s a really good kisser—tender but aggressive. He grinds his now-stiff rod into my crotch and his big hands knead my buttocks. I fondle his bulging pecs and oversized arms while my tongue dances against his. I have to stand on tip-toe to kiss him properly. I’m a big guy, but he makes me feel small and helpless. That’s exciting.

I want Fred to bend me over and stick his giant cock up my ass. That’s a scary thought. I’m usually a top and I’ve never taken a dick anywhere near as big as his. I know it’ll hurt—a lot—but I’m still ready to do it.

Fred wraps a big hand around my stiff dick and I grip escort bayan gaziantep his swollen pole. I can’t close my fingers around its thickness. We stand face to face, stroking each other’s hard rods and kneading each other’s balls.

“You’ve got a nice cock.” Fred runs his closed fist up and down my stiff shaft and pinches my swollen cock-head between his thumb and index finger. His other hand cups my balls, squeezing them almost hard enough to hurt while running his index finger over the little patch of skin between my ball sack and butt crack.

“So do you.” I grip his shaft with both hands, one over the other like I’m holding a baseball bat. His giant plow-shaped cock-head and the upper inch of his shaft stick out from my closed hands. While he jacks my stiff dick, I stroke his rigid shaft with one hand while fondling his cock-head with the other.

Fred is so big and overpoweringly masculine. He’s like RoboCop, but made of warm flesh and muscle. I’m ready for him to take charge—to push me to my knees and order me to suck his giant cock, then to bend me over and take me from behind. I’m normally dominant, so I love men who force me to be submissive.

So Fred surprises me by falling to his knees and taking my hot rod in his mouth. He fucks his own face, bobbing rapidly over my cock, squeezing my nuts, and fingering my crack. If he’s trying to get me heated up for his cock in my ass, it’s working really well.

I’m getting close to coming. That’s not in my plans for Fred. Not this soon and not in his mouth, as sexy as that is.

Fred lets me go right before I push him away. He lies on his back on the shag-carpeted floor and folds his legs against his chest, showing off his magnificently sculpted buttocks and hot little asshole. “Fuck me now. Please.”

So much for me being submissive. I look around for one of the bottles of lube our thoughtful host has distributed around the room. One of the men hands me a plastic squeeze bottle. I know him. His name is Henry. He’s a stocky muscular guy with thick body hair.

Henry and the other men are standing in a rough circle around Fred and me. I know all of them from previous parties. There’s Charles—tall, painfully thin, and balding; Andrew—a small trim black man with an oversized cock and a beautifully rounded ass; Tom—runner’s body, balding, shaved head; and Gary, who looks like the male lead in a romantic comedy. He never lets another man touch him. They’ve all got hard-ons.

I kneel between Fred’s beefy thighs. “God, you’re sexy.” I kiss the tip of my finger and touch it to Fred’s anus. “The hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen.”

Fred smiles and lifts his butt higher. “Come on. I’m ready for you.”

“Good.” I fondle his big hard cock briefly, then put a big blob of lube on the tip of my finger and rub it over his pretty little pucker. “Because I’m ready to fuck the hell out of you.” Fred’s stiff dick jerks as I slip my lubricated finger up his hole. It’s hot and tight. Not virgin tight, but close.

I work my finger in and out of Fred’s asshole, occasionally pulling out to add more lube. I think about adding a second finger, but some men find that stretches their anal muscles more painfully than a cock.

Instead, I coat my painfully hard rod with lube and press its head into the center of Fred’s sexy puckered hole. He moans and strokes his cock as I push in until he tenses up, then pull back slightly, letting him relax before I go deeper.

“Oh man!” Fred moans. “This is so—” He gasps as my cock-head slips through his tight anal ring and my long hard pole slides all the way up his ass.

I hold still with my balls pressed against his butt cheeks. Damn, his asshole is TIGHT. It’s as muscular as the rest of his sculpted body. I wonder what kind of exercises he does to keep it in shape.

Well, Fred’s going to get a serious anal workout today. I draw back slowly, watching my pale rod emerge from his warm chocolate-colored buns.

“Yeah,” one of the watching men whispers. “Fuck his ass.” It’s Henry, standing behind Charles and humping his crack. The other men are jacking their stiff dicks.

I pull my cock completely out of Fred’s asshole and then push it back inside. He moans and swings his butt up to meet my descending pole. “Damn,” he whispers. “You’re such a stud.”

“You are so fucking sexy.” With my cock buried deep in Fred’s ass, I bend forward and kiss him, hard and dirty. “I’m gonna pound the hell outta your ass.”

“Yes,” Fred says. “Please.”

He’s still too tight and I don’t want to come too soon, so I fuck him slowly, watching my cock slide in and out of his asshole. I like having sex with the lights on, so I can see everything that’s happening. This is the best ever. Fred is such a stud—so beautifully overpoweringly masculine—that it’s hard to believe he wants ME. I am tall, rugged-looking, and moderately athletic, but certainly not handsome, or any kind of bodybuilder.

Fred is holding his cock and balls with one hand, curling his thumb and index finger around the base of his thick shaft and squeezing his hairless balls with his remaining fingers. His massive pole swings in time with my slow thrusts.

Andrew, the small black man with the oversized cock, steps away from the group of watchers and straddles Fred’s shoulders, facing away from me, and guides his hard cock to Fred’s lips. “Suck on this.”

I admire Andrew’s beautiful buttocks and sexy little asshole while I fuck Fred. Andrew and I are long-time fuck buddies. He loves oral and is the best nut-sucker I’ve ever met, but he’s really shy about anal. He’s fucked me once, when I’d gotten him really drunk and stoned. He hates it when I touch his asshole and absolutely refuses to let me fuck his hot little butt.

I reach between Andrew’s legs and knead his swinging balls while Fred sucks his cock. “Oh yeah,” Andrew says. “That feels good.” I’m not sure if he’s talking to Fred or me. I let go of his balls and slide my finger up his ass crack.

“Hey man!” Andrew growls when my finger reaches his anus. “You know I don’t do that.” He squirms as I tease his puckered hole, but doesn’t try to get away.

“Oh come on. You know you want it.” I slide my finger up and down Andrew’s crack, skimming lightly over his asshole. It’s a game we play. I tease his ass while he sucks my cock. Then, he sucks my nuts and plays with my throbbing dick until I come. He gets off by lying on top of me and humping my closed thighs. I keep hoping he’ll fuck my ass again . . .

But right now, I’m fucking Fred’s hot tight bodybuilder ass and I want him to myself. I stick my finger in my mouth and lubricate it with spit, then push my fingertip into Andrew’s asshole. He squeals and jumps up, then turns around and glares at me. A moment later, he laughs, moves behind the balding man with the runner’s body, and reaches around to play with his cock.

Fred’s anal muscles are as tight as ever, but I’m no longer worried about coming too soon. I fuck him roughly, pulling almost out and then driving home. My cock slips out. I grip my shaft and drive it back up his ass, slamming my crotch into his butt cheeks. “That’s right!” he gasps. “Hammer my ass!”

The pressure in my nuts builds steadily as I fuck Fred roughly. He jerks his big stiff pole, running his big fist up and down its swollen shaft and over its broad cock-head as he thrusts his butt up to meet my driving rod. “Shoot it!” he cries. “I want to feel it!”

The cum boils in my balls as I pound him even harder. “God . . . your . . . hot . . . tight . . . ass . . . so . . . good . . .” I fire another hard hot pulse of cum up his ass with each word.

“Oh yeah!” Fred cries. “Shoot in me!” Cum fountains from his stiff dick, splashing his hairless crotch and muscular chest.

I pull my still-stiff dick out of Fred’s butt and kiss him passionately, then move down his body, licking up his cum. I reach his cock. Even soft, it’s a stretch to take it in my mouth, but I manage to get its head and the first inches of its shaft. More than ever, I want it up my ass . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2020 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support.

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