Sidney Volume 1: Awakenings, Sorrow, and Sex

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This is my first story of this type, and I would really appreciate any feedback at all. Rate, comment, everything helps!

Copyright 2010

Sidney dropped her head on her desk. It was Thursday morning. She looked down at her hands and groaned. “God, I hate my life.” Sidney was naked, and held a fluid-covered vibrator in one hand and was wiping the other with a paper towel. “I hate my life,” she repeated, trying to convince herself otherwise. She sat up and closed the window where she had been viewing some porn while masturbating. It was her favorite type, but she was getting tired of watching girl-on-girl strapon sex. She put the vibrator on the desk – she knew she’d be using it again, probably that night – and walked over to her dresser where she pulled out a pair of boy shorts and a sports bra.

Sidney lived alone in a small apartment in Ney York City. She spent her days making minimum wage as a clerk in a library and spent her nights masturbating to porn, followed by sexual dreams, mostly with other women. If asked, Sidney would refer to herself as a lesbian, but had had sex with a man before. She ranked it a four out of ten. Sidney didn’t have many friends, so she rarely left her apartment. On Fridays, she would stop at the grocery on the way home from work to get food for that week, and other than that she was inside.

Sidney finished getting dressed and left her apartment. She took the subway to the stop two blocks away from the library, and walked the rest of the way. Once she got to the library, it was business as usual. Make sure the patrons found the books they were looking for, check in some books returned that day, daydream about what she’d watch when she got home. She was shaken out of her stupor when a light voice asked where she could find The Joy of Sex. Sidney’s eyes jumped up and looked into the face of one of the most attractive faces she had ever seen. Piercing blue eyes, black hair brushed neatly out of her face, white teeth, and a smile that almost caused Sidney’s mouth to drop. Looking down, Sidney found it hard not to notice the woman’s breasts. They were the sort of tits you would dream about. Spot on in the body-size-to-boob-size ratio. Not too big or too small, and Siidney could see that this woman had a little bit of THO going on.

“Ma’am?” the woman said.

“Right, right,” stammered Sidney. “That’s nonfiction, 600’s, da da da, here you go.” Sidney handed the woman a card with the book’s address on it.

The woman looked at it. “Um, I really ddon’t know this library very well. Maybe you could take me there?”
Sidney almost jumped up. “Sure thing!” She could feel her panties getting slightly moist. She couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

The two women walked side by side to the nonfiction section of the library. As they turned into one of the hallways made by the stacks, the mysterious woman briefly squeezed Sidney’s ass and whispered “You know, I saw you staring at my tits.” Sidney gulped, and the woman continued. “You’re pretty hot.” Then, the woman took off Sidney’s glasses with one hand and started working to buttons on Sidney’s shirt with the other. Sidney reached up and did the same to the woman’s shirt. Her breasts were firm in Sidney’s hand, and she began to massage them, occasionally pulling on a nipple, pinching it, but consistently massaging, pushing, pulling on the woman’s tits.

The woman leaned in and began to suck on Sidney’s nipple. It felt good, and Sidney whispered aloud, “Is this a dream?” The woman shook her head and lightly but down, toying with Sidney. Sidney’s mind kicked into overdrive. They were just sitting there, in the middle of the nonfiction section of a public library, about to have some intense sex. What if they got caught? Was that a felony? What about security cameras? “Oh, fuck it,” Sidney said and dropped to her knees. She unzipped and unbuttoned the woman’s jeans and pulled them down to the knees, revealing the yellow-and-white striped panties hiding underneath.

Sidney reached up a hand and pressed it against the panties, softly rubbing over the woman’s vagina, feeling the moisture work its way through the fabric of the panties and reaching Sidney’s hand. Sidney stuck her face down and licked the woman’s covered vagina, tasting the sweet liquid issuing from her pussy. After a few minutes, Sidney pulled down the panties as well, showing a neatly trimmed landing strip right over the beautiful, wet pussy. Pausing only to take a breath, Sidney thrust her face towards the woman’s pussy, giving it one long lick along the slit, tonguing the clit for a moment, then sticking her tongue inside, sliding it in and out in a fast rhythm. Sidney heard the woman take a short breath, and looked up to see her biting her lip and squeezing one of her nipples. Sidney winked and began rubbing the woman’s clit with one hand while increasing her pace.

The as-yet nameless woman climaxed after another few minutes of tongue-fucking, covering Sidney’s face with warm juice. After her short breaths slowed, she whispered to Sidney, “My turn.” The woman pushed Sidney over and lay on top of her, pressing their breasts together as she passionately kissed Sidney, shoving her tongue inside Sidney’s mouth, tenderly biting her bottom lip, and generally French-kissing in a way Sidney had never experienced. The woman quickly slid down Sidney’s body until her head was directly over Sidney’s crotch. The woman undid the zipper on Sidney’s pants with her teeth and pulled them down, taking the boy shorts with them to show Sidney’s attractive Brazilian pussy.

She licked frantically over Sidney’s clit at a rapid pace, causing Sidney to actually let forth a short shriek of surprise and pleasure- this woman clearly knew what she was doing. The woman followed her licking with an action just as bold; she slid two of her fingers into Sidney’s pussy and started pistoning them in and out almost as fast as the pistons in a motor. She quickly doubled the rate by also inserting the first two fingers of her other hand, moving them so fast that Sidney’s nipples actually stood straight at attention like two soldiers on top of hills. The woman surprised Sidney once again by moving her head down underneath her hands and gently tonguing Sidney’s asshole, pressing against it put not penetrating. After another minute and change, she put her head back over Sidney’s vagina and sucked on her clit as hard as she could. Even as Sidney came, the woman didn’t stop moving her hands or sucking, and Sidney squeezed here eyes closed and clenched her teeth together before she could scream out at the top of her lungs “Oh my god oh my god FUCK ME!”

When Sidney opened her eyes, the woman was dressing at a leisurely pace. Sidney quickly followed suit. She started to talk, to thank the woman for the magic she had worked, but the woman put her finger on Sidney’s lips and handed her a piece of paper with ‘Maddy – 852-8149’ written on it in loopy handwriting. The woman pulled her book off the shelf, gave Sidney’s ass a final squeeze and walked away, leaving Sidney standing in the 600’s aisle in the nonfiction section of the library, speechless, red in the face, and staring at the piece of paper held in her hand. Sidney headed back to the circulation desk, knowing for sure what she was going to daydream about until she got home.

When Sidney finally did get home, she immediately threw her clothes hastily into the hamper and selected her favorite porno DVD – she was watching on the big screen tonight, and she had plans for something new. She slid in the disk for ‘Girl on Girl – Toys, Toys, Toys Volume 4’ and lay down on the bed after grabbing her smallest dildo from her sock drawer and a bottle of vegetable oil from the kitchen and her trusty vibrator from her desk. Şirinevler Escort After a few minutes of remembrance about the day’s events, Sidney held the pink dildo over her pussy and poured some vegetable oil on it to get it nice and slick. After making sure it was well-covered and rubbing the excess oil all over her tits, stomach, and vagina she positioned the dildo against her asshole.

The woman’s – no, Maddy’s – tongue had felt so good there that Sidney wanted more, more, more. Eyes on the scene playing out in front of her, she pushed the dildo against her asshole gently but with purpose. The tip slid in and Sidney allowed it to sit there and acclimate while she rubbed her other hole lightly, just enough to keep her aroused and her nipples at attention. Sidney pushed the dildo in deeper, letting maybe a quarter of an inch slide in before resting for a minute and tugging on a nipple, sliding a finger in her vagina or just watching the screen, seeing the girls tease each other and imagining her and Maddy’s faces on the women.

Once the dildo was all three inches inside her ass, Sidney withdrew it, rubbing a finger tenderly over her hole. It hurt a little, but the pleasure factor far outweighed the small amount of pain. After maybe five minutes of her usual routine of vibrator loving, Sidney repeated the process again. Re-oil the dildo and slowly slide it in again. After several iterations, Sidney felt confident enough to start a slow rhythm. She slowly, very slowly pushed the dildo in almost to the base and then pulled it out so the just the tip remained inside her. She was focused solely on the new experience and was somewhat surprised when she came, liquid dripping out of her vagina without her even touching it. She had one hand on the bed, lifting herself up, and the other hand was on the dildo. As she came, she pushed the dildo in all the way, prolonging her orgasm and increasing the ferocity of it. Since she was no longer in a public place, she had no vocal restraints and let forth a stream of dirty sex talk that would curled the hair of her neighbor (who made no comment when seeing her leave the apartment with a very slight limp the next day). “Holy mother fucking shit oh fuck me, fuck me hard in the ass, you dirty bitch fuck me hard like the slut I am, do it harder deeper faster harder harder Maddy, thrust it deep inside me, make it hurt, sweet jesus I am fucking cumming!”

After she regained control of her body and senses, Sidney pulled the dildo out of her ass and lay it beside her. She yawned and turned the TV volume setting to mute. Her first anal experience had really tired her. She felt too hot to use covers, so she threw the covers on the other side of the futon she used as a bed. She propped up her pillows and watched the girls toy each other on the screen (by now, they had gotten out a double sided dildo and were pressing together so close that their pussies were mere inches from touching). Sidney started to finger herself, and after orgasming again in only a few minutes she fell fast asleep. She dreamed sexual dreams about what she and Maddy would do the next day when she showed up.

Maddy didn’t show up the next day. Sidney remained hopeful until her lunch break, but decided during lunch hour that Maddy would not be making a repeat appearance. Sidney ate her lettuce and turkey on whole wheat bread in silence, before stealing off to the bathroom with the library’s extra-thick sharpie.
She sat down on the toilet with her skirt and panties around her ankles and reached behind her with the sharpie, turned it upside down and pushed it into her pussy. All Sidney could think about was how she wished that it was Maddy doing the pushing, not her. Her orgasm was weak, and as she pulled her clothes back on she actually started crying. How could Maddy abandon her like this? Sidney knew it was an irrational reaction, but she still felt cheated. She uncapped the marker and wrote across the door ‘Maddy, I want you to fuck me again’. Somewhat satisfied, she cleaned her eyes and returned to her station at the desk.

It was a slow day, and she had a chance to read the newspaper. On the front of the ‘current events’ section, she saw an article titled ‘Local woman in coma after car crash’. Sidney held her breath as she scanned the article for a name. Sure enough, there it was. ‘Madeline Vasquez is in a coma after severe blows to the head in car crash with drunk driver.’ Sidney started to cry again, silently this time, the tears running down her face and dropping onto the page, where they smeared the page.

When she left work, Sidney walked to the hospital where Maddy was being kept and went to visit her in the coma ward. She stood outside the window and looked at Maddy lying there silently. Another tear rolled down Sidney’s face, and she felt a part of her heart wilt at the sight of her one-day-stand there unresponsive to the world passing by. She left the hospital and walked home. When she was halfway back to her apartment building it began to rain in drops so cold it hurt. Sidney didn’t speed up. When she finally stepped into her apartment she went right to her computer and pulled up her music library. She set “Fade to Black” on repeat and curled up naked underneath the covers. She felt so exposed and unprotected. She didn’t move the rest of the night.

Sidney spent the next day in a sort of depression. She spoke little, didn’t eat lunch, and really didn’t put her heart in it when she masturbated that night. She made it a point to read the paper, in case there was any news of Maddy’s condition. There wasn’t.

The next day, Sidney found something horrifying in the paper. ‘Coma patient found dead Friday night.’ The first line read ‘Madeline Vasquez died Friday night at 10:56 pm due to complications caused by the car crash yesterday.’ Sidney looked at the ceiling for the rest of the day on her bed, repeating Maddy’s name over and over again. Sunday morning, she ate a small salad and called the library to put in her vacation days. She had nine, this year’s and a little carryover from last year. She put it into effect for the rest of the week, citing ‘personal issues’. She hoped that by the end of the week, she would be able to cope with Maddy’s death well enough to function at the library.

The next days were repetitive and uneventful. Sidney actually taped the vibrator to her vagina so she could feel some kind of pleasure to combat the overwhelming sadness. She started playing pong against her computer for hours at a time until her hands were numb and her eyes hurt. On Wednesday she went out and got a tattoo on an impulse. It had Maddy’s note right between her shoulder blades. She even had a little halo drawn over Maddy’s name. While she walked home, she pulled out her phone and called Maddy’s number. She didn’t know why it hadn’t occurred to her before, but she’d be able to hear Maddy’s voice again. After it dialed, Sidney waited for the voicemail message. She heard Maddy’s cheerful voice say “Sorry I didn’t get your call. Don’t worry, I still love you. Leave me a message!” Sidney left one, hoping that somehow Maddy would hear it. She whispered. “You changed me, and I love you.” Sidney never called it again. She knew that hearing that voice would make her miss Maddy that much more. It didn’t make sense. She had only known Maddy for maybe thirty minutes, forty tops. How could that cause so much heartbreak?

Sidney got home and resolved not to leave the apartment until she could find something to raise her spirits. After a few hours of thinking after taping the vibrator back on, Sidney finally got an idea. She made a recording of Maddy’s voicemail message and copied it onto a CD before deleting it from her computer. Then she wrote a long letter to Maddy about how much she missed her, Escort Bayan how much she had appreciated their brief interaction, and how she would’ve like to grow together as two people but needed to try and get over the loss. Then, Sidney packed them both in a package and took them to the Brooklyn Bridge and dropped it into the river, watching it until it was out of sight. When it was gone, Sidney blew it a kiss and walked home with a new sense of purpose. She knew that she would never forget Maddy and would think about her every night, but she needed to get on with her life. It was time to move on.

The next day, Sidney realized how numb her vagina felt. She slapped her palm against it and barely registered the contact. “I must’ve left the vibrator on for too long,” she mumbled. ‘Well,’ she considered, ‘that anal-spurred orgasm was pretty satisfying… I’ll have to work with what I’ve got until I regain some feeling.’ That same day, Sidney took a trip downtown to one of the sex shops in New York. She picked up a small-medium sized dildo with a suction cup on the bottom so it could stick to ‘just about anything!’, or so the packaging promised. While she was there, Sidney also picked up two new movies – ‘Jackie Cummings Solo 5’ and ‘Girl on Girl – Anal Experience Volume 2’ and two other toys, some anal beads and a Fleshlight. She rushed home, eager to try them out.

First, she decided that for maximum pleasure she’d have to loosen her ass a bit, so she repeated her process from a few nights before with the pink dildo until she could slide it in and out repeatedly at a relatively quick pace. Then, she moved up to her new toy. She worked it in slowly, half-inch by half-inch, until the whole thing was halfway inside her ass. Then she pulled it out and re-lubricated it. By hand, she pushed it in again, and then pulled it out. Her warmup stretches were briefly interrupted by an unexpected orgasm. Sidney shook her head to clear it and began to work the dildo again until it could move just as quickly as the smaller pink one could. Sidney slapped her vagina again. Some of the feeling was coming back. It was going to be a good day.

She put the Jackie Cummings DVD in her computer – she was saving the big screen for later. After a bit of monologue, during which Sidney set up her webcam to record (she wanted to see what she looked like masturbating),Jackie began undressing. First her shirt came off – no bra, surprise surprise. The next thing to go was her miniskirt, which was carelessly flung across the room. The thong soon followed, landing neatly on top of the other clothes in a pile in the corner of the room. Jackie sat down on a sofa and began to play with herself. Sidney mimicked her in every motion she could. A tweak on the nipple – check. A rubbing of the pussy – check. A squeezing of an ass cheek – check. Sidney copied her move for move, right up until Jackie picked up her first toy. It was a small vibrator that hooked onto a finger. Jackie placed it on her pussy and held it there for a while, occasionally moving it over her clit or dragging her finger between the lips. Next, Jackie picked up two clothespins and applied them to her firm nipples. Sidney did her best to follow with a long double-pinch. Jackie put the finger-vibe back on the table and picked up a larger, average sized dildo modeled after a human penis. It had an obvious shape, some veins, and a fake set of balls at the end. Jackie started by sucking on it, licking the sides, and deepthroating the plastic cock. Then, she placed it just so that the head was sticking inside her pussy. She slowly pushed it in and out, in and out.

Sidney leaned towards the screen and started working her fingers into her own vagina, barely feeling them through the numbness. Jackie was really getting into it now, and was quickly ramming the faux-cock balls-deep into her pussy. Spouting obscenities, Jackie came, panting heavily. She placed the phallus back on the table and chose the next item, which was a string of eight anal beads. Jackie licked each one of them, and then began popping them one by one into her ass until there was only a string hanging out. Sidney did the same. She let them sit there, so she could get used to the feeling, then began to wiggle around. She felt the beads move inside her, pressing against her and moving. She started rocking back and forth in an attempt to increase that feeling. It worked, and within a few minutes Sidney climaxed, groaning loudly with the force of the orgasm. As she came, Sidney pulled the beads out one at a time, and shuddered in post-orgasmic glory as each one popped out of her ass.

Sidney decided that the remainder of her day would be a special event. She cleaned up as best she could around her desk, and then changed the sheets on her futon. After napping for almost an hour, she ran the dishwasher to clean each of her sex toys, even the brand new Fleshlight, to get rid of that rubbery taste. When that was done and the toys were all drying, Sidney ran herself a bath. It took 15 minutes to find the right temperature, but it was worth it. Once it was there, Sidney dropped in the plug and poured in copious amounts of bubble bath. While it might seem childish at first, Sidney had found it to be a great stress reliever and she made sure to have at least one bubble bath every month.

Sidney slipped into the warm water and let the bubbles wash away her problems. She cupped her hand around her mound and squeezed it, and was glad to find that it was almost back to normal response levels. Sidney just lay in the tub and soaked for an hour before running through her list of shampoo, soap, shave, drain, dry off, wax, refill the tub, refill the bubble bath, and soak for another hour. The whole process of bathing took almost three hours, but Sidney climbed out of the tub for the second time feeling ready to fuck herself with a vengeance.

Sidney sat down on the side of her bed facing the television. She had all her toys laid out beside her. Before she even started her movie, Sidney turned on some classical music and began to lick the slit of the Fleshlight. She licked all around it, stuck her tongue deep inside it, sucked on the clitoris. Sidney really was getting into it and before long, forty minutes had flown by and Sidney was already dripping, despite not having touched herself once. Just the thought of getting another woman off was enough to get her horny. Sidney ran a finger down her moist slit and licked the juices off. They tasted sweet, almost fruity.
Sidney decided the let the music keep playing and start off slowly. She traced her fingertips over her entire body, tickling herself. She let her fingers dance across her skin, down smooth arms and legs, circling her pussy, tracing lines around her bellybutton, running lightly over her nipples. She put her fingers up to her mouth and sucked on them before retracing the lines on her body, leaving trails of moisture behind. The feeling turned her on immensely. Sidney wetted her index fingers and thumbs again and began toying with her nipples. They were standing almost straight up, and Sidney flicked her fingers over them, eliciting a slight shock to travel to her brain. She lightly pinched them, pressing harder until it started to sting, at which point she let them go and cupped her entire breast and rubbed it in circles, making it move around on her chest. When her nipples had cooled off, Sidney allowed one hand to continue pinching and tugging on them while the other slowly inched its way over her abdomen and towards her wet, shiny pussy.
Her finger dragged through the slit, and Sidney shuddered a little bit each time a knuckle was pulled over her clit, slightly stimulating it, and every time Sidney shuddered, her pussy became that much more wet. She put one finger on each istanbul Escort side of her vagina and spread the lips apart, showing the shiny pink underneath. She pulled her fingers back together, and then spread them apart again. When they closed for the fourth time, Sidney slid one finger into her pussy. She drew it back, then slowly allowed it to reenter her hot pussy. Soon, she added another finger and quickened her pace a little bit. When she was almost teetering on the edge of orgasm, Sidney stopped. She put her hands to her sides and looked up at the ceiling for a while. Then, she grabbed to bottle of vegetable oil and poured it onto a rag.

She rubbed the oil-soaked rag all over herself, until only her face and hair wasn’t shining under the lights from the ceiling. Sidney paid special attention to her asshole, and made sure to get some of the oil on the inside. Just to be sure it was well-lubricated, she slid in a single finger. Slowly, she inched it in up to the third joint. She pulled out her finger, and began quickly assfucking herself towards orgasm again. When she was close enough to scream out, she quickly pulled out her finger and lay still on the bed. Teasing herself like this would cause the orgasms to compound on each other, eventually leading to a mind-blowing orgasm that would possibly send Sidney to an alternate dimension, or, at least, a new height of pleasure she had never reached before.

Sidney picked up the pink dildo and placed it against her vagina. She quickly pushed it in all the way and kept one hand cupping her mound to keep it there. With the other, she pushed the anal beads against her ass and began to shove them in roughly, packing them all inside her tender ass. Once they were all there, Sidney started to slide the dildo out of her pussy and pulled it all the way out. She traced its tip all over her body, like what she had done with her fingers earlier. She toyed with her nipples for a while, rubbing the tip of the dildo over them. On an impulse, Sidney quickly shoved the dildo back into her pussy and began pulling it in and out faster than she had ever done before. Sidney felt a massive orgasm building, but spoke to herself, through gritted teeth, “Not yet. There’s more to come.” Sidney stopped fucking with the dildo and pulled it out to trace shiny trails of fluid over her body. She then pulled out all of the beads as fast as she could, yanking on the string hanging out of her ass. The beads popped out, making an audible noise, and Sidney bit her lip from the rush of pleasure it brought. She began to thoughtfully suck on the beads, trying to decide what to try next.

She had an idea. Sidney did her best to get the medium dildo strapped to her bed, using mostly tape, and put in the ‘Girl on Girl – Anal Experience Volume 2’ DVD in her DVD player. As the girls appeared on the screen and talked with the cameraman, Sidney rubbed oil all over the dildo. It gleamed in the light coming from the ceiling, and Sidney couldn’t help but give it a lick. She held the Fleshlight over it and worked it onto the dildo, pushing it slowly until it just covered the head. She started moving the Fleshlight up and down slowly, letting it engulf the dildo completely before pulling it back off. Once she worked them up to a steady pace, Sidney began separating the two and sucking the dildo, tonguing the Fleshlight, and then putting them back together at a faster pace.

Sidney got so into the fake sex between the two toys, and her part in the actions, that she lost track of time. She began to hear grunts and groans from her speaker system and turned around to see one of the girls lying on her shoulders while the other gripped her ankles, holding her up. The second woman, a brunette was thrusting into the first girl’s ass with a thick, red strapon. Sidney eyed her dildo, looked back at the screen, and placed the Fleshlight back onto the pile of toys.

Without easing herself into it, Sidney raised her body over the dildo. She sat on her knees and placed the dildo against her asshole. Quickly, she sat down with all her weight and shoved the dildo deep into her ass. She bit her lip and closed her eyes while groaning in pleasure. She looked back at the screen and started to raise herself up and down slowly, letting just the head of the plastic cock stay inside her before thrusting down again.

When she felt comfortable, Sidney rubbed some more oil on the dildo and began to match the pace the brunette was setting in the video. Sit down, lift up, sit down, lift up. Each time, Sidney thought she could feel the dildo going a bit further inside her, pressing on new nerve endings and eliciting new feelings with each thrust. Sidney felt as if she were in a car speeding towards the edge of a cliff. Once she ran off the edge, she would fall into orgasm, and she was driving at a hundred and ten miles per hour. She was were inches from the metaphorical cliff’s edge when she stood up on her bed and off the dildo. Her knees buckled quickly, and she fell over onto her back, where she relaxed a bit and played with her tits. A little bit of a pinch, a small tug, a flick. Sidney poured more oil on herself. She loved being able to see every curve and detail on her body shine in the light. It made her feel almost angelic – and very horny.

The feeling of euphoria from another close call dimmed, and Sidney was in that realm between too-horny-to-sleep and gotta-get-off-NOW. She would keep it simple and just ride with the dildo in her pussy; she figured that would keep her simmering for a while yet. She hopped up and down at a diligent pace, letting herself enjoy the moment and the feeling of the dildo rubbing against her pussy, being squeezed by her lips, the oil on it allowing her to slide up and down quickly. When the girls in the DVD started to dual-do, Sidney lost any sense of self control.

She had pushed herself to the edge so many time that night, she couldn’t wait to feel the waves of bliss wash over her like tides on a beach, and the satisfaction of finally cumming would cause Sidney’s brain to kick into overdrive.
Sidney slid up and down frantically, and she could feel the orgasm coming closer. It was going to be good, but Sidney wanted the whole nine yards here, the package deal, the whole thing. On an impulse, she grabbed her vibrator and shoved it into her ass. It wasn’t oiled, but her ass was still wet enough from the dildo and runoff pussy juice that it slid in without too much resistance. She flicked the switch to full vibrations, and felt the vibrator shake. The vibrations travelled out through her ass, and she felt her pussy, her clit, and even her stomach shake. As the orgasm hit, Sidney grabbed a nipple and violently twisted, the pain turning instantly to pleasure as the force knocked her onto her back. She spasmed, kicking her legs and bucking her hips, trying to drive the dildo and vibrator deeper inside her. Sidney was so filled with feelings of ecstasy that she couldn’t enunciate anything, she just let out a long, loud, scream. She heard one of the girls on the screen screaming too, and that was the last conscious thought Sidney had before she passed out.
Sidney woke up. She was lying on her back, and felt full. She looked down and saw that the dildo and vibrator were still firmly pushed inside her. She didn’t mind, or even try to pull them out. It felt nice, a small remembrance of the night before. Sidney felt so dirty, and she loved it. After a light salad, Sidney ran a regular bath to sit in and maybe wash off. She pulled out the vibrator and dildo before getting into the bath, and let her mind wander in the warm water.

Sidney decided that she would make another trip to the store that day, to get a plug. She had enjoyed the feeling of being full that morning so much, that she wanted to be able to surreptitiously feel like that all day. “You know what,” she spoke aloud, “fuck it. I’m going to browse that store, and get whatever I want. It’s time to seize the day.”

But first, she finished her bath.

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