Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 23

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Mom was becoming consumed by sex. She was aware of it too. She confessed to me that sex was all she thought about all day while we were all at work. Dad and I had already had a conversation about it.

One morning this past week, she came to my bed very early and was delighted to find my raging-hard morning woody. She crawled between my thighs and sucked me dry. As my cock softened, she laid her head on my thigh and ran her fingers through my pubic hair and dragged her fingernails around the velvety crown as she randomly kissed it.

She said that she had discovered porn sites on the internet and scoured the videos looking for new positions or scenarios. It wasn’t a shock that she particularly enjoyed the “Getting Caught’ category. She saw an ad on one of these sites for an ‘Adam and Eve’ adult store that had just opened in town. She went and bought everything that caught her fancy. She confessed that she had begun to have thoughts about pushing her self-imposed line with strangers past the blow job line. She had never had thoughts of fucking a total stranger before, but she was now. That was the last straw for her and she sat down and dialed Dr. Issabella Jaffery’s office for an appointment. Both of us knew how that appointment would go. I failed to see how that would help her.

While Mom rolled my pubic hair on her fingers, she said that the appointment was for Monday before we headed out in our two-vehicle convoy to college on Wednesday. She asked if I would go with her, like before. Dad would be at work and she wasn’t even going to tell him about it. An image popped into my mind of Dr. Jaffery’s amazing body in the nude, sitting on the edge of her desk fondling her big tits with my cock buried in her pussy. My cock hardened again and pushed across Mom’s face. She giggled and guided it into her mouth again and throat fucked another load from me. She petted my cock like she would pet a cat in her lap. I agreed to go with her to the appointment and she made me promise to not tell Dad.

Nearly every night or early morning there was demand for my cock. It was usually with Mom or both twins together, but sometimes only one at a time. I preferred the one at a time more. There was less pressure to remain available to both of them at once.

Tonight, I was listening to Mom and Dad going at it. They made no effort to be quiet now that we were all having sex with everyone else in the house. I could have walked in and joined them but I was content to listen. The twins were downstairs ‘entertaining’ Max and Jerry. I heard muted random moans or groans. I thought this whole thing with Mom and Dad allowing the girls to have sex in the house with their boyfriends, was a little over the top, but it was their call and June and Julie knew just how to work them. Personally, if they were my daughters, I wouldn’t have allowed it.

Saturday morning was quiet. Max and Jerry had left very early this morning. I woke up as Max had started his muscle car and revved the engine. He didn’t peel rubber as he left but the rumbling engine was really loud. Since I was already awake, I pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and went down the hall to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. When I got out of bed, I planned to come back and go back to sleep. I changed my mind before I left the bathroom and turned right and went downstairs. I checked for the paper, that usually only made it half-way down the walk, but I knew it was too early. I quietly closed the front door and walked past the girl’s bedroom door. It was slightly open.

I hadn’t planned to stop but I heard Julie speak, “Dex? Is that you?”

I said, “Uh-huh.” I poked my head in and said, “It’s pretty early. No need to get up. Did you guys have a good night?”

June said, “Great.” I pulled my head back from the gap and June said, “Dex? We have something to tell you. It’s about Mom. We’re worried about her.” I pushed their door open and walked in. I was unaware that my flaccid cock was dangling from the front gap of my boxer shorts.

I sat down on the edge of June’s bed and said, “What about Mom?” I was expecting them to cite the same concerns Dad and I had for her. In a way it was. June started, “Max and Jerry told us a little story last night: Last week, Max and Jerry stopped a car for speeding. The car pulled over and Max went up the driver’s side and Jerry the passenger side. They’re always cautious because a lot of cops get shot if they just go up to the driver’s window. Anyway, the front windows were down and Max introduced himself from the back window as Officer Jenkins. Jerry leaned down and introduced himself as Officer Sweet. Max asked for the driver’s license and registration and after some fumbling, the driver, an attractive middle-aged woman, handed them over. He looked at the license and recognized the last name. It was Mom. He said he recognized her from the night they arrested our kidnappers.”

I knew that Mom had watched the girls giving the two cops, that came to the house about the complaint seks hikayeleri from the toll taker, blow jobs at the front door. She probably didn’t get a good look at them because I shushed her back from the top of the stairs so they wouldn’t see her.

Julie picked up the story, “Figuring that the driver was safe enough, Max stepped up to the window as he held up Mom’s driver’s license and whispered across the roof of the car to Jerry that the driver was our mother. Before he got the information to Jerry out of his mouth, Mom grabbed Max’s zipper and yanked it down. Her hand shot inside and pulled out his cock and pulled it into her mouth. Max was pinned on the driver’s door. Jerry looked from Max’s shocked face through the passenger’s side window and then stood back up to grin at Max, who was by then fully enjoying the blow job.”

June said, “Jerry said, he pulled out his erection and began jerking himself off as he watched Mom suck on Max’s cock. Mom pulled Max’s load from him and swallowed all of it. Then she maneuvered across the console and drove her mouth on Jerry’s cock. Jerry didn’t know who she was, not that he cared. While Mom was furiously sucking off Jerry, Max pointed down at the roof and said, “She’s June and Julie’s mother.” Jerry’s eyes went wide and then he grinned and said, “I get where they get their skills from.” Julie laughed as June related what Jerry had said.

“Mom sucked off Jerry until he blew his load and she swallowed that. Then Mom pushed the passenger door open and got out. She looked at Jerry and then across the roof at Max and said, “Have we met before?” Max said, “Yes ma’am. We responded to your home invasion, along with many others.” Now, she was embarrassed because she realized that they had been the first responders and had burst in when she was still naked. She said that she remembered. Max was getting his cock back in his pants and then opened the driver’s door so Mom could get back behind the wheel. Max told her to drive safely and she drove off, leaving Jerry standing where he was with his cock hanging out of his pants.”

I could easily picture Mom blowing a couple of cops to avoid a ticket. It was right up her alley in her current state of mind.

My cock had hardened as the girls told Max and Jerry’s story. I covered it with my hands in the dim illumination of their LED nightlight. I told them about mine and Dad’s concern for her and Mom’s own confession that she was contemplating doing more than hand jobs and blow jobs. She had only done hand jobs to strangers when I was with her. She had stepped up to her line and given blow jobs when Dad was with her, so Dad must have been on board for her to do that. I told them I was taking Mom back to see Dr. Jaffery on Monday and that it was Mom’s idea. We all concurred that if Mom started fucking strangers, Dad would be crushed. They have been so good together all summer. We were worried and hopeful that Dr. Jaffery could help.

I got off the bed and left their room and closed their door was I left. I passed through the sun room and dropped my boxer’s and stepped up into the hot tub. I loved this time of year in the hot tub. It was cool and sometimes cold in the morning. I buried myself in the hot water. I leaned back against the headrest and savored the darkness and silence. My erection slowly disappeared.

I fell asleep and was jarred awake when the high-powered pumps started and frothy water splashed over my face. The coming sunrise had pushed the total blackness away. I sat up and watched as the sun shown golden light on the top branches of the tall Oak trees surrounding the house. I grabbed my boxers and carried them into the sun room and dried myself off with one of the towels that Mom stored there.

I met Mom on the stairs. She was in her robe and she gripped my flaccid cock as we passed. She giggled and ignored the fact that it had jumped in her hand. She said, “Come down for breakfast. I’m cooking this morning. Your father is sleeping in. I kept him up pretty late last night.” She giggled and continued on her way. I was well aware of how late she kept him up. I dressed in comfortable clothing and went back downstairs.

Over eggs, sausages and toast Mom asked what everyone was going to do today. I had no plans and just shrugged my shoulders. Julie said, “The weather is supposed to be hot for the weekend. We’re going to the beach with Sarah, Amber and Jaz. Sarah has the van while her Dad is on travel. Sarah and Amber are leaving for college next week and Jaz has a good job. Her parents can’t afford to send her to college. She always knew that so not going isn’t bothering her.”

June looked at her sister and they did the wordless communications thing and then they smiled at each other. It was fascinating to watch. June looked over at me and said, “Hey, do you want to come to the beach with us. I’m sure no one would object.” Julie giggled at the last part. June was nodding like she was prodding for gaziantep şişman escort bayan me to give the right answer.

I smiled at June. I knew what she was thinking. I looked at Mom, who was watching June and I back and forth like a tennis match. I’m pretty sure Mom knew what the girls were thinking too. I smiled at Julie and said, “It sounds like fun. I have no where to go.” Mom hid a frown. I’m not sure if she had some plans for me but it was too late now. “What time are you leaving?”

June checked her watch and said, “Sarah is supposed to pick us up in a half-hour. We’ll spend the day at the beach and then we’re gonna spend the night at Sarah’s. Sarah’s mother and Amber’s mother are going to chaperone.”

Mom smiled and said, “Good. I can just imagine what a sleep-over at Sarah’s would entail without a chaperone.”

I thought, ‘Yeah, just about the same thing as the girls would be doing here.’ I smiled at Mom. She was on her feet clearing the table. The girls helped her. Mom fixed a plate of left-over eggs and sausages for Dad whenever he came down and said, “I guess you guys had better get ready.”

The girls hurried off to their room. I trapped Mom against the counter and hugged and kissed her. “I’m sorry if you already had plans for me today.”

Mom’s smile was a sad one and she said, “No. It’s okay. I have been thinking about how much I’m going to miss you when you go back to college. The girls too. You three will be together and I’m happy about that. You go with them today, but be careful the girls don’t get on that boner of yours in front of their big-mouth friends. Okay?” I nodded and kissed her again and went upstairs to get ready.

I had bathing suits galore, ranging from knee-length to banana-hammock. I pulled four different suits from the bottom drawer and laid them across my bed. I was startled when Julie suddenly appeared next to me. She was wearing her micro-bikini as I figured she would. The top barely contained her boobs and she must have shaved down there because the material covering her pussy barely did that. She looked down at the suits on my bed and didn’t hesitate as she picked up the banana-hammock and handed it to me and said, “This one’s perfect. Be sure to pack a bag for today and tonight. We won’t be bringing you home after the beach.”

That meant that I was going to the sleep-over at Sarah’s. I doubted that Sarah’s and Amber’s mothers would permit that but I didn’t say anything. I’d pack a bag but, in the end, I was sure Sarah would be bringing me home. I said, “Mom wanted me to remind you two about not having sex with me in front of your ‘big-mouth’ friends.”

Julie just gave me an evil smile and said, “We’ll figure something out. Don’t worry about it.” She pointed at the banana-hammock in my hand and said, “You definitely have to wear that. Put it one now and your day clothes over it. If you try to change into that in the van, we’ll never get on the beach.” She grinned at me and left, swishing her thong clad ass as she went. I could hear her giggling as she went down the hall.

The suit in my hands had been a gift from Mom when I got home from college and shortly before we started having sex. She had portrayed it as a gag gift and laughed when I unwrapped it. She was disappointed when I wouldn’t try it on as she suggested. I hadn’t recognized the sultry look in her eyes then. I never wore it because I was always naked after that.

I grabbed a pair of dress shorts, sneakers and a bright orange tee shirt that read ‘Margaritaville – It’s Five O’clock Somewhere’ across the back. I packed a small bag with a beach towel and a dressier shirt for when I met Sarah’s and Amber’s mothers, which I assumed would happen just before they sent Sarah and I right back out to the van for her to drive me home. I didn’t want to look like a slob.

I pulled on the banana-hammock and made the best adjustments I could. The suit, if you could call it that, was dark blue. The material that wrapped around my hips was less than an inch wide. It covered my ass like a pair of tighty-whitey underpants, which was good. If it had been a thong, there was no way I’d wear it. The front was like the speedos that swimmers wear. It was more risqué than that though as a formed pouch cradled my balls comfortably and my dick too, which basically announced, ‘Hey. Look at me.” My dick was contained in the pouch as long as it was soft like it was now. Things could get out of control quickly if I got an erection and erection was my natural state lately. I checked myself in the full-length mirror behind the door and I didn’t think I’d get arrested but, standing at six-foot-six, there was a lot of skin showing. I flexed my pecks and abs and chuckled to myself as I decided that it would only be fair to show it to Mom.

I went down the stairs with nothing on but the suit. Mom was working in the kitchen and she stopped and gawked at me. She said, “Oh my God, Dex. gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan That’s the suit I got you at the start of your summer break, isn’t it? Fuck. You look awesome in it.” I doubt if she even realized that she had pushed a hand between the folds of her robe and started fingering herself as she continued to stare at me.

A horn blasted in the driveway and the girls ran out of their room dressed for public consumption with their bikini’s underneath. They stopped short when they saw me standing there in my suit by the bar. June said, “Holy Shit, Dex. How long have you had that bathing suit, if you can even call it that? Fuck. I’m getting wet already.”

Julie laughed and said, “Get some clothes on. We have to go. You’d better take a pair of athletic shorts, just in case you, uuummm, come out of that suit on the beach.” I nodded and ran upstairs and grabbed my favorite nylon basketball shorts and threw them in the bag. I dressed quickly over my bathing suit and joined the girls at the front door. We all said good-bye to Mom and she waved as we went out the door.

Sarah’s van was in the middle of the driveway. Sarah was grinning as Amber slid back the side door and we all piled in and found seats. Sarah looked back at me with that ‘You’re on the menu’ look and motioned for June to come up front. Sarah spoke softly to June as she stole glances back at me in the rearview mirror. Then June came back and sat down between Julie and me. She leaned my way and whispered, “She just wanted to thank me for getting you to come. She didn’t think we could do it.” She grinned up at me. I had been setup.

Jaz was fidgeting in her seat, which she had swiveled around to face us. I noticed that her face and arms were lathered in sunscreen. It was probably a good idea. Her red hair and fair skin made her prone to sunburns, even this late in the season.

Even though Jaz and I had had sex at my house and then at hers before her mother got in on the act, she acted shy but flirted with me with her eyes. Sarah was looking back in the rearview mirror often. Too often. I hoped she didn’t kill us all in a traffic accident. When she saw that I was looking back, she’d purse her lips and send me an air-kiss. Julie noticed Sarah’s antics and whispered over, “She wants to eat you up. Wait until she gets a load of your bathing suit.” She snickered and struck up a conversation with Jaz about her job.

We all stayed away from discussions of college. We knew Jaz wanted to go to college but also knew that it was impossible. Her middle-eastern father forbade her, as a woman, to get an education. Her mother was cowed by his propensity for violence and offered no resistance. She and Jaz had learned the hard way how to navigate through their family lives. She was as anxious to get on with her life as we were but she would have to find a different path.

Sarah was not to be denied. She was flirting hard in the rearview mirror. She reached over to the mirror and adjusted its position so I was looking at her chest. She pulled her beach coverup down and pushed her huge tits up out of her bikini top. With one hand on the wheel, she ran the index finger of her free hand around her nipples. I was reacting like usual and my cock started to harden in my banana-hammock. The stretchy, tight material was going to be no match for my insistent cock. I pulled my concentration away from Sarah’s tits to Julie and Jaz’s conversation hoping that my cock would deflate before we arrived at our destination. When Sarah put the mirror back where it was, she grinned at me and rapidly jammed her tongue in and out of her cheek. Amber laughed at Sarah’s antics and stretched out her left arm and tweaked Sarah’s exposed tits. Sarah screeched from Amber’s attack and then laughed and pulled her bikini top back down over her tits.

The parking lot at the beach was nearly full when we arrived, but Sarah found a spot after a few passes. Julie grabbed her bag and slammed the sliding side door open against the stops and jumped out. If the plan was for us all to dress down to our bathing suits, Julie ruined it. She yelled out, “Come on guys,” and she headed for the beach. June followed her and I was right behind her. Jaz, Amber and Sarah all came out with their bags. Sarah slammed the side door and locked it. June ran over to me and mimicked Julie’s earlier comment, “If we let you strip down to that suit inside, we’d have never got Sarah off you.

The beach was packed with young people our age. I guess it was the last gasp for the summer before colleges started. We had to walk way down the beach to find a spot with some relative privacy. We each spread our towels to form one gigantic blanket and then started shedding our outer clothes.

The twins weren’t paying any attention to me. They had seen my bathing suit. The others were though, while I concentrated on their tits and asses as they stripped down. When my shorts came down my legs, Sarah muttered, “Oh my God. Ladies. Look at that.” June and Julie looked over and giggled. Thankfully, I didn’t have an erection. Jaz and Amber muttered, “Fuck,” in unison and stopped undressing with their shorts half-way down their legs. None of us were wearing much. The five bikinis were very skimpy and an awful lot of skin was showing. Sarah’s bikini top struggled to hold her huge boobs and one nipple or the other kept peeking out.

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