Sophie and her Daddy

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Chapter 1: Sophie plays with new toy and daddy watches.

“Hello is any body home,” yelled Sophie. She stopped in the doorway for some body to answer her. When nobody answered her back, she decided to go upstairs and relax before her family got home. Sophie dropped her book bag by the door, took off her coat, and hung it up. Sophie was a senior in high school she recently just had her eighteenth birthday. She got some great gifts. Her friends decided to be funny and get her a dildo a huge one. It was twelve inches long and it had a nice curve to it. She has yet to try it but she decided to do it today before her family got home.

Therefore, she could moan and scream all she wanted. Sophie raced upstairs took off all her clothes. When she took off her bra, she noticed her 38c cup breast where already aroused and waiting for action. She walked around pinching her nipples as she tried to remember where she put the dildo. She had to hide it from her parents because she did not want them to think she was having sex. Which she was not, she was still a virgin she was waiting for someone special, but he had no idea that she was longing for him. He already has a woman in his life. Her mom, she has been having vivid dreams of her and her dad having sex for as long as she could remember but she had no idea how to actually seduce him. Her dreams always started out with him catching her masturbate but she only does it when there not home.

She finally found the dildo it was hidden in her closet beneath all of her socks. She lay down on the bed with her legs spread open. She put the dildo next her she did not want to rush this. She moved her hands all over her body avoiding her pussy. She would get to that later. By the time she got to it, it was dripping wet. She used two of her fingers to open up her lips she moved the other hand and started slow circles around her clit. Moving in until she reached it then backed off. She kept doing this for a while until she was driving her self-crazy. She reached for the dildo and ran it up and down her slit. Until it was all nice and wet, she moved the dildo up and traced her tight abs with it. Then she teased her nipples with it. She reached her mouth and started to suck on it again to get it all nice and wet again. It actually felt like a real cock was moving all over her body and in her mouth.

She moved the cock to her cunt teasing her clit with it. She moved it to her hole and pushed it in. She only got about two inches in she moved it back out and then back in until she got almost eight inches of it inside her. It felt great she moved it in and out of her faster and harder until she had a mind numbing orgasm. Her whole body convulsed around the cock until she regained her breathing. Sophie just laid there in ecstasy. She left the cock imbedded inside her. She felt so stuffed beyond imagine.

She looked at the clock it was a little after five. She had a few more minutes until her dad came home. She closed her eyes for a few minutes until she had to get up and get dressed and act like the perfect daughter. Her father arrived home right on time. He walked in the door and almost tripped over his daughter’s book bag. He was always telling her to take it upstairs with her when she got home, but she never listened. He removed his coat and shoes. He did not hear anything upstairs he wondered if she left to go to a friend’s house after she dropped off her stuff. It could be that is where his son is now. Keith felt exhausted he could not wait to go to bed in a few hours. First, he had to do something about his erection. He got it while he was driving home. He was thinking about his beautiful daughter Sophie. She looked amazing this morning when she went to school. She was wearing a tight little baby tee. That showed off her amazing cleavage she definitely did not get that from her mother. He did not now where she got it. It did not help that his coworkers talked about her all the time around him and behind his back. Today he heard two of his coworkers say that he would love having her as a daughter he could pull her on his knee any time he wanted and that she would want to ride him like a horse. Keith wished his daughter felt the same way about him. However, it was wrong and illegal and if his wife ever found out, she would try to put him in jail for ruining their daughter.

Keith walked upstairs. He was headed to his bedroom but then he noticed his daughter’s bedroom door was open a crack. This meant she was home. She usually left it closed when she was gone and cracked when she was home. He walked quietly to her door he did not know why. He hopefully wished she was undressing so he could see her naked. He peaked into her room. He was not excepting this. She was lying naked on the bed with a huge dildo coming out of her pussy. She must have been masturbating and finished but loved the feel of the cock inside of her that she fell asleep. This is the first time he has ever seen his daughter act sexually even if she was asleep. He noticed seks hikayeleri her hand start to move. Her hand moved to her tit and started to squeeze and pinch the nipple. Until both of her tits were aroused, He looked down at her pussy seeing that it was still wet. He wished that he was that hand feeling her daughter’s most private spots.

Keith noticed his cock begin to grow again while he was watching his daughter. He quietly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was rather small compared to the dildo but he liked it enough. It was eight inches long and very thick. He started to stroke it while watching his daughter play with her self. He watched his daughter’s hand moved to her pussy. She started to play with her clit. She started to moan ever so softly. Her fingers moved faster and harder over her clit. Until she moaned out in pleasure, she moved her hand to the dildo and started to move it in and out of her. She did it so slow that Keith was going crazy he wanted her to ram it in her so hard and fast. His hand started to move faster and harder over his cock. He wanted to cum with his daughter. Therefore, he slowed down just a bit. He saw her start to go faster reaching her climax. He moved faster and faster and shot his cum all over the floor. His daughter to came mere seconds later, He thought he heard say, “Oh daddy that was amazing.” He could not believe his ears. His daughter wanted him to do that to her. He put his semi-hard cock back in his pants and went to the bathroom to get a towel to clean up his mess. He finished and walked down stairs. He opened the door and closed it hard enough so she would hear it.

“Sophie I’m home how was your day,” Keith said with a grin.

Chapter 2: Brother and sister enjoy each other’s company.

“Hi daddy how was your day,” asked Sophie when she ran down stairs to meet her dad after she threw on some clothes. Keith noticed that his daughter was still flushed from her playing.

“Just fine but you seem a little flushed is everything all right?” Asked Keith knowing she wanted to keep playing with her self but he didn’t want her to get caught by her brother or her mother and him either.

“Oh I’m just fine I was busy cleaning,” lied Sophie looking away from her dad.

“Well your mother will be home soon and then will have dinner,”

“OK,” Sophie turned to go back upstairs when the door opened and her brother walked in.

“Wow hey guys why are you guys standing in front of the door?” Asked Sophie’s brother Sam her twin, he looked like he ran home from his friend’s house.

“Oh I just got home and Sophie came downstairs to say hello to me,”

“Oh ok hey sis can I talk to you upstairs?” Asked Sam avoiding eye contact with his dad and sister Sophie shook her head yes. Sam followed his sister upstairs leaving there dad just standing there.

“What’s up Sam I don’t have any money for you to borrow, ok?” Stated Sophie she hated to give him money because he never paid her back.

“No I don’t want any money I just wanted to talk,” Sam sat on her bed she noticed the dildo laying on the bed. Damn she thought she forgot to hide that. Sam looked over where she was looking at and he noticed the cock. He picked it up he could tell his sister just finished because it was still wet with her juices.

“Hey give me that,” Sophie grabbed the cock, got up, and locked her door.

“Where did you get that,” asked Sam pointing at the cock.

“From Tina it was a birthday present she thought it would be funny because I’m still a virgin.”

“Wait you are,” asked a dumfounded Sam. He could not believe his sister was a virgin. She was hott. He was not a virgin anymore he only lost his a short time ago.

“Yes I am I waiting for somebody special,”

“Don’t tell me your waiting for your wedding night,”

“No I’m not just somebody else,”


“What did you want to talk about?” Asked Sophie getting a little tired of this conversation she could not very well tell her brother that the person she is waiting for is their father. He would go nuts.

“Could I watch?” asked Sam very sheepish he did not know if she would let him.

“Watch what? While I play with myself,”

“Yeah to be honest I’ve never seen a girl play with her self,”

“But I know you’re not a virgin,”

“Yeah well I have done it with… a guy. Now do not go and tell dad. I’m not gay it just sort of happened.”

“What? How in the hell did it happen?” Asked Sophie getting very aroused by the conversation she was having.

“I was drunk that’s all I want to say about it,”


Sophie looked at her brother wondering could she really masturbate in front of her brother. He looked like daddy at least in the face but in the body, it was completely different. Her dad was built like a linebacker and her brother was just tall and skinny. Do not get her wrong he has muscles but they are very lean. Sophie got up escort gaziantep şişman bayan the nerve and took off her shirt she had no bra on so her tits bounced up and down on their own free will. Sam just looked at her tits as they bounced he did not have the nerve to touch them and he did not know if his sister would let him. Sophie stood up and took off her pj bottoms. She stood in front of her brother completely nude.

“Your beautiful sis you have an amazing body,”

“Thanks if I have to be naked so do you,”


“You will be free to play with your self too,”

“Right,” Sam took off his clothes a lot faster then his sister did but he left his boxers on.

“Your boxers too,”

“Fine,” Sam kicked off his boxers and his semi-hard cock hung between his thighs.

“How big are you?”

“Seven and half inches not as big as I want to be but I guess I have to live with it,”

Sophie just looked at her brother’s cock growing bigger from her gaze. She new she was wet already from the talk. She reached down for her pussy and started to play with it. She avoided her clit on purpose so she could make this last. She always avoided her clit until she could not stand it any longer. Sam watched his sister play with her pussy noticing she was avoiding her clit.

“Why are you avoiding your clit don’t you like to play with it?”

“I do but I wait till I can’t wait any longer. Let us make a bet you do not touch your cock and I will not touch my clit until we cum but if we do. We have to do what ever the other person says to do. Ok?”

“Yeah ok,”

Sophie watched her brother sit on his hands so he would not touch his cock and she noticed that he watched where ever her hand went making sure it did not go near her clit. She already had an orgasm even before the bet but she was building up to her second one. She was getting very close to it. She could tell she was driving her brother nuts.

Sophie heard a noise out side her door and motioned her brother to be quiet. She waited and did not hear the noise again; it must have been the cat. However, it actually was her dad peaking threw the air vent in the wall. He found that a couple weeks ago he could look into his daughter’s room without being noticed. He saw both of his kids sitting on the bed completely nude. His daughter was playing with her self and his son was sitting on his hands so he would not touch his cock. He over heard the bet. He new his son could not resist touching his cock anymore then he could. Keith pulled out his cock and started to play with it.

Sam new he could not hold out much longer. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. He did not know what his sister would make him do, but he did not care. He grabbed his cock, started to rub it hard and fast he shot his cum all over his sister he redirected the aim, and some of it landed on her pussy. He new that she started to cum when his cum hit her, she just smiled in enjoyment.

Sophie looked at her brother and said, “You lost.”

“I know what do I have to do?” Said Sam sounding a little bit nervous and she could tell.

“I’ll figure something out and tell you later tonight,”

“Fine I better get going before dad catches us,”


“Wait can I…,” Sam stopped he did not know if he had the nerve to ask his question.

“Touch me yeah I guess,” Sam could not believe his ears his sister was actually going to let him touch her body. Sam reached over and grabbed one of her tits. He pinched the nipple and massaged the rest of the boob. His sister just watched him enjoying the feeling he was giving her. He stopped removed his hand and stood up and leaned over her and put her nipple in her mouth and bit softly until he heard her moan. He leaned up and kissed her on the lips a very soft kiss. He got dressed and left his sister on the bed. Keith hurried to his room when he saw his son getting ready to leave. He had another hard on just watching his son play with her tit and then kiss her.

Chapter 3: After dinner, the fun begins.

Pam arrived home to a very quiet house. She walked up stairs to see her husband on the bed with an erection. She dropped her purse on the chair and walked over to him. She gave him a kiss on his head and dropped down to her knees to take his cock into her waiting mouth.

She kissed his cock head and then kissed him all over his cock. She moved her tongue to his head swirled it around tasting his pre-cum she moved her tongue up and down his shaft. She was fondling his balls squeezing them ever so gently. She moved her mouth to his balls she sucked one in and teased it with her tongue. While she was doing that, she was moving her hand up and down his shaft feeling the ridges and veins more pronounced then last time she gave him head. She moved her mouth back up to his head and slowly engulfed his cock until it hit the back of his throat. She moved up and down teasing escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan him with her tongue and fondling his balls. She looked up into her husband’s eyes and all she could see was lust. She increased her rhythm with her mouth and hand. She sucked harder gently nipping him on the head. He jumped in surprise but she new he liked it. He began to move with her. She could tell he was close. She grabbed his balls and squeezed. When she released she could feel him release his load even before she could taste it. When he was done, he pulled out and just looked at his lovely wife. She still had cum in her mouth she leaned up and kissed her husband pushing his cum into his mouth. He tasted it moving it around in his mouth shocking himself that he actually liked the taste. He pushed some back in her mouth so they both had some and then swallowed.

“How was your day dear?” asked his wife with a loving smile on her face.

“It just got better. That was amazing it was a nice hello.”

“I’m glad you liked it but know I have to go make dinner. Are the kids’ home?”

“Yes their in their rooms,”

“Ok I’ll go get Sophie so she can help me make dinner.” Pam walked out of the room moving her hips back and forth giving a nice view for her husband.

The Willis family sat down to dinner all with smiles on their faces from there day activities.

“How is everybody today,” asked Pam

“Just fine,” everybody said.

“Well ok then why don’t we all go swimming after dinner then,” said Pam.

“Um… mom it’s cold outside and I don’t have a bathing suit,” replied Sophie wondering what her mom was thinking.

“Well I don’t have one either we can just wear are underwear. Is everybody up for that?” Asked Pam hoping that they would all say yes because she knows her daughter has the hotts for her dad and that her son might be gay.

“Um sure,” they all said the rest of dinner was silent. The kids got up and went to their rooms to get changed. Sophie tried to find a bra that was not that revealing but she could not find one. She picked a black bra and a lacy pair of black boy cut panties.

Sophie went down to the pool and noticed her dad was already in the pool.

“Hi Dad, where’s mom?” Asked Sophie when she stepped into the pool.

“Oh Sue called and asked if your mother could go over there and help with some stuff so I guess it’s just us three.”

Sophie looked over at her brother as he waded in. she wished that he would go away so she could be alone with her dad. She dove down into the pool watching her brother get closer to her dad and stopped to talk to him. She decided tonight was going to be the night she was going to have her dad. She swam up towards her dad. She looked her father in the eyes and kissed him. It shocked Keith at first that he did not respond but as his daughter kept kissing him, he started to respond. He ran his hands up down her small tight body. She shivered at his touch. He undid her bra. Her tits looked amazing in the moonlight. He saw his son just watching them. Keith ran his fingers down towards her ass and removed her panties so she was completely nude. Sophie broke the kiss, dove underneath the water, and removed his shorts. His cock hit Sophie on the top of her head. She gave it a little kiss.

She stepped away from her dad and swam towards her brother gave him a kiss. She reached down and pulled off his shorts.

“Every body needs to be naked,” Laughed Sophie she smiled at her dad. Then she swam away. Keith followed her they reached the shallow end. Keith pressed against Sophie’s back he felt her shiver. She shuddered as his hand ran over her breast. Waves of excitement flooded through her body as he squeezed gently. She bit her lip and moaned in ecstasy. Keith pulled his hand away he turned her head and kissed her deeply.

Sophie could feel her dad’s cock rubbing against her ass. She tried to turn but her dad held her still.

“Dad I want to watch you can you please let me turn around,”

“I want you to beg for it baby. If you want it so bad you have to beg,”

“Oh daddy please fuck me put your cock in my tight virgin pussy. Oh please I need it so bad.”

Keith was shocked that his daughter was still a virgin. He let her turn around.

“Sam come over here and help me,” Sophie was shocked that her dad wanted Sam to help him.

“Hold her up Sam. Honey are you ready?” Keith asked his daughter shook her head yes. He motioned her to sit on his lap while he moved his cock to her pussy. He got the head in and he gently eased the rest of it in. until he met some resistance. She really was telling the truth. He pulled back out and then rammed it all the way in. Sophie cried out in pain. The water around them turned a soft shade of pink. It took Sophie a couple of minutes to actually feel the pleasure of it all. After a while, she was moaning in ecstasy. Her brother decided her wanted some of her too. He put his cock head on her lips. She drew it in her mouth. Her brother started to face fuck her in time with his dad.

Pam came home to see the scene in the pool. She got out the camcorder and started to record the scene. She new her daughter would like to see this after the fact.

Sophie lay in bed later that night reliving the night’s events. She decided that tonight was the best ever. She could not wait to do it again.

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