Surprise Reunion

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Carefully Lynn unlocks the door, I mustn’t wake up now or it’ll fail and all this will have been for nothing. She turns the handle slowly, moving down the hall listening for any sounds with her hyped up senses. She slowly opens the bedroom door seeing me lying in bed, the covers pushed down, my arm thrown up over my face, my body naked to her for the first time in a long time. Lynn is completely thrown by my nakedness, by being so near to me again in three years. I’m so open to her and vulnerable. The room is filled by the sounds of my breathing, deep and steady with the slightest growl of a snore at the base of each breathe. Lynn shuts the door behind her walking over to the bed, calm and certain of herself now she is with me, her footsteps soft on the carpet.

For the longest time she stands beside the bed, minutes pass while she gazes at me smiling in my sleep. Her heart is racing, but from excitement and arousal now, not from fear, she has stopped feeling sick, there are only butterflies in her stomach, and dampness in her pussy. Lynn pulls her t-shirt off, then her pants, then her panties and now we’re naked together and her body tingles and throbs, her nipples growing stiff in the cool air. She moves down the bed so she is level with my hips, then lowers her weight onto the side of the bed, I don’t wake up and she is free to carry out her plan exactly as she had hoped. She bends over me, resting her hands lightly on my belly and my thigh taking my soft, limp penis into her mouth. Lynn sucks gently at it, barely sucking at all, just letting it rest in her mouth, supporting it with her tongue, letting her saliva flow over it.

Then it begins to harden and she feels me waking up, my stomach muscles tensing and me breathe coming a little lighter, a little faster. Lynn sucks harder, starts stroking with her hands until my body is fully awake, even if my mind is not. My fingers tangle in her hair as I pull her head down onto me and then I jerk upright and Lynn is so scared that I will stop her, she sucks harder and as skilfully as she knows how, running her tongue round the shaft, sliding her lips over the head again and again and I don’t stop her, just sit there, her head in my lap holding onto her hair. Lynn tries to pull away from me for a moment as I try to hold her down, then I release her and she looks up into my face where confusion and disbelief seem to be battling for control. Lynn bends her head to take me into her mouth again, I pull her away, roughly this time forcing her to sit up and then we’re kissing. God! My lips are hard against hers, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth as she feels so joined to me again as she never has been to any other man bayan escort gaziantep since leaving me three years ago, this is an intimacy beyond sex as she gives herself up to it completely again. It’s like the last time we kissed, with a depth of passion behind it that we never could have mustered, never experienced when we first met.

My arms go around her pressing us together so hard her breasts go numb and she is not in control any more, this is my bed and my domain and my sex and Lynn is my willing partner and she incredulous as I treat her more roughly than anyone has. I push her to the floor roughly, then I push two fingers inside her, roughly finger fucking her hard and deep mixing pain and pleasure till she doesn’t know whether to moan in pain or delight. Lynn feels a sharp pinch on her hip, then on her inner thigh looking down to see me biting her, not tender little nips, but hard bites that bruise her skin and draws blood. Now Lynn starts getting scared, because there is no consideration for her pleasure in this, I’m not hurting her because she enjoys it, I’m hurting her because that’s how I want her. While she is scared, she also is excited and when I lie her on her back pinning her wrists above her head with one hand as I force my cock inside her with the other she can’t help crying out. Immediately I clap my hand over her mouth and nose, effectively suffocating her while I continue slamming into her.

Lynn tries panting but my hand has formed a seal over her face and she can’t breathe. Lynn starts seeing spots behind her eyelids and she feels dizzy, but the pleasure is incredible, rising in waves over and over; so intense, so deep. With a rush the pleasure turns into an orgasm and her body arches and shudders. I pull my hand off her face then drag her up by her arm, she is limp and breathless from her orgasm, I throw her across the bed, her ass exposed and vulnerable. I’m cursing, calling her all sorts of filthy names like ” whore” and “slut” and she loves it. It has never been like this between us, but something has changed and I’m giving way to my primal fantasies and Lynn is letting me because she has never experienced raw primal sex.

She is reveling in it, testing the limits of my dominance by trying to get up and forcing me to hold her down. I straddle her body, using my thighs to hold her arms to her sides. This sudden assertion of my masculinity surprises her. I get off the bed pulling her up by her hips so that she is on her hands and knees, her legs spread apart, open to me. I hold her there like that, my hands vice-like on her hips and she waits with anticipation and trepidation for my next move. Lynn knows that she is wet, she feels her pussy convulsing and the dampness spreading down the inside of her thighs. I tell her to hold herself apart so I can see her properly, and trembling, she obeys me. Lynn loves being pliant, obedient, meek, submissive. We had broken up because I felt she smothered me, was like a clinging vine and though she loves me, she felt that I was to demanding. Creeping in on me tonight is some kind of attempt to resuscitate the relationship but, Lynn realized now, she is forcing me to do what she wanted, manipulating me by seduction. Now I’m in control and the sex is fiery and intoxicating, nothing like the limp, repetitive routine we had fallen into.

Lynn kneels there, presenting herself to me, wet and swollen, waiting for my next move. Softly my hands glide over her buttocks, the soft caress setting her skin tingling. Down her thighs, then up and under to cup her breasts – this sudden tenderness is as shocking as the roughness, and as exciting. I lean forward to kiss the back of her neck, at the same time sliding my cock inside her. Lynn gasps with the pressure and pleasure of it, the full thick, hard length penetrating her as far as it could. I wait a moment, holding her, being tender, then I raise up grabbing hold of her hips again. Furiously I start thrusting into her, using my grip to pull her back onto my cock. The pain and pleasure is almost unbearable as, with every stroke, I thrust against her G-spot of concentrated sensation. Faster and faster I thrust, she can’t stop herself from moaning, as she rose towards orgasm for the second time, her cries become louder and louder until they are primal groans, shouting at the top of her voice as her whole body spasms and bucks underneath me, then she feels my cock throbbing inside her, I pull her fully onto my cock holding her hips to me while her upper body lies sprawled, face-down, on the bed. Slowly I withdraw, letting the thick white mucous ooze down her thighs, pulling her close to me as I lie down next to her.

Lynn is not fully awake when she feels my fingers in her hair and at her throat. My familiar smell. A groan escapes her lips, in sleepy protest, ” Oh, John, don’t scare me like that.” ” Hm, love?” I whisper back in mock question. I eased back onto the bed. Still in her dreaming daze, she inhales me. The sweat from my early morning work out is still on my skin. My work out has clearly made me horny. I’m already naked as I press myself, closer, against her back. She feels my hard erection against the soft curve of her ass, her panties and the nightslip a thin and useless barrier. She groans again. ” John…” I press hard against her again, fingered away her dark hair, kissing the nape of her neck and breathing in her ear. ” Hm,” I respond, in that way that is part question and its own answer. Still sleepy, she swats back at me. More protest. ” John, come on, what time is it?”

In answer, I lift the edge of the slip along her thighs. Groaning again, Lynn rolls away from me onto her belly. ” No, John. I am tired…and sore.” She hears my breathing deepen feeling the pressure of my weight as I shifted to mount her. She moves to roll away again, but I put the force of my body across her back, pressing her down into the mattress. My hands, rough and callused, are down at her waist. She gasps as I pull her slip up and away, and swore as I brusquely rip her panties away. She bucks to raise me from her back, but that only brought her pussy closer to my insistent, hard cock. He grunted, swiftly entering her…only to find her dripping, wet and waiting. I whistle low then, whisper darkly, ” You lying, little whore.” I pull her roughly up onto her knees and back, deep upon my thick shaft.

Lynn looks back at me, her eyes dark with her own lust, her face framed by the tangle of her hair. ” Did you wake me to insult me or to fuck me?” Grabbing her waist tightly, I thrust hard and deep into her slit, making Lynn cries out. I’m battering her cunt: fast, hard thrusts that spoke little of the love I had whispered in her ear. Lynn whimpering, panting and digging her nails into the sheets to weather the welcome assault. When I tired of the feel of the thin gown between us, I ripped it as I had the panties, cursing and tearing it from her soft skin. Lynn bucking wildly against me then. These moments aroused her: my dominance, my callousness, my careless taking of her to fill my primal need. Her tight pussy dripping with pleasure. My cock swelling in answer.

Lynn hears the sharp change in my breathing, the short gasps, and then the deeper rhythmic slap of my hips against her ass as I approach my climax. ” Lynn! Oh god Lynn!” She feels my hot load filling her, my deepest thrusts burying myself in her. Then I fall away from her, groaning, limp on my back, my breathing labored, then slowing…Lynn crumples to the bed, used, her cunt hot with her own drippings and my cum, and her skin slick from our fucking. Dawn fills the room with its half-light and shadows receded from the bed. She looks over at me then finding me looking back at her. My eyes soft in the morning light, loving and tender, and my breathing quiet with my release. I raise a hand, somewhat weakly, stroking her wet back. ” Good morning, my love. Time to get up.” Lynn sighs and smiles. ” Finally, some recognition that you are not the only one who works around here.” ” I miss you…your long beautiful legs wrapped around me…will have to do this again soon.” I whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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